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Rise into your feminine energy and uplevel work, love and life with my polyvagal-based meditations

Exclusive membership for influencers, leaders, coaches and successful women who love my tiktoks and reels and feel the calling for more.

Now From €222 for only €44/month - Don't Miss This Life-Changing Opportunity!

Dear Beautiful Soul,

You're an influencer, leader, coach, or successful woman, and my TikToks and reels touched your heart. You feel an ancient calling, a deep yearning for more. Within you is a powerful woman, a priestess and queen, ready to rise in her feminine energy and take your sacred work and relationships to new heights.

In my short videos on TikTok and Instagram you experience the sacred woman you can become, and though it's scary, it's time to stop playing small and claim the life you're destined for.

You need a daily practice to guide and support you on this journey - to overcome fear, expand your vision, and embody your true potential. Nobody does this alone. Rise is here to help you step into new levels of pleasure, feminine energy, manifestation and abundance.

Welcome to Rise, specially designed for influencers, leaders, coaches, and successful women like you. I will be here every step of the way, let's do it.


Client's Love for Rise

Read Emma's Transformational Journey with Rise

I want to share about an amazing client Emma and what Rise meant for her. A dedicated coach and emerging spiritual leader, Emma often felt disconnected from her true essence and battled imposter-syndrome and low energy. Despite her success, she knew there was more - she felt a calling, and words like feminine energy, priestess, portal opener, and queen stirred something deep and ancient within her. She was afraid to lose clients, wondered who was waiting for what she had to say and she just kept going along.

One day, while browsing through TikTok, she discovered my TikToks and the 2-minute mini-meditations made her cry with a sense of home-coming. She saw them again on Instagram. She knew this was a sign. She knew she had to work with me, that this would help her connect to her feminine energy in a way that she could bring to her coaching and speaking. Following the link in the bio, she discovered the same Rise landing page you are reading now, she saw my membership designed specifically for women like her — spiritually aligned influencers, leaders, coaches, and successful women yearning to rise - and she knew she was home.

Taking a leap of faith, Emma joined the Rise membership, and from day 1 she felt her energy shifting, awakening, rising. She learned so much about why she had felt disconnected, why it had been so hard to feel her value even though everybody else saw it. She especially loved the pleasure meditations and after just a week, she realized she had jumped out of bed filled with energy. She couldn't remember the last time that that had happened!

She marked the day of the week when a new meditation would open, and it was like her special treat night. She would repeat the meditation once or twice that week, and often she would also go back to older meditations. The very texture of her life changed, richer, more colourful, and people noticed.

Different clients started to come to her, women who resonated with feminine energy, priestessing, divine connection. Emma found it was quite natural to shift the focus in her work, and she quickly gained more followers as she started to speak of the breakthroughs happening in work and love.

Through the Rise membership, she felt home in her feminine energy, and gained the confidence to step into her divine feminine power and stop following all those rules and norms. She was doing things her way, and best of all, it was more easy and flowing than ever before, she had energy for dating, attracted amazing men, her friendships deeepened and her bank account doubled.

Emma realized that the one thing that had made all the difference, was taking the opportunity to join Rise when synchronicities popped it into her world. She made a deep vow to herself to keep nurturing the newly found openings and her sacred life. She signed up for another year of Rise and slowly, she started to really trust that this new life was her new reality and that it reflected her courage and dedication, as well as her beautiful energy and alignment. Imposter syndrom made place for a calm confidence, which in turn attracted even better clients  - and dates.

Emma was now a lighthouse for others, embodying her true essence as a priestess, queen, and goddess. Her confidence and energy were magnetic. She now started helping other women to find their own spiritual path. As this brought new challenges, she was so glad to have Rise!

Emma's story is not unique. Everyone who joins Rise is surprised at how powerful this work is. They see that shifts in the polyvagal take time, freeing yourself from societal conditioning takes time, and this membership is an ideal structure to support them through these processes. The transformations they experience through Rise not only change their life, but also empower them to help others awaken their divine feminine power, creating a ripple effect of awakening and empowerment. Are you in?

What Rise Gives You

✅ Rise is the next step for successful pioneers and leaders who love my Tiktoks and reels and want life, love and success on their own terms.

✅ The vision and meditations in Rise feel aligned and let you come home to yourself and your genius - meaning you get success with ease and flow.

✅ Rise turns your feelings into portals to your intuition, pleasure, knowing, feminine energy, creativity, priestess, warmth and other feminine superpowers - allowing you to live your full potential and take your work, love and life next level.

✅ Rise takes your leadership and impact to a new level as you start creating next level magic with your superpowers, boosting your impact and creating a ripple as you inspire other women to do the same.

✅ Rise deepens connections, both professionally as privately, creating more pleasure, intimacy and sacred, magical moments.


There's a priestess within you, knocking on your door, saying: "let me in"


Rise: The Revolutionary Path Rooted In Polyvagal Science to Embrace Pleasure, Feminine Energy, and Abundance

Rise is the game-changer you've been waiting for. This is different. Rise offers groundbreaking insights in your own bodymind, helping you understand why too often you feel like all your energy, intuition, creativity, depth of connection, knowing, warmth - they are gone when you need them most. The reason is very different from what you think.

As successful women we struggle with societal roles, but there's also a more hidden struggle: conventional coaching doesn't understand what you're dealing with, labels it wrong, gives you "help" that doesn't really help - and you just feel like it's all your fault. Rise changes that. Rise empowers you to access your feminine energy and unique gifts, anytime anywhere. So things finally start adding up and you breakthrough to that next level in work, love and life.

Simply said, the revolutionary approach of Rise focuses on an aspect of polyvagal theory that tends to get overlooked. We all know the "fight & flight" state, and that we spend way too much time there. But many of us don't know that our true home, our natural state, is the ventral state - what that state feels like in your body, what it does, and how your feminine energy, intuition, creativity and warmth all live in this ventral state.

In other words, your frustration that in critical moments it seems like your intuition, knowing, creativity is blocked is actually more true than you realized! Ever ended up with the completely wrong guy, and wondering why your intuition didn't warn you? Been in a sales call, and missed the sale because you didn't say any of the things you had wanted to say? It wasn't just a psychological thing. And no amount of psychological work will change it. It's a physiological fact and that's where Rise comes in.

Your natural state, your true home, is where you have full access to all these beautiful feminine energies and qualities, but the tragedy of the modern woman is that we spend 99% of our time away from home. That is why the longing to live your feminine energy and other superpowers is so big and can't be denied. It is your home.

In Rise you come home to the ventral state, and start experiencing life in a whole new way. It is befriending your polyvagal system - aka nervous system- and learning to recognize when you're in which state, and how to deal with challenges in new, ventral ways so your system doesn't unneccesarily go into overdrive - ie fight & flight.

Best of all, as you "stay home" more often, and have more permanent access to your innate powers of feminine energy, intuition, divine connection, warmth, pleasure, creativity to name a few, you build "craftsmanship". You learn the amazing magic you can create with your superpowers, that you always sensed was possible but what never happened. This takes work, relationships, and life to a whole new level. I call this: Ventral Magic.

And the polyvagal findings here support the ancient priestess wisdom that I have been working with for 35 years. Priestessing is all about divine energy, sacred pleasure and ecstacy within safe connections. In each of us lives a Priestess with knowing, intuition, guidance and sovereign creativity and she is eager to come forward and uplevel your work, relationships and life. So sometimes I speak of "Ventral Magic", sometimes of "Priestess Magic".

One of the things everyone agrees on is these shifts on polyvagal level take time. Try to force it, and your system goes right back to fight & flight. That's why the format of the Rise membership works so well.

Rise sets itself apart from traditional coaching by redefining the ventral state as your natural home and a source of feminine energy, pleasure, and magic. This revolutionary approach opens the gateways to your true power, making Rise the key to coming home to a success, ease and flow that other methods couldn't provide.

Join the Rise membership today, start working with Ventral Magic and experience the breakthrough in pleasure, feminine energy, and abundance you have been looking for.

Why Rise Succeeds Where Other Programs Fail

✅ Rise recognizes the barrier to living your full potential as woman is very real, and it's caused by being shut off from your natural polyvagal state, the ventral state.

✅ While transformation can feel like pushing which is exhausting and makes us give up, in Rise the polyvagal asks us to allow and befriend, which is energizing and makes us want more.

✅ Rise reduces the time spent in the destructive fight & flight mode, allowing you to learn to ride higher energies - instead of having to scramble back up all the time.

✅ Rise teaches you to embrace, not fight your body and her rhythms, giving you the alignment, pleasure, juice, connection and feminine energy you need while creating impact and an amazing lifestyle.

✅ Rise uncovers the next-level magic you are capable of, allowing you to escape the confinement patriarchy has left us and rise where no woman went before.

✅ My clients always tell me the depth of the spaces I hold is unmatched, allowing them to go deeper in themselves.

✅ You'll be doing the same kind of  meditations or "Enquiry Experiences"  as you are used to from my TikToks and Reels - so you know you will love them and want to do them consistently.

How Rise Works: The 4 Pathways

Once you joined Rise, you receive a set of the unique meditations called "Enquiry Experiences". This first set will kick your journey off and you start recognizing the ventral state in your own body. Every Enquiry Experience is a homecoming into pleasure, presence and your body. You expand and feel there's more space to be YOU. In just 20 to 30 minutes your energy rises and you feel feminine and alive, clear and open, nourished and held, with a bigger vision of who you can be. You feel held within my space, just like in the tiktoks and reels, but this goes further and allows you to reach higher. It's juicy and women love how it makes them feel!

The World Notices

After this first week, it is time to activate further this ventral state and your intuition, creativity, warmth, divine channel and other gifts. Every week you receive a new Enquiry taking you in deeper. Your polyvagal "home" shifts from fight & flight to ventral. Safety is key. You will repeat every enquiry 2-3 times that week, and maybe repeat an older one. You start seeing shifts immediately: you judge less, push less, are more present, and your connections deepen. Friends start reaching out more, there is more deep pleasure, more sacred moments. Your intuition becomes more clear. You have more energy. Employees show up more, bossess appreciate you more, clients flow to you. You feel feminine and attractive, and the world notices! Over time, you come out of your mind, build confidence in your developing feminine skills, and are in awe of the life you are creating. This is the Pathway of Activate.

Unshakable Trust

After a few weeks of activation, you will notice old lingering wounds playing up, offering a great opportunity to heal them on even deeper layers. Especially wounds on the feminine, both personal and collective. Think: witch wound, disrespect for the womb, sexual repression and abuse, separation from your feminine lineage. That's when the 2nd Pathway Of Heal opens with Enquiry Experiences focused on healing. It's intense deep work, but with the newly found stability in your ventral home, and feeling me holding the space in every Enquiry, you can do it. And you can always go back again to one of the older enquiries for extra support. This healing work opens the access to the feminine on a whole new level, giving you crazy certainty, a voice that people listen to, unshakable trust in your own knowing and feeling part of a sisterhood which moves mountains.

Higher Energy Levels

Again a few weeks later, as you truly start to expand into new dimenions of feminine power and your life, you will need more resources in the form of deeper connections. Safe connections are key to shifting from fight & flight to ventral. Higher energy levels ask deeper connections. That's when the 3rd pathway opens: the Pathway of Connection. So every week a new 20-30 minute enquiry opens, and it will be one of 3 types: Activate, Heal or Connect. Meanwhile, your library is growing, so whenever you feel the need for one of the older activations, healings or connection practices, you can always go back to it. It's all at your fingertips and clearly marked so you can easily find what you're looking for.

Ease, Flow & Magic

Now you are truly expanding into a new way of being, more feminine, more you, more impact. Now is the time for the 4th and final Pathway: the Pathway of Embodiment. For the transformations only become real when we embody it in our work, relationships and life. This is where big shifts start happening in your life, with ease and flow you are more successful than ever. And there's magical moments everywhere!

With these pathways and a commitment of doing 3-4 enquiries per week, each 20- 30 min long, you'll be creating a stable access to your intuition, warmth, priestess and other feminine superpowers, allowing you to step into your true potential as the Queen and Goddess you were always meant to be, manifest the life you always knew was possible, and start a ripple of sisters stepping up, together moving mountains.

Rise is a profound transformational journey, held within my space, guiding you through transformations that have helped countless of my clients boldly and confidently stand in their pleasure and feminine power, attracting a life partner, doubling their income, getting their relationship back on track, find their mission, empower sisters and much much more.

Embrace the secret behind their success, join Rise, join this movement of awakened Queens.

What You Get In Rise

✅ A kickoff set of unique 20 to 30 min. meditations called "Enquiry Experiences".

✅ Awareness of your polyvagal state and conscious experiences of your ventral state, essential to unleash your full potential.

✅ Weekly new Enquiries are added to your library.

✅  You commit to a minimum of 3 Enquiry Experiences per week of 20-30 min. each. You choose which one from your growing library fits the moment - most women actually do more as they love this so much!

✅ Guidance to understand, respect and love your body in a new way as you work with very specific practices around breath, heart, skin, eyes, voice and ears rooted in polyvagal science and priestess traditions.

✅ The Enquiries cover the 4 pathways of aligned transformation: Activate, Heal, Connect and Embody.

✅ A system for transformation and expansion rooted in polyvagal science and ancient priestess wisdom that feels sacred and aligned and lets you rest in your own rhythm.

✅ You join per month or per year, and you can stay as long as you want.

✅ In every Enquiry you feel held in my space and energy, and the connection shifts you to deeper experiences and higher energies.

✅ Every Enquiry shifts you to a more feminine, loving universe where you feel home and held within deep loving connections.


A Special Moment

I'm doing something special with Rise. Because I'm in a special moment in my life.

For over 35 years already, everyone who does my meditations absolutely loves them, has profound experiences and transformations, comes back for more. But as I ventured onto Instagram and Tiktok, this wasn't happening. A few likes from friends, nothing more.

I tried everything. Posting more. Caroussels. Videos. Do everything the gurus said. No response.

Until I realized, I am not sharing my gold. I need to stop telling everyone how great my meditations are and simply DO them.

Immediately, everything changed! I got loads of likes, amazing comments filled with gratitude, and loyal followers. I quickly went to the first thousand followers, and then on.

It's an incredible experience to step into my zone of genius on a bigger platform and be received with so much warmth and eagerness!!!!

I want to share this experience. I want this for you too. This is exactly what Rise is about: stepping into your feminine energy in the moments that matter - and upleveling your work, love and life!

I want to share and give back, and make it super easy for you to jump in, so we can all expand in our feminine energy and uplevel together.

So... TAADAAA..... I have a special, limited-time offer just for you. Instead of the regular investment of €222/month, you can join Rise now for only €44/month. That's more than 80% off!

Rise is beyond what you can imagine... because you are beyond what you can imagine. Join now and find out, and best of all, there's no risk. If the first month you decide this is not for you, just send us an email and we will refund you 100%. Guaranteed.

This is about YOU. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life at a fraction of the investment. Act now, lock in this incredible rate, and I will see you inside!

Join Rise Now, Activate Your Feminine Energy & Uplevel Work, Love & Life

Exclusive, Limited-Time Offer

Save over 80% - Now from €222/month for only €44/month

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024

Introducing the "Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee"

We are so confident that you'll love the Rise membership and the transformative experience it offers that we're giving you our "Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee."

If within the first 30 days of your membership, you feel that Rise is not the right fit for you or you're not seeing the desired results, simply let us know, and we'll issue a full refund – no questions asked. We want you to feel completely at ease when you embark on this journey with us, knowing that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So, go ahead and join Rise today. Embrace the power of your inner priestess and unlock your feminine superpowers without any financial risk. The Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee is here to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Meet Klara, the Woman Behind Rise

You know my meditations, let me take a moment to introduce myself further. Hi, I'm Klara! I'm a multi-6 figure entrepreneur and priestess, dedicated to empowering successful, high-achieving women to unlock their inner Queen and uplevel work, love and life. My ability to hold transformative spaces and my relentless pursuit of wisdom have guided me to create the groundbreaking Priestess Training Program back in 2004, and to work with some of the world's most influential spiritual leaders.

My journey began in 1991 when I delved into the world of witchcraft, captivated by its wild freedom, reverence for nature, and deep appreciation for the feminine. But I craved more spiritual and psychotherapeutic depth. This led me to create my own training path, and seek training with luminaries such as Ferdinand Cuvelier, George Downing, Steven Foster and Guru Dev.

The depth you feel in my meditations is a direct result of this passion and dedication, and I am forever grateful to these inspiring people who gave me access to their wisdom while supporting me to craft my own path.

When I started guiding Vision Quests in Crete, I started tapping into the energy of the earth and the ancient Priestess cultures on a whole new level, and this gave me my anchor to create my own Priestess Training Program back in 2004 - one of the first in the world.

Through my Priestess Training Program, which initiated women into the mysteries of the Goddess for a decade, and my bestselling book, Living in Happiness: The Initiation Journey in Ancient Goddess Cultures, I've become a recognized authority in the realm of feminine wisdom.

Since 2017, I've focused on guiding high-achieving women to apply this wisdom to their lives, particularly in relationships. The result? Countless happy clients, thriving relationships, and a new generation born from love.

With over 35 years of experience as a coach, therapist, trainer, mentor, priestess, and author, I've pioneered the path to unleash your inner goddess and embody divine feminine energies. I am thrilled to see that the last few years there is a giant leap forward: especially online entrepeneurs and influencers are proving we can be even more successful without the stress and hustle when we tap into our feminine energy and other superpowers! I am passionate to welcome 1,000 amazing women in Rise and together claim and create a life of success, ease, flow and connection - as priestesses we rise!

In addition to Rise, I offer exclusive private meditations, 1on1 coaching sessions and high-level 1-on-1 and small group coaching packages to help you step forward in your sacred powers, claim your full potential and take work, love and life next level. Your way.

"You are a priestess, a portal opener, a queen – own your power, and the universe will support you"


Client's Love for Rise

"There's a world of magic within you, waiting to be discovered"


Nobody Does This Alone. Join Rise & Deepen Your Transformation Today

Join Rise Now, Activate Your Feminine Energy & Uplevel Work, Love & Life

Exclusive, Limited-Time Offer

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life at a fraction of the cost. Act now, and lock in this incredible rate! 

Save over 80% - Now from €222/month for only €44/month

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

Client's Love for Rise

As You Join Rise, You Will Receive 3 Divine Bonuses

I am thrilled to welcome you in Rise, knowing the deep transformation and soulful expansion you will find. I will be offering you these amazing bonuses as my sign of welcome - and, for every year you stay, 2 more bonuses will be added!

Bonus 1:
Heal With Ventral Magic (valued at €777)

TinyTake15-03-2023-06-06-29 (3)

The 10 Steps of "Heal with Ventral Magic":

  1. The Circle of Love
  2. Arrive & Be Held
  3. Awaken the Heart
  4. Beyond the Ego
  5. Introducing Ventral Magic
  6. Anchoring in Ventral Magic
  7. Being with the Lows
  8. Portal to Alignment
  9. Crossing the Threshold
  10. Your Magical Life

Have you done a lot of healing and personal growth work, yet you see some patterns keep holding you back no matter what? As if they are etched into your being? Well, they are not. They can shift. But this is where most coaching modalities fail you.

I once worked with a Head of Marketing who kept attracting men below her level. As we worked on it, we discovered a deeper issue of anxiety. She had tried everything, but nothing worked. No matter what she did, there was always something heavy around her, she kept self sabotaging. It prevented her from getting the promotions she could, she ended with guys ghosting her, and sleep was always a thing. Until we started working with Ventral Magic together. Now, she is a source of light, attracts great men who treat her respectfully, and is guiding meditation groups at work for employees dealing with anxiety.

In "Heal with Ventral Magic" you experience healing on levels that you never reached before. What are the core beliefs, wounds, conditioning or patterns that are so ingrained it feels like you just need to live with it? That is what will shift in Heal with Ventral Magic. Allowing you to sense life without your trauma. Giving you an embodied experience that will be your compass for the rest of your life. Once you felt it, you can start manifesting it. This is the gold you had almost given up on. This ends self sabotage and opens new levels in work, love and life.

Heal with Ventral Magic is a compact series of ten transformative 12-minute sessions, and you will feel me next to you every step of the way. It is also an introduction into Ventral Magic and how this is radically different, allowing your mind to understand what is happening, back up the healing and own your healing journey. Experience Heal with Ventral Magic and you will never again believe when a coach tells you you just need to "accept" certain things.

Note of Warning: this is for influencers, leaders, coaches and successful women who have proven to themselves they can turn opportunities into success. If you are unsure about what will happen when you open your wounds and traumas, and whether you can handle it, this is not for you. When you have the confidence, calm and network to support you whatever happens, then Heal With Venral magic will take healing to a whole new level. This is something you have to experience.

Normally, Heal With Ventral Magic is €777, but as you sign up for Rise, you receive this eye-opening, earth-shifting training for FREE.

Bonus 2
Your True Home (valued at €777)

TinyTake18-03-2023-07-37-51 (2)

Beyond The Ups & Downs With The 10 Steps of "Your True Home":

Intro: Embodied Experience

  1. Breath & Heart
  2. Feel The earth
  3. Be With What Is
  4. Face & Feelings
  5. Soft Eyes
  6. The Subtle Tones
  7. Limitless Pleasure
  8. Your Body Is Your Temple
  9. Wisdom From Within
  10. Magic & Flow

Is it sometimes like everyone can see how amazing you are except yourself? Or you KNOW in your mind you are rocking it, but you can't FEEL it? Imposter syndrome, self-doubt and insecurity plague too many influencers, coaches, leaders and successful women.

As my special gift to you as you are joining Rise, I offer you a radically different way to solve this that finally works. Meet "Your True Home", valued at €777.

Why it's been so hard to shift this, no matter how much coaching you take, is that everyone keeps talking about your beliefs - but there is more going on. This is a cultural phenomenon and what you're really feeling, is that thousands of years of patriarchy have left us alienated from our own soul and body. We feel alien, like orphans, adoptees, immigrants. And that is triggering the feelings of insecure and not enough - no matter we earn 6, 7 or 8 figures.

I want you to have Bonus 2, Your True Home, because it's such a gift. You finally come home in your own soul and body. It's a very embodied experience where you discover joy, belonging, pleasure, awe, beauty and a sense of awe in your own body. We work with my unique mechanism rooted in polyvagal science of Ventral Magic. Meaning, you strengthen your intuition, warmth, receiving, presence, pleasure and other feminine superpowers until it becomes a portal, taking you home to who you really are.

Women cry tears of relief and joy when they experience this level of wholeness and sacredness in themselves. Think of a beautiful experience in a temple... and then times 10. That is what you feel when you come to your own sacred body.

And then finally there is a place for all your successes to land. You can own them without bragging, voice them without hiding. Dearest Queen, I am so excited for you to find your true home and get to know the magic you are capable when you no longer get lost in fight 7 flight all the time.

Comprised of ten 12-minute sessions, the transformative series of Your True Home will let you build momentum in work, love and life. As a member of Rise, you instantly have access to the whole series and you can revisit this series as often as you need. You will feel quickly how this goes way beyond what you experienced in my free tiktoks and reels and I am so happy for you to have this.

Valued at €777, as you are joining Rise you get access to Your True Home for FREE. Just hit that signup button below and it's yours. This is your time to shine, Queen.

Bonus 3
TikTok Treasures (priceless)

TinyTake18-03-2023-09-26-27 (2)

An Ever Expanding Collection of My Most-Loved Tiktoks including:


  • A Special Moment
  • Love Is Closer Than You Think
  • Through The Eyes Of Love
  • There Is More
  • A Moment Of Connection
  • Arrive In The Connection
  • A Wonderful Little Practice
  • Connection Magic
  • Curiosity And Presence
  • Expand In Connection

Women have used my quick, 2 minute meditations before a date, before defending their doctoral thesis, before coming out to their parents, before a job-interview, before a love night with their partner. And they all shared the same thing: because this helped me shift back into confidence and my Goddess. As my 3rd gift to you in this special moment of joining Rise, I am giving you an ever expanding collection of my best 2 minute meditations to uplevel any and all moments that matter.

Life isn't about how we show up 99% of the time. Life is about how we show up in the 1% that matters. And that's going to radically change with Bonus 3, TikTok Treasures.

TikTok Teasures offers you a curated collection of my most loved TikToks and Reels - without the distraction of TikTok or Instagram. The TikTok Treasures collection serves as a quick and powerful boost to shift your energy state out of fight & flight back into ventral - and take the stage as the badass Goddess you are.

Whether it's a TED Talk, board meeting, pitch, live webinar, sales call, or a date - never again lose access to your feminine energy and intuition when you need them most.

Every week new meditations are added, so there's always something old and something fresh. A priceless curated collection, you receive it for FREE - all you need to do is hit that button now and join. Welcome, Queen!

I Say YES!

YES to Taking the Leap
YES to Claiming My Power
YES to Unlocking My Full Potential


I join Rise Today and I receive the Limited-Time Offer:

From €222/month for €44/month

Including the 3 Bonuses valued at €1,554 for FREE

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

"You are an unstoppable force of nature. Embrace your feminine energy and rise!"


From My Heart To Yours

My Beautiful, Powerful Queen,

in Rise, we journey together on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, magic and transformation. I'm excited for the boundless depths of feminine energy, intuition, creativity, and divine connection we will discover. You were called to this path for a reason, and I'm here to let you know within Rise, this and more is possible. Now is the time and here is the support to step into your true potential and embrace your destiny as a goddess among us.

Rise is more than a membership; it's a support system, and a key to unlocking your true potential. By investing in yourself, you're taking a stand for your own growth, abundance, and pleasure. You're choosing to embody the divine feminine and live a life of purpose and passion and I honor you.

I know the path up till here has not been easy. Lonely at times, not heard, not understood, not recognized. Rise gives you access to life-changing practices, profound healing experiences, and unwavering support. Your transformation will not only impact your own life but also the lives of those around you, giving voice to what never could be said, rising in what never was allowed.

You are the 13th godmother, the portal opener, and the world is getting ready for what you have to say. Joining Rise is like saying: "I'm done with hiding, done with rebelling - I'm stepping forward as the priestess I am. Because times have changed and the time is now".

The world needs you, needs the portal openers, gatekeepers, way-showers, and priestesses. Needs them in positions of influencers, leaders, coaches and successful women.

I'm honored to hold space for your journey and know you'll be transforming with all my Activations, Healings, and Connection and Embodiment Practices. Rise is our sacred circle, and together, we create a world where every woman can step into her divine power and live a life of limitless potential in a myriad ways.

Welcome and I will see you inside,


I Am Joining Rise Now


I receive the Limited-Time Offer, saving over 80%

Instead of €222/month, I join for €44/month

Receiving all 3 Bonuses valued at €1,554 for FREE

Offer price locked in until January 1st, 2024 | Covered by our 30-Day Sovereign Satisfaction Guarantee

"Rise Makes Transformation Not About Pushing, But About Receiving"


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