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As Priestesses We Rise!

For influencers, leaders, coaches and successful women who love my tiktoks and reels and are ready for the next step!

Dear beautiful soul,

you're an influencer, leader, coach or successful woman and you are here because my tiktoks and reels touch something in you. Maybe you know something ancient and big is calling and you feel it close in those short video moments. But certainly you know you want more. In you lives a priestess, portal opener, gatekeeper, queen and lover of pleasure. She wants to uplevel your work and have you rise into your feminine power - and I am here to help!

What you experience in my tiktoks and reels is the woman you can be. I know that even though it may scare the sh*t out of you, deep down you are ready to stop playing small, to trust her lead and claim the success, love and life that you always felt were yours.

What you need now is a daily practice that keeps anchoring you in the new life and pulls you free - even as habit, society and fear pull you back. A practice to hold you as you come out of your comfortzone and step into pleasure, feminine energy and abundance. You need more than a few tiktoks, you need Rise.

Welcome Queen. I have walked the path myself and guided many amazing influencers, leaders, coaches and succesful women to unprecendented levels of pleasure, awareness, love and success. My tiktoks and reels are just the beginning. You came to the right place. Nobody does this alone. We all need a practice and someone to hold the vision and open portals. Let's do it. It's time to rise as the priestess you are. I will be here every step of the way.


Client's Love for Rise

Why Rise

The path that is calling you is not your standard spiritual path. Because the divine feminine is unlike any God. She is pleasure and ecstacy, warm and embracing, divine and limitless. She is you. You need juicy, embodied experiences, not dry meditations. You need Rise.

In Rise you will be doing a special type of meditation-that-is-no-meditation called the Enquiry Experience. 

Standard meditations are devoid of pleasure, deny your feelings, disembodied, authoritarian and masculine. They can never raise your feminine energy. Enquiries are brimming with pleasure, welcome your feelings, fully embodied, co-creative and feminine. Because you are the Goddess.

What you will be doing in Rise is boldly honoring your feminine superpowers of feeling, intuition, pleasure, creativity, portal opener and warmth as well as the sacred, mystery, and infinite. The divine feminine is right here, in your body, in the earth, in your connections and tthat's where Rise takes you. You are your own priestess. You tasted her in my tiktoks or reels, and you're hungry for more. That's why I know you Rise can guide you on the next steps.

Rise and The Enquiry Experience evolved out of what was naturally happening through my presence. Even before I identified as a priestess, women experienced around me magic, feminine energy and sacred states. Over the years I have honed this to become the Enquiry Experience. You have experienced me before, so you know what I'm talking about.

I deeply trust the calling within you, and I have created Rise to hold a space for you to become unapologetically feminine and boldly divine. Everything you seek is within you, and what you need is to uplevel your daily practice with Rise. Nobody does this alone.

You came to this page for a reason. Trust it. Join, embrace your most authentic, radiant self, and become the confident, beautiful goddess you were always destined to be.

Rise: What You Get

The sacred practices in Rise hold a space for you to unfold, bolden, align, become unapologetical, intuit, lead, receive more pleasure, manifest money, be surrounded by love and have more success than you dare dream now. All it asks is for you to commit to what is calling you, plan half an hour per day, and boldly sign up. The world needs you as the Queen you can be, babe.

Rise is the most juicy membership I know. You find 4 kind of Enquiry Experiences:

Activate: Lift the Veils & Raise Feminine Energy

Heal: Release the Past & Embrace Your Divine Future

Connect: Receive The Connections That Are Available

Embody: Be Unapologetically Divine & Manifest Abundance

Every week a new Enquiry will be unveiled for you. Each Experience is 20 to 30 minutes long.

You already know the power of my spaces and the juice, transformations and awakenings these give. Here is your opportunity to join the expanding group of women who stand boldly and confidently in their pleasure and feminine power and bring a new future for all. These practices are the secret behind many woman's success!

The investment for Rise is €222/month.

To support all the amazing fans in my rapidly growing Tiktok adventure, right now for a limited time you can get access for only €44/month. Click the button and make it happen while the offer holds.

For a limited time only: From €222/month for €44/month

*offer price guaranteed until 1 Jan 2024*

This is what you get in Rise, my membership for Rising Women:

Activate: Lift the Veils & Raise Feminine Energy

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Join and these are a few of the yummy Activations you will be doing:

Feminine Energy, Unlock Your Superpower & Create Soulmate Connections - 22min.

Welcome Feelings, From Mind to Heart, Open Up to Deep Connection - 12 min.

Deepen Heart Connection, Synchronice Hearts, Open Up To Pleasure - 17 min.

Find Your Goddess Back, Reclaim Your Feminine, Connection in a Stressful World - 31min.

Full Body Pleasure, Clear Energy Blocks, Heightened Ecstacy - 29min.

Sacred pleasure, Your Body as Temple, Deepen Soul Connection - 24min.

Heal: Release the Past and Embrace Your Divine Future

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Join and these are a handful of the heart-opening Healings that will be supporting you:

Unplug from Fight & Flight, Stop Hurting, Start Receiving - 23min.

From Overwhelm to Clarity, Un-block Feminine Intuition, Build Your Best Relationship - 18 min.

Is It Him or Me, See the Games of your Ego, Next Steps - 13 min.

Beyond Need for Approval, Access Self-Acceptance, Self-Forgiveness - 21min.

The Snowdrops Enquiry, Melt what is Frozen, New Beginnings - 17min.

Transform Sadness, Access Hidden Powers, Bring Light to the Dark Places - 21min.

Connect: Receive The Connections That Are Available

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Join - here is a few examples of the soulful Connection Practices you can expand into:

Voice of the Earth, Come out of your Stuff, Home in your Feminine Body - 24min.

Spirit of the Trees, Awaken the Tender Feminine, Connection to the Spirit World - 24 min.

The Goddess in Me, The Divine in You, Create Sacred Moments - 21 min.

Full Moon Alignment Ritual, Awaken Mysterious Feminine, Trust your Power of Attraction - 33min.

Sunrise Enquiry, Tap into Life Energy, Rest in Being - 27min.

The Dark Goddess, Bring Back the Mystery, Become Magnetic - 25min.

Embody: Be Unapologetically Divine & Manifest Abundance

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Join and these are a taste of the unapologetic Embodiment Practices you will step into:

Transform Body Ache, Bathe in Feminine Energy, Nourish Yourself in Ventral - 28min.

Connected to Self, Embody Feminine Energy, Be the Magic - 12min.

Rise into your Greatness, Stand in your Queen, Own your Best Life - 18min.

Embrace Fear and Trust, Stand in Feminine Energy, Be a gamnet for your Happy - 26min.

Be Met on All Levels, Beyond Shame, Have Sexy Confidence - 27min.

Feel and Grow Rich, Home in your Feelings, Abundant Within & Without - 24min.

Client's Love for Rise

The investment for Rise is €222/month.

To support all the amazing fans in my rapidly growing Tiktok adventure, right now for a limited time you can get access for only €44/month. Click the button and make it happen while the offer holds.

For a limited time only: From €222/month for €44/month

*offer price guaranteed until 1 Jan 2024*

To make this an absolute no-brainer for you and support you on your path, you receive the following Bonuses when you sign up for Rise:

Bonus 1:
Heal With Klara (valued at €777)

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Find Deeper Healing Through The 10 Steps of "Heal with Klara":

#1 The Circle of Love

#2 Arrive & Be Held

#3 Awaken the Heart

#4 Beyond the Ego

#5 Introducing the Ventral

#6 Anchoring in the Ventral

#7 Being with the Lows

#8 Portal to Alignment

#9 Crossing the Threshold

#10 Your Magical Life

Healing The Witch Wound

The Enquiry Experience is an explosion of energy and presence, which is super juicy when you are ready but overwhelming for the unprepared. That is where Bonus 1 "Heal with Klara" comes in.

Basically, the Enquiry practice is not for beginners. It is for female influencers, leaders, coaches and successful women who have already dedicated time and effort to healing and self-discovery.

Yet, when you start this practice and follow your calling, wounds you thought were healed show up again on more subtle layers. The witch wound starts playing up, abuse of our sacred womb, denial of your feminine lineage and other personal and collective wounds on the feminine.

That is why I am adding the Bonus "Heal With Klara" for you. It's natural when you choose to fully claim the priestess, portal opener, Queen and gatekeeper you are, for life to present new challenges that call for deeper healing. I want you to be prepared, and that's exactly what this Bonus will give you.

I have always known that if I wanted to offer women these all-powerful, magical and unique awakenings, I needed to be able to also hold the pain of the millennia of abuse and denial. I am trained and experienced as a body-oriented psychotherapist in the methods of Downing and Pesso. Besides I have a keen interest in the recent developments in polyvagal science, and I love how this subtly supports the awakening of the feminine.

In this Bonus "Heal with Klara", you heal the deep psychic wounds of being a woman recovering from thousands of years of patriarchy. It is more gentle yet more powerful than anything you know. It takes us out of the fallacy that healing is abstract, and allows you to heal held within my personal energy and space.

It is deeply moving, deceptively simple, and creates the foundation to safely open up to the magic of your calling.

This Bonus is my gift to you to throw off old skins, heal your witch wounds, and come out at the other end with a renewed and empowered self, ready to receive the sacred powers that are opening up to you.

This healing journey consists of ten 12-minute sessions and can be done at your own pace. The whole series opens instantly when you sign up, and remains open as long as you stay a member. Women go back to this series over and over - and it never fails to guide them deeper.

Don't let the past hinder your progress; know that I have taken many women on this path before both live and online and whatever shows up, we can deal with it. Nobody does this alone. It's time to step into your highest potential and channel your inner priestess to elevate your sacred work as an influencer, leader, coach or successful woman. You know you want more of what you get in my tiktoks and reels. Click the link, get the Enquiry Experience and the Bonuses, and make it happen.


Bonus 2
Discover Your Polyvagal Home (valued at €777)

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Beyond The Ups & Downs With The 10 Steps of "Discover Your Polyvagal Home":

Intro: Embodied Experience

#1 Breath & Heart

#2 Feel The earth

#3 Be With What Is

#4 Face & Feelings

#5 Soft Eyes

#6 The Subtle Tones

#7 Limitless Pleasure

#8 Your Body Is Your Temple

#9 Wisdom From Within

#10 Magic & Flow

Beyond The Tragedy Of Successful Women In Our Time

Dear Queen, as a female influencer, leader, coach or successful woman, do you find that challenges in your circumstances or relationship throw you off track and prevent you from rising into your full power? If so, you are not alone - and I have your back. Bonus 2 is your life buoy.

Maybe up till now you find yourself blaming yourself or others when you lose it, or telling yourself to "buckle up", or exhausting yourself by trying too hard. Truth is, this is all symptom level. The real problem is you don't know how to keep the access open to your superpowers of intuition, creativity, pleasure, warmth and gatekeeper in the moments when you need them most.

For me the greatest gift of polyvagal science is it shows us we have access to 3 very different energy states, and these states literally block or open access to your feminine superpowers. The tragedy of us women in our time is that the state that is most natural to us, and where we access most of our superpowers, our true home, is largely unknown to us.

Science describes it as the state of safety and connection, but it is so much more! In the 10 step process of "Discover Your Polyvagal Home" I take you on a journey to experience this magical state in your own body, and I know you will be just as moved by the magic and beauty within you as all my other clients. Here you find the solid foundation to keep the access open to your intuition, knowing, creativity, warmth, pleasure and gatekeeper no matter what is happening in your life.

So instead of being thrown back to square 1 over and over, with Bonus 2 your path to rise as the priestess you are continues to ever greater heights.

All eleven 12 minute sessions of Discover Your Polyvagal Home open instantly when you join, and stay available as long as you are a member - for you to go back to over and over.

Stop being a victim of circumstances and access your pleasure, knowing and intuition whenever you need them with the help of new polyvagal discoveries. Click the button, join now, and you will experience a life beyond the ups and downs: effortless flow, magic, home-coming, energy, and expanded existence. Nobody does this alone.  Click the button and 10X the experience of my tiktoks and reels:

Bonus 3
My TikTok Treasure Trove (priceless)

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An Ever Expanding Collection of My Most-Loved Tiktoks including:


#1 A Special Moment

#2 Love Is Closer Than You Think

#3 Through The Eyes Of Love

#4 There Is More

#5 A Moment Of Connection

#6 Arrive In The Connection

#7 A Wonderful Little Practice

#8 Connection Magic

#9 Curiosit And Presence

#10 Expand In Connection

Moments That Count

Even when you live your Queen and Priestess - and you will - we all have moments when the pressure is high, time is short, and we need a quick reconnection to our intuition, wisdom, and feminine energy. That's why I you also get access to Bonus 3. I want you to feel totally cared for and held within the membership experience.

My TikToks and Reels provide the perfect solution to shift and elevate your energy in less than 2 minutes whenever you need to show up your ultimate best.

I have created a cuarted selction for you that you can now access without the distracting experience of going on Tiktok or Instagram. These 2 minutes quick gems have captured the hearts of many, rapidly grown my channels and now you have them at your fingertips to boost YOUR life!

Bonus 3 is your go-to resource for an ever-expanding library of the most popular and cherished moments with me. With new TikToks added every week, you'll have a wealth of options to choose from, whether it's before a pitch, TED Talk, board meeting, going live on socials, or even a date. Simply select your favorite moment with me, shift your energy in under 2 minutes, and enter the room with confidence, alignment, juice and high energy.

In these pivotal moments, you need full access to your feminine superpowers and elevated consciousness—your creativity, warmth, heart, and voice. Your inner portal opener and priestess. Don't settle for anything less. Get Bonus 3 and get access to this incredible collection and let your inner goddess shine also when it matters most.

Each Tiktok is a small gem in itself, yet you will be stunned at the boost they give you when combined with a daily practice of the Enquiry Experience. These same Tiktoks become portals to the transformative energy of love and all of your days and nights withh be infused with love.

These jewels by themselves would be fully worth the investment of joing! Don't miss this chance to elevate your energy whenever you need it most. Click the button and Bonus 3 will be added to your dashboard instantly. Nobody does this alone. Let my TikTok Treasure Trove be your secret weapon to conquer every challenge with grace and poise.


The investment for Rise is €222/month.

To support all the amazing fans in my rapidly growing Tiktok adventure, right now for a limited time you can get access for only €44/month. Click the button and make it happen while the offer holds.

For a limited time only: From €222/month for €44/month

+ you receive all 3 Bonuses for a total value of €1,554 for FREE

*offer price guaranteed until 1 Jan 2024*

Client's Love for Rise

Embrace the Journey: Join Our Expansive Membership Now & Receive Extra Bonuses

Your calling has the power to elevate every aspect of your life, and when you join our ever-expanding membership and get access to all the bonuses, you immerse yourself in a world of boundless growth and transformation. Know that as you join this vibrant Rising of Women community, new Bonuses will be added regularly. What you see now is merely the beginning. We regularly enrich our offerings with new, transformative journeys and bonus trainings, ensuring a constant flow of fresh and inspiring content to elevate your spiritual and emotional path.

Our one-of-a-kind approach intertwines the groundbreaking insights of polyvagal theory with the timeless wisdom of priestess traditions, opening the door to profound healing, self-discovery, and personal evolution. My healing space is unique and unmatched, and allows you to follow your calling and venture into areas of the soul long forbidden.

Whether you have mere minutes or a full hour to devote, unleash the depths of your feminine potential, live a life brimming with fulfillment, and awaken the radiant goddess within, shining with beauty and confidence.

As our offerings continue to flourish, you'll have access to an ever-growing treasure of soul-nourishing content, guiding you deeper into the heart of your transformational journey.

Don't let this moment slip away. Nobody does this alone. You came knowing it is time to commit to your calling, and you came knowing that it's my presence and energy you want. Now get the continued support, activation, healing, connections and embodiment from Rise.  Click below, join Rise, and embark on a life-changing adventure in pursuit of self-discovery, empowerment, and the embodiment of your priestess self.


What Rise is NOT

Rise is NOT an outcome oriented program. It is a place where influencers, coaches, leaders and successful women come when they hear the call to rise into their feminine power and uplevel their sacred work in the world. Because nobody does that alone. Rise is a place where you receive ongoing input and support and a daily practice specifically designed for the rising of the feminine at the highest level.

Nobody Does This Alone. Join Rise & Deepen Your Transformation Today

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