What if I could teach you how to double your revenue and income and attract more aligned clients - without endlessly tweaking your marketing ... for just €444?

I'll coach you every day for 27 Days (1 moon) for €444:
You'll get: Daily Training * A Course Curriculum Delivered In Video, Audio and worksheets * Behind-the-scenes on how I made 2.5 million euro Using This Non-Marketing Strategy * Templates * 1 full year access to all training materials


I started from scratch - with ZERO knowledge of my topic. Here's the exact 27 Steps I took to get me to 2.5 million in revenue, happy clients and a fulfilling business.


(small or big, just certified or experienced, these 27 steps just work in any soul led coaching business WITHOUT tweaking anything in your marketing)

🔥 Klara Adalena

✨ Priestess Coach

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Today marks the 6 year and 1 months anniversary of me starting my high ticket, online dating program for high achieving professionals that has grossed over 2.5 million euros.


I'm sitting at my desk thinking back on my journey and how I literally knew NOTHING about dating when I started. Yet I went on to manifest 2.5 million euro within 6 years.


It reminds me of a famous quote:


"the top 1% of coaches don't need marketing"


The truth is, I had a tool that made me stand out from all other coaches.


This tool allows me and my client to access higher states of awareness (theta and delta waves) - which allows my clients to step into their powerful Queen and bend reality.


If you have been following me, then you'll know that before the dating business, I was running one of the world's first priestess training programs.


And while I knew nothing about dating...


In my new niche I instantly became one of the top 1% of coaches


Not because I'm a genius.


But because with the help of my tool - that I had developed in my Priestess years - I could help my clients feel safe and bypass all the bs from the mind and access deeper states, their true self and divine spheres - source of all transformation.


I'm not sharing this to brag.


I'm sharing this because I believe spiritual female coaches are the future and I want you too to become one of the top 1% in your niche... and stop wasting time on tweaking your marketing.


But I have a "warning" ⚠️


I'm not promising you any results of any kind.


Since I walked out of my scientific career over 30 years ago... I can tell you it's never been "just be and trust your intuition".


And if you're new to your topic...  you will DEFINITELY experience challenges.


You've got to accept this as normal.


Coaching is working with real people and helping them come out of stuck places. There WILL be challenges, and there are no guarantees.




What I CAN guarantee...


is an epic learning experience where you get a unique "behind the scenes" step-by-step breakdown of what I have been doing to build a top 1% coaching business, loyal 4- and 5- figure clients who keep coming back for more, and always enough new clients... without endlessly tweaking my marketing!


You have the rare opportunity of following me step-by-step as I built a top 1% coaching company, got outstanding success stories and attracted new clients - even though I knew NOTHING about the topic when I started.


Which means you're literally going to...


"Listen in" as I outline my program and my client flow, and start getting fab results and join the top 1% with ZERO knowledge of my topic.


I'll explain EVERYTHING.


From the mindset and SECRET TOOL  to nuts and bolts of working safely on higher levels of awareness and how to map out your sessions...


...literally everything.


What you'll receive in this 1 moon, 27 steps is something you can never UN-LEARN.


The skills and wisdom that will be in your posession within 1 moon CANNOT be taken away from you. You will have this knowledge forever.


And the good news is...


It's just 27 Steps!




Just one tiny step a day for 1 moon can create extraordinary results.


In less than 30 days you could create a shift in your business...


... that will make you super fulfilled and change your revenue and life for the next 30 years.

Discover The Tool That Allows You To Make An Extraordinary Shift In Your Business... In Just 1 Moon (27 Days)!




1 Moon, 27Steps


Right now, as part of my MOST INCREDIBLE OFFER EVER I'm going to...


Coach you EVERY DAY for 1 Moon!


In just 27 days you will:

✔️ Discover how to create deeper transformations and bigger outcomes

✔️ Learn to work with my tool to help your clients reach theta and delta states

✔️ Be more aligned and embodied in your coaching than ever before

✔️ How to hold a safe space where clients can come out of their mind and open up to the wisdom of their soul

✔️ Get KNOWN

✔️ Get real, authentic and jaw-dropping success stories to share with your audience

✔️ Redesign your sessions and programs to tap deeper in your client's soul wisdom and magic

✔️ Feel the presence of the life-giving force, feminine energy or Goddess in your sessions, source of deep sustainable change

✔️ See the onset of extraordinary shifts in your clients

✔️... And be that top 1% coach who gets her clients outstanding results


The 27 Steps give you my proven tool and everything you need to become the top 1% coach in your niche - which will then make everything else in your business come into flow.


These 27 steps took me 30 years to learn and develop.


And now you can "download" these insights in just 1 moon so you can truly take charge of your and your clients' future in ways you never thought possible.


It's no exaggeration to say...


The next 27 days have the potential to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

And when you see the price, you're likely going to think it's a mistake... but it's not, it's very REAL.


I'll give you a hint... you're SAVING THOUSANDS (literally)... and GETTING A 95% OFF DISCOUNT.

What If Everything Could Change In 1 Moon?

How It Works:

What We Will Build Together

  1. We're going to discover the tool to serve your soul clients at a higher level.
  2. We're going to offer magical, life -transforming sessions. CONSISTENTLY.
  3. You're going to get skilled and confident to work on higher levels of consciousness (theta and delta waves).
  4. We're going to build a program outline, a session map and outstanding transformations and outcomes.
  5. We're going to GET KNOWN through the jaw-dropping results we create and the energy levels of the new you.
  6. You're on your way to be one of the top 1% of coaches in your niche and get a stream of success stories and referrals.

How I Will Teach You

  1. Over this 1 Moon, we will go over every step of the process together where I'll show you the EXACT 27 Step system to have your client access higher states of awareness, craft your program outline, map your sessions, and create outstanding transformations and outcomes... WHATEVER coaching modality you are using!
  2. You'll receive DAILY EMAILS with links to audios, videos, activations and worksheets with clear and concise instructions on EXACTLY what you should be doing to succeed.
  3. You'll also receive DAILY "behind-the-scenes" videos where I share never before shared info on how I built my top 1% dating coaching company.
  4. You will get DAILY TRAINING delivered to you in audio, video and written formats that best supports your learning preference. Watch, listen, read, and then execute the daily task.

Start Date & Schedule



Start today!


Then, each day, for 27 days, I'll guide you step-by-step via video trainings with behind-the-scenes details on how I use this tool in my dating program, audio lessons, activations and online worksheets.


And it's just 27 Steps!


Yep, just one tiny step a day can transform your business (and life) in less than 1 moon.

What You'll Need


  1. Internet access
  2. Phone, Laptop, Mac or PC
  3. COMMITMENT. You've got to be committed to finishing this thing through. If you give up easy, your money would be better spent on a smudge stick to burn 🙂
  4. That's it. Being the top 1% in your niche is that close.


The cost of this extensive, month-long experience is only €444 (VAT may apply).

You're GETTING A 99% OFF DISCOUNT (just pay €444 once & never pay again).


That's a tiny investment for daily training taught by someone who's enrolled hundreds of high-end clients online... and generated over €2.5 million in sales.


Simply put, with my help, you'll be able to get to the next level MUCH faster and with a lot less work.


All for less than 1 extra client at 1k...


To put this in perspective, a similar program I taught in the past sold for nearly €10k:

screenshot sales (2)

With the "1 Moon, 27 Steps" Program... you'll be SAVING at least 95% compared to other programs I have offered in the past.


This is BY FAR the best way to learn from me DAILY without investing thousands (or tens of thousands) of euros.


So if you're ready to truly experience the results you want to see in your business and life...


Your moment is just on the other side of this button...

Join Me For 27 Days of Coaching For Only €444:

Why Am I Doing This?


The reason for the low price is simple.


This has been priced to help YOU WIN. Because I believe in female coaches with a calling to serve. Period.


I know that keeping costs down is huge in the beginning of any business, and I want to see you absolutely CRUSH this. Especially during these crazy times.


Plus, as you'll soon see, most people who work with me end up being customers for years because ... well, I'm one of the top 1%.


And I figured this program is a great way to "put my best foot forward" by helping you win.

If you're like most people, you'll want to work together next time I offer a new program. (So you could say this is my "hidden agenda").


Anyway, if you're wondering how to double your revenue and income… without endlessly tweaking your marketing… this is the best bang for the buck you'll ever find.


And now it's your chance to have me hold your hand and guide you through every step of the process.


Isn’t it time to start living the life you truly want…


So what are you waiting for?

Join Me For 27 Days of Coaching For Only €444:

"Love It, Or 14-Day Money Back" Guarantee


We want this program to serve you at the highest level.


If you are taking the daily steps, and not completely satisfied with the “1 Moon, 27 Steps Program” simply email our customer care team within 14 days to request a full refund and you’ll get 100% of your money back. All we ask is you do the daily steps.


Sound fair?


So you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!


It’s time to take aligned action and start creating the life you truly deserve.


Join 1 Moon, 27 Steps today!

Who Is Klara Adalena?



Klara Adalena is a coach, mentor, entrepreneur, bestselling author, surfer and the founder of Priestess Coach - an international movement of soul led coaches, purposeful leaders, and bold mystics who feel called to serve, stand out, and bring extraordinary transformations - creating an ever growing ripple.


Klara has helped high achieving women come out of stuck in dating and their lives - to find their soulmate and life partner and take their life to a new level.


Klara's first book "Living In Bliss, the Path of The Priestess" published in Netherlands became a bestseller changing tens of thousands of lives. Her Priestess Training Program that ran from 2004- 2014 in Netherlands is still the benchmark for all things priestess.


All her success was based on using the exact same tool to coach at higher levels of awareness that you'll learn inside of the 1 Moon, 27 Steps Program.

Still Have Questions? Check Out My FAQ...

Does this also work for my coaching modality (business coaching, breathwork, yoga, life coaching, ...)?


Yep! WHATEVER coaching modality you are using now, as long as you are a professional who gets her clients real outcomes, this is for you. The beauty of my method is it combines with ANY transformational coaching method. I'll guide you through how to implement it into YOUR coaching style.

I'm already doing 6 figures a year, is this still for me?


Yes! If you have a desire to spend less time tweaking your marketing, offer your clients deeper transformations and bigger outcomes, and want to grow on to belong to the top 1% in your niche, than this is for you.

I am offering online group programs, is this also for me?


Yes! I have used this in online programs, ultra high level 1on1 personal packages, live individual sessions, live group sessions, everything. Whatever works for you to offer your clients transformations and outcomes, this works for you.

When does this start?


This starts NOW! Whenever you are ready, hit the button and right the next day, your journey begins. We encourage you to take 1 Step a day to build momentum, and see exciting big changes within this Moon. But if for you a slower pace works, that is OK too. Listen to yourself, we created the space because you have access for a full year 🙂

Does my location matter?


Not at all! You don't need to show up at any fixed time, so you can totally follow your own day rhythm and join from anywhere, as long as there is internet.

How long do I have access?


For one whole year! Once you purchase you will have access to your own Student Portal to refer back to again and again, for a whole year. In fact, many women love my trainings so much they go through the program serveral times, discovering new value and giving their business a boost every time.

Is there a money-back guarantee?


Absolutely! You get a 14-day money back guarantee. If you complete the daily steps and you're not happy for any reason at all, I'll give you 100% of your money back. Just simply email us at customer service.

What is the investment?


Just a one-time payment of €444 (VAT may apply). That's less than one high ticket client. If you don't think you could get one client extra at 1k - or even raise the price of your best selling product with 1k - thanks to getting the tools that took me to 2.5 million, you may need to look at whether you are in the right business.

Are there any other costs?


VAT is the ONLY extra cost - and whether VAT is added depends on your location. This will be shown clearly on the payment page, after you hit the button. Apart from that: No small letters, no extra costs.

Join Me For 27 Days of Coaching For Only €444:

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