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Welcome gorgeous! I'm Klara, priestess and never dreamt I'd make a 100k month with my gift: letting women feel who they truly are. The key came to me by a weird twist of fate.


I am deeply inspired by the global awakening of sisters but back in 2014, I realized that after 10 years of magic rituals, dancing under the full moon, ecstatic fire walks, and working with sacred portals I wasn't growing anymore. It was a hard decision but I knew I needed to let it all go.


A dark night olf the soul followed... but looking back, this allowed me to be one of the first who jumped into the opportunity of high ticket online coaching.

I took my savings and invested in some of the top business coaches in the US. One of the first things they taught me, was to work outcome oriented so I needed to choose an outcome. Now I had never done that, no idea how to coach it, but I boldly jumped in and chose dating, saying to myself: "I know how to guide women to feel their Goddess, that's the main thing, and I'll somehow figure out the rest."

It was one of thoise moments where life put a challenge before me that only later I realized how important it was.

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Born from need, figure it out I did, and right out of the gate my clients started feeling who they truly are, embodying their Goddess and.. finding amazing mena nd building beautiful, conscious relationships. In fact, I had one of the highest success rates in the industry.


I had made €50k before my 8 week training program was over and joined the high level mastermind with my coaches. I went on to discover I loved entrepreneurship and being successful as much as the sacred work. I have many happy graduates and seeing posts from them with their partners and now also kids still makes me happy! I also made 2.5 million in 6 years which was thrilling, but then I realized something was off.


Things didn't flow as easily anymore, I didn't enjoy them in the same way, and even my successrate wasn't anymore what it was.


I stepped back once again. Free from the business, I realized I was missing my earlier priestess work... and I started to dream about finding a way to integrate the priestess and the entrepreneur.
I started looking around me, what other high ticket spiritual coaches were doing, but nothing felt quite right.


And then one day, overlooking the Atlantic, it suddenly flashed on me: I was looking for the answer outside myself, but it was inside of me! And it was something I had totally taken for granted...


My success as entrepreneur was of course rooted in my success as coach, and this followed from my priestess gift to help women feel who they truly are... and this one thing that I had developed to turn this gift into finding partners.


But I had not valued my own discovery, even, as I learned more about dating strategies, I started replacing some of the Goddessy work. And now it suddenly dawned THAT had created the problems!


No matter how good my dating strategies were - what my clients needed more, was exactly this: feeling what they are truly capable of, and my unique method to turn that into finding a partner.


With the grandness of the ocean before me, another insight came:  not only did I need to start valueing what i had developed, I needed to teach it to all my sister coaches... because whether it is dating, relationships, branding, money, business, sales... more than any strategy, women need feeling what they are truly capable of, and being shown how to translate that into the outcome they seek.


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From there, everything fell into place. I crafted '1 Moon, 27 Steps' and 'Portal Openers', teaching coaches both my unqie mechanism to open up their women clients to who they truly are, and then my second mechanism to help them turn that into the outcome they desire.


This creates unique, positive and sacred coaching sessions where both coach and client tap into their magic, clients grow and success doubles. In Portal Openers, I create the leaders of the global awakening, and a solid foundation for a €200k+ business.



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