Can ONE TOOL Really Let You Stand Out As A Top 1% Coach - AND Let You Do The Work You Are Called To Do?

Coaching Is A Billion Dollar Industry  And It's Rapidly Shifting...

There's a rare window of opportunity

You can do your biggest work yet with clients totally aligned with your calling

Introducing the magical new coaching experience for spiritual coaches with a calling


🔥 Klara Adalena

✨ Priestess Coach

Amsterdam, Netherlands


If you're a €200k+ coach with a calling ready to offer your best coaching yet for clients totally aligned with your calling WITHOUT dumbing your message down and WITHOUT contant hustle for new clients - this will be the most magical page you'll ever read.


Here's why:


I'm going to GIVE you...


a NEW, ALIGNED way to create legendary transformations that people talk about for the rest of their life.


This may sound crazy...


But you're about to experience  how you can do your biggest work yet with clients ready for what you are called to offer!


I want to give you something called "Portal Openers"... which is a very DIFFERENT approach for you to tap into the power of breath and be a LEADER in the global spiritual awakening.


In just a second, you'll see why there's a unique opportunity right now to truly follow your calling while making a bigger impact.


You'll instantly feel excited by the simplicity of this new approach and how it works to make your coaching even more authentic AND take it to expansively higher levels.





The NEW method I outline on this page requires a bold shift away from OLD thinking that doesn't work anymore...


... things like dumbing down your offer, catering to spiritual newbies, wasting your precious time on marketing, PAS posts and constant hustle.


If you're not willing to accept that, this information will NOT work for you.


And without meaning to sound harsh, the best thing to do would be to leave this page now because I won't be the right one to help you.


But if you're looking for a NEW, ALIGNED and EXCITING way to do your biggest work yet - using an unknown strategy to tap into the power of breath - and attract clients totally aligned with your calling...


Then let me introduce you to...


Portal Openers


I've developed a simple system specifically for spiritual female coaches with a calling to do their biggest work yet for clients totally aligned with their calling using an unknown way to tap into the power of breath - I call this system Portal Openers...


Portal Openers lets you tap into the power of breath to open portals to higher levels of energy and awareness, discovering what your intuition is truly capable of. It is connected, empowering, aligned and authentic.


It's simple, enjoyable and transformations happen with ease and flow.


So you can finally say goodbye to constant hustle and endless marketing... and never ever again have to dumb down your messaging and work for misaligned clients.


That's possible because Portal Openers is DIFFERENT.


It has nothing to do with "high ticket business strategies"


.. Even though when you use it, you will likely enroll more clients into higher paid packages than you ever have before.


Portal Openers is UNIQUE from the common coaching and business methods you're likely familiar with because of how this new way to work with breath allows you to work on higher energy levels, create bigger changes and transformations in a simple and supportive way that's aligned with your authentic self.


This means...



You NEVER have to push a client to do things she doesn't want to do...


Nor hammer them AGAIN they're not getting it because of their wrong mindset...


And you don't need to feel confused, nervous and unsure where your intuition is taking you...


None of those things.


Instead, you'll be able to almost...


effortlessly create epic, legendary breakthroughs, channeling new levels of wisdom and opening your client to her own magic


And, Portal Openers will work regardless of which modality you use...


reiki, yoga, tapping, law of attraction, life coaching, regression, breathwork, tantra, ... it all works together with Portal Opener.


As long as you are a professional, trained coach, it doesn't matter what niche you are in, whether it's offline or online, prerecorded or live...


As you're about to witness, Portal Openers allows you to finally leave behind the world of endless hustle, misaligned clients and dumbing your message down.

Hi, My Name Is Klara Adalena



If you don't know me, I built an online coaching business that made €2.5 million within 6 years.


I impacted hundreds of clients through my high end online programs and thousands through my free trainings.


But before that, I was a breath and body coach and ran one of the world's first priestess training programs.


The real reason for my success, was not my high ticket business strategies, not my dating knowledge (which actually was ZERO when I started)... though business strategies are absolutely important, the real reason was, I used my revolutionary way to work with breath and my priestess skills to reduce resistance and work on higher levels of awareness in a simple, authentic way... creating epic breakthroughs, kickstarting spiritual journeys and creating lifelong bonds.


And though I absolutely love seeing my client's lives transform through these unique coaching skills, I felt something calling me to do more.


It started as a soft whisper in my ear, a restlessness, unease... harder to find the motivation to do my work even though I loved it...


Kind of like when someone keeps pulling at your sleeve trying to make you see what is next to you...


At first I ignored it, I was too happy helping my clients and making good money.


But over time it got louder and more intense...


It was now like this strong energy from within me was trying to find a way to express itself.


So I surrendered... I connected inward... I listened, I enquired...


And slowly, plans started to form, vague ideas at first... and they started to pull at me...


And then the fb algorithms started to send me just the right people to support me on this journey, and I jumped in, got more clarity and started taking action...


So here I am, the "new" me...

And I'm expanding from my cosy niche to give you "Portal Openers"


From my unique position as priestess, breath and body coach and high ticket coach, I see a huge shift happening in the high ticket coaching. Only 6 years ago, when I started, everyone said that the ONLY way to ask €5k to €15k prices was to focus solely on the outcome and nobody cared about your method.


Now, I see there's an exciting new group of clients for whom the spiritual awakening is EQUALLY important as getting their outcome.


They KNOW that working on higher levels of awareness will reduce ego resistance and they want a coach who brings together the best of both world: high ticket, outcome oriented and super aware, spiritually schooled.


They KNOW that breath is an incredible portal, and are eager to try out new things that feel aligned.


This creates a stunning and rare window of opportunity for YOU as spiritual caoch with a calling!!


I feel responsible for showing you proven coaching strategies that allow you to jump into this window NOW, not missing your chance to do your biggest work yet with the most juicy, aligned clients - clients who are seeing the value of your unique work and are ready to invest multi 4- or 5-figures.


This will help EVERYONE forward- you, your clients, their circles, and ultimately the world. When life creates a window of opportunity as rare as this, and you are almost poised to add your breath to the big breath of where the world is going, and I have the skillset to help you go through the portal... I feel this is my obligation and duty.


So here I am, casting away all my reasons no to and sharing my skillsets. So YOu can dive in and guide the work on higher levels of awareness women are asking for now, quantumleaping your intuition, self-awareness, energy and skills to serve at the exciting new frontier of personal development and spiritual growth.


Core of my method is my totally unique way of working with breath, rooted in new polyvagal discoveries. It allows for this high energy, high level of awareness work to be fully embodied, intimate and soulful.


But I know that most female coaches are afraid of higher levels of awareness thinking it's all willpower, mindy, pushy, wordy... taking them away from themselves...


.. even though deep down they KNOW this is the roadmap to epic, legendary breakthroughs and a thriving business with exciting clients.


And that's why I created Portal Openers...


Here's How Portal Openers Works:


Portal Openers makes high energy, high level of awareness work embodied, intimate and soulful.


The process for how Portal Openers works is actually really simple.


It's just 3 Steps...




The first portal in Portal Openers is called: "Earth Portal".


It's the doorway to the place where infinite love and fierce truth live side by side.


This 1st Portal feels like:


🔥 homecoming to mother earth, your body, your truths, your soul, your feminine energy - giving you your rightful place on earth


🔥 rocksolid confidence coming from a deep intimate knowledge of your own body and opening of your intuition - washing away imposter syndrome


🔥 the grace of letting go of victimhood and blaming - opening up to transformation and what is available


🔥 flow and ease, alignment - beyond the contraction and resistances


🔥 a safe and warm space that paradoxically allows for fierce truth-telling, piercing through BS and bringing new movement to the stuckness - without the regression into victimhood and blaming 


🔥 the grace of a deeper, more magical space - spanned by love and truth - where the soul finds her own healing - I call this: "medicine space"


🔥 awakening to your true power and a glimpse of the big work you're truly capable of and meant to do - and seeing it's closer than you think


You learn several new tools, never shared before...  including the 7 Subtle Signs of Ventral, my unique form of breathwork Portal Breathing, The Art of Warmly Witnessing, Creating and Holding Medicine Space, Earth Awareness, and much, much more.


What makes Earth Magic so special is TRUST: clients grow trust in their own body, in you, in the client-coach relationship, in life... which kickstarts a positive spiral where they are more coachable, more creative, more confident, get better results, awaken to their true power, set higher goals, come back for higher priced packages, get even bigger outcomes, see even more of their true power - and everyone benefits: client, you, their circle, the world.


Coaches who miss out on the Earth Portal are unconsciously CREATING friction - even when they have the best intentions - leading them to feel stuck, powerless to change their situation, frustrated as they are not seeing the transformations they know they are capable of igniting - and eventually, this can lead to pushing and blaming your clients. You feel that you are no longer at the frontier of awakening, are less inspired, and become susceptible to waste your hard earned money on new flashy business strategies.


With the 1st portal, you instantly feel an energy shift, you know you are back on track, and often within a week you see the first shifts: existing clients opening up, new, more aligned clients signing up, powerful case studies to share.


The Earth Portal gives you a radically new, feminine aligned coaching that creates a foundation for all spiritual, intuitive work. You are relevant, in the heat of things, stand out and thrive in the growing and shifting coaching industry. You feel aligned and in the flow.


The next step in Portal Openers is...


This is how you take your coaching to a level that feels like stretching the limits of transformation and living your highest potential.


"Reality Bending" feels like your intuition, creativity, warmth and other soul qualities double, quadruple or more.


Not only that, thanks to my unique breath work ALSO the intuition in your client doubles!


This creates an amazing mutual flow state.


Together, you create goosebump moments that

change life trajectories and are told and retold for generations.


Your sessions are sacred vessels, you have a deep understanding of the journey of awakening and shifts beyond what you could have imagined become your new normal.


Many coaches have no clue as to what breath and their intuition are truly capable of, and never go beyond touching the surface of what is possible.


With Reality Bending, you dive in fully, live in awe of your own and your client's potential, and stand out as a leader in the global awakening through the sheer magic of the transformations you make happen.


The third and final step in Portal Openers is...


Genius Client Growth is making your coaching results visible to your soul tribe in a way that feels totally aligned and juicy and irresistibly gets them to sign up.


What makes this so different, you can be totally in your zone of genius as coach also when doing your "marketing" - making it not feel like marketing anymore.


It works for women who do have experience in marketing and are ready to leave the petty rules behind.


You have been doing €200k+ before, are not afraid of running ads and you might keep doing it, but basically you are now ready to have a client flow organically and effortlessly.


Many coaches spend way too much time on marketing, which takes them from their zone of genius and eventually robs them of the juice and stops them from hopping in on exciting new coaching trends.


Genius Client Growth let's you attract clients from your zone of genius, and it works because it is centered around the stories that people actually want to tell about their breakthroughs with you.


Now you've seen how the easiest way to create immense breakthroughs with clients totally aligned with your calling is with "Portal Openers"...


Imagine what could happen if you could use Portal Openers in your own coaching?


Imagine having a simple, aligned and authentic system to creating epic transformations... so you're BOTH a spiritual guide and an outcome oriented coach working with the most exciting, aware clients?


And your own spiritual growth, personal development and entrepreneurial ambition all work together?


Imagine how that could change your impact and life, making you a leader in the current global spiritual awakening?


Because the truth is...


The single most powerful way to create legendary breakthroughs is with "Portal Openers"...


When I was applying Portal Openers for my dating clients, they were instantly successful in finding their man... EVEN THOUGH at the start I knew nothing about dating.


But I'll be real with you...


implementing a strategy this profound can be hard and is not without risks.


For starters, this is not information you just find on the internet.


And even if you would be able to find it, doing it on your own may take years of trial and error and getting stuck in your own blind spots and old assumptions...


serving clients below your potential, missing out on success stories and not being an energetic match to the clients you desire...


missing out on tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of euros in missed opportunities.


The good news is...


We're going to SKY ROCKET YOUR COACHING TO THE STARS... together!


That's right...


You don't have to worry about trying to figure out how to do it on your own...


All you have to do is use the simple method that I'm about to give you


And by "USE"...


I mean I will actually walk at your side and train you and give feedback, starting with Earth Magic.


Does that sound like something you want?


If it is, I can help you.


But there's more to the story.


Getting effortless, amazing transformations and actually pulling this off is - like most things - harder than it looks.


And it asks that you yourself go on a journey of awakening and owning these higher energy levels... this takes time, effort and energy.


In order for me to really help you, I need to work with you personally, each week for about 8 weeks to get you the foundation of Portal Openers and creating epic transformations.


If you're interested in working together...


Here's what I've got for you

Portal Openers - Foundation


The 8 week Foundational Training


✨My unique style of aligned breathwork rooted in new polyvagal discoveries


✨Activate your Medicine Space, which creates space for the soul to find her own healing


✨The art of  Warmly Witnessing, creating a deep, safe space for effortless transformation


✨The 7 Subtle Signs, giving you subtle feedback on the polyvagal state of the client and allowing you to adjust your pace exactly to her rhythm, allowing for sheer magical transformations


✨Expanding your skills to work with intuition, creativity and timing to also work at your new faster, deeper pace of transformation


✨Spiritual growth and personal development as you learn to be with both your dark and your light, your failures and your genius


✨Genius Client Growth introduction to grow your entrepreneurial skills and get a flow of clients aligned with your calling ready for this deep, big work


✨8 Weekly Modules with teaching, my pseronal experiences, behind the scenes and practices


✨Weekly clear, concise & inspiring homework, so you know EXACTLY what your steps are each week to move the needle and integrate this into your existing coaching modality, both with existing and new clients


✨Small group, max 20 women, to ensure high ticket quality and personal attention


✨ A full year of access to all the trainings, recordings and bonuses


✨We start on the New Moon of 15 September 2023


I'm excited to welcome you on board!


Plus, You're Also Getting:

Magic Bonus #1

Live Weekly Implementation Workshops


Each week we’ll meet LIVE via an online video conference call where I’ll host exclusive “Portal Openers Integration Workshops”.


They are recorded, so no worries, you can always have access.


So no matter what your schedule is we have you covered.


This is an intimate small group setting where you’ll get my personal help and feedback implementing each weeks new practices and concepts...


So if you have questions at any point, or want someone looking over your shoulder, this is your chance to get your answers…


Just imagine the value when you can get instant feedback on how to implement the strategies to your unique coaching style?

Magic Bonus #2

Personal Call with me, Klara

This call will be at the end of the program and includes feedback on where you stand, your personal challenges you need to work on and what your learning points are (value €1500).


Personally I love these calls because there is always so much growth to celebrate...


Plus we get crystal clear on where growth is still needed, and how you can best continue your path, and whether the 6 months Portal Openers In-Depth is right for you.


You leave the call with a clear plan, personally crafted for you, so you can keep up the momentum, go beyond your roadblocks and see the growth in your sessions and business continue.

Magic Bonus #3

My Signature Meditations

Taking clients to higher levels of consciousness begins with YOU accessing and owning these levels... and that's where my signature meditations, aka Enquiries, come in.


The instant shifts, openings, insights, homecomings women feel in my meditation is of another world.


There's new meditations every week, and they build up, taking you on a journey into deeper layers of yourself...


But there's more: as they are UNIQUELY created for this program, and match the themes of the weeks perfectly, the meditations will truly allow you to "get" this in on a visceral level and start embodying this new level of coaching.


You become the woman who does this level of coaching, the energy is matched and and clients feel you are authentic and they need to be with you.

Delivered in a gorgeous semi-app that's super accessible and easy to use

The semi-app works best on iOS or Android, but if you prefer laptop or pc that's possible too.


Everything is optimized for your mobile device so that learning on the go is easy and convenient...


And we know, the biggest hurdle is to remember where in the hell that url is to get inside... so no worries, we have you covered, and in under 1 minute you have a unique, recognizable link on your homescreen that's always at your fingertips!

Imagine... finally say goodbye to hustle and endless marketing...

and never ever again have to dumb down your messaging or work for misaligned clients.


Imagine... the stresses and frustration ELIMINATED from your coaching life...


Imagine... having a reliable and proven system to be coaching authentically and aligned, with clients who align with your calling...


Imagine... building a business that truly leaves a mark on this planet and gives you the freedom to live your chosen life with hobbies, friends and/ or family?

What would a system like this be worth to you?

Because I have that system... and I want to give it to you.


So if you're wondering...

What's the investment?

Well one of the last group coaching programs I did like this quickly filled at €15,000


And a group program before that was €10k, with 4 - 8 clients per month enrolling..



But I thought about it and decided I really want to keep the investment low.


And there's a very specific reason why...

Normally these coaching programs are sold through a “high ticket” phone call…


…where you apply and then you talk to me or someone on my team…


And as I told you my group coaching programs normally sell for between €10k and €15k…


But I have been there, done that and here's what happened ...


I am now in a place in my life where I want to simplify as much as possible...


and reduce workload with simple processes and no team...


Which means there is no one available right now for these "high-ticket"   enrollment calls.


Which means...


You're in luck.. and you're getting a BIG discount today!

Which means you won't pay €15k...


and you won't even pay €10k...


I'm actually offering Portal Openers to you tight now for much less than that..


And it's way more affordable...

In fact, I've created a way for you to save thousands off of your tuition today.


The details are explained on the following page.


And while you do that...


I want to also let you know that your investment in the Portal Openers Foundation is secure and protected by my...


"Feel Aligned, 100% 14 day Money-Back Guarantee"


Take the course for a test drive, do the assignments and trainings, put everything to work, and see how it works out for you specifically.


When you can show you did the work, we'll hold up our side of the deal and for 14 days, will respond to cancel requests with simply returning the money, 100%.


Sound fair...?


So you literally have nothing to lose but everything to gain.


So here's what to do next...

Simply click the "Learn More" button below...


when you do... you'll come to my secure order form...


... and you're going to fill out this form...




After that, you'll get an email to confirm your enrollment with the link to our beautiful dashboard, where there's onboarding videos and all the training materials.


Oh, and there’s ONE more thing I haven’t mentioned…

IN ADDITION to everything else you’re already getting… including the Portal Openers training suite, 1:1 with me, LIVE weekly workshops… and all delivered in a gorgeous mobile semi-app for your convenience...


You’re ALSO GETTING access to an...

Additional Free Bonus #1

Private group in a non-distractive, safe space to connect and build energy with sisters on the path


This is NOT a Facebook group, this is WAY better… it’s inside our very own semi- app where you will be part of a private online networking and support container…


This is your chance to join other sisters just like you who are taking huge steps on their journey to become leaders in the coaching industry and create unstoppable impact and success.


We're the industry-disrupters, at the frontiers where the consciousness movement, high ticket coaching and online entrepreneurship meet, and not many people around you will understand what you're doing.


It's ESSENTIAL to have a group of trailblazers around you going through the same process, seeing what you are seeing, and together you move WAY faster than eny one of you could alone.


Plus, it's so much fun to celebrate your wins with a group of fans!


I have seen so many lifelong friendships come from my groups and this is truly an invaluable bonus.


But that's not all... you're also getting something else...

Additional Free Bonus #2

"Done With You" Have At Your Fingertips Cheatsheets Super Pack


I know that during a coaching session, there's a LOT going on simultaneously and to make for a smooth, seamless integration process integrating Portal Openers into your sessions, I am sharing my personal cheatsheets that I have next to me during sessions.


I’ve created for you a unique series of printable cheatsheets - and best of all, you can customize them to integrate with YOUR modality by answering a few ultra-easy questions and fill in the blanks…


…and when you’re finished you’ll have all the coaching assets to dive deep in any session, live or online, group or 1:1!


With this “super pack” you’re getting EVERYTHING you need to succeed, I'm also including templates and scripts to start the sessions…


…creating for a super smooth session where both you and the client are in the right space to dive in fully!


… and all you need to do is fill in your information using our prompts and print them... you’ll have yours done in no time flat!


Now you have two choices...

The first option: You can go it alone


And you know there’s a quote from Albert Einstein, I’m sure you’ve heard it before… 


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”
So you have to ask yourself – and you need to be really honest…


If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing… 30 days from now are you really going to be anywhere different from where you are today?


Are you really going to have your coaching growing – on track – to have increasingly more alignment, depth and impact in this world?


Are you really going to be on track with that business that you’ve been dreaming about for years now?


The second option: We can do it TOGETHER


Remember I’ve been where you are - I understand what you’ve went through - I understand the frustration, the fear and even the scepticism you might have...


And what I want you to know is that I care about your success…


-because I know the world needs you in your power -


…and I'm that kind of mentor who connects with you personally and makes sure I do absolutely EVERYTHING I possibly can from my side to make sure you get exactly what you want.


So, if you’re sitting here and you're hesitating – don’t hesitate – I’m here for you and I am going to make it work...


But before you join us, one more thing. And I'll be brutally honest here…

This is NOT for everybody.

This is ONLY for you if you believe in authenticity, alignment, and integrity.
You believe that service is the key to success.


And you are driven by IMPACT … more than you are driven by money.


If you’re NOT looking to make a big impact and you aren’t motivated to positively impact the world… then the Cosmic Marketing Coaching Experience is NOT for you, and I wouldn’t want to waste anymore of your time.


But if you’re driven by PURPOSE and you want a more powerful way to get your important message out into the world…


…Then the Cosmic Marketing Coaching Program is PERFECT for you and we’re deeply excited to serve you and together take your business to radically higher levels.


If you feel this is right for you can learn more by clicking the button below…

But it’s important that you know…


This program starts on September 15 and I’m only taking 20 women.


Once those 20 spots get filled – I’m taking this page down.


So if this feels right to you then... TIME IS OF ESSENCE!


The time to take advantage of this is NOW.


The only question is, are you ready for the next level?


If you feel like this is right for you, click the “LEARN MORE” button below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to connecting with you soon!


aloha, much love, 💗🙏


P.S. If you’re still reading… then I think I KNOW you.


I think you’re ready to start doing your best work with clients fully aligned with your calling in the next 60-90 days…


Am I right?


Look, I’m absolutely confident I have the knowledge and experience to help get you take your spiritual coaching, business and life to the NEXT LEVEL. if you’ve been thinking you need some help, consider this a sign.


Over the next 8 weeks – let me be your guide, let me hold your hand and walk you to the next level of your life where you can shine.


As said, I’ve created a way for you to SAVE (a significant chunk of money) off of your tuition…


Just go here now to get the details while it’s still on the table!
This is YOUR time and YOUR opportunity.
But there's only 20 spots - they will definitely fill up fast and if you delay, your seat will be taken by someone else.
So if you want in, don’t miss out on this…
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