New! The Hour of Power Meditation

Crack open life, business and leadership into the deepest magical realms with my new Hour of Power Meditation

What Is The Hour of Power Meditation?

The Hour of Power Meditation is a 17 minute daily practice for the successful coach, entrepreneur and leader that taps you in to the magical place where running a business and spiritual liberation are one.


Let's be honest, it was the lure of spiritual expansion that seduced us into entrepreneurship... and now is the time to claim it.


This Meditation has been the daily practice that led me to show up, lead by example, do the work, take aligned action, become the one, make millions, lead a magical life and shake the world.


It is for you who is done with controlling, stories and limiting patterns and wants to give life the chance to be there for you in the highest way.


Get the Hour of Power Meditation and create the crack for life to come through. It's 17 yummy minutes per day and leads to a business so fulfilling it's magic.


Start today, and join the epic cosmic abundance that is life.


TODAY only €22

Normal Price €222

You save 90%


Hit the button and within 2 minutes you can be entering the magic


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

don't settle. give life the chance to be there for you in the highest way.

🔥 Klara Adalena

✨ Priestess Coach

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Today marks the 6 year and 11 months anniversary of me starting my high ticket, online dating program for high achieving professionals that has grossed over 2.5 million euros.


I'm sitting at my desk looking around me at the abundance I manifested - home with a view, office in nature, new tantric friends, surftrips, renting a catamaran in the Caribbean - as well as the confidence, leadership, and impact.  I manifested  nearly 3 million euro but jut as important is the memory of all the magic that has touched my heart and rippled into thousands of lives.


Even though 6 years and 11 months ago, I knew nothing about entrepreneurship. Nada. Zero.


But if there's one thing I learned, it's this: success consists of millions of choices strung together. And every choice is a moment of truth: do I choose from control, stories and limiting patterns? Or do I choose from a place of giving life the chance to be there for me in the highest way?


When we started our businesses, we all felt the unspoken promise how it could be the vehicle for spiritual liberation  - and it happened for me. Because of  one practice.

I call it my


Hour of Power


The truth is, this practice tapped me right into the mystery, expanded my naturally good intuition, and helped me lean into life with every choice I took.


Magic followed, as in founding one of the world's first Priestess Training programs back in 2004, tappning into the mysteries that seemed forgotten, finding hidden knowledge...


Back in 2004, no one was doing Priestess stuff. Everyone said I was crazy. They said no one would come. They said I would make no money.


Instead, it became a big success, guaranteed my income for 10 years straight, started a movement and to this day is one of the best known spiritual training programs in Netherlands.


Without my Hour of Power, life could not have shown me what wanted to happen.


She couldn't have guided me with every small and big choice I had to make.


It would have been flat, 2D.


It would have failed.


But with the Hour of Power, it became the most magical years of my life, taking my leadership into unknown realms, awakening thousands of women to their magical life.


As leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, high performers we walk a fine edge between success and failure.


Having my Hour of Power was an absolute lifesaver, making the impossible possible.


I'm not sharing this to brag.


I'm sharing this because I believe spiritual coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and high performers - YOU - are the future and I want you to give life a chance and i know together, we will walk our paths and magic will abound.


I didn't find my Hour of Power practice somewhere on internet. Nobody taught it to me. This is totally my own, but the first women are already sharing how its changing their lives too and I know it can for you too.


But I have a "warning" ⚠️


I'm not promising you any results of any kind.


This meditation is for leaders and entrepreneurs who know it's not either running a business or finding liberation. If you think spirituality is meditating on a cushion and vizualizing and then everything will just appear, do not join.


You would waste your time and money.


The Hour of Power Meditation is for that special woman who understands that every bit of copy you write, every headline, every piece of content, every 3 year plan is a moment of truth. And how you choose, determines whether you get a business that is a burden or a business that's a vehicle for spiritual liberation.


The Hour of Power Meditation is here to help and guide you. To get you tapped in.


There WILL be challenges, and there are no guarantees.




What I CAN guarantee...


is an epic, NEW meditation that opens your life, leadership and busines up into the deepest magical realms.


Which means you're literally going to...


Get the practice that allowed me to lead an extraordinary life, manifest the impossible, build 3 successful businesses, grow into a leader - all while feeling held within the divine.


Read on and I'll explain EVERYTHING.


And the good news is...


It's just 17 minutes per day and it feels totally yummy!




Just seventeen yummy minutes a day for even as little as 1 moon can create extraordinary magic.


In less than 28 days you could make a string of choices ... that ripple into magic and liberation for the next 28 years.

What the Hour of Power has given me


✅ Feeling held by life herself - and ever again being surprised by how she can give on an even higher level

✅ Founding a priestess training program when everyone else was still dreaming of it - positioning me as a thoughtleader and giving me my first 6 figure years

✅ Finding back lost wisdom that became the foundation for 2 new businesses (dating and coach the coach)

✅ Magical moments that I will cherish still on my deathbed - and beyond

✅ Acceleration of my spiritual expansion, awakening and liberation

✅ Moving out of the suffocating grip of trauma and social conditioning

✅ A practice to get me tapped in whenever I want


I am literally grateful for this every day - and keep being amazed at the magic it creates


If right now you...

❌ feel you are bored and your business has become a burden

❌ are spinning your wheels knowing a new direction is needed but not knowing what

❌ see yourself going back into controlling too often

❌ feel there's something exciting in the air but not seeing how you can tap into it

❌ feel empty as your connection with the divine has kind of dried up


and you...


✅ are thrilled to go deep into the magic and walk the walk of trusting life

✅ want a simple, daily practice that feels good and taps you in


It will only take you 17 minutes per day, and all you need is a quiet space and a journal to write down your insights.


Hit the button and enter the magic within 2 minutes

Now only €22


(get it before it goes up to €222)


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

What If Your Next Breakthrough Is Just 17 Minutes Away?

How It Works:

What Is the Hour Of Power Meditation?

The Hour of Power Meditation in a revolutionary, NEW meditation that guides you to experience the bliss of the divine, open up your supernatural powers and manifest a life and business beyond your wildest dreams


Maybe you remember how famous the Dynamic Meditation from Osho was. It had 5 distinct phases, and they worked on your breath and nervous system, and it totally revolutionized how we meditated.


The Hour of Power meditation is more feminine, and taps into new neurological science not known at that time - but what is similar is how revolutionary this is, the concept of  5 distinct phases that work in tandem on the state of your nervous system and build up to something extraordinary and beyond what any other meditation gives you.

What makes the Hour of Power Meditation unique, is it enhances the sense of sacredness and magic in your life, as well as your yummy sensual life energy - while feeling like a personal guru who gives you highly personal, on target, specific advice on the next steps to take to unleash your fullest life.

You not only experience connection with source, you also become a channel for source.

FREE Bonus Training

The 5 Phases Explained

For each of the 5 phases, there is a 15 minute, incredibly uplifting and inspiring lesson. You get to understand WHY you do wat you do in this phase, how I got to this, what is the science behind it and how this leads to more growth, impact, success and impact.


This doubles the effectiveness of the meditation and allows you to apply this in other situations too!


These trainings are gold in themselves and uplevel your thinking, life and business.


Valued at €250, I am adding them now for FREE.

Questions and Intentions


the catamaran I rented in the Caribbean


Questions and Intentions are a core part of the Hour of Power


Intentions keep us on course. If you already know your intention for the coming months, you can ask a question before doing the Hour of Power Meditation: "please show me the step I can do today to get closer to my goal".


But if you don't know your intention yet, that becomes your question: "please give me clarity on my intention for the coming quarter".


For me, I had a dream of sailing the Atlantic for many years, but had kind of given up on it. Until I started asking about what I wanted for myself the coming years and why I kept watching sailing channels on youtube. And then one day it was crystal clear: I want to rent a luxury catamaran and sail it at the other side of the Atlantic, in the Caribbean.


It seemed impossible, and my mind started bringing up all sorts of reasons why I couldn't do it... and each of them made sense. Yet, I trusted, and started acting upon the very specific steps I was getting every day from my Hour of Power. Over the course of a week, the plan started to come together - making the impossible possible.


That's why you always have a journal and pen next to you when you do the Hour of Power Meditation. Very specific steps will come up, and you want to catch them before your brain tears them apart.

Why Me

I embody the spiritual coach turned hypersuccessful.


I am known for the power of my meditations. The Priestess blood runs through me and that led me to found one of the first Priestess Training Programs in the world - and you feel this depth in my meditations.


I combine this with my science background and have been studying neuro science, especially polyvagal science, and finding some very interesting applications that no one else is tapping into yet. This makes this meditation totally new, unique and orginal.


I teach this in my Portal Openers training, where I train women in my unique way of coaching.


I have just created an indepth followup, the Priestess Coach Training, where we go even deeper, and which includes a 6 days Initiation Retreat in Crete.


And while I love going deep with small groups, I also wanted to create something to make this magic accessible to more leaders, coaches and high performers. So that's how the Hour of Power Meditation was born.


In doing the meditation, you will feel my energy, allowing you to have deeper experiences with the divine, access more of what's still hidden in you, and get more specific steps.

The Investment

The investment for the NEW Hour of Power Meditation will be €222 (VAT may apply).


But right now, because I am still testdriving this and I might need to make some tweaks, you are getting it for a one time payment of only €22 - and don't worry, you're getting access for a whole year and for any and all tweaks I make, you will get the best, most updated, most evolved version - without any extra costs.


That's a tiny investment for the daily upleveling of your life that has brought me over €3 million in sales.


Simply put, with my help, you'll be able to get to the next level MUCH faster, with a lot less work - and less frustration.


All for less than a smoothie...


Start listening and manifesting within 2 minutes for only €22


(before it goes up to €222)


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

"Love It, Or 7-Day Money Back" Guarantee


I want you to feel really confident making this purchase. As high performers we are used to invest thousands of euros in ourselves, or even tens or hundreds of thousands. 22 Euro is not much but still I want you to feel secure you are making a good decision.


If I were in your feet, I would be aware of the fact that I haven't yet heard the meditation, and it might not be my style. So I would want the opportunity to ask my money back without it creating any fuss.


That's why I am adding a no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee.

Meaning, if you decide within 7 days this is not your thing, you just need to send one simple email to me and I'll personally make sure you get your money back without any further ado.


Sounds fair?


You really have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!


It’s time to get clarity on the specific steps you need to make now and allow yourself the breakthrough that's been around the corner too long.


Start the Hour of Power Meditation today!


Who Is Klara Adalena?



Klara Adalena is a coach, mentor, entrepreneur, bestselling author, surfer and the founder of Priestess Coach - an international movement of soul led coaches, purposeful leaders, and bold mystics who feel called to serve, stand out, and bring extraordinary transformations - creating an ever growing ripple.


Klara has helped high achieving women come out of stuck in dating and their lives - to find their soulmate and life partner and take their life to a new level.


Klara's first book "Living In Bliss, the Path of The Priestess" published in Netherlands became a bestseller changing tens of thousands of lives. Her Priestess Training Program that ran from 2004- 2014 in Netherlands is still the benchmark for all things priestess.


Klara has made 3 businesses successful and generated over 4 million in revenue as a priestess and coach - which is totally unheard of. All her success was based on her blissful connection with the divine, her unusual choices and her daring confidence - which all came from the Hour of Power practice.

Still Have Questions? Check Out My FAQ...

I am already successful, is this also for me?


Yes! The Hour of Power Meditation is NEW and for spiritual coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs, high performers to prevent you from plateauing and tak you quantumleaping to a whole new level - whatever level you are at now.

What if I already have a meditation practice?


Congrats on already gifting yourself daily time for your practice. Most meditation are great at bringing you to a state of calm, but don't give you the answers to what are the next steps you can take today for growth and expansion. This meditation is NEW, specifically aimed at successful entrepreneurs, coaches , CEOs and other high performers and meant to take you beyond where you got stuck before.

If you have a desire for like a personal guru who you can ask anything, and getting crystal clear on the exact steps you need to take today to bigger impact, growth and expansion, you want to add this to your practice.

Can I do this meditation on the go?


I encourage you to make time for this, and find a quiet place where you can lie or sit down. As this is a new process, I encourage you the first times to do it in the quiet and safety of your own home.

But one you are used to this process, it can be done anywhere - women have done my meditations at home, in the doctor's waiting room, before holding their TED-talk, and waiting for their date! All you need is internet and your journal.

How long do I have access?


For one whole year, and when the meditation gets tweaked and updated, you will receive the most recent version. This is a meditation to make part of your daily practice for sustained, continued growth and expansion.

Is there a money-back guarantee?


Absolutely! You get a 7-day no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee. You can simply try this out, and if you're not happy for any reason at all, I'll give you 100% of your money back. Just simply email us at customer service.

PS and you will even get to keep the meditations, no fuss, that's how confident I am you will love this.

What is the investment?


Just a one-time payment of €222 (VAT may apply). And, do check this page if there's an even better price available now!

Are there any other costs?


VAT is the ONLY extra cost - and whether VAT is added depends on your location. This will be shown clearly on the payment page, after you hit the button. Apart from that: No small letters, no extra costs.


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and manifesting within 2 minutes for only €22


(before it goes up to €222)


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

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