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Welcome gorgeous! I'm Klara, and my journey to the work I am doing now started with a big ambition, unusual for a priestess: to have €100k revenue in a month. Read the full story below. I'm also founder of one of the worlds first priestess training programs, a multi 6 figure entrepreneur, a coach for coaches and a surfer. I'm author of Living in Bliss, the Path of the Priestess, a bestseller in Netherlands.


Now, I guide coaches to become a top 1% coach, creating top 1% impact, not through force but through flow and my proprietary Embodied Breathwork.


I am deeply inspired by the global awakening of sisters that I see around me, and I believe we have a big role to play in our time. Together, we can.

My big ambition for a €100k month came after I had exchanged the priestess work for online high ticket coaching. I had been in the business already for a few years, and I thought I had an idea of how the journey would go - and I had not at all expected this to become a journey of ice-skating, soul-searching and synchronicities.


My journey to my first €100k month was not just about the destination; it was a path of self-discovery and alignment. It all started one crisp morning in the Alps, as I set out to skate 100km on ice – a goal that symbolized my inner strength and determination. At that time, I was at the helm of a successful online coaching business, helping empowered women find love and awaken their inner Goddess. With a conversion rate enviable by any standard, and completing my 100k goal on ice, I felt invincible.


It wasn't long before I found myself seeking a new summit to conquer – the elusive €100k month. This aspiration took me to Florida, where I hoped to learn the art of scaling with sales teams. Little did I know, the road ahead would lead through a dark night of the soul and a profound reevaluation of what I thought I knew about business.

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My first sign that something was amiss came quietly. Amid the growing unease of a global pandemic, my business actually thrived - and I didn't notice at first I was beginning to lose touch with my clients.


My team was stellar, my methods were sound, but I was no longer the sole guiding light for my clients – and that was what they needed most, but also what had given me fulfillment.


It took me time to have the courage to see that I was on a dead track.


Once I admitted it to myself, I couldn't continue in the same way. I chose to let it all go and spent a solitary winter in Sweden, surrounded by the stoic beauty of the Baltic. It was there, in the embrace of Mother Nature, that hints of the truth started to come through. I started to see there was another way for a high ticket business than to run on outcomes. Offering value through higher levels of awareness came first as a possibility - something to reach for.


My rebirth was marked by a moment of clarity on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic, the Pyrenees behind me. Because suddenly it dawned: I didn't need to reach to bring value through higher levels of awareness. I had been doing it all along. I had been running a multi 6 figure business based on awareness all along! The strategies I had thought were the key to my success paled in comparison to the power of embodying my Priestess self. That had been the beacon that had attracted like-minded souls to my work all along.


I went from blind to seeing in that moment. And in that same moment, I knew I was called to help sisters build their coaching business aligned with their calling, at the highest levels of impact. There is no limits to the value we offer when aligned with the sacred feminine.

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From there, everything fell into place. I crafted '1 Moon, 27 Steps' and 'Portal Openers', programs that are resonating deeply with the women I am meant to serve. And then, in a twist of fate, exactly six months after that revelatory moment, three and a half years after setting my big goal... I reached it – not through force, but through flow.


My €100k+ month was a testament to the power of raw honesty, alignment and authenticity. What fills my heart now is not the numbers, but the transformations I witness in my clients and their clients. The world is awakening to the sacred feminine, and I am here to guide you, the leaders of the future.



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