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I’m klara

Life, Love & Success Mentor 

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path to Attract Soulmate, Committed Love & Kids

Dating Is About Being You

Love touches us deeper than anything. Dating asks to keep being me when the fire is hot. What brings a couple together is a joint dedication to truth, joy and growth.

Rapid Manifestation

We know a lot about manifestation – and once you see what has been preventing you from using that in dating, a soulmate magically arrives and you know you can manifest ANYTHING. Find out how.

The New Love

Love is maybe the most meaningful aspect of our lives. Like the entrepreneur in our time wants revenue, impact AND freedom, so we want romance, commitment AND inner growth. The key is YOU – with the help of an expert mentor it’s possible.

Long Doesn't Mean Good

The power of the dating app is the power of internet. Stay ignorant, and keep ending up with the wrong guys. Learn the magic and manifestate with ease and joy. It isn’t true that the love is bigger when it took longer to find him. Get connected.

Feminine & Free

Women now are more free than ever and relationship is no longer the single priority. Stop blaming yourself when dating isn’t working out – educate yourself. Take action, get a mentor and a tribe, and make love happen. No one else will do it for you.

Own Your First Date

The first date is a hot/cold crossroads, learn how to make it a WOW so you get to choose whether you want a 2nd date. Get my freebie with 5 Essentials, from “Own The 1st Minute” to “Show Them The Door”.

About Me

Hey, I’m Klara, and I love the process of dating because it’s a true Quest bringing you both yourself and your beloved.

I’m all about empowering women to free our feminine power and bring ourselves, our dear ones and the world back to love.  I believe we may receive love before we can give it, and Mother Earth has enough to share.

My signature program helps successful women find soulmate, committed love & kids, and boosts your chances of finding it by up to 4000%. We are top of the world in success rate, empowerment and client satisfaction.


“Not only me, but also my new partner is a fan of Klara. He’s super excited about what I bring to the relationship and I learned most of it with Klara”

“Of course super grateful that I found my life partner – but even more grateful for who I have become in the process. Free to be me!”

“Before, I would have considered this man out of my league. The level of intimacy, connection, but also how we talk and deal with anything that comes up – this is my wildest dream come true.”

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path To A Soulmate Today!