To all high-ticket coaches, entrepreneurs, healers, leaders & change-makers

the one (1) big secret that allowed me to rebuild my multi 6 figure COACHING business within 6 months -

fully aligned with my calling 

🔥 The one big secret that allowed me to pivot my Coaching business - and within 6 months be Fully Aligned with my calling AND be back at multi 6 figure level


🔥 How you can apply my big secret to rebuild your business and get highly paid for your spiritual gifts


🔥 Why marketing was NEVER meant for spiritual coaches - and what you DO need to do to attract soulmate clients


🔥 What I THOUGHT made me successful in my High Ticket business - and what ACTUALLY made me successful


🔥 Why "good client results" isn't good enough to scale beyond 6 figures - and what I did to go from good to top 1%


🔥 Why the global spiritual awakening means the end of your business as it is - and how to turn this into the biggest opportunity ever

What If It Is Within Reach To Be Heard & Highly Paid For Your Calling?

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Dr. Klara Adalena, priestess coach and ambitious entrepreneur, author of "Living in Bliss, the Priestess Path" and "Feel the Love, Live the Magic - Relationship Magic for Queens and Kings"

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