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Womb Healing and Initiation


Your body is a temple of the Goddess. Mother Earth loves you and cares for you.

“I feel the deep connection, deep in me, pulsing in my whole body, and a deep connection with Mother Earth, deep, which is so caring. and loving, and deep. This connection gives me(new)
energy, pulsing through my whole body and energy field.”

When we approach our body, and especially our womb and yoni, with beauty and devotion, tenderness and love, it is a revelation. We discover a sense of being and a sense of me we never experienced before. Your body is a temple, a house of the Goddess, and when you start approaching her as a temple- well, the Goddess in you awakens. She does.

The womb is beautiful warm dark open space, and she attracts not only the good but also the bad. When we think of womb healing, personal or collective, we often think of smaller and bigger injustices done to our bodies. These certainly need to be faced and embraced, yet this doesn’t come close yet to the actual womb healing that may happen. The BIG wound, is that the sacredness of our bodies was denied, and whoever honored her punished, for millennia.. until we almost forgot that our bodies are temples of the Goddess. The powers of our womb cannot be experienced when she is not approached with love, tenderness, devotion and care.  This holds for our lovers, but even more so for ourselves.

This course teaches you how you can approach your body like a temple, especially your womb. For many years I knew my true power was still hidden from me. No matter how many trainings I took, inner work I did, or gurus I visited. This changed when doing this temple work with my body. When you do not find what you seek within yourself, you will never find it outside yourself.

Over 700 women are in this journey, and in different word and flavours they all share the same:

Thank you, tears, recognized, appreciated, beautiful, connection, mother earth, whole, energy, wonderful, complete, wow, cleansing, subtle energies, shivers, calm, myself, centered, magic, buzzing, strong, new me, sensual, awakened, touched,  present, painful, inspiring, humble, power, sister, sharing, more tears, new home, I rise.


The course is actually a bundle consisting of three courses:

1: Awakening Sacred Body Starter:  learn to approach your body as a temple and experience the sacred feminine in you. Receive basic practices, context, mistakes to avoid, busting myths and history of the female body, temple and sacred feminine.

2: Coming Home in your Sacred Body & Temple Ways: deepening the practice. Learning to experience and hold stronger energies, more love, more darkness, more light. Finding a new sense of me, raising your energy, shifting mindsets, becoming mistress of your temple.

3: Womb Healing and Initiation: transforming personal and collective womb pain within the holding of the temple.  Being initiated into the magical powers of the womb. Opening yet another temple within your temple, deepening your sense of the sacredness and power of you. Surrendering to ecstasy, freeing your energy, awakening to the sacred woman you are.


This 3 course bundle is for

~ every woman who has trauma in her womb, personal or collective, and wants to heal herself to heal the collective.

~  every woman who feels her true self is eluding her, no matter how much inner and spiritual work she does.

~  you who wants a daily spiritual practice that you LOVE doing and leaves you feeling cared for, loved and connected.

~  the woman who wants more energy, a more fulfilling and sacred sexual life, and connection with her inner wisdom


This is an online course, so you have a delicious do-at-home-practice. The courses consist of guided meditations, inner journeys, activations, sister rituals, real life tips, teachings, watch and listen tips, an optional secret facebookgroup and more. The course is self-paced and you have life time access. To give you an idea of what to expect, Klara suggests that you plan an hour a day for two weeks, or 20 minutes a day for 6 weeks, or something similar. The meditations can be repeated as often as you wish.


Klara has a deep inner connection to the sacred and after losing it in adolescence, the calling to find it back was so strong she opened portals and created a new path for women around the sacred feminine. Klara teaches Priestess trainings in Avalon and Hawaii, guides Vision Quests in Crete, and offers individual coaching. Klara’s commitment for 2017 is to be as authentic as possible and to speak of the deeper reality she experiences. Klara has a gift to open the sacred space for others,  to awaken life energy and confidence, and to make you see yourself for who you truly are. Klara is delighted that also through this online format women are touched and awakened by her offerings. Her great passion is to awaken you and many sisters to the sacred feminine in you and in the world.


Thanks to Klara hoping to reach many sisters through this format the financial investment is nothing compared to what you receive: only $ 78 for all three courses together.

There is a guarantee: if you’re not happy, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days.

So what’s the risk, offer yourself this opportunity to awaken to a whole new you and a new world and get started now:

For questions, contact Klara: info (at) wildwisewoman (dot) org

Welcome sister, your journey to yourself has just entered a new chapter.



The powers of your womb are infinite, yet they vanish when approached without reverence and love.


NOTE: this course does not run anymore

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