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For coaches and leaders called to work with women


See yourself in the highest light through my unique process of (re)writing your brand story


It's my gift to see you in your highest light - and now with this ebook, you get to see yourself  that way. Go beyond imposter syndrome and open the floodgates to New clients, Now for only €7


42 pages | step by step instructions & Examples | Supportive Guided Visualizations | Download to your pC and phone


Your brand story is your opportunity to speak directly to the soul of your prospects so they FEEL you - and your soul clients know they need to work with you

What Readers Say

"Klara, I want to thank you for the ebook. I wanted to skim through it. Now, 5 hours later, I did the entire workshop and I burst into tears as I read the story I had just crafted crafted with your process - and for the first time fully realized what I had gone through and the inner strength I had demonstrated.


"I feel very differently about my coaching now than before and I feel the same spark I felt 4 years ago when I started. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!"


🔥 Klara Adalena

✨ Priestess Coach

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Hi sister! As a high-ticket dating mentor for 6 years I guided my clients to attract soul mates... I created and perfected a unique process that made my clients mega successful.


Then in a big AHA moment, I realized this process also works to attract your soul clients!

It is soulful, aligned and beautiful as well as powerful and effective.

This is not just a process, this is transformation - you will come to SEE and FEEL your own power, gift and leadership.

(it's so powerful many women cry once they see it)

Core element is your brand story - everybody gets this wrong and this Ebook is here to change that.

In Your Brand Soul to Soul Story, you discover my easy and unique process to create not just any brand story, but the story that brings your tribe to you, makes them FEEL you - and gets them to want to work with you.

Get this Ebook, craft your Brand Soul to Soul Story - and double revenue, stand out out and attract soul clients.

Here's what is in the Ebook:


Your Soul Client Evocation

A radical new way to niching and getting a new level of clarity on who is your soul client

Your Brand Tribe Value Phrases

How to find those of your values your soul client needs to hear and that grab their attention

Your Initiation Moments

How to uncover the BIG AHA moment that builds authority and transforms you into a leader in the global spiritual awakening

Your Brand Soul to Soul Story

How to bring it all together and craft a story that sparks a movement - and makes women want to invest in your high ticket programs

What if the Power to Attract Soul Clients is Just 1 Click Away?



Guided Visualizations

Guided visualizations at every step to keep you in the flow - making the process fun and easy, as well as transformative and powerful

How To Serve At Higher Levels

How to serve the clients that now will start flowing to you on a level beyond their expectation - creating epic success stories and a snowball effect that quantumleaps your growth, impact and revenue


My Own Brand Soul to Soul Story

How I went from training priestesses to high ticket dating mentor - and the big AHA that lead to me now supporting sister coaches for women to become a leader in the global spiritual awakening

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Why you need this book

It's from a spiritual coach for spiritual coaches, it speaks in a language that your soul resonates with - and it finally let's you break through to the next level

Hear What Inspired Sisters Are Saying:

"A Much Needed Perspective!" – "This eBook helped me align my coaching with my feminine values. The visualizations are pure magic!"

"A Transformational Tool!" – "I now feel in my being why I am the one my soul clients need. I love how clear, organized and actionable this is."

"Wow, just wow!" – "I never looked at finding my niche this way... but now I see it, it is obvious, it feels rights, and it makes it so juicy to connect to them. The process is clear and I felt guided through."

The Power to Attract Soul Clients is Just 1 Click Away

Limited-Time Special Offer!


Get My Ebook & Go Next Level, Now From €37 For Only €7:

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