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Hour of Power


Let Yourself Be Guided By This Unique Meditation And Get Clear, Actionable Answers To All Your Business, Relationship And Life Questions - And Shift Into Expansion, Magic And Abundance

(no draining or pushing involved)

Find Out For Yourself Why This Hour Of Power Meditation Is Creating A Buzz And Women Are Rushing To Get Their Hands On It

What is The Hour of Power Meditation

With the Hour of Power Meditation, you gain direct access to sacred wisdom in the moments that matter most: your moments of decision.


The Hour of Power Meditation is a guided meditation in 5 phases. It is designed for ambitious, spiritual women to tap into undiluted, raw wisdom from Goddess and your feminine lineage.


Unlimited power, abundant love and wild magic are waiting every day - and every decision is an opportunity to make it happen. It is your decisions, not your conditions, that determine your destiny.


How would your life and impact change when with every decision you would see the choice that would lead to your highest life?


Get the Hour of Power Meditation and go beyond the ordinary now.






TODAY only €12

Normal Price €222

You save 95%


Now available. You can have this guided meditation in your ears and make better decisions within 2 minutes for just 12 euro.


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

Elevate Your Decisions, Shake Your Wolf's Tail & Transform Your Destiny

This Is How The Hour of Power Changed My Life


It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently. When I started doing the Hour of Power Meditation, I came from victimhood, feeling angry and sorry for myself, and I had just left my career in physics. I had had a powerful spiritual awakening and glimpsed a different reality - and the Hour of Power Meditation helped me manifest it:


🌹 I went from hoping that someone would save me to writing a bestseller and building my own successful coaching company


🌹 I gave it all up because I knew I was called to offer a Priestess Training - even though no one back then understood what that meant and everyone called me crazy


🌹 I became a pioneer and spiritual teacher - I brought back ancient feminine wisdom that inspired thousands


🌹 After ten successful and magical years, I knew I was called again - and though I resisted at first, I moved on and became one of the first high ticket online coaches in Europe


🌹 I went on to make 2.5 million in 6 years in the dating niche, even though I had zero knowledge of dating at the start


🌹 Now, I have come full circle, and offer ultra premium packages guiding sister coaches to build a multi 6 figure business that's spiritually aligned, impactful and highly fulfilling


We can't solve our problems with the same thinking that created it - which for us women means, if we want to leave a legacy we need to tap into a source outside of patriarchy. That's exactly what the Hour of Power Meditation did for me, and why I was able to create a magical life, 3 successful businesses and becoming free, happy and in love with life.


If right now you...

❌ had a spiritual awakening and seeing some small changes in your life - but not yet manifesting the breakthrough you know is possible


❌ are spinning your wheels feeling you got stuck in a business or position that doesn't fulfill on the promise of freedom, fulfillment and success


❌ are not in a relationship that fulfulls your soul and uplifts your days


❌ feel empty and like your connection with the divine has dried up


❌ feel ready to manifest something new - but lack the clarity on the first steps


Dear sister, all you need is 17 minutes per day, internet connection, headset, journal and a quiet space to sit or lie down if you prefer. All you need to succeed is within you. Focus on where you want to go, and not on where you come from. Remember - in your moments of decision, your destiny is shaped.


TODAY only €12

Normal Price €222

You save 95%


Now available. You can have this guided meditation in your ears and make better decisions within 2 minutes for just 12 euro.


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

It is your decisions, not your conditions, that determine your destiny

What women get from doing the Hour of Power Meditation

🌿"I was stuck on wording the benefits for my offer, and after one Hour of Power meditation, I had them all written down".

🌿"I am building my mentoring business, and doing Hour of Power daily helps me with what steps to take today".


🌿"I am writing my 1st book and was in a writer's block for 3 days - one Hour of Power Meditation got me back into flow".

🌿"I kept being confused about the direction for my team... a week of doing the Hour of Power Meditation got me clarity on and I feel super confident to go do it".
🌿"I am scaling my business and daily Hour of Power Meditations have brought the flow and ease back - every answer I get is actionable and spot on".


🌿 "Hour of Power has shown me the steps to get my relationship back into a good place!"

Make decisions from what your heart knows is possible, not from the limitations of your mind

Who Is This For

The Hour of Power Meditation is designed with in mind woman coaches, entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists and other leaders:


👑Ambitious and spiritual


👑Magic, expansion and abundance


👑You had a spiritual awakening and know you're called to create something big


👑Smart and successful
👑 Boldly choose your own destiny


👑Sacred feminine, the power of your feminine lineage


👑Build a new world beyond patriarchy




❌No pushing or draining yourself


❌No controlling


❌ No letting circumstances control your life and destiny

When your decisions come from the divine, your life mirrors your greatness

The Hour of Power Meditation Explained

The Hour of Power Meditation

The Hour of Power Meditation gives direct access to sacred wisdom in the moments that matter most: your moments of decision. It unfailingly expands your thinking and gives downloads, aha's, answers and directions.


You set an intention and ask a question at the start, and let the spoken words guide you. You awaken your heart, access divine states, find talents you didn't even know you had - and get crystal clear answers that expand your life. Every time.


What makes the Hour of Power Meditation so powerful?


#1 it works directly on the moments that shape your destiny: your moments of decision


#2 it lets you access source herself, going outside the restrictions of patriarchy and current thinking


#3 it includes the wisdom of the body and your feminine lineage


The answers from the Meditation are clear and easy to implement - but implementation may ask courage and coming out of your comfortzone.


When you do implement, you have the certainty that this sets a wheel in action towards your desired life, relationship, income and impact. To transform your destiny in the highest way.


You will already see changes happening within 1 Moon - that is, within 28 days of only 17 minutes per day.

Pink old new

Here's What That Will Mean For Your Future

What many women don't realize is that a spiritual awakening doesn't make your old survival patterns, wounds and bad habits vanish. I know, for I have guided many women into sacred awakenings in the mountains of Crete.


Even after all your inner work, all your awakening, in the moments of decision, you still make the old choices. Meaning you still get what you always got.


That's when many are disappointed, join trainings on manifestation and start making vision boards. They work to some degree, and maybe you meet some new friends, get a few coaching clients... but your destiny is unchanged. Why? because it's your moments of decision that shape your destiny, and you are still making the old choices. When you do what you always did, you get what you always got - also when you had an awakening.


Frustration sets in, and your friends, colleagues and clients feel it. The sense of light around you fades, new friends disappear, new opportunities stay out.


You feel more lost and lonely than ever, and it becomes harder every day to still access that divine light.


But it doesn't have to be that way.


At any moment, you can start with the Hour of Power Meditation.


You reconnect to the earth, your body and the divine.


You expand your gifts and find your juice back.


You start to elevate your decisions.


You implement, and things start adding up.


Exponential growth kicks in, quantumleaps, and your destiny is transforming.


Your choices become bolder, you get seen, become a leader. Success, impact and money come naturally now, mirroring your new destiny.


Read that back a moment. Two scenarios, two completely different futures. And the difference? One meditation that works directly on the moments that matter most: your moments of decision. You can get it now and have this in your ears within 2 minutes.



TODAY only €12

Normal Price €222

You save 95%


Now available. You can have this guided meditation in your ears and make better decisions within 2 minutes for just 12 euro.


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

Making better choices isn't about pushing or denying yourself pleasure. its about hearing the call of your soul and the whisper of Wild Wise Woman.

What's Inside


Buy the Hour of Power Meditation Package and this is what's inside:


* 22 min. video explaining the 5 phases of the Hour of Power Meditation. WE suggest watching this first to get the full benefit from the Hour of Power Meditation


* The 17 min. audio Hour of Power Meditation


* Bonus 1: 5 in-depth, optional video trainings on each of the phases. For those of you whom it helps to understand more of the background. We will be covering ancient embodiment practices, shamanic principles on working with Mother Earth, recent discoveries in polyvagal science that you will find nowhere else and more. Many find that as they are doing the Hour of Power Meditation consistently and are startingh toi be blown away by the effects, they enjoy knowing more about it's background and it helps them implement even more powerfully.


* Bonus 2: My journey to my first €100k month. An inspiring example of how manifestation really works, how the Hour of Power Meditation blows the lid off any limitations you have and everything is possible.


Access to meditations, training and bonsuses is for one full year.


Note: connection to earth is essential to me to reach higher levels of awareness, so everything is recorded in natural settings. Expect good sound with some birds and background noise thrown in.


Get the Hour of Power Meditation now, and know that you're covered by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee:


My No Fuss, 100% Money Back Guarantee


I personally find style and voice very important in a guided meditation, and if I wasn't sure about these, I would want a good money back guarantee when I buy.

I figure you're just like me.


Even if it's a small sum, feeling good about your choice is important.

So here's the deal:


Get the meditation, try it, listen to it, enjoy it, feel held by Mother Earth and feel your soul flying into space, receive the downloads and insights and specific instructions for you to follow and implement.

You have 7 days to play around with it, listen to the additional trainings, feel the shifts starting to happen... and if you're not totally blown away and loving it...


Just send me an email within those 7 days and there will be no fuss, you just get 100% of your money back and we close the access.


That's a fair deal, right?

TODAY only €12

Normal Price €222

You save 95%


Now available. You can have this guided meditation in your ears and make better decisions within 2 minutes for just 12 euro.


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

Reviews For The Hour of Power Meditation

hourofpower mari-2

Marielle van Dop, photographer and author, Norway

testi every hop-1

Lyne Biewinga, Executive Director, Netherlands

hourofpower zoom

How To Get The Hour Of Power Meditation



Once you decided, click on the button, create your account, choose your payment option, and on the thank you page there is a colored button taking you straight to the dashboard. Go to the Hour of Power environment, and start with the introduction training or dive straight into the meditation. You can have the meditation in your ears within 2 minutes!


You will also get a confirmation email with your account details and another colored button with link to the dashboard, so you can always find it back easily.




PS and remember, this meditation comes with a worry-free, no-fuss 100% money back guarantee, so if the first 7 days you discover anything is off, just shoot us an email and you will get your money back, all of it. No fuss.

TODAY only €12

Normal Price €222

You save 95%


Now available. You can have this guided meditation in your ears and make better decisions within 2 minutes for just 12 euro.


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

Change can start happening in 1 moon - 28 days. All you need is the Hour of Power meditation.

Klara Adalena, Priestess Coach, Creator of Hour of Power Meditation

klara sept 23-2

I used to be so afraid of living that I was all the time in my mind, people told me I was controlling but I even didn't know what that meant. Within I was boiling with rage over sexual abuse, feeling a victim and powerless. On the outside, I came from an intellectual, reasonably wealthy family, I was smart, had a doctor's degree in physics and it seemed like I had everything going for me - but I was stuck inside, feeling empty and desolate and not knowing how to take charge of my life.


I had a lot of healing to do, and I have worked with some great therapists and coaches... but when I look back, what really shifted my destiny was the decisions I made.


Like the decision to leave my career and go to the Himalayas. I had 5 amazing months and discovered a me more powerful, positive and gentle as I walked between the giants. The journey culminated in a profound spiritual awakening on the flanks of Mount Everest, and reading my first spiritual book - a sweet little introduction to the lifeforce and the chakra's.


Back home, I made two important decisions: 1st, I realized my time in the Himalayas had been so magical because I had taken my own decisions - and I committed to keep doing that from then on!


2nd, the awakening and the spiritual book had filled a gap, and I decided to either find or develop a new "physics", that included earth, the feminine and the sacred (even back then, I wasn't afraid of big goals!)


I started receiving help from the cosmos, like an invitation for a Tarot course was suddenly in my mail. I joined, and from Tarot came Wicca, priestessing, body oriented psychotherapy, breathwork, higher energy states, meditation, Vision Quests...


But I was true to my word, never did I get sucked into following others, I was always walking my path, and collecting pearls on the way. It was in this time that the Hour of Power Meditation was born in its raw form - and it led to some extraordinary decisions for sure.


Like renting out my big bedroom and setting up a coaching practice in my small bedroom to pay the mortgage... and then not having a bedroom anymore, sleeping on the attic that was so low I couldn't stand up straight. But I loved it, because it allowed me to keep my independence.


Then I saw the book Women Who Run With the Wolves, the million copy bestseller, and that night I suddenly knew: I am going to give retreats on this. I had never given a retreat before, I had zero training in it... but I was trusting the Hour of Power Meditation and the decisions that came out of it. I doubled down on the book, didn't sleep for 3 nights prior to the retreat - and made a horrible mess of it to the point of the whole group revolting on Day 2. Not what I had expected!


But then, in that crisis moment, I asked for time from the group and went to my Hour of Power process. The answer was clear: a talking stick meeting. None of the participants had ever done this before, but I held strong, and the unimaginable happened: we listened to each other and hearts opened. It was magic and everyone felt it.


We were not just working with the story, it opened a door for us to a place no one knew but we all sought. The place of La Loba, Wild Wise Woman, the Sacred Feminine.


This experience was the start of a unique coaching method, feminine, raw and transformative, that I started teaching recently in Portal Openers and Priestess Coach.


The next big decision that shaped my life was to found and develop one of the first Priestess trainings in the world - in a time when no one knew yet what that would mean or what that would look like.


I could move where no one dared to go yet because of the Hour of Power Meditation letting me tap into the wisdom from long ago, before patriarchy. And I was building on the unique coaching style that I had been developing of evoking magic, transformation and the power of Wild Wise Woman.


My true gift, this unique way to craft magic and evoke the sacred feminine, didn't come from following trainings and getting certifications (though I do have a lot of them and they do support). Nobody could have coached me to it. It birthed itself  through my intention to find a "phsycis that was feminine and spiritual", commitment to make my own decisions and the Hour of Power Meditation.



My life is about this magic. After guiding the priestess training for 10 years, a big shift came again, and I became one of the first high ticket online coaches in Europe, learning from the best coaches in the US and making 2.5 million in 6 years. Whatever I start, becomes a success.


Because of one meditation, and understanding what transforms my destiny is shaking my wolf's tail and making my own decisions.


If all this is possible for me - how do you think taking different decisions will change your life?

Still Have Questions? Check Out My FAQ...

Is this another makable world thing asking me to push myself?


No worries, The Hour of Power Meditation taps you into the wisdom of source and your feminine lineage. This is not a macho get-yourself-a-lamborghini thing. This is tapping into the wisdom of wolves, of the wise woman in the forest, of your soul. It's about taking decisions that align you more with who you truly are.

I am already successful, is this also for me?


Yes! The Hour of Power Meditation is NEW and for spiritual coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs, high performers to prevent you from plateauing and tak you quantumleaping to a whole new level - whatever level you are at now.

What if I already have a meditation practice?


Congrats on already gifting yourself daily time for your practice. Most meditation are great at bringing you to a state of calm, but don't give you the answers to what are the next steps you can take today for growth and expansion. This meditation is NEW, specifically aimed at successful entrepreneurs, coaches , CEOs and other high performers and meant to take you beyond where you got stuck before.

If you have a desire for like a personal guru who you can ask anything, and getting crystal clear on the exact steps you need to take today to bigger impact, growth and expansion, you want to add this to your practice.

Can I do this meditation on the go?


I encourage you to make time for this, and find a quiet place where you can lie or sit down. As this is a new process, I encourage you the first times to do it in the quiet and safety of your own home.

But one you are used to this process, it can be done anywhere - women have done my meditations at home, in the doctor's waiting room, before holding their TED-talk, and waiting for their date! All you need is internet and your journal.

How long do I have access?


For one whole year, and when the meditation gets tweaked and updated, you will receive the most recent version. This is a meditation to make part of your daily practice for sustained, continued growth and expansion.

Is there a money-back guarantee?


Absolutely! You get a 7-day no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee. You can simply try this out, and if you're not happy for any reason at all, I'll give you 100% of your money back. Just simply email us at customer service.

What is the investment?


Just a one-time payment of €222 (VAT may apply). And, do check this page if there's an even better price available now!

Are there any other costs?


VAT is the ONLY extra cost - and whether VAT is added depends on your location. This will be shown clearly on the payment page, after you hit the button. Apart from that: No small letters, no extra costs.

I want this, anything else I need to know?


No worries, no small letters, no nasty surprises, only a one-time payment. You can allow yourself to fully surrender to the experience. Click below and have the meditation in your ears in minutes - and be surprised by the wisdom coming through.


TODAY only €12

Normal Price €222

You save 95%


Now available. You can have this guided meditation in your ears and make better decisions within 2 minutes for just 12 euro.


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

In you lives a knower, a visionary, an oracle - tap into her in your moments of decision and she will direct you to a vibrant life in the inner and outer world

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