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Enter the Womb of Creation. Sweat. Heal & Transform.

A Day full of Nature, Story- Magic, Connection and Soul




Kindle your FIRE


Awaken & Shine

Spirit of STONES


Connect to your Lineage

Into the WOMB


Embrace the Mystery





Inc. 13th Munay Ki Rite of the Womb. Celebrate the sisterhood and connect to the field of the Sacred Feminine through the womb of Mother Earth. Cleanse your connection to the creative potential and wild power of the womb. Your womb is not a place to store fear and pain, it is to create and give birth to life.




Join us for this Rite of Passage  * Enter, Sweat, Transform.

We invite you to celebrate this day in the sweatlodge with us, and connect to your soul and essence.

A Sweatlodge is a deeply healing experience as it allows a connection to our instinctive natural self. A sweatlodge connects us to the elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Joining a Sweatlodge Ceremony with me means tapping into the sacred place where we are all connected. Naked in the darkness of Gaia’s womb you reconnect to life’s archetypical journey of letting go, listening within, finding inner essence, and speaking your truth. You are rebirthed with new trust in life. You feel Mother Earth standing behind you.

Will you follow in the footsteps of our ancestors to sweat and heal? The sweatlodge offers a powerful combination of safety and challenge, making it possible to go beyond patterns and habits and truly surrender to the magic of Fall. You are welcome exacty as you are. May all in you that wants to connect to soul feel welcomed.

Enter with us the world of mystery, where stories come alive and creatures and humans shapeshift into each other, creating magic, love and renewal.

Werkelijk aanvaarden van wat er is verankert je heel direct in je leven. Het ego schiet vaak alle kanten op, en uit dat in oordelen- te veel, te weinig, te dit, te dat. Kom je uit je oordeel, dan kom je bij je echte verlangen, waar vanuit verandering mogelijk is. Deze dag nodigen we je uit met heel je wezen te aanvaarden wie je bent en waar je bent. met alle emoties die daarbij komen. Je hart open om je diepere verlangen te ervaren, delen, en ervoor te staan. Gedragen door het donker en de bedding van de hut, en een kring van warmte en verbinding.

In elke zweethut kiezen we een thema gekoppeld aan het seizoen. Daardoor verankeren we ons in de cyclus van de seizoenen, en maken we deze cyclus weer sterker. We geven haar onze adem en zweet, onze verhalen en hart. De reis door de seizoenen nodigt ons uit om uit de lineaire werkelijkheid te stappen en de wereld van mysterie en zielsverbindingen binnen te gaan waar alles meerdere lagen heeft. We nodigen je van harte uit om met ons mee te zweten en te reizen, en je eigen ziel en veelzijdigheid weer terug te vinden.

Ik ben heel blij dat we op het prachtige terrein van Venwoude mogen werken, in het hart van Nederland. Tussen de oude bomen stap je zo al de zielewereld binnen. Een heel veilig plekje ook, waar je helemaal naar binnen kan gaan gedragen door de mooie energie en bedding. Het vuur is ons hart.

Mijn hutten staan bekend om de magie, diepgang en liefdevolle aandacht voor detail. Reken op nieuwe openingen, verbindingen en transformatie. Precies dat wat mag gebeuren in je leven zal gebeuren.


Zo gedragen door moeder aarde, zoveel schoonheid ervaren, zo open gestaan. Ik heb de natuur en het vuur in mij op genomen  en me gedragen gevoeld door de begeleiding van Klara. Een zweethut om nooit te vergeten! Dankjewel aan alle aanwezigen.


Your Guides

Klara Adalena

Klara: “I will be your guide in the lodge and in the ceremony. I feel gratitude to the fire for bringing out my dance and connecting me to great mystery. It has been a true path that taught me to shine and break through glass ceilings. Fire has nourished my soul back alive and brings me to my YES to life.”

Immia Schellevis

Immia: “Mijn leven is totaal veranderd door mijn werk als vuurvrouw. Door me telkens dieper te verbinden met vuur kom ik nog steeds dieper in verbinding met wie ik werkelijk ben. Ik voel me gedragen door de vuurspirits van alle tijden. Ik zal met Rita de Boer het vuur hoeden.”

Klara will be supported by Bonita de Jaga, apprentice Ceremony leader. Immia will be supported by a varying team of graduates from the FireKeeper training. Count on a warm and supportive team, holding sacred space with a high level of professionalism. You will be lovingly witnessed and supported in all worlds, physical, emotional, mental and of course spiritual.

**       FACTS       **


Our sweatlodges are at the the wonderful Centrum Venwoude, near Lage Vuursche, in the green heart of Netherlands. The fire place and lodge are at the heart of these spiritual grounds and breathe beauty, care and love. Ancient trees stand guard over our circle and form a perfect backdrop for our ritual. Toilets and showers available. Conveniently located in the center of Netherlands, free parking and easily reached by public transport. Click the ‘Join’ button and you will see it on the map and you can plan your route.

Booking, Fee & Time

Arrive between 9.30 and 9.45 hr, start 10.00 hr, end between 18.00 and 19.00 hr, € 95. Early Bird € 85

Klara offers these ceremonies on a complimentary basis, all revenue goes to the firekeepers and ceremonial team with a big contribution to planting new trees through TreesForAll.  Do bring food to share for a potluck after the lodge. Included is firewood, use of toilets and outdoor showers (unless it freezes), and all sweatlodge materials.

Book online and pay through IDeal or credit card.


– bottle of water, plate, cup and spoon

– contribution for potluck

– trail seat and flashlight (zitlap en zaklantaarn)

– two towels, slippers, and comfortable warm clothes. Things could get dirty!

– If you have a drum or rattle, bring

– Optional: crystals, flowers or other symbols for our altar

Tips to Prepare

A lodge with Klara means a deep journey. To prepare yourself to get the most out of it, take some time to meditate and enquire into your life, and how your relation is to earth, nature, source and the sacred feminine.

Everything is welcome in the lodge. We give space to what is, expressing through voice, movement, and breath within the sacred space of the lodge and our circle. Expressing brings transformation, release, and space for new life.

Upcoming Sweatlodges


Mark your calendar for the 2017 sweatlodges:   4 November (with Bonita) and  2 Dec.





What's the idea behind the sweatlodge?

A sweatlodge is about rediscovering your sacred connection to nature. It works two ways: it nourishes you and it nourishes all life. For we are all related.

You learn to trust your heart, intuition, senses and the blessings of your spirit. You find the sacred space within and you find how you can love beyond fear. It’s a time when everything in you that has become frozen and rigid during the stress of the year can melt and unfold.

Count on beautiful new connections being birthed this day.

The sweatlodge as Rite of Passage

This is all about Rites of Passage. The core process is that you draw back out of your life into an ‘in-between’ space. You find a more whole experience that nourishes, re-orients and transforms. With this experience you step back into life, with the exciting knowing that you will never be the same again. A new phase has started!

In the sweatlodge you withdraw from life by crawling into a womb space. The space is contained yet full of life energy. The womb is the mirror of infinite space, and ultimately they are one.

A transformational ritual is time-outside-time.  Holding this in sacredness and beauty is the key to the awesomeness.


Why do people do a sweatlodge with Klara?

There’s many reasons:

  • to feel more rooted
  • you have had some stuff going on the past months and want to cleanse yourself
  • to find again the bigger picture of your life
  • to awaken your emotions
  • to awaken your energy
  • you have some challenges coming up in the next months and want to prepare yourself
  • because you know the equinox or solstice is a special day and you want to celebrate it in a meaningful way
  • to get out of the craziness and find a bit of the real
  • because you’re interested in a longer training with Klara and want to experience her at work first
  • to root yourself in a tribe of wild wise sisters and brothers
  • to contribute to keeping nature healthy
  • to get out of the city and make place for soul
  • ….


What is the 13th Munay Ki Rite of the Womb?

Deep healing as woman happens in the 13th Munay Ki Rite of the Womb, connecting you to the lineage of women in the Andes who healed their wombs. This started in the fall of 2014 and has travelled around the globe since as a true wave of healing and coming home in your body as woman. After you have received the rite you are also a wombkeeper and can share the rite with your sisters. The vision is that all women receive access to this powerful healing and live more free in their sacred power as woman.

What does the day look like?

During the day we will be doing many practical things as well as emotional, mental and spiritual preparation. On a shamanic level, we weave a basket that will hold us during this extraordinary journey into other realms.

When you arrive, the firepile, with the sacred stones inside the pile, and the covering the lodge with woollen blankets have already been started, possibly completed. You are uinvited to open up to the magic of every gesture having meaning and adding to the connection and depth.

The emotional, mental and spiritual preparation is interwoven with the practical. On an emotional level, I will tune into what is needed, and that could vary from teachings on how to move through fear, to connecting on soul level, to becoming still, to reconnecting to soul and spirit.

There will be an opportunity to connect with the stones, who are often seen as symbols of our ancestors who have ‘passed through the fire’ for us to be alive today. The stones and ancestors teach us about the mystery of going through the fire from a place of choice and  dedication. You will ‘go through the fire’ in another way, by journeying through the rounds of the sweatlodge ritual.

On a mental and spiritual level, you will get a sense of how the native americans, who developed this beautiful ritual of the sweatlodge, experienced the world. For what we do gets more meaning when you see the context. Their way of seeing the earth as sacred and all of us as related is inspiorational and enlightening. There will be ancient wisdom stories, history, and examples of how this translates to our world.

The fire is lit ceremonially- no matches!-, and we allow the energy of that moment to move us. Sometimes this gives rise to wild and ecstatic dance, sometimes we become still and meditative. Often a story is told.

Then we enter the lodge ceremonially. The time in the lodge is spead over 3 or 4 rounds, dedicated to the 4 Directions: South, West, North and East. In between are breaks where you can have a sip of water and either stay inside the lodge or sit a moment around the fire.

In case of a Sisterhood Womb Ritual, we tend to hold the ritual actually WITHIN the womblike dark of the lodge, but this will depend on the energy of the lodge. Whatever form it takes, you can be sure it will be an integral part of the whole day where you receive deep healing.

After the last round we complete the ceremony around the fire and then eat together, depending on the weather either around the fire or indoors. Finally we together take the blankets off the hut and altogether bring the space back as we found it. Then there’s one more circle to open the space and help you transit back into the daily world.

How long do we actually sit in the hut?

Like in all transformational ceremonies you will be taken outside space and  time, and your will find time gets a new meaning. On a factual level, the time from entering the first round to leaving the last is something in between 2,5 and 4 hours.

How hot is it inside a sweatlodge?

In terms of temperature, it is hard to give an exact number. Due to the combination of darkness, sitting close together, heat and the ceremonial space you may expect it to be a challenging situation, designed to take you outside of your comfortzone, cleanse your karma and open you up to new strength and connection.

If I find it too hot, can I get out?

Yes, definitely! We have a codeword: ‘STOP’, and as soon as you say that the ceremonial leader takes care the door is opened and you can leave the lodge. During the same round you cannot enter again, but you are very welcome to join us inside the hut in the next round. For many people the courage to say: ‘this is enough’ within a setting of respect and love is an empowering experience, just as much so as the willingness to go beyond your comfortzone. This ceremony is all about learning to walk that balance.

What do you wear inside a sweatlodge?

Like in a sauna, most people prefer to wrap themselves in a towel and take it off just before they enter the hut. If you would rather keep on some underwear or a bathing suit that’s perfectly fine too.

Is it in Dutch or English?

The language will be Dutch, if needed supported by English. The experience is everyone who comes easily catches on, no matter what your native language, for we communicate mainly through the heart. In case you need translation you can always ask. I find I actually like to repeat in another language, for it helps me to slow down and become more present.

Is this lodge mixed gender?

We have both mixed gender lodges and SISTERHOOD lodges. The general lodge is open to women and men alike, and you can count on finding a safe space and being inspired by being witness to the deep journeying of the other gender. For all of us the experience of going back into the womb to be reborn again, and of honoring the Sacred Feminine, is powerful and healing. The SISTERHOOD lodges are women only.

How to get there

The January lodge is in Noordwijkerhout, you receive the address upon booking. Most of our lodges are at  Centrum Venwoude and easily reached by car, free parking facilities on the ground. By public transport: train to Hilversum and then Bus 59, it stops right before the grounds. For details click HERE>>

Let’s carpool to help reduce our footprint! Please let us know on the event page if you’re offering or needing a ride.

I wear lenses, are they OK in the lodge?

Most people have no trouble with lenses inside the hut, but some do, so it’s best to be prepared.

Can I shower afterwards?

Yes, if you would like to get the dirt off your body, there’s cold showers available.

How do I book?

Thank you for asking. To book, simply click the button below and you’re taken to an online booking screen. You pay directly through iDEAL, paypal or creditcard. That’s it! Upon booking you will receive a confirmation emaill with all details.




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