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Hey there, are you a high impact conscious woman and do you find yourself losing connection to source?
* Noticing yourself fully being present with your clients and colleagues- but not with your friends and partner?
* Finding the clearcut course you had for yourself when you started is beginning to waiver?
* finding that the creative spark is getting less?
I have been there, and know how deeply frustating this can be.. as you evolve in your work, you KNOW how rewarding that GOOD that feels… and you miss it all the more in your private life.
I had to go back to simply facing the shit I hadn’t faced before. because, I jumped in as a teacher and space holder truting my gift to connect to the field. It works, it’s beautiful, it’s amazing.
But it did not solve my stuff, it only made it go underground. As so many of us nowadays jump in and start to teach or work from one deep experience of the field, I feel it is important to share my story, so you know you are not alone.
The good thing is, now that i have done my homework, the field is becoming so much more a part of me every minute, also at home.
I found some powerful meditations to anchor that and now it all works and fits.
as Marianne Williamson says:
wounds trump our best knowing
source trumps our wounds
But you don’t want to trump your wounds forever, you want to heal and cleanse them. Keep at it, trust your longing and the little voice within, and dare ask for help.
Bless you,