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Be A Fully Expressed, Successful Woman

Exclusive membership
for influencers, leaders, coaches and successful women who love my tiktoks and reels - and want to stop playing small

Normally €222/month
For A Limited Time Only €44/month

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"Rise is for awakening Queens who know they are capable of miracles and enhanced flow states and feel that no matter how much coaching, meditation and affirmations they do, no matter how successful they are - they aren't getting the juice.

"Almost as if there's something wrong in their wiring.

"Queen, your feeling is right - you have been taught to work against your own wiring - and this is about to change."


Dear Beautiful Soul,

There's an exciting shift happening, where women are claiming success on our own terms. The secret is simple and seductive: shift your focus from marketing, copy-writing and ads to the inner work and rising into new levels of greatness. Rise guides you on this path.

You're an influencer, leader, coach, or successful woman, highly successful by any measure... and yet, there's something off... you're lacking the fulfillment, flow, ease, magic and confidence you expected. I worked with thousands of women like you and I cracked the code on leaving the hustle and hard work without sacrificing the success:

πŸ”₯ become a fully expresed, successful woman
πŸ”₯ create miracles and super-human flow states - cutting down your work time by half
πŸ”₯ a life brimming with pleasure, alignment, love, magic and sacred connections - feeling feminine and juicy as you rise to the top
πŸ”₯ perfect clients, higher prices, higher revenue, inspiring relationships - without the hustle
πŸ”₯ maximum fulfillment and abundance - everything you desire is available to you

Queen, the invitation is to join a movement of women rising - nobody does this alone. In Rise you discover new energy states in your own body, pleasure as key to attraction, what feminine power really is (and what it is not), deep soulful connections, authentic love and above all the priestess within yourself. You got a glimpse of her in my tiktoks and reels, now let's fully rise to our greatness!

When my clients in my 5-figure high end programs get this, they throw off the unneccesary self-doubt, imposter syndrome and stuck relationships ... and step into their sovereign, connected, happy, radiantly successful Queens.

This is now available to you too. I have a vision of 1,000 amazing women in Rise, unstoppable, fully expressed, a force of nature. Are you in?


Client's Love for Rise

Emma's Transformational Journey with Rise

What Rise is I can best explain by sharing about Emma, a warm-hearted coach and amazing woman - everybody praised her but Emma often grappled with self-doubt, feelings of being unworthy and imposter syndrome. Making her give too much, set her prices too low, spend too much, and exhaust herself. Despite her success, she sometimes felt disconnected, lonely, and missing out - and she was committed to change that.

Synchronicity guided Emma to my TikToks, which touched her soul to the point of bringing her to tears. She reconnected to something inside, something ancient and feminine - and she knew she wanted more. Following the link, she discovered this very Rise membership you are looking at now, and she felt seen and hopeful. She decided to overcome her doubts, trust her intuition, take the leap of faith and sign up.

For Emma, like for so many others, it was an immediate home-coming and eye-opener. She learned to stop judging and pushing her body. She learned new ways to work with her breath and body. She felt feminine, juicy, alive, aligned and brimming with confidence. She tapped into ancient priestess wisdom and had insight after insight. She created a new webinar, attracted many signups, spoke from the flow, and tripled her enrollments!

Her partner fell in love with her all over again, and now Emma could receive him in a way she never could before. She felt at home in her body and her life, connected, and she totally enjoyed how easy it all was now. Gone were all self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness!

Emma can't stop sharing how grateful she is for Rise, and she is not the only one. Rise is different - because you are different. If you've done of my Tiktoks or Reels, you know. Dreams become reality here. Are you ready to commit, journey with the new feminine and join the movement of women rising? I'm here to hold space for you.

The New Feminine is neither active fighting, nor passive receptivity. You find her in your breath and polyvagal system. She cues miracles and super-human flow states.


How Rise Supports You To A Life Of Miracles And Super-Human Flow States

Being successful, loved, aligned, sacred, pleasureful and sovereign is your birthright - and in Rise you are fully supported to have it all:

πŸ”₯ Rise welcomes you in a tribe of successful women, influencers, coaches and leaders - pioneers and rebels resonating with my TikToks and Reels and called to leave the hustle and live a life of quantum leaps, miracles and super-human flow states

πŸ”₯ Rad new applications of polyvagal theory - specifically for influencers, leaders, coaches and successful women tired of the hustle and fighting

πŸ”₯ No more telling your breath to calm - shifting the focus from a calm breath to a responsive breath - which is what actually allows your system to calm down

πŸ”₯ Working with the breath - heart interaction - letting you come home in your body using polyvagal insights you get nowhere else

πŸ”₯ Affirmation that your feeling that sometimes you can't access your intuition and clear thinking is actually true - and the opposite too: there's body states where you have enhanced access (and you learn exactly how to make that your new home)

πŸ”₯ Honoring us women for our desire for deep connection - and teaching you how to let your connections become a portal to sacred flow states and beautiful miraclesΒ 

Rise is the container that shifts you from linear progress to quantum leaps, and you are invited.


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Rise Is Different Because you Are Different

Rise is the game-changer you've been waiting for. If you're anything like me, you have always felt uncomfortable with the polarisation of "masculine=active=fighting" and "feminine=passive=receptivity". Maybe you have wondered if you're in the feminine how is that going to help you to be successful and create impact?!

Finding a new feminine that feels right at the cellular level and bridges the feminine to action has been the guiding light through my 35 years of growing, researching, coaching, writing and teaching. After 35 years, 10 years of guiding a Priestess Training Program, 6 years of high-end mentoring, and the dawn of polyvagal science, I feel ready to share this with millions of women in my TikToks and Reels and guide 1,000 women intensively in Rise.

Rise is for awakening Queens who know they are capable of miracles and enhanced flow states and feel that no matter how much coaching, meditation and affirmations they do, no matter how successful they are - they aren't getting there - almost as if there's something wrong in their wiring.

Queen, your feeling is right - you have been taught to work against your own wiring - and this is about to change.

Polyvagal science is the science of your autonomous nervous system, which is like the wiring in your body. Your polyvagal connects breath, heart, skin, eyes, voice, ears and more. Up till about 20 years ago, everyone thought that were two modes of the wiring: parasympathetic or "rest & digest" and sympathetic or "fight & flight". It turns out that science was missing out on a third state. The literature now focuses on the importance of this 3rd state for trauma recovery, and this has led to the description of this state as "safety & connect".

But for high-level women were safety is not the main issue, a whole lot more is possible in this state! This is the new application of polyvagal theory that you find only in Rise and that will blow you away. This allows you to finally align with your wiring. And once you do... quantum leaps, miracles and super-human flow states are your new reality!

I call this 3rd state: "flow & miracles". "Flow & miracles",Β  is where we women come into our own. So science literally wasn't seeing how we successful women operate, leading to much pain, stuckness and feeling misunderstood. This changes in Rise.

I am so excited for you to have come to this page, and to have trusted your intuition that you needed more of where my TikToks and Reels are coming from... Rise will open the sacred, feminine aligned world you have felt calling. Here is a movement of women rising, and there's a big warm welcome for you to join.

Why Rise Succeeds Where Other Programs Fail

πŸ”₯ Clarity on the very real barrier for successful women to living their full potential - and a consistent, gentle yet powerful path to move beyond

πŸ”₯ Freeing you from imposter syndrome, insecurity and self-doubt - rooting you in your body, pleasure, deeper connections and feminine energy.

πŸ”₯ New ways of working with your polyvagal specially designed for successful women - a method that you find nowhere else.

πŸ”₯ Preventing broken relationships and low energy - meaning more time and focus to build your feminine skills and your life.

πŸ”₯ Rise doesn't just show you how to become like other successful women - Rise shows how to rise where no woman went before, embodying your priestess power.

πŸ”₯ The unmatched depth of the spaces I hold - allowing you to heal the witch wound, broken lineage, abuse and other deeply ingrained traumas.

πŸ”₯ You're already used to my TikToks and Reels - so you're choosing a practice you love doing and will do sustainably.

Here Is What To Expect On Your Journey Inside Rise

Upon joining Rise, you embark on a transformative journey through four pathways: Activate, Heal, Connect, and Embody. With each 20-30 minute "Enquiry Experience" meditation, you unlock your feminine potential, intuition, creativity, and divine channel. Progressively, you feel more alive, confident, and supported.

Phase 1

Initially, Enquiries focus on activating your polyvagal ventral state, fostering a deep sense of homecoming and wholeness. Over time, the focus is on maintaining the ventral state during high-stakes situations, deepening connections, and reducing stress. As you practice, connections deepen, you experience less stress and clients, bosses, and employees start trusting you more.

Phase 2

As new Enquiries open, you stabilize your ventral state, and unleash feminine energy and intuition.

Phase 3

In the third phase, you start creating magic at these new levels of energy and awareness. You embody a new level of success, blending leadership with your inner priestess and portal opener, inspiring others.

Working with the polyvagal demands patience, but you will so love the process that it will be easy to enjoy and celebrate where you are. I suggest to dedicate 3-4 practices of 20-30 minutes per week for optimal results.

Journeying in Rise means celebrating deeper connections, improving presence, and increasing energy and awareness. You heal personal and collective wounds and develop unshakable trust in yourself and your sisterhood. Ultimately, you will embody your transformation and have your dream work, relationship and life - without the hustle.

My enquiries have empowered countless women to own their pleasure, transform relationships, double income, and find purpose with less hustle and more ease. In Rise, join the movement of awakened Queens, and we will move mountains together.

Here Is What You Receive In The Rise Membership

πŸ”₯ A kickoff set of my 20 to 30 min. meditations called "Enquiry Experiences" - uniquely designed to create a polyvagal foundation for your journey.

πŸ”₯ Weekly new Enquiries are added to your library - carefully designed to guide you further through the 3 levels of activation and include support for healing, deepening connections and embodiment.

πŸ”₯ We suggest to do a minimum of 3 Enquiry Experiences per week of 20-30 min. each - most women actually do more as they love this so much and it helps them navigate challenges with more ease and flow.

πŸ”₯ You join per month or per year - you will find a movement of women rising and you are welcome to stay as long as you want.

πŸ”₯ Each and every Enquiry is expansion into a feminine, more loving universe - held within my energy and space.


This Is For The Unstoppable Woman

Rise is designed especially for unstoppable women like you - the leaders, coaches, and influencers and successful women who are shaping the future for us all.

πŸ”₯ You are defining a new kind of success - without the hustle, with ease & flow

πŸ”₯ You love my TikToks and Reels - it's like coming home to a bigger more soulful world

πŸ”₯ You feel a calling to unleash your feminine energy - you know it's key to start attracting instead of pushing

πŸ”₯ You are a trailblazer, a rebel - ready to leave the confinements of patriarchy and step into your sovereign Queen

πŸ”₯ You have done a lot of personal growth, coaching and self development - you can hold whatever emerges and are ready for the next level

πŸ”₯ You are called to infuse your leadership with priestess energyΒ  - welcoming the sacred back into your work, relationships and life

Welcome Queen, I am excited to Rise together.

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My Gift To You

I'm sharing a heartfelt gift with you, as I'm experiencing a special moment in my life with Rise.

For years, my meditations transformed lives, but my social media presence didn't show it. I felt disheartened and frustrated, as if my true potential wasn't being recognized. I tried everything. Posting more. Caroussels. Videos. Do everything the gurus said. No response.

Then, I realized I was doing it all wrong. I needed to stop following the rules, and create my own rules. Instead of writing about the amazing outcomes clients were getting, I started to simply share my meditations. And BOOM, the magic happened. Almost overnight, I started receiving an abundance of heartwarming comments and followers.

This breakthrough made me overjoyed, and I want you to experience this transformation too. Rise is about creating your own rules and embracing your feminine energy to elevate your work, love, and life.

So here is my gift:

I'm offering you a limited-time, risk-free opportunity to join Rise at a stunning 80% off!!

Everyone says I'm crazy, but I listen to my heart. Instead of paying €222/month, you can join now for €44/month.

I'm so excited to share this journey with you, and to share the magic me and my clients are experiencing. So here is my big warm welcome, my gift to you. Join now, and no worries - if it's not for you, we'll refund your first month.

This is about YOU. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life at a fraction of the investment. Act now, and we will rise together. I will see you inside!

Join Rise Now, Activate Your Feminine Energy & Uplevel Work, Love & Life

Exclusive, Limited-Time Offer

Save over 80% - Now from €222/month for only €44/month

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

Safe with my "Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee"

I'm confident that you'll love the Rise membership and its transformative experience, so I'm offering my "Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee." If within the first 30 days you feel Rise isn't the right fit or you're not seeing desired results, simply let us know and you'll get a full refund β€” no questions asked.

Join Rise today, embrace your inner priestess, and unlock your feminine superpowers without financial risk. Our guarantee provides the peace of mind you deserve to take the leap confidently.

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Meet Klara, the Woman Behind Rise

You know my meditations, let me take a moment to introduce myself further.

Hi, I'm Klara, a multi-6 figure entrepreneur, mentor and priestess, dedicated to empowering successful women to unlock their inner Queen and uplevel work, love, and life. My journey began in 1991, captivated by witchcraft's wild freedom and appreciation for the feminine. I sought training with luminaries such as Ferdinand Cuvelier, George Downing, Steven Foster, and Guru Dev.

In 2004, after tapping into the earth's energy and ancient Priestess cultures, I created my groundbreaking Priestess Training Program β€” one of the first in the world. I've become a recognized authority on feminine wisdom through this program and my bestselling book, Living in Happiness: The Initiation Journey in Ancient Goddess Cultures.

With over 35 years of experience as a coach, therapist, trainer, mentor, priestess, and author, I've helped countless women thrive in relationships and life.

The last few years I'm thrilled to see the movement of women rising taking a giant leap forward: online entrepreneurs and influencers prove we can be more successful without stress and hustle when tapping into feminine energy. That's why I created Rise.

In addition to Rise, I offer exclusive private meditations, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, and high-level mentoring packages to help you step forward in your sacred powers and take work, love, and life to the next level. Your way.

Join me in Rise as we welcome 1,000 amazing women to claim and create a life of success, ease, flow, and connection the feminine way.

"You are a priestess, a portal opener, a queen – own your power, and the universe will support you"


Client's Love for Rise

"There's a world of magic within you, waiting to be discovered"


Nobody Does This Alone. Join Rise & Deepen Your Transformation Today

Join Rise Now, Activate Your Feminine Energy & Uplevel Work, Love & Life

Exclusive, Limited-Time Offer

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life at a fraction of the cost. Act now, and lock in this incredible rate!Β 

Save over 80% - Now from €222/month for only €44/month

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

Client's Love for Rise

As You Join Rise, You Will Receive 6 Divine Bonuses

I am thrilled to welcome you in Rise, knowing the deep transformation and soulful expansion you will find. I will be offering you these 7 amazing bonuses valued at €4,202 as my sign of welcome - and, for every year you stay, 2 more bonuses will be added!

Note: these bonuses might be taken down any moment, so don't delay your decision to join. Once you have joined, they stay yours for all your time in Rise.

Bonus 1
The Foundation Course

Your Feminine Aligned Meditation Practice & Life (valued at €497)

TinyTake18-03-2023-07-37-51 (2)

The Foundation Course: 10 Trainings, 10 Principles

  1. My Unique & Radically New Way of Working With The Polyvagal
  2. Enquiry vs. Meditation
  3. The Portal To The Sacred
  4. Connection First
  5. Our Primal Relationship
  6. Your Body Is Your Temple
  7. Responsive vs. Calm
  8. Epiphanies Of Pleasure
  9. Intention & You Are In Charge
  10. There's A Priestess In Each Of Us

You are different, and you are looking for a practice and life that are different. Feminine, aligned, authentic. You have felt it in my meditations - in The Foundation Course you get a look behind the scenes and get crystal clear on the 10 principles of a feminine aligned practice and life.

The Foundation Course will help you get more out of your daily practice, but even more, it opens the doorway to a more feminine aligned way of working, success, love and relationships.

Patriarchy has such a hold on our thinking that even many of the meditation teachers and others who we expect to help us come free from the onesidededness, in fact are trapped themselves.

Thank to my 35 years of studying ancient Goddess cultures and 20 + years of direct experience guiding sacred retreats on the land of Crete, I help you see outside the box.

This is what you feel in my tiktoks and reels, and in this revelationary training you will get many AHA-moments!

Comprising ten compact 12-minute sessions, The Foundation Course allows you to build a deeper practice as well as find a more feminine aligned way to work, love, and life. As a Rise member, you'll have unlimited access to the series, and you will get fresh insights every time you go back to this foundation.

Valued at €497, The Foundation Course is FREE for you as you join Rise. Sign up now, and embrace an aligned life.

Bonus 2
The Polyvagal Glossary

A New Language (valued at €97)

TinyTake18-03-2023-09-26-27 (2)

Master concepts like

  1. Polyvagal
  2. Neuroception
  3. Enquiry
  4. Hidden state
  5. Ventral
  6. Feminine power
  7. Undeniable connection
  8. Pleasure focus
  9. The Act Of Being
  10. Calling
  11. Inevitableness
  12. Polyvagal resonance
  13. Sacred words
  14. Priestess

Through a glossary get a quick intro into the polyvagal paradigm (that EVERY successful should know about!)

This quick introduction into my radical new way of applying polyvagal to the specific situation of successful women will shift your thinking forever.

Normally, this evocative wordlist goes for €97, but sign up for Rise and receive this handy asset for FREE.

Bonus 3
The Heal with Klara Cycle

How I Help Clients Heal the Witch Wound (valued at €777)

TinyTake15-03-2023-06-06-29 (3)

10 Simple Steps To Heal The Deepest Wounds

  1. The Circle of Love
  2. Arrive & Be Held
  3. Awaken the Heart
  4. Beyond the Ego
  5. Introducing Ventral Magic
  6. Anchoring in Ventral Magic
  7. Being with the Lows
  8. Portal to Alignment
  9. Crossing the Threshold
  10. Your Magical Life

Have you worked with various healing and personal growth methods, and seen a lot of growth, but some patterns still hold you back? Most coaching modalities can't address the Witch Wound and other deeply ingrained issues, because they don't recognize the role of the polyvagal in healing and how it applies to successful women.

Helma, one of the many clients I helped was a Head of Marketing - outwardly successful, privately plagued with self-sabotaging patterns, attracting bad partners and addictive behaviors. Using my polyvagal-based method, she broke free in a way she had almost given up on. Now, she is getting promotions at work, dating conscious, amazing men and helping her colleagues shift their patterns by leading meditation groups in her company.

"Heal the Witch Wound" offers healing on a level you've never experienced before. This is the exact same process I used with Helma. You go through the 10 steps to heal the witch wound and other deep traumasΒ  in a compact series of ten transformative 12-minute sessions. You shift core beliefs, wounds, and patterns that you thought were permanent - think witch wound, broken feminine lineage, degradation of the sacred womb and more.

Once you've experienced life without trauma of the feminine, you'll have a compass for the rest of your life, ending self-sabotage and opening new opportunities.

This introduction to how I work with the polyvagal is insightful as well as transformative. Experience it, and you'll know you'll never have to accept any limitation again.

Warning: this is deep work for women experienced in self development. Think influencers, leaders, coaches, and successful women with the confidence, calm, and network to support them through whatever comes up. If you're suspecting there's trauma in your background and you are unsure whether you can handle it, please find something that can offer you the holding you need.

Normally, Heal With Klara is €777, but sign up for Rise and receive this groundbreaking training for FREE.

Bonus 4
The Journey Home

Find A Sense Of Home You Never Had (valued at €777)

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10 Steps To Become A Fully Expressed & Embodied Woman

  1. Breath & Heart
  2. Feel The earth
  3. Be With What Is
  4. Face & Feelings
  5. Soft Eyes
  6. The Subtle Tones
  7. Limitless Pleasure
  8. Your Body Is Your Temple
  9. Epiphany of Pleasure
  10. Magic & Flow

Do you sometimes feel like you can't fully appreciate your own success? Imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and insecurity affect many influencers, coaches, leaders, and successful women. As a special gift when joining Rise, I offer you The Find Your True Home Journey, valued at €777, a radically different way to overcome these feelings.

It's challenging to shift self-doubt through traditional coaching because it's a cultural phenomenon rooted in patriarchy. With this Journey, you'll get the exact process I use with my high end clients. A revelation! You come home to your own soul and body, discovering joy, belonging, and pleasure through my unique application of polyvagal science. This strengthens your feminine superpowers, helping you connect with who you really are.

Women often feel profound relief and joy upon experiencing this level of wholeness and sacredness. Imagine a beautiful temple experience, magnified tenfold – that's what you'll feel when you connect with your own sacred body.

Comprising ten 12-minute sessions, Your True Home allows you to build momentum in work, love, and life. As a Rise member, you'll have unlimited access to the series, going beyond what you've experienced in my free TikToks and Reels.

Valued at €777, The Find Your True Home Journey is FREE for you as you join Rise. Sign up now and embrace your time to shine, Queen.

Bonus 5
The TikTok Treasure Collection

My TikToks Distraction-Free (priceless)

TinyTake18-03-2023-09-26-27 (2)

A Curated And Ever Expanding Collection of My Most-Loved Tiktoks - Including:


  • A Special Moment
  • Love Is Closer Than You Think
  • Through The Eyes Of Love
  • There Is More
  • A Moment Of Connection
  • Arrive In The Connection
  • A Wonderful Little Practice
  • Connection Magic
  • Curiosity And Presence
  • Expand In Connection

Women have turned to my quick, 2-minute meditations before important life moments, like dates, thesis defenses, job interviews, and more. They all shared a common outcome: a shift back into confidence and embracing their inner Goddess. Here is my gift upon joining Rise: an ever-growing collection of my best 2-minute Tiktoks and Reels to elevate every significant moment.

Life is defined by how we show up in the 1% of moments that matter. With The TikTok Treasure Collection, you'll have a curated collection of my most loved TikToks and Reels, without the distraction of a social media platform. These treasures provide a quick, powerful boost to shift your energy and unleash your inner Goddess.

From TED Talks to board meetings, webinars, and dates, you'll always have access to your feminine energy and intuition when needed.

With new meditations added weekly, The TikTok Treasure Collection is a priceless collection you receive for FREE when joining Rise. Just hit that button and embrace your new journey, Queen!

Bonus 6
The Sacred Marketing Series

Shift Your Marketing Forever (valued at €555)

TinyTake18-03-2023-07-31-58 (2)

Fem-olutionary New Approach To Attracting Soul Clients

3 sessions:

  • Roots
  • Crown
  • Light

3 experiential 12min sessions to shift into a place of inevitably attracting your soul clients

There's a wave happening among successful female coaches, entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders: no more old school marketing, it may be effortless, ease, flow and abundant.

The key to this new way of attracting your soul clients is:

  • feminine energy
  • pleasure
  • depth of feelings
  • hidden state (of the nervous system)
  • shared sisterhood

This series of 3 experiential 12 minute sessions gives you the essence and brings you to the place where them working with you is inevitable.

This series is normally €555, though the effect it will have on ypur revenue, freedom and filfillment is way more. and now as you are joining Rise, you are getting this as a FREE bonus. All you need to do is get off the fence, remember it's all risk-free, and hit that button. We will have an epic time together.

Bonus 7
🌟 FREE 1on1 With Klara 🌟

We co-create your personalized Breakthrough Meditation Practice (valued at €999)

klara april (2)

Exclusive, Unique Experience

A special, dedicated 1on1 session with me, Klara:

  • 30-Minutes of working at high energy levels with me
  • You receive the recording of your personalized breakthrough meditation
  • A link to choose your preferred time will be sent upon joining Rise

Note my time is precious and this is a limited time offer - it might be gone when you come back tomorrow.

Alert: if you've worked with me before, in a 1-on-1 or a group program, this offer ONLY applies if you choose the yearly option.

For you who is about to join Rise, this is super exciting: for a limited time only, I am including the most incredible bonus yet - a personalized meditation that we create together during a 1-on-1 session with me, Klara!

I tap into my intuition and my training as a Priestess and Sat Nam Rasayan healer and teacher. I'll sense when you hit a roadblock. I adjust the meditation in real-time, creating the portal you need toward new levels of sacredness.

You get the recording, do this meditation daily for 6 weeks and you will find uncanny breakthroughs.

I rarely offer 1-on-1 sessions outside of my 5-figure programs, and women usually pay €1.5k for one-on-one time with me. But for you who joins Rise now, you get your session for FREE!

During the session, we'll dive straight in and no two sessions are the same... it is a live process where I guide you to go beyond what you ever experienced before. In the past, in just 1 session like this, I've helped women:

  • heal deep wounds
  • open up energy channels
  • tap into their feminine energy
  • attract their life partner - within 1 week of the session!
  • get promotions - within 1 month

Of course I can give no guaranteees as to what will happen in your session, but know that many have been moved to tears as they felt new levels of energy, sacredness and beauty. This is like the experience in my Tiktoks or Reels multiplied by 10.

This valuable €999 session with me is FREE for you when you join Rise. Don't delay signing up, my time is precious and this bonus might be gone tomorrow. So excited to do this with you!

I Say YES!

YES to Taking the Leap

YES to a Feminine Aligned Life

YES to Unlocking My Full Potential

YES to Receiving the 7 Divine Bonuses Valued At €4,202


I join Rise Today and I receive the Limited-Time Offer:

From €222/month for €44/month

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

"You are an unstoppable force of nature. Embrace your feminine energy and rise!"


From My Heart To Yours

My Beautiful, Powerful Queen,

in Rise, we journey together on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, magic and transformation. I'm excited for the boundless depths of feminine energy, intuition, creativity, and divine connection we will discover. You were called to this path for a reason, and I'm here to let you know within Rise, this and more is possible. Now is the time and here is the support to step into your true potential and embrace your destiny as a goddess among us.

Rise is more than a membership; it's a support system, and a key to unlocking your true potential. By investing in yourself, you're taking a stand for your own growth, abundance, and pleasure. You're choosing to embody the divine feminine and live a life of purpose and passion and I honor you.

I know the path up till here has not been easy. Lonely at times, not heard, not understood, not recognized. Rise gives you access to life-changing practices, profound healing experiences, and unwavering support. Your transformation will not only impact your own life but also the lives of those around you, giving voice to what never could be said, rising in what never was allowed.

You are the 13th godmother, the portal opener, and the world is getting ready for what you have to say. Joining Rise is like saying: "I'm done with hiding, done with rebelling - I'm stepping forward as the priestess I am. Because times have changed and the time is now".

The world needs you, needs the portal openers, gatekeepers, way-showers, and priestesses. Needs them in positions of influencers, leaders, coaches and successful women.

I'm honored to hold space for your journey and know you'll be transforming with all my Activations, Healings, and Connection and Embodiment Practices. Rise is our sacred circle, and together, we create a world where every woman can step into her divine power and live a life of limitless potential in a myriad ways.

Welcome and I will see you inside,


I Am Joining Rise Now


I receive the Limited-Time Offer, saving over 80%

Instead of €222/month, I join for €44/month

Receiving all 5 Bonuses valued at €3,050 for FREE

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

"Rise Makes Transformation Not About Pushing, But About Receiving"


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