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Midwinter Memories

I always loved those moments in nature or around midwinter or twilight when everything felt so still and sacred… i would feel my body open and sensual, and the space around me expand. As a teenager I totally lost this, but I could never forget and had to set out and find it again. The women’s movement helped and I became one of the pioneers in Netherlands to include the spiritual. I’ll never forget first reading that the story in the Bible of Eve and Adam was actually a twist to amore ancient story, where the tree, snake and woman were three aspects of a great and honored Goddess. In a flash I felt my full power, and it was awesome! I knew then I had to set about making her a part of my life- i didn’t realize then that i would be doing that for many others too.

I didn’t have the words then, but now I would say we are sacred, and our bodies are temples of the Goddess. The call to find it back is literally bubbling rising raging through my veins and has been for the past twentyfive years. Our bodies, Mother Earth, for me they are the temple of a very personal and felt spiritual life.

My Vision

We are divine souls in divine bodies, and we no longer can live in a world of splittings. I am pained by feelings of being splintered, lost, susceptible to outside influences. When we awaken our sacred bodies, we bring awareness to the very centre of where healing can happen. We bring together what has been torn apart most: the sacred and the body, esepcially our feminine bodies. The source of our wisdom and power has been feared and denied and even tortured by patriarchy. As we women are rising, we are feeling the call to find this greatest source back: our sacred bodies. We awaken. The sacred feminine awakens. We shift all.

Do you recognize this?

The feminine has long been made to look inferior, and if you too are being called on this path you will have to face and change that. That takes courage. You will learn that what you liked least about yourself is maybe what holds the greatest beauty and wisdom- once you start welcoming her. I know, it sounds challenging and it is!

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