Welcome Queen! I see you - you are being called to live a life of expanding into love, pleasure and your highest potential side by side with a fabulous partner.

Let me be your guide.

Discover the hidden potential of feminine energy. It is time to unfold the possibilities that await.

Personal Expansion

You’re a powerful accomplished leader - enjoying your impact and success... and you know you are meant to live this life of abundance, love and expansion with a partner at your side

Whatever challenge you are facing in business, life and love - promotion to VP or CEO, merger, dating discomfort, end of a relationship, challenging phase in your relationship - you know it is a surface sign of a deeper shift. It serves to make you aware of what you really want:

🔥 stepping into feminine leadership at the highest level

🔥 living your full potential

🔥 deep transformative soulmate love

🔥 two partners committed to do the day-to-day work of keeping the energy clear

🔥 being travel mates on this journey of expansion

🔥 together expand into pleasure and your highest potential - and live your biggest life.

Maybe you just received a promotion. Maybe you're in the quest for a partner and to attract a man truly on your level. Maybe you are in a powerful relationship but lately, it's getting stale (or worse). And maybe, a relationship just ended and you see now more clearly than ever what you truly want and are committed to make it happen.

Either way, you know this is a calling. An opportunity for a quantum leap. The next step on your evolutionary journey. And you know you want the best mentor on the planet and a sisterhood of likeminded Queens to guide you through. You want to benefit to the max of this opportunity. You want someone who can guide you BOTH on the inner journey AND in the manifestation.

Queen of Love & Abundance is a gateway to the unlimited potential of the feminine, creating work and relationships that let you be YOU - and having it all: love, success, abundance

In summary, you are being called to live a life of expanding into your highest potential side by side with a fabulous partner and I am here to guide.

The journey begins with leaving limiting views of the feminine and yourself - and stepping into your Queen and identifying your own gifts and standards. The 5 Energy Shifts let you own your greatness and become an energetic match for the relationship you want. With my aligned strategies you manifest the royal relationship, love, life and abundance you want.

This is:

~ for women who are single and refuse to enter the hell of mainstream dating - and instead want to quest for love in a style worthy of a Queen

~ for women in a relationship who want to step into their Queen of Love and uplevel their relationship

~ for women just coming out of a relationship, crystal clear on what they want to manifest and ready to do their own inner work

I started Queen of Love & Abundance because I myself came out of a relationship and was deeply disappointed and confused - because we had been deeply in love, I applied everything I had learned about conscious relationships - and yet, it had ended in drama. I had felt so powerless using the tools and yet seeing the ship sink.

I set out on a journey to discover what it was that had been missing and that nobody spoke about. Now, 10 years later, I can say it was 3 things:

✨ I was unaware of my true power as a woman and how big my hold over my partner was

✨ I was not taught how to connect the dots between the teachings of conscious relationships and my real-life situation

✨ I was only half aware of many of my own desires, vulnerabilities and longings and how these played out within the relationship

These 3 things have now become the 3 pillars for my Queen of Love & Abundance offerings and have guided hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs into living their highest potential with a fabulous man at their side - enjoying a shared life of growth, love, success, pleasure, impact and abundance.

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Polyvagal theory is affirming what your intuition is telling you...

🔥 the power of the feminine is to create what she loves - and she can direct, inspire and contain the power of the masculine

🔥 we only know a fraction of the magic, pleasure and power that is possible within connection - and we are constantly called to go find out

🔥 within connection, we find unlimited intuition, wisdom, pleasure, awe, beauty, flow, magic, creativity and power

Your struggles in love aren't struggles at all, they are a calling to live a life of expanding into your highest potential with a fabulous man at your side.

I’m Klara.

I’m a priestess, physicist, multi 6-figure entrepreneur and mentor. I launched Netherland's first Priestess training back in 2004 - when everyone said it was impossible - and started a movement. I became Netherland's most successful dating coach - using my own original approach - to evolve into mentoring badass women to be, do and have it all - with a fabulous man at their side.

What started as wild rituals under full moons and drumming round fires, became a multi-six figure pan-European love and empowerment mentoring company for high achieving women - to morph into a magical path of evolution for top professionals and entrepreneurs.

I’m a priestess, visionary, scientist, body oriented psychotherapist, relationship coach and feminine leadership mentor working from feminine energy.

I’ve trained women to become priestesses and 6-figure entrepreneurs, mentored women to love and I am a catalyst for your highest potential.

And I’m a mentor passionately committed to you being, creating and having more. Because I know you can and I know what's possible for you. Because I understand love's lessons and how she teaches and wants the very best for you and more.

My clients want to enjoy a successful life, abundant lifestyle AND big, all-encompassing love…  

They want to boldly live life on their own terms AND be met in their larger-than-life energy and love.

And… they understand the value of mentorship and sisterhood and know big investments create big outcomes.

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Get My Book

Get Feel The Love, Live The Magic - Relationship Magic For Queens And Kings

Receive the ONE

Everything You Need to Awaken Feminine Energy & Attract a Soulmate with Ease and Flow

Main focus on aligned strategies

Step-by-step strategy to become the ONE and Receive the ONE. My original, highly successful approach for successful singles. Rooted in my vision that dating is a series of challenges inviting you to step up, own your feminine, and be 100% responsible for creating the love and life you want. This beautiful process shows you the challenges and how to navigate them. Clients report finding the One, more love and fulfillment in all their relationships, and boosting their income and career as a result. If you've ever been told you are too much, this is for you.

€4,444/6months or €797/month

Queen of Love & Abundance

Energy Shifts to Love and Your Highest Potential

Main focus on energy shifts and inner work

Love may seem confusing and challenging, but really, Love is sounding a call to expand into your highest potential. Tap into your heart's potential, wed your feminine and masculine, master the energy dynamics of love and uplevel to a life of ongoing growth and expansion, abundance, success and love. This is for an elite class of women who are already doing well in work and life and are working from their greatness - and are called to expand even further both in their relationships and in work - and leave a legacy in work, love and life.

€15k for 3 months
(VAT may apply)

1on1 Private Work with me

The Top Tier Offer

Klara takes on a few private clients at a time. 1on1 is always in combination with Queen of Love or Receive the ONE so we can go deep on your personal transformation. This is for highly motivated and committed women ready to meet their biggest challenges, take fast action and quantum leap into the love, life and success they want.

Application or Invite only

€20k for 2 months or €50k for 6 months
(VAT may apply)

Be You.

Connect Deeply.

Create What You Love.

Have It All.


Let's do it, Klara

Attracted, inspired but not yet ready to commit to the big journey?

Get started with weekly magic turning relational challenges into deeper connection, feminine energy and openings to your highest potential: join the Feminine Energy Sisterhood for €111/month. Click HERE>>

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