To all high-ticket coaches, entrepreneurs, healers, leaders & change-makers

Women are Rising...

Ready To Take Yourself & Your Coaching Business Next Level - Aligned With Your Soul's Calling?

 The Portal Openers Training

Reinvent, Reignite, and Rediscover Yourself and Your Coaching Business with my Unique Portal Openers Process and Stand Out as a Top 1% Coach - and sell soul aligned 4- and 5-figure packages confidently


Dear successful coach, entrepreneur,
healer, leader & change-maker called to work for women…


you have proven yourself, crossed the multi 6 figure mark... but if you're radically honest, you lost yourself in the process.


You're bored, burnt-out, stuck.


Yet you feel there is so much possibility!


Women are rising all around you like never before, and you feel the call to guide and lead...


The call feels exciting, aligned, tapping into feminine energy and the divine mother,

leveraging your genius...


But you don't see how it fits into your high ticket coaching business...


Creating this split inside of you, and a feeling of stagnation,

Boredom with your current model, restlessness, lack of excitement.


It has come to a point that your high ticket business feels like a liability rather than an opportunity -


And that's where Portal Openers comes in!


I'm here to tell you that you aren't stuck, you have outgrown what you once created...

and there's an exciting new opportunity that never existed before...


To breathe new life into your goals and dreams...


To alchemize your soul's calling and your business and create something profoundly new.


It's possible, it's exciting, and the reason you are called is NOT to give up your impactful business.


You are called to take this unique opportunity,


To create a radical new kind of coaching, perfectly suited to what women are looking for now,


and perfectly aligned with your calling (for she knew all along).


To take your own feminine energy and intuition next level - and also for your clients -


Together creating a TSUNAMI of awakening that can move mountains.


So if you're ready to have coaching be fun again, grow in every session and work from PLEASURE,


To make an impact from the place of your feminine energy and divine self,


and discovering how your current high ticket business can actually HELP you get there,


if you're ready to master a cutting-edge new coaching approach that integrates with ANY high ticket coaching modality (sales, business, marketing, branding, relationships, dating, weight loss, fitness, ..)


if you're ready to step into the next level of you....


than our next opening of Portal Openers on September 30th, 2024 might be just for you

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Portal Openers

Reinvent, Reignite, and Rediscover your Coaching Business in a deep and transformative 9-week program.


My proprietary Embodied Breathwork will give you the missing link to connect the transformations your soul wants to offer to outcomes clients will pay for.


Confidently enroll into 4- and 5-figure packages that are totally aligned with your calling and serve the global awakening of women while making good money.


Portal Openers was created to accelerate your evolution and radically transform your coaching.


This is for you as Brand Coach, Mindset Coach, Feminine Energy Coach, Marketing Coach, Relationship Coach, High-Ticket Coach, Sales Coach... you name it!


Portal Openers is to Leverage Your Genius & Become a Leader in the Global Spiritual Awakening of Women


To take your calling and allow it to create a quantum leap in your business, making it perfectly suited to serve the clients of tomorrow.


To supercharge your sessions with your feminine energy so through your sheer presence you awaken and transform with more power and confidence.


To incorporate an exciting new form of breathwork, allowing you and your client to go beyond the verbal and access sacred states of wholeness and divine inspiration.


So you can share even more of your magic with the world.


It was made to get you become a leader for women in the current global awakening, specialized in what works for women now.


To fast-track your way to the version of yourself as coach, entrepreneur, priestess and woman that you’ve always wanted to be.

You are not stuck, you have just outgrown what you once created and it’s time to breathe new life into your goals and dreams.

The Portal Openers Trainings is for you if...


If you feel you lost yourself in high ticket and now are ready to  find yourself back:


🌟 If you're secretly bored with your current coaching model.


🌟 If you're experiencing a lack of connection to your business - and maybe even resentment


🌟 A feeling of stagnation and "done this been there"


🌟 If you realize your crisis with high ticket coaching was NOT meant to have you give up, but to take you, your coaching and business next level.


🌟 You are called to awaken women to their potential and live an embodied life of pleasure, creativity, abundance, meaning and magic - and to lead by example.


🌟 If you are a coach, entrepreneur, healer, leader, artist or change-maker and want to combine your zone of genius - deep transformation and awakening - with your zone of excellence - high level outcomes.


🌟 If you have systems in place to attract a steady client flow and have skills and strategies to convert interest into buyers.


Note: if you're not into high ticket but do feel called to join Portal Openers, reach out to Klara. In fact our community is quite diverse, but what we all have in common: we passionately show up!

Portal Openers is NOT for you if...


You just want to give up on the business you so passionately built and close it all down:


❌Aren't ready to invest in a high ticket growth, personal and professional development experience.


❌Have difficulty sticking to scheduling and time commitments in service of personal, spiritual and professional growth.


❌Aren't interested in taking responsibility for your mindset to reach your potential and give your clients, buyers and followers your all.


If that is you, then please leave this page and do not join Portal Openers. I want to be brutally honest, and if that is you, I can't help you.


But if you ARE a fit...

Brand Coach, Mindset Coach, Feminine Energy Coach, Marketing Coach, Relationship Coach, High-Ticket Coach, Sales Coach - Portal Openers Is For You.


The world is ready for what you have to give.

What is Portal Openers


Portal Openers is bringing your clients HOME - creating a deep, embodied experience of Divine Essence and feminine wisdom through heightened inner awareness of breath, heart and body - and taking your clients INTO THE WORLD - manifesting unstoppable impact and success.


Portal Openers acknowledges women are looking for a unique coaching modality specifically designed to overcome their blocks as they rise to take their role in the global awakening.


Portal Openers includes a revolutionary form of breathwork that I call Embodied Breathwork, allowing your clients to go beyond the verbal and access divine states of wholeness.


Embodied Breathwork is unlike anything you know - no slow breath, no connected breath, no square breath, no wim hof breathing, no yogic breath.


In fact, Embodied Breathwork is averse from forcing the breath into any form and supports the client to give the breath more freedom.


Polyvagal theory supports what many of us intuit: the more freedom your breath has, the deeper the transformational experiences, expanded consciousness and realizations of the divine beings we truly are.


This insight has allowed me to create this new, revolutionary, super exciting form of breathwork that feels so natural and aligned yet takes you through the portals into expanded awareness and divine states.



Portal Openers is an essential tool if you want to achieve any of the following:

Coaches who join Portal Openers are typically committed to transforming their reality in the areas of...


Women are rising - and what what got you to success as coach yesterday, doesn't work today. That's why you're bored and  feel the calling - they are a gentle nudge saying: "don't sit still, take action".


The good news is: there's new and very yummy possibilities for you to expand into!


The bad news is: is you don't take action now, the nudging becomes a slap in the face, systems start breaking down, funnels break down, it becomes harder to get clients, the clients who come are less motivated, and worst case scenario your health takes a big hit.


Women who join Portal Openers took a decision to take the helm again - here's what participants are typically committed to:


🔥MONEY - keep profits up and staying at multi 6 figures or beyond while feeling the passion again for what you do and being aligned with your calling


🔥SPIRITUALITY - following the call to grow and expand into new level of coaching and awakening, serving women who also feel the call to awaken (and attracting the exciting pioneers at the edge of evolution with top mindset)


🔥WEALTH - creating more abundance and "have it all" mindset for yourself and your clients, allowing women to go into new territories with certainty and authority, both professional and private


🔥HEALTH - more sleep, more wellness, more fitness and more time in nature as your business comes into flow


🔥BUSINESS - bringing your business into a healthy flow that's easy to keep up and guiding your clients to do the same while doing your highest work


🔥POWER - going beyond imposter syndrome and coming out of overwhelm to meet the challenges of our time with power and confidence, trusting our inner guidance and expanding ourselves to become the one who has the power to make it happen


🔥RELATIONSHIPS - guide clients and yourself to become more authentically present, create and expect safety and allow flow and well-being in your intimate and professional relationships


🔥EXPRESSION - guide women and yourself to authentically express our deepest truths and back it up with powerful beliefs and actions to create impact and change


🔥PURPOSE - feel again their business is aligned with your calling and highest values and having the tools to guide your clients to do the same - trusting that each of us is called to play her part and together we move mountains


🔥LEADERSHIP - stand out as a leader in the current global awakening and create the impact you know you are called to create


... and more.


Also, inner shifts women experience can be...


In the Portal Openers Journey you will transform:

🙏Go beyond imposter syndrome and feeling confident, clear and certain


🙏next level feminine energy, feeling brimming with life and femininity

🙏deep sacred experiences if wholeness for you and your clients, being moved by the magic you create


🙏Shift beliefs that keep you playing small not by fighting or suppressing, but by warmly witnessing and allowing the growth of what truly wants to happen


🙏Access deep states of sacred pleasure, allowing the tantric energies to open you to new levels of surrender


🙏Intimate knowledge of your nervous system and polyvagal state, and taking the life-giving ventral state to a new level many don't even know exist


🙏Discovering the "ventral brake", the inner mechanism that prevents fight and flight kicking in when it would be more destructive than helping


🙏Unapologetically own your power


🙏Open your heart to more intimacy and deeper, more meaningful connections


🙏Find your own, joyous and unique creativity


🙏 Befriending your breath and body - not harnessing them - allowing for more magic and alignment


🙏Welcome abundance into your life.


🙏... And much, much more.


This is possible because we tap into  little known aspects of polyvagal theory - and the connection to mother earth and all living beings.


This feels fresh, aligned, magical and like a true revelation of home coming.


Which is exactly what the most exciting clients of today are looking for.


And what they also look for in a coach...


Portal Openers - Beyond The Mirror


Women are awakening to new levels of connection and power. They feel - like you - bored of existing models for success.


What we're not always aware is that they are also bored by existing coaching modalities.


The client of today is looking for the rare coach who doesn't excuse, hide behind tactics, escape, judge, go into story, fix, control or push.


You are being asked to stay where everyone else backs off.


To overcome abysses of separation, millennia of loneliness and generations of trauma.


Ultimately, the clients of today are holding up a mirror: where are you not free yet?


Can you be present with them in the height of their brilliance and the depth of their stumbling?


Dare you stand in the unknown, the sacred in-between space, vulnerable, unpredictable, yet intimate and close?


Portal Openers guides you to stand there, confident that the one word will come, the one word that you know with certainty can change the course of a life and maybe, the world...


Ultimately, Portal Openers is more than a method, it is taking your own growth next level.


It is radically breaking free from millennia of judging and limiting women, millennia of suppression and humiliation, denial and betrayal, to see yourself and all women as the sacred infinite beings we are.


If you are as excited by this as I am, I know your call to serve is also a call to next level growth - and that is exactly why I have designed Portal Openers.


And when you decide to click the button and join, this is going to be the future you step into.

Portal Openers awakens an awareness of the energy and the home within ourselves, taking your clients beyond limiting beliefs, strengthening intuition and letting them create unstoppable impact.


Portal Openers lets you become a leader in the current global awakening.


Together, we rise and bring a future for ourselves, our dear ones, and the planet.

Portal Openers is a 9 week Training - scroll down for all the features and bonuses, but when you already know this is you, hit the button now and make it happen!

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Before I go into the dets of Portal Openers, let me just say a little bit about myself... I built an online coaching business that made €2.5 million within 6 years.


I impacted hundreds of clients through my high end online programs and thousands through my free trainings.


I loved it - until I got bored and realized I wasn't growing anymore.


I continued with a few ultra high end clients, and took time to travel and reconnect within.


You have to know, before becoming a high ticket coach, I was a breath and body coach and got famous in Netherlands for running the first and most impactful Dutch priestess training program. We did the most magical wild stuff... dancing naked under the full moon, drumming around the fire, sacred womb rituals, we even danced with live giant snakes! And through these archaic rituals, we explored higher levels of awareness and found divine connection.


I realized I was called to bring together the priestess and the high ticket coach, the ambition and spirituality.


And though it scared me in every way possible, I knew there was no resisting...


It took me 2 years of baby steps, 2 years of finding the words to say the unsayable.


2 years of writing program after program to then realize I was still hiding on some level - and start all over.


And slowly, a bigger plan started to form, the real plan...


And I expanded into a bigger me...


So here I am, the "new" me, inviting you to click the button and become part of my world with Portal Openers...

Once you are joined, this is what you'll learn


Portal Openers is next level coaching - and this means throwing out all the BS and going right back to the basics. Nothing to hide behind, neither for you nor for the client. It consists of 3 phases


STEP 1: Find Your Heart


We use my proprietary Embodied Breathwork, rooted in new applications of polyvagal science, to make the ultimate journey from the mind to the heart.


Polyvagal has brought new awareness to the central role of the heart, as was already known to mystics thousands of years ago. It also gives us very practical tools to make the journey from the mind to the heart.


What is unique about Embodied Breathwork and makes it so powerful, is it taps into the wisdom of the breath as it is, instead of forcing the breath into a form - which throws out all the inherent wisdom.


Embodied Breathwork opens portals to expanded states of awareness where you go beyond all the BS, beyond old patterns of the mind and access ancient and universal wisdom, heightened intuition, heightened creativity and heightened sense of connection.


In these heightened states the client finds healing and guidance that is aligned and sustainable - no more frustrating regression!


Skillsets we use in Embodied Breathwork are the art of Warmly Witnessing and the 7 Subtle Signs of Ventral, both rooted in new and still little known polyvagal discoveries.


Embodied Breathwork is so powerful and effective because it taps into the heart-breath connection, which determines the state of our nervous system and the access to your heart and other gifts like intuition and creativity.


Embodied Breathwork is profound, but not difficult. Any trained and professional coach can learn and implement it.


Embodied Breathwork then takes us to...

Step 2: Awaken Your Heart


Through the breathwork we take clients to make the journey from the mind to the heart, and then to awaken the heart further through the 4 Portals:


Earth Portal: expand consciousness beyond fight & flight and into body and mother earth awareness. Clients feel safe and enter the "Medicine Space" where they realign with their inner healing powers and pleasure. They feel like coming home and are relieved their intuition is again speaking loud and clear


Moon Portal: expand consciousness beyond controlling and into soul awareness. Clients start interacting with their new reality, creating flow and opening "Temple Space" - an intimate, sacred experience where you know your role in upholding the sacred web of life


Not every session will involve all portals, this will depend both on the client, you and the question. Just taking your client through the Earth Portal can create immense shifts and breakthroughs.


You learn both the how and when of taking your clients through the Portals.


Note: in the Followup to Portal Openers you also learn about the 2 higher portals:


Sun Portal: expand consciousness beyond "reality" and into divine awareness. Clients  "call down the Goddess" - an epiphany where they leave their own matrix and feel, experience and realize power and possibilities way beyond what they ever thought was possible


Stars Portal: expand consciousness beyond separation and into the Mystery and Unknown. Clients unravel their old identity, feel whole, opening up to their connection and union with all that is and shifting to a profound spiritual take on life and an intention to serve



The third and final step in Portal Openers is...

Step 3: Follow Your Heart


The final step, Follow Your Heart, is where it all comes together and we take the new awakening and awareness into the world.


This is what unmistakingly takes your coaching next level and turns you into a sought-after leader in the global spiritual awakening.


"Follow Your Heartd" frees you from being a small voice in the big coaching pool and having to hustle to stand out...


... while opening the portal to live your full potential here and now.


This phase is wildly different (and more powerful) because...


For You: you feel the portal to your intuition, creativity, heart and wisdom wide open, you feel confident and held by Mother Earth, and you feel energized and grown after every session


For Your Clients: they feel safe and held in your energy, it feels aligned and pleasurable, they feel in ownership of the whole process, and they get uncanny clarity, transformations and shifts that are sustainable over time


For Your Client and You Together: you create goosebump moments that change life trajectories and become the fabric of your soul. The stuff that is creates defining moments in a life.


In "Follow Your Heart", we help clients crystallize the awakening, energy and magic of the Portal journey to reach and surpass their goals, bend reality and manifest the impossible.


In this phase your intuition and strategies blend with Portal Openers skills to ask the right questions and offer supporting strategies to guide your client to HER solution.


There is no standard mold, there is only aligned paths ahead totally aligned and therefor sustainable and a platform for next steps.. and next.. and next.

Now you've seen how the easiest way to create immense breakthroughs and unstoppable success is with "Portal Openers"...


Imagine what would happen if you would actually use Portal Openers in your coaching and business?


Imagine having a simple, aligned and authentic system to creating epic transformations... more feminine, aligned and powerful than ever... so you can stand out as a leader in the global awakening?


Imagine how that could change your impact and life?


Because the truth is...


The single most powerful way to create legendary breakthroughs and unstoppable success for yourself and your clients is with "Portal Openers" - and find your joy back in coaching...


When I was applying Portal Openers ... EVERYTHING CHANGED!


But I'll be real with you...


implementing a skillset and strategy this profound is simply, but not easy - and is not without risks.


Especially, every skillset needs to be supported by matching inner growth.


You need to become the one who holds these new depths. Doing it on your own may take years of trial and error, missing out on tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of euros in missed opportunities...


not to mention the unnecessary risks to your clients.


The good news is...


We're going to SKY ROCKET your COACHING & SUCCESS to the STARS... together!


That's right...


You don't have to worry about trying to figure out how to do it on your own...


All you have to do is use the simple step by step process that I'm about to give you


And by "USE"...


I mean I will actually walk at your side and train you and give feedback as you start working with Portal Breath, Reality Bending and Genius Client Growth.


Does that sound like something you want?

If it is, I can help you.


But there's more to the story.


Getting effortless, amazing transformations and actually pulling this off is - like most things - harder than it looks.


Totally transforming your coaching and business takes time, energy and effort.


In order for me to really help you, I need to work with you personally. We would start with 8 weeks to get you confidently using Portal Openers.


If you're interested in working together...


Here's what I've got for you

The 9 week Portal Openers Training is an accelerator container that's limited to 12 women.


Yes. Just  12 spots.


And my entire focus is on supporting you to go beyond old limitations and create huge transformations, huge impact and huge income while being fully aligned with the feminine and your calling.


If that's YOU, I'd like you to join us.

Here's What's Included in Portal Openers



1. Exclusive 9-week coaching container

We'll work together through my exclusive 9-week coaching container where you'll be given the concepts, understanding, inner growth and insights required to radically transform your coaching and business.


2. Portal Openers Training Suite

And the way we'll do this is by walking start-to-finish through the super clear, concise, inspirational and action-based step by step trainings supported by meditations and practices. This includes Embodied Breathwork, Warmly Witnessing, 7 Signs of Ventral and the Basics of Reality Bending.

3. Portal Openers implementation assignments and worksheets

And you'll also get the Portal Openers implementation assignments and worksheets that make implementation easy and take out the guess work


4. Taking You By The Hand in 8 Consecutive Modules

The journey is laid out for you, so you know exactly what to do when and it's easy to follow along. Count on an intense, life changing and skill building journey of  1 hour per day for the trainings, live call, peer practices and group engagement plus 12 min. per day meditation.


Each module is ordered the same way, creating an easy flow through the weeks: 1 mindset training, 3 content trainings, 3 meditations, 3 coaching practices and 3 leadership implementations.


Trainings are typically 15 minutes, meditations 12 minutes.


You will quickly drop into the rhythm and there's zero confusion.


I know life happens and plan accordingly, that's why Week 9 is a "Catch Up Week" - no new modules and time to luxuriously expand and catch up.


5. Our journey starts September 30th, 2024

Our Portal Openers journey together begins on tSeptember 30th 2024.

Plus, You're Also Getting:

Magic Bonus #1

Live Weekly Implementation Workshops


Each week we’ll meet LIVE via an online video conference call where I’ll host exclusive “Portal Openers Integration Workshops”. (value €4,000)


They are recorded, so no worries, you can always have access.


So no matter what your schedule is we have you covered.


This is an intimate small group setting where you’ll get my personal help and feedback implementing each weeks new practices and concepts...


So if you have questions at any point, or want someone looking over your shoulder, this is your chance to get your answers…


Just imagine the value when you can get instant feedback on how to implement the strategies to your unique coaching style and business?

Magic Bonus #2

Personal Call with me, Klara

This call will be at the end of the 9-week journey and includes feedback on where you stand, your personal challenges you need to work on and what your learning points are (value €1,500).


Personally I love these calls because there is always so much growth to celebrate...


Plus we get crystal clear on where growth is still needed, and how you can best continue your path, and whether the 12 months Cosmos Mastermind is right for you.


You leave the call with a clear plan, personally crafted for you, so you can keep up the momentum, go beyond your roadblocks and see the growth in your sessions and business continue.

Magic Bonus #3

My Signature Energy Activations

Taking clients to higher levels of consciousness begins with YOU accessing and owning these levels... and that's where my signature energy activations, aka Enquiries, come in (value €4,000)


The instant shifts, openings, insights, homecomings women feel in my meditation is of another world.


There's a set of 3 new energy activations every week, and they build up, taking you on a journey into deeper layers of yourself, letting you experience those higher leves of consciousness, getting clear on each of the levels.


But there's more: as they are UNIQUELY created for this program, and match the themes of the weeks perfectly, the meditations will truly allow you to "get" this in on a visceral level and start embodying this new level of consciousness and new level of coaching.


You feel confident because you know in your bones what you are talking about, you feel, clients feel it, and your business grows with so much fun and ease.

Delivered in a gorgeous semi-app that's super accessible and easy to use

The semi-app works best on iOS or Android, but if you prefer laptop or pc that's possible too. (priceless)


Everything is optimized for your mobile device so that learning on the go is easy and convenient...


And we know, the biggest hurdle is to remember where in the hell that url is to get inside... so no worries, we have you covered, and in under 1 minute you have a unique, recognizable link on your homescreen that's always at your fingertips!

Imagine... merging your calling with your high ticket business and finding your joy in coaching back...

and feeling super inspired as you align with your calling and awaken women.


Imagine... the boredom and stagnation ELIMINATED from your coaching life...


Imagine... having a reliable and proven system to be coaching feminine, authentic and aligned, with clients who align with your calling, creating goosebump transformations that allow you to quickly stand out as a leader in the global awakening...


Imagine... building a business that truly leaves a mark on this planet and gives you the freedom to live your chosen life with hobbies, friends and/ or family?

What would a system like this be worth to you?

Because I have that system... and I want to give it to you.


So if you're wondering...

What's the investment?

Well one of the last group coaching programs I did similar to this quickly filled at €15,000


And a group program before that was €10k, with 4 - 8 clients per month enrolling..



But I thought about it and decided I really want to keep the investment low.


And there's a very specific reason why...

Normally these coaching programs are sold through a “high ticket” phone call…


…where you apply and then you talk to me or someone on my team…


And as I told you my group coaching programs normally sell for between €10k and €15k…


But I have been there, done that and here's what happened ...


I am now in a place in my life where I want to simplify as much as possible...


and reduce workload with simple processes and no team...


Which means there is no one available right now for these "high-ticket"  enrollment calls.


Which means...


You're in luck.. and you're getting a BIG savings today!

Which means you won't pay €15k...


and you won't even pay €10k...


I'm actually offering Portal Openers to you right now for much less than that..


And it's way more affordable...

In fact, I've created a way for you to save thousands off of your tuition today.


The details are explained on the following page, click the button and you'll see it all.


And while you do that...


I want to also let you know that your investment in the Portal Openers Training is secure and protected by my...


"Feel Aligned, 14 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee"


Within 14 days of purchase if you feel not aligned, email me and I’ll refund you 100% of your money UNLESS the program already started within those 14 days - in that case, we can’t replace you and there is no refund.


Sounds fair...?


So rest assured, and know there's everything to gain.


So here's what to do next...

Simply click the "Learn More" button below...


when you do... you'll come to my secure order form...


... and you're going to fill out this form...




After that, you'll get an email to confirm your enrollment with the link to our beautiful dashboard, where there's onboarding videos and on our Kickoff all the training materials will appear there.


Oh, and there’s ONE more thing I haven’t mentioned…

IN ADDITION to everything else you’re already getting… including the Portal Openers training suite, 1:1 with me, LIVE weekly workshops… and all delivered in a gorgeous mobile semi-app for your convenience...


You’re ALSO GETTING access to an...


Additional Free Bonus #1

Private group in a non-distractive, safe space to connect and build energy with sisters on the path


This is NOT a Facebook group, this is WAY better… it’s inside our very own semi- app where you will be part of a private online networking and support container…


This is your chance to join other sisters just like you who are taking huge steps on their journey to become leaders in the coaching industry and create unstoppable impact and success.


We're the industry-disrupters, at the frontiers where the consciousness movement, high ticket coaching and online entrepreneurship meet, and not many people around you will understand what you're doing.


It's ESSENTIAL to have a group of trailblazers around you going through the same process, seeing what you are seeing, and together you move WAY faster than eny one of you could alone.


Plus, it's so much fun to celebrate your wins with a group of fans!


I have seen so many lifelong friendships come from my groups and this is truly an invaluable bonus.


But that's not all... you're also getting something else...


Additional Free Bonus #2

Q&A Thread


Get clarity on all your quick questions within typically 24 hours Mo-Thu! Walk assured that you're crystal clear on what you're supposed to do any moment as you can get all your questions answered: in the live weekly implementation workshops you see it portal openers at work real time, and in the Q&A thread you ask questions - whatever it is YOU need to know - and get answer within typically 24 hours Monday-Thursday. Examples of questions you can ask:


  • Module 2, Training 3 isn't quite clear to me, what exactly do you mean by...
  • I'm about to do the practice session in Module 3, practice 2, but I'm not clear on ....
  • I don't understand why the practice 3 in Module 5 is important..?
  • I tried to implement Module 1, practice 2 in my real sessions but it went different from what I expected. Did I miss something?
  • Etc etc


The Q&A Thread truly makes you feel crystal clear on what you're doing, how to do it and why. Making the journey light and giving you confidence as you expand your comfortzone. We understand learning new things can be challenging and that everyone needs something different. That's why there is the Q&A Thread!

Now you have two choices...

The first option: You can go it alone


And you know there’s a quote from Albert Einstein, I’m sure you’ve heard it before… 


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”
So you have to ask yourself – and you need to be really honest…


If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing… 30 days from now are you really going to be anywhere different from where you are today?


Are you really going to have your coaching growing – on track – to have increasingly more alignment, depth and impact in this world?


Are you really going to go beyond the split of feminine or success and be on track with that business that you’ve been dreaming about for years now?


The second option: We can do it  TOGETHER


Remember I’ve been where you are - I understand what you’ve went through - I understand the frustration, the fear and even the scepticism you might have...


And what I want you to know is that I care about your success…


-because I know the world needs you in your power -


…and I'm that kind of mentor who connects with you personally and makes sure I do absolutely EVERYTHING I possibly can from my side to make sure you get exactly what you want.


So, if you’re sitting here and you're hesitating – don’t hesitate – I’m here for you and I am going to make it work...


But before you join us, one more thing. And I'll be brutally honest here…

This is NOT for everybody.

This is ONLY for you if you believe in authenticity, alignment, and integrity.
You believe that service and feminine alignment is the key to success.


And you are driven by your CALLING and IMPACT … yes you want income too but your drive is impact and calling.


If you’re NOT looking to make a big impact and you aren’t motivated to positively impact the world… then the Portal Openers Training is NOT for you, and I wouldn’t want to waste anymore of your time.


But if you’re driven by PURPOSE and you want a more powerful way to guide transformations and empower women while making income too...


…Then the Portal Openers Training is PERFECT for you and I'm deeply excited to serve you and together take your coaching and business to radically higher levels.


If you feel this is right for you then learn more by clicking the button below…

But it’s important that you know…


This program starts on September 30 and I’m only taking 12 women.


Once those 12 spots get filled – I’m taking this page down.


So if this feels right to you then... TIME IS OF ESSENCE!


The time to take advantage of this is NOW.


The only question is, are you ready for the next level?


If you feel like this is right for you, click the “LEARN MORE” button below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to connecting with you soon!


aloha, much love, 💗🙏


P.S. If you’re still reading… then I think I KNOW you.


I think you’re ready to start doing your best work with clients fully aligned with your calling in the next 60-90 days…


Am I right?


Look, I’m absolutely confident I have the knowledge and experience to help you take your spiritual coaching, business and life to the NEXT LEVEL. if you’ve been thinking you need some help, consider this a sign.


Over the next 9 weeks – let me be your guide, let me hold your hand and walk you to the next level of your life where you can shine.


As said, I’ve created a way for you to SAVE (a significant chunk of money) off of your tuition…


Just go here now to get the details while it’s still on the table!
This is YOUR time and YOUR opportunity.
But there's only 12spots - they will definitely fill up fast and if you delay, your seat will be taken by someone else.
So if you want in, don’t miss out on this…

Client's Love

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This is YOUR time and YOUR opportunity.
But there's only 12spots - they will definitely fill up fast and if you delay, your seat will be taken by someone else.
So if you want in, don’t miss out on this…

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This is YOUR time and YOUR opportunity.
But there's only 12spots - they will definitely fill up fast and if you delay, your seat will be taken by someone else.
So if you want in, don’t miss out on this…

Client's Love

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This is YOUR time and YOUR opportunity.
But there's only 12spots - they will definitely fill up fast and if you delay, your seat will be taken by someone else.
So if you want in, don’t miss out on this…
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