To all high-ticket coaches, entrepreneurs, healers, leaders & change-makers


Exclusive Training Group... Portal Openers

In Fall 2023 I have guided 2 coaches' training groups called "Portal Openers". The results went way beyond what I could have dreamt:

  • One Portal Opener went from being stuck for over a year at 0 revenue to consistent €5k months - before even completing the program.
  • One Portal Opener finally started her life long dream of offering hypnotherapy... and within 4 months, landed a national celebrity as her client
  • One Portal Opener went on to write her book, and got an offer from a publisher, within 4 months.
  • One Portal Opener who was already leading successful spiritual retreats, quit her 9-5 and landed her first 1on1 clients for a high ticket package, within 3 months.
  • One Portal Opener who works as a Priestess enrolled a dream client into a €10k package within 4 months.

And there's more stories like this…

But what is so special, these are all spiritual coaches, who value being aligned with their mission more than anything else.

They did all this without making sacrifices.

And they now feel confident in their own unique gift to open portals for their clients and the world.

This work is so amazing, I'm offering a new group, and it's going to start on the solar eclipse of April 8th. It will be a small exclusive group, maximum 12... but there's still a few spots open.

But I don't know how often I will do this again.

I'm being called to go more inward and focus on developing meditation series that will open portals for millions.


The time is now!


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What do you feel is available for you?

How would it be to wake up in the morning, and while you take your time enjoying the light of a new day you get downloads on what to post and what your high end clients need this day. You feel aligned, juicy, alive. Your bank account is looking good and there's more abundance every day. You are in this place where magic happens around you, through your presence, and portals open for you and for your clients. Your life is in the flow and you're excited to work with amazing soulmate women every day.


On Track

You open your calendar and your heart skips a happy beat, seeing the soulmate, badass clients you get to work with today. Your business has totally transformed, the offers, the payments, the clients... sometimes you pinch yourself this is your new reality it feels that good... and yes, it's real.

You feel more juicy and the twinkle in your eyes is back. You are bonding with new soulmate sisters, there's a fresh energy to everything you start and everything seems blessed it goes so easy - including the money flow.

You are doing things outside of your comfortonze, and loving the excitement of it, but it's all building on what has almost felt the most intimate part of you... that gift to open portals through your presence.

You stopped thinking you needed other tools... you found the system, the language, the vision how to make your biggest gift work... something so personal you maybe never thought of it as a gift before. Now, it's opening portals for you beyond your wildest dreams.

You always felt like there was so much untapped potential in you but you never connected it to this thing of people having awakenings around you... and now, it's like so clear and exciting! You know with this total shift in perspective, this fire and the right mentor and sisterhood you are capable of finally living and manifesting all that is inside.

You are on purpose... aligned...  and who would have thought that gift of opening portals, that seemed sort of weird, was the key to it all.


You are in love with life and the life you have created for yourself.


You can have it all.
Yes, you.

Creating the exact life you desire


I know that we as coach entrepreneurs can create the exact business and life we desire. What you have created so far, didn't happen by accident. It mirrored the woman you were.

That means that as you grow and own and trust your gifts more, get beyond your BS, you can create the business and life that mirror who you have become. Let that sink in a moment. The clients, the revenue, the profits, the travel, the life... everything will uplevel as you uplevel. Enrolling into 4k and 5k packages, working less hours, freedom to work from anywhere. Magic.

But vizualizing and journaling alone won't get you there. Because your deepest gift isn't fully realized yet. You don't really understand yet how opening portals is a thing you can build a future on, there's hardly any examples of women living their gift as Portal Opener and showing how that can sustain a business and soar your life.

What if now is the time to fully claim your unique power and step beyond all the second guessing... to gift yourself the gift of trusting your deepest gift, no matter how vulnerable and maybe even insignificant it feels. To experience the miracle, how exactly that will turn you into the most light, inspired, creative, intuitive, free and successful version of yourself.

It's available, it's juicy, and if you're honest, you need an upgrade...

It is available, and you're only one choice away from it, but the question is…

Do you find yourself worthy of all this abundance?

Hell yes?!

Then let me introduce to you…

Portal Openers

Portal Openers is a 9 week exclusive program for spiritual high ticket coaches who want to own their deepest gifts and build the coaching business, life and financial wealth around what truly fulfills their soul.


I have broken down the process of how I turned my gift of opening portals into a successful dating program making me 2.5 million in 6 years. Every week, 9 weeks long, there is one tangible milestone, and teachings, meditations, coaching practices and leaderhip practices all support making this shift.


Whatever your niche, sales, business, marketing, social media, branding, relationships... step by step you implement this into your coaching, creating bigger outcomes, bigger breakthroughs, and bigger spiritual awakening for your clients.


That feeling of something being around the corner but just not being able to see it... now, it's here, in plain sight, and all the pieces of the puzzle come together.


This thing of opening portals turns out to be exactly what women need most nowadays. You finally see how this is your biggest gift of all. Building your business around this, you don't need to make false promises or sacrifice alignment. Making money comes into flow and becomes a source of pleasure and light.


You feel you are back on track, doing what you were meant to do, but at a way bigger level than you ever dreamt. Living your purpose and fulfilling your potential never felt so good.


You see what other Portal Openers are doing. The big moves they are making, the confidence and unapologetic boldness, but also the details behind the scenes. You learn and grow together, held in the vision of Portal Openers. When you make a mistake - like we all do - the momentum in the group keeps you going and you know others will learn from your mistakes like you learn from theirs.


You make unexpected choices that you just know will work, because they come from this deep place that you now have full access to again. Building your business becomes pure magic.


They always say that marketing strategies serve the top players in the field most... and you feel the truth of it: as you start creating truly magical breakthroughs, just a few hours of marketing and posting a weeks attracts a steady flow of soulmate clients, willing to pay high ticket prices because they feel your value.


Business starts to feel like something you master, because there's always this one thing that keeps it going: your deepest gift, of being a Portal Opener. And now you stopped second guessing this gift, the abundance just keeps growing.


Your coaching sessions feel light and magical, your clients make huge leaps, and they are excited to share their secret - you -  with their friends.


It's all in the flow you saw before you when you started, and you breathe out a deep sigh of relief and homecoming.


This was how it was always supposed to feel.

Beyond hide, fight and fix


And those feelings of pushing, pressure, hustling, never doing enough? It all becomes a thing of the past. You are in charge, you determine, you feel again it's all in your hands. Giving that sense of calm aliveness, that is so juicy and attractive!

You have seen it in others, and now it's you in this place of turning heads and being noticed.

Portal Openers will show you a very specific system to take what is already within you to new heights. It is not about learning new skills, but neither is it just about trusting. Both ancient wisdom from priestesses and new polyvagal - neurological- science will open your eyes to truths that nobody talks about but that serve you and your gifts in the most powerful way.

It's all about building a business aligned with your most personal, intimate gifts.

Everything you already learned about coaching and entrepreneurship will help you... but what will come to the foreground, what will be the new core, is your gift opening portals for people simply through your presence.

You will feel like a breath of fresh air is running through your life and business... and that will also be what your clients feel: a breath of fresh air in their lives.


Who would have thought entrepreneurship could feel so light and aligned? So free and connected?

All the hide, fight and fix leaves your system. It's like awakening to ease and flow. Survival and hustle all become things of the past. Life feels fresh and exciting, juicy and magical.


Brand Coach, Mindset Coach, Feminine Energy Coach, Marketing Coach, Relationship Coach, High-Ticket Coach, Sales Coach - Portal Openers Is For You.


The world is ready for what you have to give.

A Portal Opener recognizes herself in:

🌹 You know there's a bigger life waiting, and the key is you


🌹 You have invested in high ticket strategies, and you know to make it successful you need to become the one who can pull it off


🌹 You believe in your gifts, yet they are so different from what everyone else is doing you need examples and someone who's gone the road before you


🌹 You're committed to live your full potential and serve the global awakening of women - but you will not sacrifice freedom or quality time with your dear ones


🌹 You're done with figuring everything out on your own and ready to gift yourself support


🌹 You want a tribe of soul sister, at your level (no more bowing down to others)


🌹 You're ready to let go of all the footholds and systems and truly become visible in how you create your magic


🌹 You know alignment is everything


🌹 You want to be held and supported in a loving but badass sisterhood


🌹 You want success to be ease and flow


🌹 You want to enroll into 4- and 5- figure packages


🌹 You want to feel your passion again​


🌹 You want to be proud of your bank account


🌹 You want to be living a grander life, welcoming all the things you sacrificed for too long


🌹 You want to rediscover and reinvent what it means to be a woman


🌹 You want to stand out as a top level coach and be known for the magic you create


🌹 You want enough space so you can deliver the breakthroughs you know you are capable of


🌹 You want to feel that you manifested everything that's within you


🌹 You want to experience what true freedom is


🌹 You want to get what feminine power really is, how it feels and moves


​🌹 You are tired of hustle and trying


🌹 You are ready to receive your crown as Queen


🌹 You want to be among the top 1% in your niche


🌹 You want to lead with your spiritual growth, not bring it in through the backdoor


🌹 You want clients ready to work on higher levels of consiousness


🌹 You know you open portals for your clients and you want to see how far this gift can take you


🌹 You want a mentor who gets you, but also challenges you to think out of the box and has gone the path before you


🌹 You'll never fit into any box and always open portals, simply through who you are - and you know it's your biggest power

You, a Portal Opener?

You're looking for a next level, standing out, worthy of high ticket investments but fully aligned with your unique gifts.

You think big and bold and want a vision that will take you further and open new paths.

You want to claim the financial abundance you know you're worthy of, and you want to invest in becoming the one who holds this new level of abundance, possibility and transformations.

You're just so ready to go where your soul is calling and show we women are capable  of anything - while serving the global awakening of women.

You want to be the coach your clients are proud of and take as an example for taking their lives next level - spiritually, financially, emotionally, lifestyle, everything.

You know that the only way to make it happen is by doing it, and you are enough of a realist to understand that a mentor who has the vision and experience and who has gonme the path before you will accelerate the path - and might just be the only way to get there.

It's not about getting more coaching or marketing techniques, you have enough under your belt and you are now ready to make the inner shift, understand how to work with your unique gifts and create with them the value that makes people eager to pay you €5k, €10k or even €50k.

April 8th, on the solar eclipse, a new, exlcusive group will start. It might be the last time I do this.

Maximum 12 women, 9 intense weeks, but I do still have a few spots open. Right now, I am talking to women who feel the call and know they might need to be in here and take their Portal Opener to mastery.

This is a unique opportunity, where I share the skills that made me stand out in 3 niches and make over 3 million euro - and that are uplevelinga nd transforming the lives of the coaches who work with me.

I might never do this again, and it's truly a “once in a lifetime opportunity” - because I know what we do, will be in high demand for years to come.

So now just take a moment to get on my calendar and fill out a super quick form, and you will get to speak to me personally about your journey with your Portal Opener and what this program will mean for you.

You might be having many questions now, just choose a date  and I will go through them with you.

The world is waiting for you, when will you enter?



This is NOT for everybody

This is ONLY for you if you believe in authenticity, alignment, and integrity.
You believe that service and feminine alignment is the key to success.


And you are driven by your CALLING and IMPACT … yes you want income too but your drive is impact and calling.


If you’re NOT looking to make a big impact and you aren’t motivated to positively impact the world… then the Portal Openers Training is NOT for you, and I wouldn’t want to waste anymore of your time.


But if you’re driven by PURPOSE and you want a more powerful way to guide transformations and empower women while making income too...


…Then the Portal Openers Training is PERFECT for you and I'm deeply excited to serve you and together take your coaching and business to radically higher levels.


If you feel this is right for you then book your call with me now

But it’s important that you know…


This program starts on April 8 and I’m only taking 12 women.


Once those 12 spots get filled – I’m taking this page down.


So if this feels right to you then... TIME IS OF ESSENCE!


The time to take advantage of this is NOW.


The only question is, are you ready for the next level?


If you feel like this is right for you, I'm excited to speak to you and answer all your questions and see whether this fits you now - just book your time slot and we can speak.

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This program starts on April 8 and I’m only taking 12 women.


If you feel like this is right for you, I'm excited to speak to you and answer all your questions and see whether this fits you now - just book your time slot and we can speak.

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If you feel like this is right for you, I'm excited to speak to you and answer all your questions and see whether this fits you now - just book your time slot and we can speak.

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If you feel like this is right for you, I'm excited to speak to you and answer all your questions and see whether this fits you now - just book your time slot and we can speak before all the spots are taken
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