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Hey, I am Dr. Klara Adalena

  • One of the most powerful and loving breakthrough mentors for women in the world.
  • My clients create great relationships and find fulfillment and happiness.
  • My specialty is helping women drop into their body, claim their pleasure and find committed love.

I have worked for over 20 years with women from all countries on awakening the sacred feminine. The first 15 years were beautiful and amazing work, but there was one thing that kept nagging at me.

All these powerful awakenings, all these tools, the women only used like 10% of them. It kept eating at me more and more, because I knew so much more was possible in their relationships, their offerings, their life. They needed this, the world needed it, they were having access to it – but it was not happening.

Eventually in 2013 I quit the old form and threw myself into the deep. Then in 2017 I ran across a mentor who had experienced the exact same thing- and from that, has developed a whole new way of working with people. I took all my savings and hopped aboard. I’m super excited to see that now the fundamental shifts in their lives that my clients were hoping for all along ARE actually happening!

I focus now my work on what I feel is a SUPER chance to jumpstart your life to anotther level: helping conscious women in business under 40 to manifest their man and start a family. The biological clock is inviting them to step up and realize now what they have been putting off for so long. Mentoring these women and making them reach for the impossible – and get it! – is a true gift.

I live in deep gratitude for how the Goddess is guiding me and that when I show up and take my steps, life meets me halfway.

Thank you for being here and reading this, and may you shift to live the extraordinary life you came here to live. Why settle for anything less?