Calling all coaches, entrepreneurs,
healers, leaders & change-makers called to work for women…

Are You Ready For Next Level Feminine Energy & Radical Evolution?

Rise with Klara Membership

Practice radical self-acceptance as you learn to lean into the wisdom of breath and body

Dear coach, entrepreneur,
healer, leader & change-maker called to work for women…


You know you were born to change the world - and it feels more urgent than ever.


You’re already well on your path,


You’ve been healing, growing, awakening.


You have clients, followers, buyers, create an impact.


You have that feminine energy and intuitive knowing that gives you an edge...


And yet...


Yet you feel that so much wisdom and pleasure within remains untapped.


And there’s a nagging feeling that if you could only bring it to expression, you would really go next level.


That's where Rise comes in.


In Rise you activate untapped gifts through a new and profound way to work with breath and the body, unlike anything you know. 


Informed by new insights into how our bodies are wired, coming from applications of polyvagal theory that nobody is speaking about yet (but I'm on a mission to have that change soon).


Take your intuition and feminine energy next level and truly become unstoppable.


Live, create and work from PLEASURE.


Because you know that your impact, the transformations you create for your clients, your art, the power of your message are all a mirror of your own evolution.


And life can be way more ease and flow, and abundant and pleasure when you are aligned and in your feminine energy.


So if you're ready to unleash your most powerful, feminine self,


If you’d like to lean into the most cutting-edge personal growth tool - specifically aligned with women awakening,


If you’re ready for radical evolution…


Our next opening for Rise with Klara, the Membership, might be just for you.


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Rise with Klara


Unleash your feminine energy and full potential in a deep and exciting membership with refreshing, consistent breath and body  practices, new insights, live Rituals, sisterhood, and accountability - and become unstoppable as coach, leader, and woman.


Who Is This For

Rise with Klara is being continuously created and expanded to serve women coaches, leaders and artists who want to take a leadership role to accelerate your own evolution and our evolution as women.


Rise is for you who is ready to supercharge your feminine energy so you become a light in the world awakening women to what is possible.


Rise is for the woman who walks her path with confidence and certainty, guided by your intuition, in tune with your breath and your body, mother earth and all living beings.


Sovereign, a Queen, unapologetical, powerful and confident - because your wisdom comes from within.


A Priestess Creatrix, bringing back ancient wisdom held by wise foremothers.


A woman in her full potential, unstoppable.


Closing the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.


If this is you, read on to know if you qualify for Rise...

Rise with Klara is for you if...


Rise is for you who is ready to fast-track your way to the version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be, and you know now is the time to tap into the wisdom within you and your feminine lineage.


If you're not afraid to challenge commonly accepted thinking and look at things differently.


If you want to trust the innate wisdom of your breath and body and set them free to bring their message louder.


If you are a coach, entrepreneur, healer, leader, artist or change-maker called to work for women and know that you don't need another tool or coaching modality - you need to start working with the wisdom coming from within.


If you love living at the edge of evolution, pioneering a path for the women behind you.


If you see there is a global spiritual awakening happening and women are looking for a new kind of leaders - for you.


You've done your personal development, stepped out of victimhood and blaming and into radical responsibility - and now you are ready for a next level, and to come again out of your comfortzone and become truly sovereign.


You know everything in your mind - but in your life and work, you keep seeing yourself playing just a bit too small (or lots too small).


You know you are lacking a regular practice, and you feel how it would nourish you - and you are looking for something that feels fully aligned.


You want more PLEASURE.


You are called to awaken women to their potential and live an embodied life of pleasure, creativity, abundance, meaning and magic - and to lead by example.


Note: if you're not a coach, healer, artist or leader but do feel called to join Rise, reach out to Klara. In fact our community is quite diverse, but what we all have in common: we show up!

Rise is NOT for you if...


You are afraid to invest in yourself.


You don't trust yourself to turn a high-quality growth, personal and professional development experience into a great ROI.


You like to push and constrain your breath into fixed patterns, thinking that is the only way to altered states and deep healing.


Have difficulty scheduling and committing to daily time commitments in service of personal and spiritual growth.


Aren't interested in taking responsibility for your mindset to reach your potential and give your clients, buyers and followers your all.


Believe that there's no need for practices or a community specifically for women and that there's nothing more to be discovered about what it means to be a woman.


Think you just need to work harder and get another business training to grow your impact.


If that is you, then please leave this page and do not join Rise. I hate to sound harsh, but if that is you, I can't help you.


But if you ARE a fit...

What is Rise with Klara?

Rise is a sustained practice of radical self-acceptance as you learn to lean into the wisdom of breath and body - unleashing your feminine energy and full potential, becoming unstoppable in life and work.


Rise taps into undiscovered implications of polyvagal theory that support women's intuitive knowing and is serendipitously suited to support our awakening.


Rise is setting your breath and body free, befriending them, trusting that is how they share their deepest wisdom and highest energy states.


Rise is a fast-track to radical evolution, feminine energy and the power of pleasure.


It is practices and community specifically developed to support successful women in our awakening.


Core are Klara's Enquiries - meditative experiences that stand out because:


✨a new way to work with breath and the body, tapping into new polyvagal discoveries about how our bodies are wired


✨you practice radical self-acceptance as you learn to let the wisdom of breath and body work for you


✨you fast track your path to access your full potential and become unstoppable


✨you supercharge your intuition and feminine energy


✨you tap into the power of nature and connection, sources of healing, meaning and belonging


Rise works for you when you want to transform any of the following...

Women who join Rise are usually committed to transforming their reality in the areas of





















... and more.


Inner shifts women experience can be...

In the Rise Journey you will Activate, Heal, Connect and Embody so that you can more powerfully:

🙏Welcome fear and anxiety without allowing them to run your life


🙏Shift beliefs that keep you playing small not by fighting or suppressing, but by warmly witnessing and allowing the growth of what truly wants to happen


🙏Access deep states of sacred pleasure, allowing the tantric energies to open you to new levels of surrender


🙏Become free to stay in your own energy when clients, followers or colleagues go into fight energy


🙏Sift through your emotions and let them become a source of clarity and vision


🙏Find that place in yourself where you can be unapologetically powerful


🙏Open your heart to more intimacy and deeper, more meaningful connections


🙏Find your own, joyous and unique creativity


🙏Welcome abundance into your life.


🙏... And much, much more.


This is possible because of the untapped aspects of polyvagal theory and the connection to mother earth and all living beings that we tap into.


Remember, if we keep doing what we always did, we keep getting what we always got, and too many coaching modalities are just copies of each other.


The foundations of the Rise enquiries is a radical new way to work with breath and the body, that feels super aligned. It is befriending your breath and body - not harnessing them - yet finding access to even stronger high energy states and healing. This was thought impossible until recently - but now made possible through knowledge of our bodies that we all intuited, but that never had been conceptualized until polyvagal theory came only a few decennia ago.


Though there are parallels with yoga, standard breathwork, and somatic bodywork, the experience is actually totally different. In this new breathwork you befriend your breath, you trust it's wisdom and learn to tap into the deeper, still hidden potential of breath - and there's absolutely NO forcing your breath into fixed, unnatural rhythms.  This feels fresh, aligned, magical and like a true revelation of home coming.


Magical experiences happen, resulting in epic transformational results for you and your clients or followers.


When you become a Rise member, you will be present to the whole of your client's experience in it's full ambiguity, from mundane to traumatic to hopeful to divine - giving a more complete understanding of what is happening for your clients, allowing your coaching to stay relevant and meet clients where they are now.


Because the client of today, wants something different from the client of yesterday.

Client's Love for Rise

Women Are Rising

Will you take a leadership role or stand at the sideline?


Invest in Rise, invest in your future.

Rise: Invest In The Deepest Form Of Connection We Can Share As Women


Women are awakening to new levels of connection and power. They feel - like you - we are entering new territory. They want you to lead by example, and they want to feel you right next to them.


There's no more space for playing small. In Rise you have a meditation practice to let you be present with a sister in whatever she is going through and whatever new territory she is exploring. This is one of the greatest and most profoundly transformative experiences we can gift each other.


But deep inside, you already know that, right?


The power of presence


You know deep in your heart that what has drawn you into the movement of women rising is this level of being present with each other at pivotal moments - the sacredness, the heart openings, the magic.


Now is your moment to look into the mirror and fully own that the limitations in your business - whether it be client level, impact or cashflow - is ultimately not about business strategies... it is a mirror of your limitations on presence and connection.


And you don't fear the mirror, you are drawn to it.


You know the time of escaping, judging, stories, fixing, fleeing or freezing is gone. You are being drawn to stay even where everyone else backs off. To overcome abysses of separation, milennia of loneliness and generations of trauma. No more excuses, hiding, strategies, or tactics.


This is about standing in the unknown, the sacred in-between space, vulnerable, unpredictable, yet intimate and close.


You know. But you simply don’t know where to start.


Imagine if you had a go-to daily practice that will give you the EXACT support system to say what you feel, be present in every word, and help you untangle conflicting feelings and stories to find the precise words that open the doorway and awaken the divine feminine...


The one word that you know with certainty can change the course of a life and ultimately, the world...


Well, imagine no more...


This is exactly why I have designed Rise. And when you decide to click the button and join, this is going to be your future too.

Client's Love for Rise

If you're still on the fence, you may be wondering, what changes will you see in Rise?

When someone is consistent with their Rise practice, it’s not uncommon for them to go on to:

☀️ launch new businesses


☀️ change careers


☀️ start new fulfilling relationships


☀️ have aligned opportunities fall into their lap - like new art assignments, speaker opportunities, mastermind clients


☀️ build a deeper relationship with their divine source


☀️ easily shift out of old patterns


☀️ bring in new cashflow doing what they love - like seeing how they can expand their packages to double or even triple their prices


☀️ transform the lives of others - like women becoming your loyal brand ambassadors because of the epic transformations you create


☀️ create new potent offerings at higher price levels - like expanding into a new niche with a more dialed in offer


☀️ become transformation leaders in their area of magic - and getting asked for summits and stages


☀️ become the most authentic version of themselves - and uplifting everyone with their presence

It’s not uncommon, after being consistent with Rise for 6 months or longer for people to have breakthroughs they’ve spent their whole life failing at - even with deep-seated things like body issues, sexuality and relationship patterning.


It seems there’s something that happens in this incredible transformational container, that clears all the stuff that is getting in the way of women becoming unstoppable at creating the type of life and spiritual awareness they really want.


And, time and again, our Rise members tell us that by having their enquiry practice and our sisterhood, they start attracting more soul sisters and networks and together we all expand into an ever-growing, connected community of epic beings all over the globe.


They tell us, they love feeling part of this community of leaders, coaches, healers, creators, and changemakers, high-level women who are on a similar transformational mission, to bring emotional mastery and healing to the world through their gifts and transmissions.


And those who were already coaches and working with clients 1:1, share that through their new understanding of the breath and body and how it wokrs for themselves, they feel they have a new superpower that boosts their transformational results for their clients.


In fact...

Some of our Rise members get new assignments, attract more clients, take on higher management roles - even if things had been stuck before.


It may take time to get your business and life to that point, depending on where you’re starting from.




There’s one thing that’s FOR SURE


the Rise enquiries, live rituals, sisterhood, sprints and accountibility take you to your next level of energetic, emotional and spiritual mastery and you’ll step into your true creative and empowered potential in 6 to 12 months of consistent practice.


It’s a game changer.


All you need to do, is click the button, fill out the form and join. You'll be emailed detailed instructions how to get going and you can be doing your first enquiry and say hello in the sisterhood within 15 minutes.

Once You Are Joined, This Is What You'll Learn:

🔥Self-clearing, to maintain and keep your own energetic vibration high, and continue to clear emotions independently for the rest of your life


🔥Awareness of whether you are in a polyvagal state where you can access your intuition, feminine energy and other gifts - and if not, how to get there


🔥How to harness to the power of polyvagal state to support yourself and your clients to make transformational changes in the area of deserving, creativity, power, openness, expression, vision and purpose


🔥How to access higher energy states and root deeper into mother earth


🔥How to stop interfering with live's innate wisdom and grow faster by doing less


🔥How to support yourself to integrate your emotional, spiritual, mental, energetic and physical experience


In Rise you are reminded and supported that being successful, sexy and sovereign is your birthright...


This is how Rise supports you to have it all:


✨ Discover the Hidden State of your Nervous System - an exciting new way to go beyond separation and duality, finding expanded flow states, inner wisdom and pleasure


✨ Trust your Emotions - how to work with the wisdom of your body instead of against it


✨ Befriending your Breath - stop forcing your breath to calm down, and how to work with your breath instead


✨ Awareness of your Nervous System - allowing all your senses of skin, eyes, ears, voice and heart to work together creating miracles like never before


✨ The Pleasure Portal - how to allow more pleasure and let that be your secret power


✨ Ancient Priestess Wisdom - tapping into the wisdom hidden in your female lineage


✨ The True Meaning of Self-Love - with a new sense of what your body is capable of comes new levels of self-love


✨ The Keys to being a Fully Expressed, Mega Successful Woman - and how this is totally different from anything you have learned so far


Rise acknowledges that growth needs to include understanding and aligning with your nervous system - and this takes time and asks continuity. In Rise your receive the ongoing support you need to pioneer this new level of growth. In fact...

Client's Love for Rise

What Makes Rise Different

Polyvagal theory is having a mega impact on our healing and evolution, and I believe we are only at the beginning of this revolution. Rise takes the implications of polyvagal theory way beyond what any other program does. This is combined with ancient priestess and shamanic breath and body practices.


And, Rise is unique because I'm on a mission to be unstoppable and awaken as many women as I can to be unstoppable too!


What this means for you:


🔥 you are part of a sisterhood where we all show up, creating goosebump energy


🔥opening portals through meditations is my unique gift, and you'll join the thousands who have forever been changed by my meditations


🔥 You access the hidden state of the nervous system that polyvagal theory has discovered


🔥 You befriend your emotions - finding in them the guide you always wanted


🔥 You access new potential within your breath - opening portals to new layers of intuition, pleasure, feminine energy and wisdom


🔥 You access the priestess wisdom in your feminine lineage - giving the confidence to stand in your truth and inspire others to join you


🔥 You develop a sustained daily or weekly practice - radically accelerating both spiritual growth and material success


🔥 You find the power in pleasure and connection - creating a life of flow and ease


Women in Rise love the enquiries, love the sisterhood and above all, love how Rise makes them feel. They love seeing their connections deepen and success happen. As you are still here on this page, having scrolled down all the way to here - I feel confident something in you resonates and you too will come to love Rise and in this cauldron, become the woman, leader and coach you are meant to be.


So now is the moment to trust, hit the button and make it happen...

Why you can feel confident hitting that button and joining...


And when you sign up, you can be confident I do everything in my power to help you overcome ANY roadblock you might encounter... and having worked with thousands of women intimately, I know a thing or two about where women tend to get stuck - and what is needed to rise into your greatness.


That's exactly why I have created a beautiful vault of bonuses for you... each one adresses a typical roadblock and together, they make you feel totally supported and held and confident on this journey.


Whether roadblocks you fear are finding the time and rhythm for a regular meditation practice, getting into the right mindset, translating your growth into business uplevelings, how to integrate your growth in your coaching and leadership, or how to quickly get back in the right energy when in a pinch... with my expansive bonus vault I have you covered.


The value of this bonus vault is insane, it easily adds another 9000 euro - and indeed women have made thousands of euros in revenue within 1 month of getting their hands on these bonuses.

But most importantly, the bonus vault lets you feel supported and held as you build up your practice and join our sisterhood.

So here are the bonuses - and you get immediate access to the vault once you hit the button and join...

The Bonus Vault

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Bonus 1
The Foundation Course

10 Principles To Start And Succeed Your Aligned Meditation Practice & Life (valued at €697)

All our intentions to meditate daily only create change when we do it- and keep doing it! Luckily the enquiries in Rise are juicy and women love doing them - but still, we all have had experiences of losing our commitment.


Here's 10 feminine, surprising and effective tips that work for women coaches and leaders. You'll be excited seeing yourself continue where other times you stopped. This time, you will get the practice, transformations and success you seek - and you  will be surprised how it actually becomes easy with these 10 tips.


Valued at €697, The Foundation Course is FREE for you as you join Rise. Sign up now, and get a solid foundation for the biggest shift in your life.

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Bonus 2
The Polyvagal Pioneer

Bold New Applications Of Polyvagal Theory For Highly Successful Women(valued at €997)

Polyvagal theory has become known for it's insight into trauma informed situations - and I, Klara, have built upon my scientific training and skills from my time in theoretical physics as well as my personal experience of altered states, heightened creativity and expanded intuition as a priestess to search out a radical new application of polyvagal theory for highly successful women.


Discover how polyvagal gives both a framework and specific instructions to enhance intuition, heighten creative, reach expanded flow states, open your mind, find sacred connection and more.


These polyvagal applications that you find nowhere else have been a key to the success of my 4 - and 5 - figure programs, giving my clients new levels of confidence, sovereignty and influence without being controlling, pushy or dominant. Now for the first time available outside my high end programs, this is an absolute gamechanger letting you work WITH your nervous system instead of against it.


Normally, this evocative training goes for €997, but sign up for Rise and receive this asset for FREE.

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Bonus 3
Heal The Unhealable With Klara

No Such Thing As Too Wounded (valued at €1,777)

An unconscious thought holding us back from taking a step forward and investing in a great program like Rise can be: "I don't believe this will work for me anyhow, because I am too wounded".


I tell you, and this comes from working with thousands of successful women, if you can build an independent life for yourself celebrating financial freedom, you can heal from those wounds that are holding you back now.


But maybe not with the healing modalities you know now. There is a different kind of healing, tapping into feminine resources most modalities overlook, that works stunningly well for successful women.


More than a method, it draws upon the power of presence and connection with real sisters. This type of healing is part of Rise, but for whenever you feel a wound coming up asking for extra attention, you have access to this Heal With Klara series.


In 10 sessions of 12 minutes each, deceptively simple, you are taken through the 10 steps of healing with Klara. You also receive an overview of the 10 steps of this unique process.


Clients always thank me abundantly for the changes and shifts they find here that they couldn't find anywhere else.


Normally, Heal With Klara is €1,777, but sign up for Rise and receive this groundbreaking training for FREE.


Say no more, I am in!

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Bonus 4
Your True Home

Find A Sense Of Home You Never Had (valued at €1,777)

Imposter syndrome, feeling alien and unsupported, it is one of the most destructive wounds shared among many successful women. Preventing you from riask taking and breaking through to that next level.


What underpins this, and nobody recognizes, is that we in fact live as aliens in our feminine body.


Essentially, this is not a psychological problem, this is a neurological problem. For of the 3 states of our nervous system that polyvagal theory recognizes, we spend only a few minutes per day in tthe one that is our true home. What is worse, we have even forgotten how to access it and depend on others - through polyvagal resonance - to take us there.


I call this your Hidden State, and in the 10 lessons of 12 minutes each of the Your True Home Series, you get full access and master the pathway to and from your Hidden State.


It works perfectly alongside Rise, as the daily practice in Rise will then help you keep this new pathway open and expand on it.


Valued at €1,777, Your True Home is absolutely FREE for you in Rise for the full time of your membership. Don't forget to click the signup button and make sure you get access!

Bonus 5
The TikTok Treasure Collection

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Bite-Sized, Distraction-Free Energy Shifters (priceless)

My Tiktoks and Reels are bite-sized energy shifters giving me new followers every day - and inside The TikTok Treasure Collection, you get access to a series of my best without the distractions from social media platforms.


Women use these quick, 2-minute meditations before important life moments, like board meetings, TED-talks, thesis defenses, job interviews, and also dates and dinners. They will shift you back into confidence and that hidden state where you access your full potential in the very moment you need it. Invaluable!


Life is defined by how we show up in the 1% of moments that matter. With The TikTok Treasure Collection, you are going to show up next level starting today.


The TikTok Treasure Collection is a priceless and curated collection you receive for FREE as you join Rise. If you haven't done it yet, it's time to hit that button and make sure you are in.

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Bonus 6
Presence & Connection In Marketing & Enrollment

Ideal Clients At Ideal Price Points (valued at €2,555)

ONLY when you choose the yearly plan

We've spoken a lot about how presence and connection can get you ideal clients at ideal price points without sales calls, paid ads, content posting. This training is invaluable because it actually connects the dots for you.


I pull back the curtain and show you step by step how I enroll amazing women into €15k and €50k programs.


This feels utterly juicy and will change your marketing and enrollment forever - and let you work with amazing clients who become true brand ambassadors.


This invaluable training includes getting permission to charge what you're worth, creating your aligned funnel, and  the essence of woman centered coaching. Allowing you to create offers where your full genius comes across and the seats are filled with ideal clients ready to learn from you.


This training is priced at €2,555, and will keep brining you more revenue year after year. This never grows outdated. As Rise member, you are getting this as a FREE bonus and will have access for the full duration of your membership. Just make sure you hit that signup button already.

klara april (2)

Bonus 7
The Queen Mindset

Have It All - Without The Guilt (valued at €1,500)

ONLY when you choose the yearly plan

One of the most challenging things for me was upleveling my mindset, as I had a lot of judgments on mindset work. But as with everything in life, what you resist most, you need most.


I share the tools that worked for me to shift my mindset from being a fringe rebel with €80k/year to being a successful mentor serving my unique niche at €600k/year.


Boundary setting turned out to be a big part of this, as well as asking and receiving support without losing my unique angle.


This essential training is priced at €1,500, and will open up a whole new way of thinking. As Rise member, you are getting this as a FREE bonus and will have access for the full duration of your membership.

I Say YES!

YES to Taking the Leap

YES to a Feminine Aligned Life

YES to Unlocking My Full Potential

YES to the 7 Divine Bonuses Valued At €9,303


You are an unstoppable force of nature

Embrace your feminine energy and rise!

From My Heart To Yours

My Beautiful, Powerful Queen,


At the end of this page, I am sitting here a moment, closing my eyes, and feeling what I want to say to you. You have shown you resonate with my message by reading all the way to here. I know with absolute certainty that when you are willing to put in half an hour daily, this will awaken a life more fulfilling than anything you dream of now.


Those glimpses of a better life that you sometimes come back with after a retreat with sisters... it is possible.


That pulling at your heart to become a coach or leader for women... there's more truth and power in there than you know.


That knowing that there's a whole new level of fulfillment and certainty... trust  it. It brought you here, to this page, to Rise. Now it's up to you to take the next step and sign up.


From the depth of my heart I say to you, give yourself this opportunity and join. For yourself, your clients, your daughters, for all of life.

These times we see that many things we took for granted actually are at risk. There has baan a true onslaught on connection and freedom. I believe this could only happen because we live in an ideology of separation.


Neuroscience reaffirms what women always knew: we are wired for connection. It's time to replace the old ideology, and Rise might be the most powerful step you can take for the healing of all.


Join Rise, invest in deeper presence and connection, and become an agent of change. The world will be a better place for it, and you will love the life you create for yourself.


I look forward to welcoming you personally at the other side and traveling with you for a month, a year, or a lifetime.




I Am Joining Rise Now


I Receive all 5 Bonuses for FREE - PLUS the 2 EXTRA Bonuses  when I choose yearly - together valued at €9,303 but now for FREE

Rise Is Your Ticket To Fully Aligned Success As A Fully Expressed Woman

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