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Hey Goddess,

so when you’re reading this you’re probably in one of the most dark places of your life… considering divorce ALWAYS means there is a lot of sh*t going on… and I know that probably a part of you is just wanting to let it all go and find sanity, peace and freedom again. I wish that for you too, but unfortunately what seems to be the easy road now is usually actually the hardest road of al: divorce. The havoc divorce brings is far worse than what you are experiecing now, I can tell you (and I wish I had never experienced it…)

So before you give up, before you let go, before you run off, make sure you have tried these 3:

#1 Redefine the problem

The problem is not what you think it is.┬áThe problem is you are not connecting anymore. Create an evening where the two of you can be undisturbed. Make eye contact. Don’t say anything. Let it last 3, 5, 10 minutes. Allow connection to happen. Take it from there.

#2 Stop blaming

Stop thinking it’s him. Stop thinking it’s you. Understand that the two of you are a teama nd are struggling with this together. Take it from there.

#3 Commit to finding the place where a solution exists- then find the solution

Know that the pain of divorce is far greater than you imagine now. Whatever it will cost to heal the relationship, most likely it will be less than what a divorce costs. From that place, know that a solution always exist. Commit to finding it and see the magic happening.

Go try it, it’s absolutely worth it. And, just in case you are one of the rare cases where none of these work, note this page and write down this link. Then you will never have to fear being single, for this is help to find a new man and create a relationship that does work:

bless you,

love and light,