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Attention Coaches for Women & Leaders For Rising Women!


From Imposter Syndrome To Feminine Flow

10-Day Intensive 31st May - 9th June

Or Get 1 Year Membership for Rise + Flow + 6 More Bonuses For Only €707

Dear Beautiful Coach & Leader,

I became a coach for women because of that special feeling in a group of women - together in a bigger purpose, warm, connection, soulful. Igniting the rising of women, dropping into the field.

My own soul hungered for it... coming from a semi-perfect family, daughter of a farmer's son and a Jewish orphan both desperately needing to prove they could succeed and find freedom and wealth by brains, blending in and hard work.

But for me, under the surface, it was lonely. Work no play. Do as told without deeper purpose. Unresolved traumas re-enacted within the family. I lived in a confusing world where nothing and no-one were what they seemed, I was alone and the world was one big empty desert.

I left a budding university career. Women's circles were my escape and salvation. I trained with international masters in connection, embodiment, breath, eco-psychologogy and relationships. I went to secret gatherings with witches, priestesses and shamans back in the 90's, long before this became a hype. I trained with shamans in the US, zen masters in Japan and meditation gurus from India and Mexico.

I started my own priestess training program, one of the first in the world and the first in Netherlands. I published a bestseller on my journey and vision. And though I pulled it all off, inside I kept feeling like an imposter.

Frustration started to build until I decided that I was the one who needed to change. I needed to embody more of what it means to be a woman rising - not just in beautiful retreats, but in the real world.

I started working with top business coaches in the US, invested over €150k and learned everything there is to learn about mindset, businessmodels, high end programs, outcome oriented coaching, pricing, and taking strangers from click to 5- figure client in 48 hours or less. I was rising in leadership and abundance, €€ and confidence. But underneath, I still felt like it wasn't MY success. I still felt like an imposter, like it could elude me any moment. And over the years, I got bored with the constant focus on the business side of things.

I found a top feminine identified business coach, and learnt all about organic messaging and leading a multi 6 figure business from intuition and feminine energy. I raised my prices further, understanding the value of working at higher levels of consciousness. So much shifted, I made less hours, had higher profit rates, more fulfillment, ideal clients... but deep down, that nagging feeling of being an imposter staid, and like I was still too much focused on the business side. And it showed in the marketing: there were wayyy too few new leads.

Until one day, I finally stopped asking myself: "what am I doing wrong?". Instead, I asked myself: "what am I doing right that EVEN THOUGH my marketing flops, I am still doing multi 6 figures?!"

This one question created an instant shift.

In a flash, I knew: my secret is Connection, Purpose and Self-Awareness. With everything under my belt I learned about entrepreneurship, what I rely on for my income is NOT that, but my deepest values: Connection. Purpose. Self-Awareness.

My imposter syndrome literally vanished overnight, and I felt in my bones the confidence of embodying on all levels what it means to be a woman rising. I knew this is what I needed to be teaching - and within 1 week, my marketing karma shifted and 2 cold clients enrolled.

In Flow: From Imposter Syndrome To Feminine Flow I share all the lessons I learned about being a leader in the movement of women rising and about running a multi 6 figure coaching business: the raising of energy levels, creating breakthroughs, the business strategies, both the masculine and the feminine, and how I keep finding my way to embody feminine flow on ever higher levels of consciousness - and how THAT became the secret sauce to owning my multi 6 figure business with ease, pride and flow.

So that you see a clear path before you and can start focusing again on what you are really passionate about: igniting your client's rising.


In the enquiry I let my emotions be. My breath deepens. My mind stops frantically looking for solutions. Connection happens.

Flow: 10 Days Of Epic Transformation

✅ The Hidden Reason Behind Imposter Syndrome - That Nobody Talks About

✅ How Imposter Syndrome Plagued Me Even As A Successful Coach For Women - And How I Overcame It

✅ The One Question That Changed Everything

✅ The Role Of Connection For Coaches For Women

✅ How Feminine Flow Added €1,000,000 To My Revenue

✅ How I Ignite My Client's Rising With Feminine Flow - The 3 Essentials

✅ 10 Days, 10 Daily Mindblowing Transformation Steps

✅ 1 Month of Sisterhood & Accountability In My Rise Tribe

Client's Love for Klara's programs

For Who Is Flow

blue-star You're a coach or influencer for women, passionate about the rising of women and you've been exploring how to get better clients at higher price levels - this has led you to focus much time, energy and money on business coaching and though it works, it takes you away from your passion and you're starting to feel bored and burned out

blue-star Or you're a leader passionate for women rising and you've been exploring how to get your employees or followers take bigger actions - and are starting to feel more distracted than fascinated by management coaching and leadership skills but don't know a different way yet

blue-star You’re having too little pleasure and too much worries - and you are strung to the hamster wheel of yet another business training, and another - and concerned how this will end

blue-star You’re putting yourself out there and being successful - but if we’re to be really honest, you know you’re playing below your level and you are not investing in what will truly make you great.

blue-star You know and understand the power of pleasure, presence and connection - and you know in your heart of hearts that that's what you should be focusing on, but nobody is talking about how this can help you become the impactful master coach or leader with ideal, high paying clients or high risk taking followers you want to be.

blue-star You know the market is crowded and you want to stand out - not only because of your business skills, but because of how you embody the rising woman and the depth of your coaching

I've been running my business for 18 months at multi 6 figures, serving ideal clients in €15k+ packages - with zero ad spend, minimal marketing, zero sales calls. My secret: Connection. Purpose. Self-Awareness.

Bonus: my clients started buying higher packages, became epic action takers, and got monumental outcomes. They also became my most loyal ambassadors ever. It's possible. It's real.

Crazy Opportunity: Rise

An online membership designed to help you rise and ignite your client's rising through radical connection, unapologetical purpose and epci self-awareness.

An experience allowing you to create a multi 6 figure business through your innate wiring to connect  - without draining yourself in sales, marketing and strategies.

Get A Year-Long Membership For Only €707 and get Flow for FREE.

Cancel anytime, no refunds

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What Rise Gives You

An abundance of 15 to 30 minute meditative practices, live and interactive events, inspiring community, and challenges - artfully designed to help you open up YOUR delicious pleasure, unique presence and authentic presence.

Rise is the foolproof foundation for coaches for women and other leaders for rising women who are ready to stop playing small.

Rise will help you go from:

blue-star Lacking flow and feeling like you are burning out on marketing and sales, to rising into your magnetic presence and connecting deeply with prospects and clients

blue-star Feeling inauthentic and out of your zone of genius, to being fully present with your prospects and clients and alchemizing transformation through your sheer presence and connection.

blue-star From spending the bulk of your time, money and energy on things you neither love nor are especially good at, to investing deeply in what you really love and care about… and creating unforgettable, life-changing moments for your prospects and clients that leave them wanting more.

blue-star No clear connection between your passion and your business model, to having it all strategically woven together and aligned so you can skyrocket your reach and profits.

blue-star Doing generic meditations that are not fully aligned with the awakening of women, to a practice that leaves you more feminine, clear, whole and aligned with the sacred feminine.

blue-star Feeling like a “small voice lost in a big space”, to bettering lives and creating more impact for yourself and your clients to reach dreams, manifest great relationships and make the world a better place.

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But why should you pay attention to what I have to say?

Meet Klara, the Woman Behind Rise

Dr. Klara Adalena is a relationship expert, priestess and self-actualization mentor for coaches for women, CEOs, executives, and leaders.

Klara left a successful career in theoretical physics to follow her passion and founded one of the world's first priestess training programs. After pioneering the movement of women rising for 7 years, she felt time was urging her on and she was ready for higher energy, asking higher prices, serving bolder clients and altogether moving bigger mountains.

This led to entering the world of online coaching and digital entrepreneurship, high ticket offers, and running a multi 6 figure business.

Initial excitement and growth made way for boredom and led to burn out, and it was during an 18month period of coasting along that she made her big discovery: these high levels of commitment, action taking and outcomes can be reached with more ease and flow - not through improving marketing and sales, but through upleveling pleasure, presence and connection.

Now, Klara is helping coaches for women and other leaders tap into their magnetic presence and authentic connection through polyvagal healing, a daily practice of enquiries, unapologetic self-expression, and bold alignment with the divine feminine.

Klara is the author of Living in Bliss, The Initiation Path in Ancient Goddess Cultures (a bestseller in Netherlands) and her new book, Feel the Love, Live the Magic, Relationship Magic for Queens and Kings. Klara has worked with CEOs, coaches and leaders committed to becoming the best possible versions of themselves and claiming their full potential as leaders in the movement of women rising.

Her work offers a unique mix of ancient and modern healing and neuroscience modalities including Breathwork, EMDR, Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Dance, Polyvagal Theory, Sat Nam Rasayan Healing and Shamanic and Priestess Ritual, which she uses to ignite women to rise into their biggest mission.

Klara is passionate about helping visionary leaders and coaches to let go of the old limitations on the feminine, claim sovereignty, create epic relationships, and together move mountains creating the world we want for ourselves and our daughters.

Connection is the very fabric of life

We are wired for connections, and your power to ignite change and breakthroughs through the sheer power of your presence and connection makes you an inspiration and example for sisters on the path.

So how does Rise work, you ask?

Rise is an e-library of do-it-at-your-own-pace meditative practices, themed enquiry series, live, interactive rituals, inspiring community and energizing challenges to help you rise into your most irrestible, impactful self and ignite your client's rising.

The meditative practices are a style unique to me, I call them: enquiries. These profoundly feminine practices guide you on the 4 pathways of Rise:

🔥 1 Activate - activate expanded flow states, deep intuition, wild pleasure and divine energies

🔥 2 Heal - heal your nervous system, traumas on the feminine, witch wound and more

🔥 3 Connect - befriend your breath, heart, emotions, even trauma reactions as well as mother earth, trees and all living creatures

🔥 4 Embody - own your pleasure, express all of who you are, and create a life in alignment with your desires and truths

These 4 pathways and enquiries are the exact ones I personally use for myself and my own business and are also the ones I share with my clients in high end packages. Which means at current, there are no other ways for you to get your hands on them, unless we are working together at a minimum of €20k.

The enquiries are dripped out week by week, building a sheer limitless bank of enquiries so you’ll always have one fitting your question. No more going round in circles repeating the same old stories in your mind and relationships, ending with the same predictable blah.

Shifting and healing your nervous system takes time, and asks ongoing practice just like your muscles need the gym and your health needs yoga. This membership holds you and grows with you as you impact more women, expand your reach, skyrocket your income, and change the world.

Client's Love for Rise

Join Now... Rise

An online membership designed to help you rise and ignite your client's rising through radical pleasure, unapologetical presence and divine connection.

An experience allowing you to create a multi 6 figure business through your innate wiring to connect  - without draining yourself in sales, marketing and strategies.

Founders Offer: Save over 80%

Now from €397/month for only €77/month

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

"We women are rising. And this is only the beginning. We need leaders and coaches aligned with their highest vision, offering presence and connection."


Client's Love for Rise

Bonus 1
The Foundation Course

10 Principles To Start And Succeed Your Aligned Meditation Practice & Life (valued at €697)

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All our intentions to meditate daily only create change when we do it- and keep doing it! Luckily the enquiries in Rise are juicy and women love doing them - but still, we all have had experiences of losing our commitment.

Here's 10 feminine, surprising and effective tips that work for women coaches and leaders. You'll be excited seeing yourself continue where other times you stopped. This time, you will get the practice, transformations and success you seek - and you  will be surprised how it actually becomes easy with these 10 tips.

Valued at €697, The Foundation Course is FREE for you as you join Rise. Sign up now, and get a solid foundation for the biggest shift in your life.

Bonus 2
The Polyvagal Pioneer

Bold New Applications Of Polyvagal Theory For Highly Successful Women(valued at €997)

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Polyvagal theory has become known for it's insight into trauma informed situations - and I, Klara, have built upon my scientific training and skills from my time in theoretical physics as well as my personal experience of altered states, heightened creativity and expanded intuition as a priestess to search out a radical new application of polyvagal theory for highly successful women.

Discover how polyvagal gives both a framework and specific instructions to enhance intuition, heighten creative, reach expanded flow states, open your mind, find sacred connection and more.

These polyvagal applications that you find nowhere else have been a key to the success of my 4 - and 5 - figure programs, giving my clients new levels of confidence, sovereignty and influence without being controlling, pushy or dominant. Now for the first time available outside my high end programs, this is an absolute gamechanger letting you work WITH your nervous system instead of against it.

Normally, this evocative training goes for €997, but sign up for Rise and receive this asset for FREE.

Bonus 3
Heal The Unhealable With Klara

No Such Thing As Too Wounded (valued at €1,777)

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An unconscious thought holding us back from taking a step forward and investing in a great program like Rise can be: "I don't believe this will work for me anyhow, because I am too wounded".

I tell you, and this comes from working with thousands of successful women, if you can build an independent life for yourself celebrating financial freedom, you can heal from those wounds that are holding you back now.

But maybe not with the healing modalities you know now. There is a different kind of healing, tapping into feminine resources most modalities overlook, that works stunningly well for successful women.

More than a method, it draws upon the power of presence and connection with real sisters. This type of healing is part of Rise, but for whenever you feel a wound coming up asking for extra attention, you have access to this Heal With Klara series.

In 10 sessions of 12 minutes each, deceptively simple, you are taken through the 10 steps of healing with Klara. You also receive an overview of the 10 steps of this unique process.

Clients always thank me abundantly for the chnages and shifts they find here that they couldn't find anywhere else.

Normally, Heal With Klara is €1,777, but sign up for Rise and receive this groundbreaking training for FREE.

Bonus 4
Your True Home

Find A Sense Of Home You Never Had (valued at €1,777)

TinyTake18-03-2023-07-37-51 (2)

Imposter syndrome, feeling alien and unsupported, it is one of the most destructive wounds shared among many successful women. Preventing you from riask taking and breaking through to that next level.

What underpins this, and nobody recognizes, is that we in fact live as aliens in our feminine body.

Essentially, this is not a psychological problem, this is a neurological problem. For of the 3 states of our nervous system that polyvagal theory recognizes, we spend only a few minutes per day in tthe one that is our true home. What is worse, we have even forgotten how to access it and depend on others - through polyvagal resonance - to take us there.

I call this your Hidden State, and in the 10 lessons of 12 minutes each of the Your True Home Series, you get full access and master the pathway to and from your Hidden State.

It works perfectly alongside Rise, as the daily practice in Rise will then help you keep this new pathway open and expand on it.

Valued at €1,777, Your True Home is absolutely FREE for you in Rise for the full time of your membership. Don't forget to click the signup button and make sure you get access!

Bonus 5
The TikTok Treasure Collection

Bite-Sized, Distraction-Free Energy Shifters (priceless)

TinyTake18-03-2023-09-26-27 (2)

My Tiktoks and Reels are bite-sized energy shifters giving me new followers every day - and inside The TikTok Treasure Collection, you get access to a series of my best without the distractions from social media platforms.

Women use these quick, 2-minute meditations before important life moments, like board meetings, TED-talks, thesis defenses, job interviews, and also dates and dinners. They will shift you back into confidence and that hidden state where you access your full potential in the very moment you need it. Invaluable!

Life is defined by how we show up in the 1% of moments that matter. With The TikTok Treasure Collection, you are going to show up next level starting today.

With new meditations added regularly, The TikTok Treasure Collection is a priceless and curated collection you receive for FREE as you join Rise. If you haven't done it yet, it's time to hit that button and make sure you are in.

Bonus 6
Presence & Connection In Marketing & Sales

Ideal Clients At Ideal Price Points (valued at €2,555)

ONLY when you choose the yearly plan

TinyTake18-03-2023-07-31-58 (2)

We've spoken a lot about how presence and connection can get you ideal clients at ideal price points without sales calls, paid ads, content posting. This training is invaluable because it actually connects the dots for you.

I pull back the curtain and show you step by step how I enroll amazing women into €15k and €50k programs

This feels utterly juicy and will change your marketing and sales forever - and let you work with amazing clients who become true brand ambassadors.

This invaluable training includes getting permission to charge what you're worth, creating your aligned funnel, and  program structures that offer optimal value to your clients and you.

This training is priced at €2,555, and will keep brining you more revenue year after year. This never grows outdated. As Rise member, you are getting this as a FREE bonus and will have access for the full duration of your membership. Just make sure you hit that signup button already.

Bonus 7
The Queen Mindset

Have It All - Without The Guilt (valued at €1,500)

ONLY when you choose the yearly plan

klara april (2)

One of the most challenging things for me was upleveling my mindset, as I had a lot of judgments on mindset work. But as with everything in life, what you resist most, you need most.

I share the tools that worked for me to shift my mindset from being a fringe rebel with €80k/year to being a successful mentor serving my unique niche at €600k/year.

Boundary setting turned out to be a big part of this, as well as asking and receiving support without losing my unique angle.

This essential training is priced at €1,500, and will open up a whole new way of thinking. As Rise member, you are getting this as a FREE bonus and will have access for the full duration of your membership.

I Say YES!

YES to Taking the Leap

YES to a Feminine Aligned Life

YES to Unlocking My Full Potential

YES to the 7 Divine Bonuses Valued At €9,303


I join Rise Today and I receive the Limited-Time Offer:

From €397/month for €77/month

For monthly plan, 5 bonuses | Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 14-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

"You are an unstoppable force of nature. Embrace your feminine energy and rise!"


From My Heart To Yours

My Beautiful, Powerful Queen,

At the end of this page, I am sitting here a moment, closing my eyes, and feeling what I want to say to you. You have shown you resonate with my message by reading all the way to here. I know with absolute certainty that when you are willing to put in half an hour daily, this will awaken a life more fulfilling than anything you dream of now.

Those glimpses of a better life that you sometimes come back with after a retreat with sisters... it is possible.

That pulling at your heart to become a coach or leader for women... there's more truth and power in there than you know.

That knowing that there's a whole new level of fulfillment and certainty... trust  it. It brought you here, to this page, to Rise. Now it's up to you to take the next step and sign up.

From the depth of my heart I say to you, give yourself this opportunity and join. For yourself, your clients, your daughters, for all of life.

These times we see that many things we took for granted actually are at risk. There has baan a true onslaught on connection and freedom. I believe this could only happen because we live in an ideology of separation.

Neuroscience reaffirms what women always knew: we are wired for connection. It's time to replace the old ideology, and Rise might be the most powerful step you can take for the healing of all.

Join Rise, invest in deeper presence and connection, and become an agent of change. The world will be a better place for it.

I look forward to welcoming you personally at the other side and traveling with you for a month, a year, or a lifetime.



I Am Joining Rise Now


I receive the Limited-Time Offer, saving over 80%

Instead of €397/month, I join for €77/month

Receiving all 7 Bonuses valued at €9,303 for FREE

For monthly plan, 5 bonuses | Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 14-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

Rise Is Your Ticket To Fully Aligned Success As A Fully Expressed Woman

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