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New! Scale Your Business without expensive masterminds

Get Tapped Into Source & Your Guiding Mechanism

All You Need For Limitless Success

We all have a personal guiding mechanism that we can lean into and that guides us to make the choices that lead to success, abundance, and growth for all. You don't need a 50k mastermind to help make the choices to scale your business. With my NEW Hour of Power Meditation you get tapped into Source and your guiding mechanism, you feel held in divine connection, and you are guided to the choices that lead to ease, flow, and abundance.


Get the Hour of Power Meditation and lean into your inner guidance system - and see every choice you make lead to success and growth.


Note: this meditation is yummy and leaves you in a good place and lets every day be magic. It's totally original and unlike anything you know. I know you will love it but no worries, there's a no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee.


TODAY only €7

Normal Price €237

You save 97%


Start listening and getting tapped in within 2 minutes


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way

πŸ”₯ Klara Adalena

✨ Priestess Coach

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Today marks the 6 year and 11 months anniversary of me starting my high ticket, online dating program for high achieving professionals that has grossed over 2.5 million euros.


I'm sitting at my desk looking around me at the abundance I manifested - home with a view, office in nature, new tantric friends, surftrips, renting a catamaran in the Caribbean - and I know it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been tapped in to Source and my guiding mechanism. I recently made my first 100k month on a priestess coach offer - super niche, highly spiritual, totally me and yet it came with ease and flow.


Being tapped in to my guiding mechanism feels like my choices being blessed. You know that feeling when every choice you make gets received in the best possible way, and leads to more magic and bigger shifts than you had even expected? That feeling that you just can't go wrong? That's what being tapped in feels like.


I also know the opposite: when every choice I make seems to go wrong and lead to even more "bad luck".


I reached my 100k month by making some very powerful choices, that all seemed to be "blessed", and stacked one on top of the other. Magic. I couldn't have done it on my own. Yet I was not in any mastermind. I was being tapped in to something bigger, to Source and my guiding mechanism.


If I learned one thing these years, it is scaling a business is all about the choices you make. Read on to learn how to get tapped in and start making "blessed" choices now.


Love, aloha,



My Hour of Power


My choices have always been unusual - yet they seemed to be blessed. Like when I started the Priestess Training Program back in 2004, and everyone said I was crazy and no one would come let alone pay for this - but instead, I started a trend, I had full groups for 10 years straight and made more money than ever before.


In 2017, I made the choice to go into online high ticket before it was a thing, and again everyone said I was crazy and no one would pay. Instead, I helped hundreds of amazing women find their life partner and uplevel their life, and made millions.


This is the kind of choices that quantumleap your business and we all want to be making. So I want you to know upfront this is not luck and you don't need a 50k mastermind. This is being tapped in to Source and your guiding mechanism, and I have a practice to get me there that I do every morning. I call it my Hour of Power.


The Old Way


The old way is to make choices from our ego. You know that feeling in your business of two steps forward and one step backward? That's what making choices from your ego feels like. The net effect of your choices is small, it's hustle, it feels like everyone else is going faster, and there's a nagging feeling it shouldn't be like this. It's this frustration that leads us to invest in expensive masterminds but really, there's a better - and more affordable - way.


The New Way


The new way is to lean into Source and your guiding mechanism. Everyone has a guiding mechanism that wants you to succeed, wants you to grow into the best version of yourself, wants you to create new bold offers that rock the market and set a trend.


Being tapped in, every choice you make creates a ripple of synchronicities. Good outcomes start stacking. One small choice leads to a big leap in your business and life.


This is quantumleaping, this is magic, and it's like riding this wave of positivity and expansion.


For me, having my Hour of Power which consistently gets me tapped in, let me make choices that together totally changed my life. I went from an unknown tarot reader working from my attic, renting out rooms to pay the bills, to a global thoughtleader in a beautiful countryside home and a work from anywhere business.


Read on to see how you can get access to my Hour of Power Meditation...



But I have a "warning" ⚠️


I'm not promising you any results of any kind.


This meditation is for ambitious coaches, trainers, leaders, CEOs and other high performers who know that even when you are being held and guided, even when each and every decision you make turns out amazing...


... it's still up to you to put it into action.


Most likely, these new choices will take you out of your comfortzone, and there will be thousands of voices saying it's impossible...


Following through will bring up fear, and there are no guarantees.




What I CAN guarantee...


is the feeling of joy and excitement as you see the path opening before you, and the magic and expansion when you do follow through. The confidence as you broke free from the "two steps forward one step backward" hell and start seeing possibilities everywhere.


Which means with the Hour of Power Meditation you're literally going to...


Get you the practice that allowed me to lead an extraordinary life, manifest the impossible, build 3 successful businesses, grow into a global thoughtleader - all while following my calling.


Read on and I'll explain EVERYTHING.


And the good news is...


It's just 17 minutes per day!




Just seventeen minutes a day for even as little as 1 moon can create extraordinary results.


In less than 28 days you could create a shift in your life and business...


... that will bring abundance in your life and business for the next 28 years.

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and getting tapped in within 2 minutes

Now only €7


(get it before it goes up to €237)


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

What the Hour of Power has given me


🌹 make bold choices that  seemed "blessed" and lead to a ripple of positive outcomes - and quantumleaped my business and life


🌹 feel held and supported as I lean into Source and my guiding mechanism - allowing me to go beyond my comfortzone and show up in new ways


🌹 melt my limiting beliefs and stepping into abundance and flow


🌹 go from a trend follower to a trend setter - and becoming a global thoughtleader


🌹 manifest original, groundbreaking programs that I deeply know will help bring the world back to balance


🌹 the guts to ask the price I know my programs are worth - and get it


🌹 a life filled with magic, synchronicities, and expansion


And it's all because of my Hour of Power Meditation, that gets me tapped in to my guiding mechanism.


If right now you...

❌ are tired of being in the "two steps forward one step backward" loop


❌  frustrated with seeing yet another offer flop - and wondering what the hell went wrong this time


❌ are feeling the seduction of joining an expensive mastermind - yet secretly know that will just be another of those failed decisions


❌ are finding yourself wasting a lot of time in procastrination and overwhelm


❌ know that as things are now, you're not going to reach your goals - and there must be a better way


❌ feel depleted, disaligned, and confused - and like it's becoming even harder to make good decisions


and you...


βœ… desire to be tapped in to Source and your guiding mechanism and feel held, guided and cared for


βœ… are ready to melt away your limitations and unapologetically stand and receive on a bigger level


βœ… know there's an offer in you that wants to be birthed so bold, so groundbreaking, so needed that it will create a ripple and make you a global leader


βœ… feel fully energized, alive, knowing that every move adds to the magic and power of your business and life


It will only take you 17 minutes per day, and all you need is a quiet space and a journal to write down your insights.

When you set an intention, the Hour of Power Meditation gives the how

Client Experience

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pure power

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and getting tapped in within 2 minutes

Now only €7



(get it before it goes up to €237)


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

What Is the Hour Of Power Meditation?


The Hour of Power Meditation is an original, NEW meditation that gets you tapped in to Source and your guiding mechanism.


It brings you in a yummy state of embodied relaxation but that's not all...


It also brings you in a deep, temple-like state of divine connection...


AND it brings you in a state where you hear the messages from your guiding mechanism clearly, and get very specific guidance for your next steps.


It is a magical experience, unlike any other meditation, and many are surprised at first by the deep sacredness as well as the warm clarity.


This is for successful coaches who are on a path of awakening and know their spiritual growth is meant to support their business growth.


The Hour of Power has 5 phases, and is best done lying down or sitting. When done daily for 1 moon, you will already see the impact on your life - though many already after one session are blown away with the new insights they receive.


It is totally original, coming from my own practice, and supported by polyvagal theory, body oriented psychotherapy, ancient priestess wisdom, Sat Nam Rasayan (ancient Indian healing tradition), and shamanism.

What Makes This Different?


What makes this meditation radically different from anything you have done, is that it brings you in deep relaxation but it doesn't end there...


... it ALSO brings you in blissful divine connection...


... AND it gets you tapped in to your guiding mechanism.


No other meditation gives you all three - and it is the combination that gets you fully tapped in and making choices that start stacking up positive responses.


When done consistently, this meditation shifts you from the old way of choice making where things sometimes work, sometimes not, and the net effect is small and business is a never ending hustle...


... to the new way where decisions seem "blessed", and things start to add up in your life, and some more, boosting you in no time to 3x or 10x your business and life

Mythbusting Training


I asked myself what could keep you from getting the full benefit from this golden Meditation, and the first thing that came up is myths about what meditation is and how it should be done.


I want you to be successful and create those bold, ground breaking offers, and step into abundance, so I created an additional training to break through these myths and open you up to new possibilities in meditation.


This training is standardly added when you order the Hour of Power Meditation, and will greatly accelerate your growth curve.


The Story


When I left my parental home at 18 to study physics, I was overwhelmed by all the choices that suddenly opened before me. I realized how dependent I had been on other to think for me, and I was always either fitting in or rebelling.


When I completed my PhD some years later, I realized I still was allowing others to give me the constraints within which I made my choices.


Two years later I left my career and went to hike for 4 months in the Himalayas. That journey, something shifted. My moment eye to eye with Mount Everest at close range was a spiritual awakening and when I was back in Netherlands, I started defining my own truth and making my own choices.


My Hour of Power practice started out wordless, with me tapping back into that sacred moment, without fully understanding what I was doing nor how far the power of this would reach.


Yet I was tapping into my guiding mechanism, making one unusual choice after the other and always seeing it work out.


I never thought I would be able to share this practice that is so personal, yet it was my guiding mechanism itself that recently told me: "it is time to share this practice with the world".


It seemed impossible at first, but through asking for guidance and following up on the answers, it all came together and here it is.


The Hour of Power has utterly changed my life and allowed me to manifest on way bigger levels than I ever imagined - aligned with the sacredness of that moment with Mount Everest, many years ago.Β  May it help you manifest big and bold, from a place of alignment.

For Who


The Hour of Power Meditation is for successful coaches who:


βœ… are on a path of awakening and know their spirituality is meant to infuse their business.


βœ… value feminine energy, being embodied, developing their highest potential and bringing their boldest, most audacious, impactful offer into the world.


βœ… want to connect deeper to Goddess, Source, or by whatever name they call the divine.


βœ… are both deep and action taking, spiritual and ambitious.


For Who Is This NOT


The Hour of Power Meditation is NOT for women who:


❌ want to avoid action taking and only want to do inner work


❌ are disconnected from their feelings - and want to keep it that way


❌ get triggered by words like "goddess" or "patriarchy"


❌ want to keep their business small, and not risk manifesting their dreams


Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and getting tapped in within 2 minutes

Now only €7



(get it before it goes up to €237)


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

"Love It, Or 7-Day Money Back" Guarantee


I want you to feel really confident making this purchase. As high performers we are used to invest thousands of euros in ourselves, or even tens or hundreds of thousands. 7 Euro, or even 237 euro, is not much but still I want you to feel secure you are making a good decision.


If I were in your feet, I would be aware of the fact that I haven't yet heard the meditation, and it might not be my style. So I would want the opportunity to ask my money back without it creating any fuss.


That's why I am adding a no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee.

Meaning, if you decide within 7 days this is not your thing, you just need to send one simple email to me and I'll personally make sure you get your money back without any further ado.


Sounds fair?


You really have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!


It’s time to get clarity on the specific steps you need to make now and allow yourself the breakthrough that's been around the corner too long.


Start the Hour of Power Meditation today!

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and getting tapped in within 2 minutes

Now only €7



(get it before it goes up to €237)


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

What If Your Next Breakthrough Is Just 17 Minutes Away?

Bonus 1: The 5 Trainings


I know when you do the Hour of Power Meditation regularly, you will become curious about each of the 5 phases of the meditation, and how they work their magic.


That's why I have created 5 trainings, one for each phase. They open up for you the vision, science, wisdom and experience of each phase - and will give a solid foundation as you expand your life into more success and abundance.


The trainings will uplift, inspire and remind you that women can do anything.


Together they give a solid foundation for becoming your beacon and trusting your own truth more than anything else.


Valued at €50 each, together €250, you are getting the 5 trainings now as Bonus 1 for FREE when you get yourself the Hour of Power Meditation.


Bonus 2: My Journey to 100k



The 100k month is a goal for many - and in Bonus 2 I am giving you a behind the scenes of how I got there once I let go of the mastermind I was in.


It is an incredible story of how the Hour of Power works, the synchronicities and magic to expect, the quantumleaping.Β 


having this detailed example will be a big support on your path of manifestation - and it will show you that no dream is too big.


Valued easily at €300, you are getting Bonus 2 now for FREE when you sign up for the Hour of Power Meditation.


Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and getting tapped in within 2 minutes



valued at €237 + €550 in bonuses, total €787 - now only €7


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

Hi, I'm Klara



Hi, I'm Klara and my big driving force is to rediscover what it means to be a woman. I love to create sacred moments with the sacred feminine and that became the foundation for my Priestess training Program that ran successfully from 2004-2014. Now, in Portal Openers, I guide coaches to become a top 1% coach by tapping into our forgotten gift to open portals to higher levels of awareness.


I'm author of "Living In Bliss, the Path of The Priestess", published in Dutch in 2004. This book has become the blueprint for my Priestess Training Program and all my current work.


It's magical to think that I made 3 businesses successful and generated over 4 million in revenue as a priestess and coach - which is totally unheard of. But really, it all comes to one thing... the very practice I share on this page: my Hour of Power.

Get Tapped In, Soar Beyond Your Limitations & Live In Magic And Abundance

Still Have Questions? Check Out My FAQ...

I am already successful, is this also for me?


Yes! The Hour of Power Meditation is NEW and for spiritual coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs, high performers to prevent you from plateauing and tak you quantumleaping to a whole new level - whatever level you are at now.

What if I already have a meditation practice?


Congrats on already gifting yourself daily time for your practice. Most meditation are great at bringing you to a state of calm, but don't give you the answers to what are the next steps you can take today for growth and expansion. This meditation is NEW, specifically aimed at successful entrepreneurs, coaches , CEOs and other high performers and meant to take you beyond where you got stuck before.

If you have a desire for like a personal guru who you can ask anything, and getting crystal clear on the exact steps you need to take today to bigger impact, growth and expansion, you want to add this to your practice.

Does this fit with my spiritual beliefs?


Absolutely, the Hour of Power is for all women, from all spiritual beliefs, by whatever name you know the divine. For me personally I experience the divine as feminine, so you might hear me saying that - if that doesn't offend you, you're good and this Hour of Power meditation will deepen your connection with the divine as well as giving you practical guidance.

Can I do this meditation on the go?


I encourage you to make time for this, and find a quiet place where you can lie or sit down. As this is a new process, I encourage you the first times to do it in the quiet and safety of your own home.

But one you are used to this process, it can be done anywhere - women have done my meditations at home, in the doctor's waiting room, before holding their TED-talk, and waiting for their date! All you need is internet and your journal.

How long do I have access?


For one whole year, and when the meditation gets tweaked and updated, you will receive the most recent version. This is a meditation to make part of your daily practice for sustained, continued growth and expansion.

Is there a money-back guarantee?


Absolutely! You get a 7-day no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee. You can simply try this out, and if you're not happy for any reason at all, I'll give you 100% of your money back. Just simply email us at customer service.

PS and you will even get to keep the meditations, no fuss, that's how confident I am you will love this.

What is the investment?


Just a one-time payment of €237 (VAT may apply). And, do check this page if there's an even better price available now!

Are there any other costs?


VAT is the ONLY extra cost - and whether VAT is added depends on your location. This will be shown clearly on the payment page, after you hit the button. Apart from that: No small letters, no extra costs.

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and getting tapped in within 2 minutes



valued at €237 + €550 in bonuses, total €787 - now only €7


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

Still Here?


As you got here all the way to the bottom of this page, I know you are called to scale bigger but you are not meant to blend into a mastermind. You are intrigued with people defining their own truth, their own path - because that's what you are called to do too.


I just want to give you a warm look into the eye and a welcome. Know this meditation will give you way more than you can even imagine now.


You are daunted, not because you doubt this will work, but because you're afraid of your own power.


You needn't be afraid. When you follow your call, you don't lose your home, you find your home.


Many tears might flow as the Hour of Power Meditation lets you get tapped in and find the guidance that no person could ever give you. You will feel held, cared for, like you belong.


I want you to know that is true. You are held, cared for, and you belong. I deeply hope you gift yourself this meditation and homecoming. It is time.


Much love, aloha,


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