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Attention Coaches for Women!


Rise - And Ignite Your Client's Rising

Bring In Ideal Clients At €15k+ Through Radically Upleveling Presence And Connection-

zero sales strategies, zero business models - just rising together

Normally €397/month
For A Limited Time Only €77/month

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Dear Beautiful Coach,

You became a coach for women because you love that sense of magical connection that happens among women. Bigger than life, sisterhood, sacred, breathtaking, expanded flow states, truth, love. Allowing the feminine to rise and bowing to her magnificence, dropping into the field of women rising.

At first you are ecstatic when getting clients... but after the high of success weans, you start feeling you are being paid below your value and you get frustrated your clients aren't taking the big actions nor getting the big outcomes that you know are possible.

I know, because I was there. It set me on an amazing journey with top business coaches, I started a dating program and my prices went up from €3k to €15k and €50k, and my clients took big actions and got big outcomes. It all seemed perfect: more than 80% attracted great partners, became moms in amazing relationships, their leadership skills improved, they had more work satisfaction and their income jumped up. It was an amazing time - but I was focusing more on money and business then on what I really cared about: that magic and connection between women. It took it's toll, and after a few years, I was getting burned out.

There needed to be a different way, but I didn't see it. I stopped my paid ads and decided to play it low a bit. Little did I know how important that period would be!

I started selling highly transformational personal coaching at €15k and €50k packages. I started focusing on polyvagal, presence and connection because that felt like what I needed. I did many enquiries, an open-ended meditative practice raising presence and connection. Somehow, I was still doing €15k months pretty consistently.

Then, one day about 18 months in, it hit me:

#1 There is no such thing as low ticket and high ticket clients, the only thing that matters is the level of presence and connection with which I show up. I know, because these 18 months, clients who start out with me as low ticket clients BECOME high ticket clients almost naturally - no content marketing, no paid ads, no heavy selling. They enroll into my €15k or €50k offers simply because of the level of presence and connection I give them at critical moments.

#2 There is no such thing as ideal and non-ideal clients - the only thing that matters is the level of presence and connection with which I show up.  I know, because non-ideal clients BECOME ideal clients - taking the big actions and getting the big outcomes. What makes them shift, is the level of presence and connection I can offer them in the new format.

So let's all stop continuing the lie that the only way to get ideal clients at higher price points is improving your business skills! You get the same result, with more ease and flow, and without the burnout, through upleveling presence and connection.

My main tool these 18 months has been daily enquiries. It's a profoundly feminine, open-ended meditative practice. Enquiries align: me with the divine, my connections with me. I am so excited I found a way to uplevel my business by focusing more on what I love: connection and presence.

I knew I had to share these enquiries with my sisters, and that's how the Rise membership started. In Rise you find enquiries to rise to epic levels of presence and connection. The process of Rise is what lets me enroll women naturally into my €10k or €50k packages and turn every client into an ideal client.

Rise is about living your potential at the highest level, personally and professionally. It starts here. Welcome.


In the enquiry I let my emotions be. My breath deepens. My mind stops frantically looking for solutions.


Rise: An Epic Experience

Rise is an epic, ongoing experience offering a daily practice that lets you and your clients rise.

Ignite your client's rising, get ideal clients at higher price points, and create world-changing impact.

Client's Love for Rise

If You've Landed On This Page, Chances Are:

blue-star You're a coach for women, passionate about the rising of women and you've been exploring how to get better clients at higher price levels - this has led you to focus much time, energy and money on business coaching and though it works, it takes you away from your passion and you're starting to feel bored and burned out

blue-star You’re worried about whether the money will still come in when you focus on what you crave - and as a result, you are strung to the hamster wheel of yet another business training, and another.

blue-star You’re putting yourself out there and being successful - but if we’re to be really honest, you know you’re playing below your level and you are not investing in what will truly make you great.

blue-star You know and understand the power of presence and connection - and you know in your heart of hearts that that's what you should be focusing on, but nobody is talking about how this can help you become the impactful master coach with ideal, high paying clients you want to be.

What no one says out loud......

The nonsensical "logic" that keeps spinning through your head

❌“I want deeper presence and connection, my clients want it, but i's not something you can ask high-ticket prices for.”

❌“What was I thinking anyways… I'm passionate about sacred sisterhood, rising of the feminine, awakening fo women... but it  isn’t outcome oriented enough to ask a substantial price for.”

❌“But everybody tells me I need a better business model, better sales technique, better funnel, better lead magnet to run a 6-figure coaching business - I'm already a great coach, investing in that more will make no difference.”

❌“I’m not a good businesswoman, maybe I should outsource my marketing to someone else and focus on finding the right agency or the right partner... and that will get me to 6 or 7 figures.”

❌"Everyone nowadays seems to be a coach for women... to stand out I need to shout louder, make bolder promises, invest more in ads, post more reels.”
❌"I already meditate, I don't need another practice.”
❌“I want a quick outcome, I don't want to invest in a daily practice.”

Women Are Rising

Which means clients are looking for that coach who truly embodies the new in her own unique way.

Sales, marketing? Your clients yawn.
Your presence and connection? Your clients feel you and are in.

Is Marketing and Sales Really The Answer?

You can perform all the trendy marketing tactics, reels, and shell out thousands of dollars on ads, but nothing will ever replicate the power of connecting deeply and authentically with your prospect or client in critical moments.

Getting truly present and connecting deeply can transform your influence and increase your profits.

How am I able to make this bold claim? Because I’ve seen it and experienced it first-hand.

I worked with top business coaches, learned the best strategies and scripts for online coaches, and 10*'d my revenue to €600k. It worked - but there was a price. After the first fascinationweaned off, it burned me out and bored me. I let it all go - yet was still enrolling ideal clients at €15k to €50k price points. Not through the power of marketing and sales, but through the power of presence and connection.

I've ran my business for 18 months at multi 6 figures, serving ideal clients in €15k+ packages.

And I’ve experienced the impact the impact of connection and presence, to create flow states, break through glass ceilings, and ignite my clients to rise as awakening women.



An online membership and experience designed to help you irresistibly craft deep connection and unapologetical presence, working with ideal clients, at €15k+ price levels, igniting your client's rising and in turn, rise into the multi-6 figure, fully expressed woman and coach you can be.


Founders Offer: Save over 80% - Now from €397/month for only €77/month

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

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What Rise Gives You

From 12 to 30 minute meditative practices, live, interactive events, inspiring community and challenges designed to help you open up YOUR unique presence and authentic, personal presence,

Rise is the foolproof foundation for coaches for women who are ready to stop playing small and help their sister rise.

It'll help you go from:

blue-star Lacking flow and feeling like you are burning out on marketing and sales, to rising into your magnetic presence and connecting deeply with prospects and clients

blue-star Feeling inauthentic and out of your zone of genius in your marketing, to being fully present with your prospects and clients and alchemizing transformation through your sheer presence and connection.

blue-star From spending the bulk of your time, money and energy on things you neither love nor are especially good at, to investing deeply in what you really love and care about… and creating unforgettable, life-changing moments for your prospects and clients that leave them wanting more.

blue-star No clear connection between your passion and your business model, to having it all strategically weaved together and aligning so you can skyrocket your reach and profits.

blue-star Doing generic meditations that are not fully aligned with the awakening of women, to a practice that leaves you more feminine, clear, whole and aligned with the sacred feminine.

blue-star Feeling like a “small voice lost in a big space”, to bettering lives and creating more impact for yourself and your clients to reach dreams, manifest great relationships and make the world a better place.

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But why should I pay attention to what you have to say?

Meet Klara, the Woman Behind Rise

Dr. Klara Adalena is a relationship expert, priestess and self-actualization mentor for coaches for women, CEOs, executives, and leaders.

Klara left a successful career in theoretical physics to follow her passion and found one of the world's first priestess training programs. After pioneering the movement of women rising for 7 years, she felt she wanted to play a bigger game with higher energy, higher priced packages and clients taking bolder actions and getting bigger outcomes.

This led to pioneering now the world of online coaching and digital entrepreneurship, leading to a multi 6 figure business and experimenting with low and high ticket, group and personal coaching.

After 7 years, Klara was again sniffing new opportunities, and after letting go of coasting along for 18 months, suddenly realized she was living the new future. She is now leading the way for coaches for women to rise and ignite their clients rising at a higher level not through improving marketing and sales, but through upleveling presence and connection. Klara is helping coaches for womena nd other changemakers tap into their magnetic presence and build authentic connections through unapologetic self-expression, bold love and alignment with the divine feminine.

Klara is the author of Living in Bliss, The Initiation Path in Ancient Goddess Cultures (a bestseller in Netherlands) and Feel the Love, Live the Magic, Relationship Magic for Queens and Kings. Klara has worked with CEOs, doctors, dentists and coaches committed to becoming the best possible versions of themselves and claiming their full potential as leaders in the movement of women rising.

Her work offers a unique mix of ancient and modern healing and neuroscience modalities including Breathwork, EMDR, Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Dance, Polyvagal Theory, Sat Nam Rasayan Healing and Shamanic and Priestess Coaching, which she uses to help her clients create breakthroughs and rise as the woman they can be.

Klara is passionate about helping visionary leaders let go of the old limitations on the feminine, step into their power and pleasure, and not only coach but become the most exciting version of themselves so that they can have epic relationships, impact more women, become influential leaders, and together move mountains creating the world we want for ourselves and our daughters.

Connection is the very fabric of life

We are wired for connections, and the possibility to ignite change and breakthroughs through the sheer power of our presence and connection is what inspires and turns us into a legacy, friend and beloved.

The Deepest Form Of Connection We Can Share As Humans

Being present with a sister in whatever she is going through is one of the greatest and most profoundly transformative experiences we can gift each other.

But inherently, you already know that, right?

The power of presence

You know deep in your heart that what has drawn you into the movement of women rising is this level of being present with each other at pivotal moments, and that more male centred coaching modalities don't help you develop this further. Now is your moment to look into the mirror and fully own that the limitations in your business, whether it be the clients you attract or the pricing of your packages, is a mirror of the limitations you still have on the level of presence you offer.

You know you need to connect deeper, in the moment, being fully present in this unique moment in time with your sister. You know this isn't about more inner work, this isn't about more strategy, this is about diving into the sacred space between you and me, forever unknown yet always intimate.

But you simply don’t know where to start.

Imagine if you had a go-to daily practice that will give you the EXACT support system to say what you feel, be present in every word, and help you untangle conflicting feelings and stories to find the exact words that open the doorway to the soul and awaken the flame of the divine feminine?

The one word that you know with certainty can change the course of a life and ultimately, the world.

Well, imagine no more.

What You Get In Rise

In Rise you are reminded and supported that being successful, sexy and sovereign is your birthright. This is how Rise supports you to have it all:

🔥 Discover the Hidden State of your Nervous System - an exciting new way to go beyond separation and duality, finding expanded flow states, inner wisdom and pleasure

🔥 Trust your Emotions - how to work with the wisdom of your body instead of against it

🔥 Befriending your Breath - stop forcing your breath to calm down, and how to work with your breath instead

🔥 Awareness of your Nervous System - allowing all your senses of skin, eyes, ears, voice and heart to work together creating miracles like never before

🔥 The Pleasure Portal - how to allow more pleasure and let that be your secret power

🔥 Ancient Priestess Wisdom - tapping into the wisdom hidden in your female lineage

🔥 The True Meaning of Self-Love - with a new sense of what your body is capable of comes new levels of self-love

🔥 The Keys to being a Fully Expressed, Mega Successful Woman - and how this is totally different from anything you have learned so far

Rise acknowledges that growth needs to include rewiring of the nervous system - and this takes time and asks continuity. In Rise your receive the ongoing support you need.


What Makes Rise Different

Rise is unique because:

🔥 I, Klara, made a decision to step out of my corner, and you are invited to do the same. We work with the goosebump energy this creates!

🔥 My voice, energy and unique style of meditations - thousands of women have shared how this opens new portals for them

🔥 You access the hidden state of the nervous system

🔥 You befriend your emotions and you learn to trust them as your guide

🔥 You access new potential within your breath - available in any moment

🔥 You access the priestess wisdom in your feminine lineage.

🔥 You develop a sustained daily or weekly practice, the foundation of spiritual growth and material success.

🔥 We focus on pleasure and connection - for us women, these are not luxuries, but essentials!

Women in Rise love the activations, practices and altogether how Rise makes them feel. They love seeing their connections deepen and success materialize. I feel confident you too will come to love Rise and the woman you become in this cauldron.

How You Know You Need Rise

You know you need Rise when you are doing your inner work, yet you stay locked in:

too small vision of yourself as woman - and always beating against an invisible wall

glass ceiling - always feeling your impact and success are capped long before you hit your full potential

separation and isolation - recurring feelings of loneliness and alienation no matter how much your family, friends and partner love you

exhaustion and pushing - keep finding yourself pushing too hard and tiring yourself out

broken relationships - a stubborn pattern of relationships turning sour leaving you broken and clearing up the mess

low energy - finding you need to push yourself to come out of bed even though you're living healthily

feeling alien - never quite owning your space but always feeling like an adoptee

Queen, it doesn't have to be like that. If you recognize any or all of these symptoms, you need to access the hidden state of your nervous system and the priestess wisdom in your feminine lineage. You need Rise.

Client's Love for Rise

Here Is What You Receive In The Rise Membership

The core of Rise is my unique meditations called Enquiries. The focus is not to find some sort of "calm" or "enlightenment", but to open portals to the wisdom and pleasure within your own body and soul. In the Enquiries you work with breath and emotions. Enquiries take you out of separation and duality into flow and connectedness. They are typically 15 to 25 minutes long.

You go at your pace and choose how much time you invest, typically women do inbetween 30min/day and 30min/week.

What you receive:

🔥 A kickoff set of Enquiries - getting you crystal clear on how this unique kind of meditations works and finding a first glimpse of the hidden state

Weekly, a new enquiry is added to your library. These consist of:

🔥 Level 1 - exploratory enquiries guiding you through the activation and healing to intimately get to know your hidden state and expanded potential

🔥 Level 2 - deeper Enquiries including activations and healing as well as connection and embodiment practices to befriend and work with your hidden state, pleasure and priestess wisdom

🔥 Level 3 - in-depth Enquiries with a high level combination of activation, healing, connection and embodiment guiding you to master the hidden state and have an open channel to pleasure and priestess wisdom - creating a life of magic and flow as fully expressed, successful woman

The focus is not to find some sort of "calm" or "enlightenment", but to open portals to the wisdom and pleasure within your own body and soul.



Who Rise Is For

Rise is designed especially for unstoppable women like you -  who are shaping the future for us all:

🔥 You are a leader, coach, influencer or successful woman - and you feel a strong desire to become fully expressed as woman

🔥 You love my tiktoks and reels - and feel it's only a glimpse of a life you want more of

🔥 You feel like there is a layer of expansion conventional coaching hasn't touched yet - and you are committed to go beyond

🔥 You are a trailblazer, a pioneer, sometimes a rebel - because your calling is big and you can't allow old limitations to hold you back now

🔥 You have invested in inner work and personal growth - it's no longer about finding yourself but about going next level

🔥 You want to welcome the sacred - into your work, relationships and life

🔥 You are feeling goosebumps reading this page  - and you know deep down this is your path

Rise is a movement of women rising, and when you recognize yourself in the above... don't hesitate, join now. It's amazing to be part of this rising!

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Join Rise As A Founder

We women are daring to think bigger than ever before. We see the world around us in crisis and know it's up to us to stop playing small.

That's why I have now created this set of my unique meditation practices and created the container of Rise. The vision I have is that every woman who is contributing in her way to the rising of women, has the Rise Membership to back her up.

Nobody does this alone.

You now have the opportunity to join as Founder, work more directly with me and profit from an 80% reduced rate as you get full support to step up and become the leader you can be.

I'm excited to say, instead of the normal rate, Founders pay less than 20%.

It's an absolute no-brainer when you know the shifts and expansion you will find here, and the good you will create in the world from a new level of leadership.

And even more, you will be opening the path for your sisters, becoming part of the start of this movement of women rising.

I see you Queen, and I look forward to seeing you inside.

Are you an unstoppable woman?

Join Rise Now & Become A Fully Expressed, Successful Woman

Exclusive, Limited-Time Offer

Save over 80% - Founder's rate from €397/month for only €77/month

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

Safe with my "Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee"

I'm confident that you'll love the Rise membership and the tramsformations you will find here! So confident, I'm offering my "Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee." If within the first 30 days you feel Rise isn't the right fit or you're not seeing desired results, simply let us know and you'll get a full refund — no questions asked.

Join Rise today without financial risk. Our Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee provides the peace of mind to take the leap confidently.

"We have evolved far from the old images of the feminine. And this is only the beginning."


Join Rise Now & Become A Fully Expressed, Successful Woman

Exclusive, Limited-Time Offer

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life at a fraction of the cost. Act now, and lock in this incredible rate! 

Save over 80% - Now from €397/month for only €77/month

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

Client's Love for Rise

"As we women are claiming the power of breath and emotions, science is catching up. Thank you polyvagal theory for giving a language for what we know."


As You Join Rise, You Will Receive 8 Divine Bonuses

I am thrilled to welcome you in Rise, knowing the deep transformation and soulful expansion you will find. I will be offering you these 8 amazing bonuses valued at €4,779 as my sign of welcome - and, for every year you stay, 2 more bonuses will be added!

Note: these bonuses might be taken from this page any moment, so don't delay your decision to join.

Bonus 1
The Foundation Course

10 Principles For An Aligned Meditation Practice & Life (valued at €697)

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The Foundation Course: 10 Trainings, 10 Principles

  1. New Applications of Polyvagal
  2. The Hidden State
  3. Meditations & Emotions
  4. Portals & The Sacred
  5. Connection Consciousness
  6. Mother Earth & You
  7. The Temple In Your Body
  8. Responsive Is The New Calm
  9. Epiphanies & Pleasure
  10. Intention & Ownership
  11. The Priestess In Each Of Us

We are breaking the paradigm - for us, it's no longer about enlightenment. We are about finding portals to hidden wisdom and pleasure in our own bodies. This is different. No amount of yoga, mindfulness, or classical meditation helps you now. This asks for a new meditation practice. Rise offers that - and in the Foundation Course you get crystal clear on the 10 principles that make Rise different.

Once you have these 10 principles, they will help you get more out of your daily practice in Rise. But this isn't only about the meditations. These are 10 principles for life. The Foundation Course teaches you the principles to aligned work, success, love and relationships.

It has been a journey of 35 years of studying, apprenticeships, collecting, divine downloads, practicing and teaching to create the foundation for Rise. Profit from my journey and cut down the learning time by 99% as you get the 10 fundamental principles in the Foundation Course.

Most likely in my tiktoks and reels you feel something is very different - now in the Foundation Course I lift the veils and show you how it is done.

Comprising of ten compact 12-minute sessions, The Foundation Course is an invaluable gamechanger. As a Rise member, you'll have unlimited access to the series, allowing to go back everytime you expand into new territory and new questions come up.

Valued at €697, The Foundation Course is FREE for you as you join Rise. Sign up now, and get a solid foundation for the biggest shift in your life.

Bonus 2
Klara's Polyvagal Glossary

A New Language (valued at €97)

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Master concepts like

  1. Polyvagal
  2. Neuroception
  3. Enquiry
  4. Hidden state
  5. Ventral
  6. Feminine power
  7. Undeniable connection
  8. Wordless connection
  9. Pleasure focus
  10. The act of being
  11. Flow states
  12. Magic
  13. Calling
  14. Inevitableness
  15. Polyvagal resonance
  16. Sacred words
  17. Priestess

Upon joining Rise you are tapping into your hidden polyvagal state and ancient priestess wisdom in a way every successful woman needs - and you find nowhere else. But what exactly is polyvagal resonance, flow states and priestess? What about polyvagal makes it a msut have for the modern woman? Klara's glossary quickly gets you the ropes on this exciting topic that nobody learnt at school.

Short, sweet, and super clear Klara's Polyvagal Glossary is a huge eye-opener.

Normally, this evocative thought-piece goes for €97, but sign up for Rise and receive this asset for FREE.

Bonus 3

How Crazy Busy Women Create A Thriving Meditation Practice & Life (valued at €377)

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10 Tested Tips To A Thriving Meditation Practice

  1. The Hour of Power
  2. Permission for Pleasure
  3. Time Warping
  4. Sacred Timing
  5. How To Source Sisterhood
  6. Setting It Up So You Can't Fail
  7. The 3 Hardest Challenges
  8. Know Your Meditation Type
  9. Breaking The Polyvagal Paradox
  10. 3 Ways To Celebrate

We all admire those women who have a consistent meditation practice and flow so easily through deadlines, team meetings, social life and workout. But how do they do it?

How do YOU make the time to do these meditations?

In Thrive we take away the struggle and show you how it becomes easy with these 10 tested and tried tips. Others have gone the path before, and it can be done. Remember, once you reach the expanded flow states you are capable of, this will save tons of time... it's only the initial hurdle we need to deal with and that's what we do in Thrive.

Thrive is a peek into the lives of amazing women who successfully integrated the Rise practices into their daily rhythm, boiled down to 10 tested and tried tips. A true gamechanger.

Normally, Thrive is €377, but sign up for Rise and receive this groundbreaking training for FREE.

Bonus 4
The Heal with Klara Cycle

How I Help Clients Heal the Witch Wound (valued at €777)

TinyTake15-03-2023-06-06-29 (3)

10 Sacred Steps To Heal The Deepest Wounds

  1. The Circle of Love
  2. Arrive & Be Held
  3. Awaken the Heart
  4. Beyond the Ego
  5. Introducing Ventral Magic
  6. Anchoring in Ventral Magic
  7. Being with the Lows
  8. Portal to Alignment
  9. Crossing the Threshold
  10. Your Magical Life

As you join Rise and expand to your full potential, what might unconsciously hold us back is a fear that old patterns and wounds will get activated - and instead of happiness, we will find pain, isolation and loneliness.

It is true deeper layers of wounds get activated, and it is an opportunity really. I have added the bonus "Heal With Klara" to make you feel 100% secure that whatever come up, it will be healed.

I, Klara, am an EMDR therapist, breath therapist and body therapist and have worked with trauma both in groups and individuals. In Heal With Klara we work with the power of safety and connection, which allows for healings on deep collective and personal levels you never reached before.

Whether in your journey through Rise it is the witch wound that plays up, or broken feminine lineage, degradation of the sacred womb or any other wound, with the 10 steps of Heal With Klara in only 10 twelve-minute sessions these old wounds can come to rest freeing up space for you to expand and rise.

Warning: this is deep work for women experienced in self development. Think influencers, leaders, coaches, and successful women with the confidence, calm, and network to support them through whatever comes up. If you're suspecting there's trauma in your background and you are unsure whether you can handle it, please find something that can offer you the holding you need.

Normally, Heal With Klara is €777, but sign up for Rise and receive this groundbreaking training for FREE for the full time you are in Rise. So whenever something new surfaces asking for healing, you have Heal With Klara to support you through and turn the challenge into an opportunity.

Bonus 5
Your True Home

Find A Sense Of Home You Never Had (valued at €777)

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10 Steps To Become A Fully Expressed & Embodied Woman

  1. Breath & Heart
  2. Feel The earth
  3. Be With What Is
  4. Face & Feelings
  5. Soft Eyes
  6. The Subtle Tones
  7. Limitless Pleasure
  8. Your Body Is Your Temple
  9. Epiphany of Pleasure
  10. Magic & Flow

What can hold us back badly, is we don't believe in our own potential. Everybody sees our gifts, our bank account shows our success, and also our home, car and travels - but we feel an imposter and say it's the company, mentor, or luck - basically anything except ourselves.

This might even lead us to doubt whether we are worthy of joining Rise.

I want you to know that you are not the only one, and your self-doubt is NOT a reflection of lack of talents, but of patriarchal toxics still running through our culture.

Patriarchy has undermined, devalued, ridiculed, raped, abused, denied, twisted the feminine until we don't even feel home in our own bodies. That is what is keeping you from feeling whole and confident more than anything else - and that is why I have added Your True Home.

Your True Home is 10 magical sessions of only 12 minutes. In these sessions, you take back ownership of your body, hands, heart, pelvis, skin, breath... this is a truly sacred journey allowing you to feel what it means to come truly home.

And from that place of wholenes and belonging, you can own your potential and rise into it with joy, ease and pleasure.

I want you to succeed in Rise, which is why I have added another incredible bonus.

Valued at €777, Your True Home is absolutely FREE for you as you join Rise for the full time you are in the membership. Sign up now, feel whole and be part of women rising.

Bonus 6
The TikTok Treasure Collection

My TikToks Distraction-Free (priceless)

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A Curated And Ever Expanding Collection - without the distractions

More tiktoks are added weekly, here is some of the most loved ones:

  • A Special Moment
  • Love Is Closer Than You Think
  • Through The Eyes Of Love
  • There Is More
  • A Moment Of Connection
  • Arrive In The Connection
  • A Wonderful Little Practice
  • Connection Magic
  • Curiosity And Presence
  • Expand In Connection

Most likely you know my tiktoks and reels, and have been feeling how wonderful it would be to have the best ones together without the distraction of tiktok or instagram. As you join Rise, your wish is granted!

Use these quick, 2-minute meditations before important life moments, like board meetings, TED-talks, thesis defenses, job interviews, and also dates and dinners. They will shift you back into confidence and that hidden state where you access your full potential in the very moment you need it. Invaluable!

Life is defined by how we show up in the 1% of moments that matter. With The TikTok Treasure Collection, you are going to show up next level starting today.

With new meditations added weekly, The TikTok Treasure Collection is a priceless and curated collection you receive for FREE as you join Rise. If you haven't done it yet, it's time to hit that button and make sure you are in.

Bonus 7
The Sacred Marketing Series

Better Clients In Less Time (valued at €555)

TinyTake18-03-2023-07-31-58 (2)

How Rise Can Shift Your Marketing

Boost your marketing in 3 sessions:

  • Roots
  • Crown
  • Light

As you become the fully expressed woman in Rise, everything will change. More pleasure, feminine energy, impact, ease and flow. If now you're struggling to get leads, this will radically change.

In Sacred Marketing we shortcut this process and in only 3 experiential 12min sessions you discover the place of inevitably attracting soul clients.

If you're curious about what the future of marketing looks like, this is your chance to find out.

And it's probably different from you expect. Find out in Sacred Marketing how we attract soul clients with:

  • feminine energy
  • pleasure
  • depth of feelings
  • hidden state (of the nervous system)
  • shared sisterhood

This series is valued at €555, and will have a longterm effect of revenue creation. As Rise member, you are getting this as a FREE bonus and will have access for the full duration of your membership. Make sure to hit the button and get yourself signed up to not miss out on this.

Bonus 8
🌟 FREE 1on1 With Klara 🌟

We co-create your personalized Breakthrough Meditation Practice (valued at €999)

klara april (2)

Exclusive, Unique Experience

A special, dedicated 1on1 session with me, Klara:

  • 30-Minutes of working at high energy levels with me
  • You receive the recording of your personalized breakthrough meditation
  • A link to choose your preferred time will be sent upon joining Rise

Note my time is precious and this is a limited time offer - it might be gone when you come back tomorrow.

Alert: this final bonus ONLY applies if you choose the yearly option

The dream is often to work with me personally, and in this final bonus you get a taste of the breakthroughs and clarity that happen when working with me in one of  my 1on1 packages. Women happily pay me €1500 for a 45 minute session, and then come back for more.

Imagine how it would be if I would be sitting next to you as you meditate, feeling into your energy, and as your blocks pop up being able to guide you past real time? Imagine the expansion, spaciousness, clarity and access this would give.

Then imagine being able to go back to the session as often as you wish, anchoring yourself in these higher energy levels.

Exactly this is what you will receive in the final bonus, your 1on1 with me, and best thing of all... you will be receiving it for FREE.

Note: this bonus is valued at €999, and only when you sign up for the yearly membership is it included. I am so excited for who I get to do this with! All you need to do is sign up, choose yearly, and all 8 bonuses plus the complete Rise membership are yours and the journey goes next level.


I Say YES!

YES to Taking the Leap

YES to a Feminine Aligned Life

YES to Unlocking My Full Potential

YES to the 8 Divine Bonuses Valued At €4,779


I join Rise Today and I receive the Limited-Time Offer:

From €397/month for €77/month

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

"You are an unstoppable force of nature. Embrace your feminine energy and rise!"


From My Heart To Yours

My Beautiful, Powerful Queen,

in Rise, we journey together on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, magic and transformation, finding the wisdom and pleasure in your own body. Becoming a fully expressed woman.

I know the sense of home-coming, warmth, relief, excitement and awe that is waiting. Limitations you put on your life will make place for possibility. You will have way more energy, meet exciting people on your level. Connection will take on a whole new meaning, and your heart will come alive and be your guide.

I'm seeing the journeys of all the women who travelled with me and I know it has added a dimension to their life that is priceless.

I know when an opportunity like Rise comes, many will not reach out and just stay on the path they know. Even though if they would allow themselves to feel it, their whole heart would say YES.

I want to say from my heart to yours: the possibility here is real. Take it. For yourself, your daughter, your future daughter, your niece. Be their guiding light. Take it for your mother who never had the chance. For your great grandmother who was on this path and beaten down and who has been praying for someone to continue her soul's work.

By investing this time and money in yourself, you're taking a stand for women rising. For leaving the toxicity of patriarchy and choosing sovereign and free.

Maybe you have sometimes felt like the 13th godmother, whose message was so radical she was not welcomed. Maybe you're tired of the fighting. I get that, and please know sister, that's exactly why you need to join Rise.

Because the time has come that the world knows they need you, they need the 13th godmother. They are ready for you. Will you rise to the occasion?

Times have changed and the time is now.

Welcome sister, and I look forward to seeing you inside and witness your transformation within our circles of women rising. Welcome.



I Am Joining Rise Now


I receive the Limited-Time Offer, saving over 80%

Instead of €397/month, I join for €77/month

Receiving all 8 Bonuses valued at €4,779 for FREE

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

"Rise Makes Transformation Not About Pushing, But About Receiving"


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