Rise with Klara Membership

Calling all coaches, entrepreneurs,
healers, leaders & change-makers called to work for women…


You know you were born to change the world - and it feels more urgent than ever.


You’re already well on your path,


You’ve been healing, growing, up-leveling and activating.


You create impact and leave a legacy -


You have that feminine energy and intuitive knowing that gives you an edge...


But there's too many moments when you can't access it -


And there’s a nagging feeling that there’s so much more within you.


Just waiting to be accessed.


Get breath, embodiment and activation practices to not be thrown and keep access to intuition and feminine energy open in any situation,


Because you know that the transformations of your clients go as deep as you can hold,


And life can be way more ease and flow, and abundant when you are aligned and in your feminine energy.


So if you're ready to unleash your most powerful, feminine self,


If you’d like to lean into the most cutting-edge personal growth tool - specifically aligned with women awakening,


If you’re ready for radical evolution…


Our next opening for Rise with Klara, the Membership, might be just for you.


Rise with Klara


Experience your own magic in a deep and embodied membership with a weekly growing library of practices and 8 live Rituals & Sprints per year - and supercharge your transformational power as coach, leader, and woman.

Who Is This For


Rise with Klara is being continuously created and expanded to accelerate our evolution as women,and your acceleration especially.

To supercharge your feminine energy so you become a light in the world awakening women to whats possible

Confident and certain in your path, guided by your intuition moment to moment, day to day - evoking your client's magic

Sovereign in your choices, a Queen standing unapologetically with power and confidence - a guide your clients can trust

A Priestess Creatrix, bringing back ancient wisdom held by wise foremothers

So you can stand in your full potential

Closing the gap from where you are now to where you want to be

Rise is for you who is ready to fast-track your way to the version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be.



Rise with Klara is for you if you


Are a coach, entrepreneur,
healer, leader or change-maker called to work for women and know that your toolbox is filled - now it's time for your own next leap of radical evolution


Know that you are here to make a difference and live life by your own design - and empower your clients to do the same

You did the surface work and you are proud of the business and life you have created for yourself - and you're ready to transform lingering, hidden patterns of adapting and fitting in to become truly sovereign

Feeling you don't need a new coach, you need a regular practice

Tired of the shoulds and shouldn'ts in so cqlled spiritual coaching - and hungry for a practice rooted in the feminine, pleasure, being with and intimate connection


called to awaken women to their potential and live an embodied life of pleasure, creativity, abundance, meaning and magic

Note: if you don't fit the above boxes but do feel called to join Rise, reach out to Klara. In fact there's quite a few artists and others in our community! 

Rise is NOT for people who


think that their business revenue and success can only grow when they invest in business models and marketing strategies

Aren't ready to invest in a high-quality growth, personal and professional development experience

Have difficulty scheduling and committing to daily time commitments in service of personal and spiritual growth

Aren't interested in taking responsibility for their mindset to reach their potential and give their clients their all

Believe that there's no need for practices specifically for women and that there's nothing more to be discovered about what it means to be a woman


What is Rise with Klara?


Rise is centered around Klara's Enquiries, meditative experiences that stand out because:

you practice to stop trying to change yourself and grow in the paradox that magic opens up when you develop your capacity to be with

Klara has found new applications of polyvagal theory leading to a radical new way to work with breath and embodiment rooted in unknown applications of polyvagal theory - keep the access open to your intuition and feminine energy in all situations

it fast tracks your path to access your full potential and step into sovereignty

it supercharges your intuition and feminine energy

it taps into the power of nature and connection, greatly enhancing your resources and healing the separation that hallmarks our time

In Rise you have access to a library of enquiries with a new enquiry added every week. Every 6 weeks - at the Equinoxes, Summer and Winter Soltice and in between - we have a LIVE online ritual where we connect, celebrate and align. The ritual is also the kickoff for a Sprint, where we jointly go through a set of enquiries, doing one daily and supporting each other. These Sprints create uncanny growth and breakthroughs.



Women who join Rise are usually committed to transforming their reality in the areas of










In the Rise Journey you will Activate, Heal, Connect and Embody so that you can more powerfully:

Welcome fear at your table without allowing her to run your life

Access deep states of sacred pleasure, allowing the energies to open you to new levels of surrender

Become free to stay in your own energy when clients or others go into fight energy

Sift through your emotions and develop your vision

Find that place in yourself where you can be unapologetically powerful

Open your heart to more intimacy and deeper, more meaningful connections

Find your own, joyous and unique creativity

Welcome abundance into your life.

And much more.


The foundations of the Rise enquiries are underpinned by a range of transformational modalities including breathwork, embodiment practices, relationship therapy, polyvagal theory, the map of the 4 levels of consciousness developed uniquely by Klara and expaned upon in her book on the Priestess Path of ancient Goddess cultures, and more blended together to make magic happen, and create transformational results for the members in the Rise membership.

When you become a Rise member, you’re empowered with tools that support your personal transformation and develop a new level of presence that deepens the effect of the transformation tools you are using for your clients.

Who Is Klara Adalena?



Klara Adalena is a coach, mentor, entrepreneur, bestselling author, surfer and the founder of Priestess Coach - an international movement of soul led coaches, purposeful leaders, and bold mystics who feel called to serve, stand out, and bring extraordinary transformations - creating an ever growing ripple.


Klara has helped high achieving women come out of stuck in dating and their lives - to find their soulmate and life partner and take their life to a new level.


Klara's first book "Living In Bliss, the Path of The Priestess" published in Netherlands became a bestseller changing tens of thousands of lives. Her Priestess Training Program that ran from 2004- 2014 in Netherlands is still the benchmark for all things priestess.


To keep sane in this susper active life that often takes her out of her comfortzone, Klara has her enquiry practice: "i need my intuition and energy to be spot on, and enquiry is the best for that."

Still Have Questions? Check Out My FAQ...

Does this also work for my coaching modality (business coaching, breathwork, yoga, life coaching, ...)?


Yep! WHATEVER coaching modality you are using now, as long as you are a professional who gets her clients real outcomes, this is for you. The beauty of my method is it combines with ANY transformational coaching method. I'll guide you through how to implement it into YOUR coaching style.

I'm already doing 6 figures a year, is this still for me?


Yes! If you have a desire to spend less time tweaking your marketing, offer your clients deeper transformations and bigger outcomes, and want to grow on to belong to the top 1% in your niche, than this is for you.

I am offering online group programs, is this also for me?


Yes! I have used this in online programs, ultra high level 1on1 personal packages, live individual sessions, live group sessions, everything. Whatever works for you to offer your clients transformations and outcomes, this works for you.

When does this start?


This starts NOW! Whenever you are ready, hit the button and right the next day, your journey begins. We encourage you to take 1 Step a day to build momentum, and see exciting big changes within this Moon. But if for you a slower pace works, that is OK too. Listen to yourself, we created the space because you have access for a full year 🙂

Does my location matter?


Not at all! You don't need to show up at any fixed time, so you can totally follow your own day rhythm and join from anywhere, as long as there is internet.

How long do I have access?


For one whole year! Once you purchase you will have access to your own Student Portal to refer back to again and again, for a whole year. In fact, many women love my trainings so much they go through the program serveral times, discovering new value and giving their business a boost every time.

Is there a money-back guarantee?


Absolutely! You get a 14-day money back guarantee. If you complete the daily steps and you're not happy for any reason at all, I'll give you 100% of your money back. Just simply email us at customer service.

What is the investment?


Just a one-time payment of €444 (VAT may apply). That's less than one high ticket client. If you don't think you could get one client extra at 1k - or even raise the price of your best selling product with 1k - thanks to getting the tools that took me to 2.5 million, you may need to look at whether you are in the right business.

Are there any other costs?


VAT is the ONLY extra cost - and whether VAT is added depends on your location. This will be shown clearly on the payment page, after you hit the button. Apart from that: No small letters, no extra costs.

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