Portal Openers – Method

You have just found the missing link between worldly success, psychological growth and spiritual awakening.


Portal Openers use a unique form of breathwork plus knowledge of the 4 portals on the path of feminine awakening. Together, these create shifts in consciousness that fundamentally break through glass ceilings and awaken your clients inner feminine goddess, this powerful, fierce, nurturing and sexual being.

Portal Openers are trained to use intuitive, polyvagal informed sensing skills to identify the state of consciousness in the body. A blend of connection with mother earth, vocal guidance, breath and expression is used to awaken buried states of self and go beyond old limitations.

Students learn a polyvagal, mythical and energetic foundation to find the portals to expanded states of self - creating magical, heart opening experiences that change a client forever and enhance access to intuition and other gifts.


They learn how to guide a client to turn intuition into action, adding personalized strategies from your own field of expertise.


By addressing the polyvagal states directly and creating a safe space where a person can fully express themselves, the practitioner enables the client to tap into her own inner healing intelligence and unstoppable success mechanism.

This allows clients to no longer be held back by old emotional wounds, and ignites the realization of our own wholeness that has been there all along.


What makes Portal Openers so powerful?

It's really insane that something like Portal Openers exists. It is the wisdom of developing a Priestess Path of Initiation and 10 years of guiding this path through sacred rituals brought into simple yet magical session that you can do online or live.

But that's not all. It also brings the learnings from 6 years of working as a high ticket dating coach, getting clients to their desired lives and success levels.


So far we have learned to split off our awakening and healing work and our success oriented life work. But the client of today wants a coach who can bring this together in 1 session - a brand coach who helps her develop the branding for her awakened, soul led business, a sales coach who helps her sell authentically into a spiritual program, a dating coach who helps you free the sacred woman and lover you are.


Clients today want a coach who is seeing the real them, the one behind all of the symptoms and conditions.


We women are more great and more wounded than many of us realize...and all of this wants to be addressed and honored as your client is stretching herself to new levels of success. Allowing the client to develop on her own path, in her own rhythm, guided by her own intuition, going through the 4 universal and archetypical portals.


In Portal Openers we learn to understand the true language of the body, we learn to listen to her story and see it in the greater context of the awakening of women. And because we are willing to meet our clients in the depth of their limitations as well as the heights of their genius, a profound energy for change is released taking her beyond her stuckness and freeing her unstoppable self.

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