Queen of Love & Abundance – The Mentoring Program

Welcome Queen!

My invitation to you...

I know you are an incredible woman and you are knocking the ball out the park in every area of life. But not yet in love. And maybe in work, you feel that there's another level of success, ease and flow waiting...

You deserve all that you desire and long for in love and life and I want you to know - you won’t get it through the old ways of dating and relationships. It just was never designed for women at your level. But that doesn't mean you have to give up!

Deep, fulfilling committed love is possible and within your reach. What you may discover, is you have the key within yourself - you just need to find it and unlock it. This is where I come in.

I am welcoming you to go on an exciting journey with me and other successful and amazing sisters - to discover within yourself the beautiful love potential and the Queen who creates her own life. From there, you create the relationship - and next level of success - you desire and deserve.

Queen of Love & Abundance allows you to keep growing and expanding to your highest potential - with a man at your side.


leave patriarchal thinking

I don't bow to what doesn't honor me

To have the level of relationship that fulfills the Queen you have become you need to renew daily your choice to leave patriarchal beliefs and thinking and to heal the witch wound. No more judgments on being powerful, no more chasing, controlling, holding back or playing cool!

Stop losing energy on fighting beliefs that never was meant for the highly successful leaders and professional women.

This opens a space where life is fresh and your intuition, creativity and wisdom are sparked. In this space, magic is possible, love happens and you discover yourself - and men - in a whole new way. What is birthed is a new kind of relationship, conscious, evolving, soul-to-soul - a growth-oriented relationship, fitting the Queen in you. It is an incredible gift to move through life with a man within this kind of intimate and supporting yet challenging relationship.

A Queen is Sovereign

A Queen is a Connectrix


connect deeply

Connection is the energy between two people when they are in the flow together

Women are relational by nature. Our power as woman is available when we feel safe, and polyvagal theory affirms what many intuit: connections are key to feeling safe.

For the depth of relationship your soul desires, you need deep connection with Mother Earth, a mentor, sisters, and your own body.

From this safety you open portals to a level of connection that will blow your partner - and yourself- away. Together you will go on an adventure to discover the potent magic of flow, intuition, love, pleasure and shared creativity that happens when both partners keep their nervous system in the ventral state and there is no fight&flight energy.

You grow in your capacity to lead from the heart, and you stop undermining yourself and your goals with fight&flight reactions.


be feminine YOU

Pleasure, radiance, feminine energy - bring it on!

Live your pleasure, own your magic, raise your feminine energy, stand in your power, trust your intuition. Carry your vulnerabilities, wounds and traumas with pride. Your relationship is a safe and beautiful place for the ongoing unfolding of you. This new growth-oriented relationship is about YOU. An invitation and safe place to come out of hiding, keep expanding and be more YOU.

Within an intimate relationship both your gorgeous feminine energy and your hidden vulnerabilities, truths and longings are evoked, giving insane opportunities for continued expansion.

In you lives a Queen of Love & Abundance, and a growth-oriented relationship allows you to expand into her more every day.

A Queen is a Golden One

A Queen is a Priestess Creatrix


create what you love

Open up to your highest vision of happy together - then create it

You want to create your own happy. It's how you work, lead, live and grow - and you want to learn how to do this WITHIN relationship. How to straddle the paradox of BOTH creating your own happy AND receiving your man fully?

The big confusion in intimate relationships is we think our feelings are evoked by our partner's actions and words (as in: "I am sad BECAUSE you are sad"). Though on an intellectual level it's easy to see that I'm responsible for my feelings, in practice staying out of this trap is hard work and next level growth. This is what I am inviting you to in Queen of Love & Abundance.

Finding your Priestess Creatrix is a confronting path - but filled with expansion, spacious energies and a stable, fulfilling and happy relationship. You you new clarity and discover the world is a much friendlier place than you thought - and your gifts are not only valued, but desired. Everything in you that is still untapped becomes available. You become the next evolution of you, with next level relationship, success, impact and leadership.


Queens unapologetically & boldly step into having it all

The 5th and final energy shift you will make is allowing yourself to step out of the energy of aspiring into the energy of having. The journey closes on itself as you have gone from discriminated to Queen.

Pleasure, growth, feminine energy, wholeness, deep connection, sacred moments, abundance, wealth, success - you are here to unapologetically have it all.

We can only receive the success, abundance and love that is waiting for us when we allow ourselves to have it. Any self images keeping us small dissolve when we crown ourselves to become the Queen we are - and live our epic, legendary love & life, being all we can be, giving all, and having it all.

A Queen Has It All

Queen of Love & Abundance - The Vision

You are in charge. Sovereign. Love is there for you. Unleash your beautiful vision of love, manifest it, and celebrate every day for the rest of your life

I believe that manifestation is meant to be joyful. We first manifest on the energy level, then the material follows with pleasure, ease and flow. In Queen of Love & Abundance you make the 5 Feminine Energy Shifts within the connection of a group of high level sisters, intimately mentored by me, Klara Adalena.

You are actively dating or in a relationship, so that there is plenty of real time practice and feedback opportunities. Our focus will be for 80% on the deeper energy shifts, 20% strategy and you will see a massive shift towards your love goal - typically women craft the relationship they want, even if at the start they still need to find the partner.

Be aware that it will be an intense, life-changing journey - like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. This is not for dabblers and doubters. Your most stubborn patterns will be transformed into light and you will feel better, function better, and altogether it will be like stepping into a new life more fitting to the Queen you know yourself to be.

We expect you to show up 1000%, proactively looking for opportunities to practice the energy shifts and lovingly witnessing yourself in your flaws and your light.

The Program

80% energy, 20% strategy

you commit to the full 3 month journey and to the goal you set for yourself during our Intentions call in week 1.

  • Weekly group call
  • Monthly 1on1 call
  • Small, intimate and powerful group, max. 6 Queens
  • Actively engaging with your sisters, you can use structures that I will offer
  • @askme Monday- Thursday in dedicated, truly private off-fb group
  • 6 Modules, dripped out every 2nd week, on energy activation and growth-oriented relationship, including polyvagal science and the little known role of safety and connection
  • My signature Linking Hearts practice - transform old patterns and experience Sacred Union
  • My signature Enquiry practice - support your sisters and together create magical growth and expansion
  • My sacred Palo Santo Feminine Energy activation
  • Rituals
  • Journal prompts



If emotional or other stuff comes up during Queen of Love & Abundance you're expected to have structures in place to deal with it.

Access remains for 18 months after start if and only if you remain an active member in Receive the ONE. When you cancel Receive membership you lose access to Queen, even if you get back into Receive later.

The Investment

This program is a HUGE opportunity.

Seeing the transformations and uplevelings this creates in your life (everyone in the program so far started getting more money, even if the focus was on relationships!) the value is easily €30k for 3 months, or €50k for 6 months - and more.

But right now, for a limited time - that's not what you pay.

Click the button to see current investment level.

Queen of Love & Abundance - Bonuses

Ready to step into She Who Has It All?

For a limited time, I offer the following bonuses together with your program:

* 3 months of Weekly enquiries through the Rise membership (valued at €500)

* the bonuses of Rise, together valued at €3900

* A copy of my book "Feel The Love, Live The Magic - Relationship Magic For Queens And Kings" (valued at €20)

* EXTRA 1on1 call at the start (valued at €1500)

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I'm excited to go on this journey with you

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