Get 1Moon, 27 Steps with HOP

You Invested in Hour of Power - You May Also Like The Exact 27 Steps That I Used To Build My Business To Get Paid To Be Me

BREATHE, my gorgeous Goddess, this might be the biggest decision of your life!

I'm so excited for you to be starting with the Hour of Power Meditation because it totally made me to who I am today. It will be in your mailbox in 2 minutes! In the meantime, check this quick video where I share the exact 27 heartfelt steps I took to develop a brandnew program and scale it to making 2.5 million within 6 years - even though I had zero following in this niche.


The vision, program, landing pages, ads, it all came to me through the daily Hour of Power meditations. Seeing my journey in 27 powerful steps will open your eyes to what is possible with the Hour of Power. It will be your blueprint, helping you ask the right questions at the right time.


I'll coach you every day for 27 Days (1 moon) - normally €444, now for only €44


You'll get: Daily Training | A Course Curriculum Delivered In Video, Audio and Worksheets | Behind-the-scenes on how I made 2.5 million euro Using This Non-Marketing Strategy | Templates | 1 full year access to all training materials.


This offer is here for you - just hit the button and get this life changing support.


I started from scratch - with ZERO knowledge of my topic. Here's the exact 27 Steps I took to get me to 2.5 million in revenue, happy clients and a fulfilling business. 


(small or big, just certified or experienced, these 27 steps can be your blueprint in any soul led coaching business WITHOUT tweaking anything in your marketing)

Discover The Blueprint That Allowed Me To Make An Extraordinary Shift In My Business... In Just 27 Simple Steps!


"1 Moon, 27Steps"


Right now, you can get your hands on my MOST INCREDIBLE OFFER EVER...

Because I'm going to...

Coach you EVERY DAY for 1 Moon!


In just 27 days you will:


~ Discover how I started to create deeper transformations and bigger outcomes


~ Learn the tool that came to me to help my clients reach theta and delta states


~ How I became more aligned and embodied than ever before


~ The process I discovered to hold a safe space where clients can come out of their mind and open up to the wisdom of their soul


~ How I got KNOWN


~ The genius, ethical process I developed to get real, authentic and jaw-dropping success stories to share with my audience


~ How I redesigned my sessions and programs to tap deeper into my client's soul wisdom and magic


~ The downloads I received to have the life-giving force, feminine energy or Goddess be present in even the most strategic sessions - leading to depth and bigger outcomes


~ The extraordinary shifts that resulted for my clients - and how that blew up my business to a radical different level


... And how I was guided to become a top 1% coach who gets her clients outstanding results

These 27 Steps give you my proven blueprint and help you ask the right questions to become the top 1% coach in your niche - which will then make everything else in your business come into flow.

The Hour of Power guided me over 30 years to learn and develop these 27 steps.


And now you can get these insights in just 1 moon so you can see how to take charge of your and your clients' future in ways you never thought possible - and start asking questions from that place.


It's no exaggeration to say...


The next 27 days have the potential to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


And when you see the price, you're likely going to think it's a mistake... but it's not, it's very REAL.


I'll give you a hint... you're SAVING HUNDREDS (literally)... and GETTING A 90% OFF DISCOUNT.


Scroll down, hit the button and get 1 Moon, 27 Steps not for €444, not for €222, not even for €111... but for only one time payment of 55 euro.


The training starts TODAY and we move at one step a day - and if you want to take it more slowly that's OK too, you have access for a full year.


I absolutely love this "1 Moon, 27 Steps" training, and I am basically gifting it you because you have made the decision to invest in yourself with the Hour of Power Meditation, and this will allow you to see the full potential of this Meditation, which will then boost the shifts you get. I believe in women coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders. I believe we will change the world, I believe in you - and I know with these 2 tools, you will be a force to be reckoned with. May it be so!


To your growth, your power, you wild wise woman!

I will see you inside, aloha.

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