HRV, A Call To The Priestesses

Embrace Your Unique Heart RHYTHM

Dear priestess, shaman, mystic, coach, leader or changemaker,


You've always known you're different. In a world that has long valued conformity, your path has been one of deviation – a beautiful, necessary deviation that the world desperately needs.


But have you ever considered that the very essence of your uniqueness is mirrored in the rhythm of your heart?


Not The Average, But The Variations

For too long, society and science have prized the 'average,' reducing our rich, dynamic heart rhythms to mere statistics. Yet, recent breakthroughs in neurological science have unveiled the power of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – the natural variations in the time between each heartbeat. And here's where it gets exciting: a higher HRV is linked to greater emotional resilience, adaptability, and yes, the courage to be seen and heard.


I had goosebumps when I realized that our gift to differ is directly connected to differences in our heart rhythm!!


This isn't just about overcoming stage fright or camera shyness. It's about a fundamental neurological condition that has kept many of us, the misfits and changemakers, in the shadows. But the tide is turning. Through the practice of Embodied Breathwork, we can now harness the power of our heart's variability to step into our light with confidence and authenticity.

Embodied Breathwork and Being Unapologetically You

Imagine engaging with your audience, not with fear or hesitation, but with the full force of your being – dynamic, unapologetic, and profoundly impactful. This is not a distant dream; it's a tangible reality that Embodied Breathwork can offer you.


I'm thrilled to share with you a practice that has transformed not only my visibility but my entire way of being in the world. Embodied Breathwork isn't just about breathing; it's about embracing the variations that make you, you – and turning that into your greatest strength.


Start Your Journey Today

I invite you to begin this transformative journey with a free guide designed for those who dare to be different (COME BACK SOON).

This guide will introduce you to HRV, its significance, and a meditative practice to enhance your HRV, setting the stage for a new era of visibility and impact.


For those ready to dive deeper, join me for a 5-day Immersion that will fundamentally shift your HRV and your approach to visibility. This unique opportunity, normally valued at €777, is not only a chance to transform but also the first step towards integrating HRV-focused practices into your own coaching, empowering you to make a greater difference in the lives of others.



For Who is HRV and Embodied Breathwork


Working with HRV is especially relevant for - to quote Steve Job's famous words - the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently. The ones that are here to push the human race forward.


Because these ones - we - don't walk the trodden paths. We need to find our own path. We need uncanny intuition and clarity. We need to see how to zig when the whole world zags. Even, we need to still see how to zig when the whole world tells us to zag.


We are leaders who often operate under pressure of mainstream not believing in us - and we more than anyone else need to be resilient, need to access flow states when others get stressed. We need presence, we need a high HRV.


Embodied Breathwork is here for you.

Experience & Training

To experience Embodied Breathwork for yourself in a group setting, check here to see if there's Immersions planned.


To train to become an Embodied Breathwork coach yourself - and help your clients access these flow states and have a life with more juice, flow and success - check here when a new training is coming up and whether there is a waitlist.

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