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My Purpose

I am Klara Adalena. My calling is to let women feel who they truly are and manifest the levels of success they're capable of. Your life, your work and your relationships radically transform when you embody your full potential. But that's only half of the equation. The real transformation happens when you guide others to embody their full potential.

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Who We Are

I attract leaders in the global awakening of bold women called to serve and destined for success. When you go beyond the mind - that's when the magic happens. Powerful, vibrant, feminine.

I believe women are by nature portal openers and when you start embodying that, everything shifts.

Together we rise.


The Calling

It's a feeling in your bones, and it's never not there. Maybe it's the heartbeat of life herself, pulsing through your veins. Sometimes a whisper, sometimes a deafening call. Whatever it is, you know this is the voice to trust.

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What We Believe

As Within, So Without. As Without, So Within.

Tap Into The Mystery And Bend Reality.


Let's Change The World

If you are a Priestess Coach who feels ready to tap into higher levels of consciousness and take her calling to a new level, welcome home!

Priestess Coach is a community of soul led, embodied coaches and leaders who believe coaches are the leaders of the future and want to be part of birthing an aligned, life-affirming future for themselves, their clients and the world.

Creating Impact Begins with Attracting Soul Clients

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Hi! I'm Klara Adalena and founded one of the world's first Priestess Training Programs back in 2004.

I had gold in my hands with the 4 Portals, my tool to higher levels of consciousness, deep spaces, sacred rituals and extraordinary magic. I knew it but I was clueless how to turn that into impact - which led to frustration, confusion and eventually self-doubt.

I took a detour where I ran a high-end dating program. I didn't know anything about dating when I started, and I was almost shocked at the crazy good outcomes my clients were getting. I understood it was because of the 4 Portals and it almost felt like cheating.

It was an amazing time and I learned everything under the sun about marketing and other business skills, allowing me to do €600k a year but after a few years, something inside didn't feel aligned. My energy dropped, again I felt lost and confused, not knowing what was off this time.

However, I took action: I limited my coaching to only a few ultra high end clients and began a quest asking how I could serve at a higher level.

Once the big AHA came it was obvious: I'm in a unique position to inspire, challenge, awaken, reconnect and empower my sister coaches with the help of the 4 Portals. Our callings are all important and it's time this magic gets shared!

That led to starting the Priestess Coach programs and community.

I am now aligned and thriving like never before, I love the depth and magic of my work and life. I have time for surfing, gardening, van-trips, tantra and rituals and I am excited to welcome you into my world.

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