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Full Moon, Friday 13th… strong feminine energies! This night, now, at midnight, i take another leap into trusting the Goddess. My womb wisdom. The sacred feminine. An auspicious night in many ways…

I was at a circling night, and could stay deeply present with my emotions. My womb work made such a difference, my pelvis warm, my centre alive… from there such beautiful heart warming connections! I feel full of gratitude for this work, and I am honoring it by letting go of the please-buy-me price for the Awakening Sacred Body courses and asking a fair price. Pff, exciting! AND, it feels calm, joyful, aligned. I can feel beautiful things are going to flower from me trusting this work and my source, the Goddess, even more.

Aligned with the stars too, I just discovered, For the Pele report for this full moon speaks of time to listen within, to open up to a creative force, far greater than ourselves… surrendering and aligning to divine will. Yes, this is the energy of the Awakening Sacred Body courses… they are the fruit of this moment, the portal has been opened and I will be holding space for whoever is ready to come through.

This night I also celebrate all the siters who entered the portal this first month of trial, wow, your feedback and sharings have touched me every day… as one woman said it:

‘it feels like I am exhalinga nd i didn’t even know I was holding my breath’.

yes, may we all exhale… Held within the arms of the divine mother.

A happy me,

bless you, Klara Wild Moon Woman