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Get Tapped Into Source & Your Guiding Mechanism in Just 17 Minutes A Day With MyΒ  Hour of Power Meditation

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All You Need For Limitless Success

I believe that we all have a personal guiding mechanism, guiding us to rise above our limitations, touch hearts, initiate transformations, and quantumleap our business and life. You don't need a 50k mastermind to scale your business. With my NEW Hour of Power Meditation you tap straight into Source and your guiding mechanism in just 17 minutes a day. You get the exact steps you need to take to move closer to your goals - and be wildly successful, while being 100% you.


Stop second guessing your next step - get the Hour of Power Meditation and move with certainty and clarity to your next level life and success now.


Note: this meditation is completely new and unlike anything you know. Give it a try risk-free - if it doesn't click for you, just ask your money back - I'm that confident you will love it!


TODAY only €37

Normal Price €237

You save 85%


Start listening and get your next steps within 2 minutes


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way

πŸ”₯ Klara Adalena

✨ Priestess Coach

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Today marks the 6 year and 11 months anniversary of me starting my high ticket, online dating program for high achieving professionals that has grossed over 2.5 million euros.


I'm sitting at my desk looking around me at the abundance I manifested - home with a view, office in nature, new tantric friends, surftrips, renting a catamaran in the Caribbean - and I know it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't staid 100% true to myself. I recently made my first 100k month on a priestess coach offer - super niche, highly spiritual, and totally me. No mastermind could have gotten me there.


I know, because I have been in a 70k mastermind with a top business coach for 18 months - and yes, it helped me 10x my revenue within a year. But it also led me to fade into the crowd, lose my pleasure, and feel dependent.


It was scary to leave the support of the mastermind - but I knew it was the only choice. In that big scary moment, I had nothing to trust but my guiding mechanism... and I found it's true potential. What had remained elusive during my mastermind time - the 100k month - came now without even trying. I was blown away!


Best of all, the business I have now feels like me. My life. My business. My choices.


My choices have always been unusual. But why I trusted them 100%, was because of my


Hour of Power


The truth is, I had something special that each day, tapped me right into the mystery, expanded my naturally good intuition, and gave me the exact next steps to take for my life and business.


I call it my Hour of Power.


It allowed me to make choices no one else was making, like founding one of the world's first Priestess Training programs back in 2004 and making it a success for 10 years straight.


They said I was crazy. They said no one would come. They said I would make no money.


Truth is, it became a new trend. I always had full groups. I made more money than ever before.


No mastermind could have gotten me there - but I had my Hour of Power.


It melted my limiting beliefs and got me action taking.


It showed me the exact steps - the HOW to my WHAT.


Having my Hour of Power turned my vision into reality.


It made the impossible possible.


And I want this for you too.


Because I believe spiritual coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and high performers - WE - are the future and I want you too to manifest exactly what's in your heart and soul and go where no mastermind can take you.


I want you to tap into your guiding mechanism. I have been testdriving my Hour of Power Meditation with some amazing coaches and the feedback is clear: this 17 minute practice is the BEST to tap into source and your guiding mechanism. This can easily replace any 50k mastermind.



But I have a "warning" ⚠️


I'm not promising you any results of any kind.


This meditation is for ambitious coaches, trainers, leaders, CEOs and other high performers who know their limiting beliefs and are not afraid of their feelings.


This meditation will show you the steps... but nothing will happen if you don't act upon them.


There will be thousands of voices saying it's impossible...


Following through will bring up fear, and there are no guarantees.




What I CAN guarantee...


is epic experiences with the divine, melting of limitations, andΒ  crystal clear, specific next steps in life and work.


Which means you're literally going to...


Get the practice that allowed me to lead an extraordinary life, manifest the impossible, build 3 successful businesses, grow into a leader - all while following my calling.


Read on and I'll explain EVERYTHING.


And the good news is...


It's just 17 minutes per day!




Just seventeen minutes a day for even as little as 1 moon can create extraordinary results.


In less than 28 days you could create a shift in your life and business...


... that will bring abundance in your life and business for the next 28 years.

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and get clarity on your next steps within 2 minutes

Now only €37


(get it before it goes up to €237)


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

What the Hour of Power has given me


🌹 Having a 100k month WITHOUT being in a mastermind

🌹 Creating new programs on the fly

🌹 Certainty that what I create will be exactly what my niche is looking for

🌹 Setting trends instead of following trends

🌹 Knowing exactly how to price my offers

🌹 Everything I create is 100% aligned with my calling

🌹 No wasting time reading tons of daily posts in the mastermind

🌹 A unique voice, unlike anyone else - making me stand out

🌹 Attracting amazing soulmate clients eager to invest in me

🌹 Working with clients who love me and keep coming back for more

🌹 Never having to worry about the HOW - so I can focus on the WHAT

🌹A deep, intimate and fulfilling relationship with my Goddess

🌹A life filled with abundance and magic


And it's all because of my Hour of Power Meditation, that gets me tapped in to my guiding mechanism.


If right now you...

❌ are hitting walls, and don't want to part with 50k for a mastermind

❌  know a new direction is needed - but you're stuck on the "how"

❌ want more success and impact - but don't want to fade in with everyone else

❌ feel there's opportunities in your business and life - but they keep being out of reach

❌ are becoming bored with your business as it is - but don't want to give up the benefits

❌ have lost your magic - and know soon others will notice too


and you...


βœ… desire to feel all inspired and tapped in

βœ… want to melt away your limitations

βœ… are eager to take new opportunities and uplevel your business and life

βœ… want to focus on the WHAT knowing you have a quick system to get to the HOW


It will only take you 17 minutes per day, and all you need is a quiet space and a journal to write down your insights.

When you set an intention, the Hour of Power Meditation gives the how

Client Experience

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pure power

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and get clarity on your next steps within 2 minutes

Now only €37


(get it before it goes up to €237)


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

What Is the Hour Of Power Meditation?


The Hour of Power Meditation in a NEW meditation in 5 phases geared at successful, impactful women leaders.


The secret behind the Hour of Power Meditation is it gets you tapped in to your guiding mechanism.


Meaning, whenever you have a choice to make, all you need to do is this 17 minute meditation and the answer will get clear to you.


Everyone has a guiding mechanism, which is like this secret power that wants the best for you and is always there to show the way.


But many of us forgot how to tap into her, and start looking for the answers outside themselves.


Which erodes the very confidence you need to expand your business.


The Hour of Power Meditation gets you tapped in again.


It consists of 5 phases, building up together to create a profound experience and clarity.


The Hour of Power Meditation came from 30 years of me serving the awakening of women. It found it's present form recently, when I got into studying new neurological science. This gave me the missing piece and complemented healing wisdom from shamanic and ancient priestess cultures.


It's both grounding and ecstatic, juicy and practical, feminine and embodied.


Women report having deeper experiences with the divine, while getting clear directions for their life.


Within a few days of trying the Hour of Power Meditation, many make it part of their daily morning practice.

What Makes This Different?


What makes this meditation radically different from anything you have done, is three things: simplicity, embodiment and my priestess energy.


πŸ”₯ Because it's simple, there is nothing to hide behind - and limitations melt away


πŸ”₯ Because of my priestess energy, you feel the presence of the divine in all her depth, warmth and sacredness, infusing you with the power to manifest your dream


πŸ”₯ Because it's embodied, the messages you get are easy to implement.


Within you is the access to everything you need to scale to a wildly successful business - your way.

Additional Training


The Hour of Power Meditation will reverse ingrained behaviors that are a leftover from patriarchy - and that were designed to keep us OUT of knowing our own truth.


To help you bring awareness to these destructive behaviors and make it easier to become free from them, together with the Meditation you will receive a 20 minute training.


Before you do the Hour of Power Meditation for the first time, start with the 20 minutes introduction training. This will make it easier to surrender to the journey and go beyond these nonsensical rules.


The Hour of Power Meditation not only gives new nudges and hunches, it also will gently invite you to go beyond what you typically allow yourself in terms of pleasure, abundance, money and happiness.


The Story


When I left my career in theoretical physics at 32, I was shocked to realize that I had always allowed others to tell me what is truth.


A few years later I was sitting on the floor of my living room, a Tarot deck spread out before me. The next day I would join a Tarot course, but this time, I wanted to decide for myself what the meaning of these cards was before I let anybody tell me. There was a moment of panic, where was I to begin? But then I had a hunch... start with the numbers, and surely 1 (Ace) must mean: "here's a new beginning".


From there, the other numbers followed, and I was kind of shaken when in the training the teacher not only confirmed my intuition, but added: "you are the real teacher here".


Without knowing it, I had tapped into my guiding mechanism. Things went fast from this point, I gave my own Tarot trainings, first a weekend, then 8 weeks, then a year.


I expanded into Vision Quests, then started my own Priestess Training Program back in 2004, then went into online high ticket coaching.


I took many trainings and educations, but never again did I let others tell me what truth was. That what guided me that moment sitting on the floor of my living room with the Tarot cards strewn around, has always been my source of truth.


The first years, it was all wordless and I was often not aware of what was happening myself.


It took me many years to understand I needed to be in a certain state for the hunches to come through.


And many more years to realize that this state is the core of my leadership, and gives me powers far beyond the "normal" me.


Though I started to honor and trust my Hour of Power by now, I never thought I could share this with others.


But that changed when I learned about polyvagal theory, the breakthrough new neurological science.


It was when I had started to weave this new science into the ancient priestess wisdom, that one day the whisper came: it's time to share the Hour of Power itself.


It seemed impossible at first, but through the process that I have come to trust more than anything else, it all came together and here it is.


The Hour of Power indicated itself that it wanted to be shared with you. I trust her wisdom, and am excited to see the new levels of confidence, clarity, magic and success you will find with it. It will help you remember: it's your life. Your business. Your choices. Be 100% you, and be wildly successful.

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and get clarity on your next steps within 2 minutes

Now only €37


(get it before it goes up to €237)


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

"Love It, Or 7-Day Money Back" Guarantee


I want you to feel really confident making this purchase. As high performers we are used to invest thousands of euros in ourselves, or even tens or hundreds of thousands. 37 Euro, or even 237 euro, is not much but still I want you to feel secure you are making a good decision.


If I were in your feet, I would be aware of the fact that I haven't yet heard the meditation, and it might not be my style. So I would want the opportunity to ask my money back without it creating any fuss.


That's why I am adding a no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee.

Meaning, if you decide within 7 days this is not your thing, you just need to send one simple email to me and I'll personally make sure you get your money back without any further ado.


Sounds fair?


You really have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!


It’s time to get clarity on the specific steps you need to make now and allow yourself the breakthrough that's been around the corner too long.


Start the Hour of Power Meditation today!

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and get clarity on your next steps within 2 minutes

Now only €37


(get it before it goes up to €237)


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

What If Your Next Breakthrough Is Just 17 Minutes Away?

Bonus 1: The 5 Trainings


Each of the 5 phases of the Hour of Power Meditation is built on a whole body of wisdom and experience. Once you see the power of this meditation in your own life, you will want to know more about each of the phases.


That's why I have created 5 trainings, one for each phase. They open up for you the vision, science, wisdom and experience that went into each phase.


Each training is a jewel in itself, uplifting, inspiring and reminding you that women can do anything.


Together they give a solid foundation for becoming your beacon and trusting your own truth more than anything else.


Valued at €50 each, together €250, you are getting the 5 trainings now as Bonus 1 for FREE when you get yourself the Hour of Power Meditation.


Bonus 2: My Journey to 100k



The 100k month is a goal for many - and in Bonus 2 I am giving you a behind the scenes of how I got there once I let go of the mastermind I was in.


This bonus is invaluable as it opens your eyes to what this path can actually look like - which is very different from what many think (and once you see it, way easier).


Building your business as a soul aligned coach is quite different from B2B, but it doesn't have to be hard. Having this behind the scenes will cut down the time to get to 100k by half, if not more.


Valued easily at €300, you are getting Bonus 2 now for FREE when you get yourself the Hour of Power Meditation.


Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and get clarity on your next steps within 2 minutes


valued at €237 + €550 in bonuses, total €787 - now only €37


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

Hi, I'm Klara



Hi, I'm Klara and I'm passionate about rediscovering what it means to be a woman. In Portal Openers, I guide coaches to become a top 1% coach by tapping into our forgotten gift to open portals to higher levels of awareness.


I'm always pioneering new edges, and was one of the first to go into high ticket online coaching back in 2017.


My first book "Living In Bliss, the Path of The Priestess" details of my journey to find my inner priestess and gives the ancient path of initiation by which young girls in goddess cultures where trained as priestess.


This has become the blueprint for my Priestess Training Program and all my current work. The book was published in Netherlands in 2004 and became a bestseller changing tens of thousands of lives.


It's magical to think that I made 3 businesses successful and generated over 4 million in revenue as a priestess and coach - which is totally unheard of. But really, it all comes to one thing... the very practice I share on this page: my Hour of Power.

Get Tapped In, Soar Beyond Your Limitations & Live In Magic And Abundance

Still Have Questions? Check Out My FAQ...

I am already successful, is this also for me?


Yes! The Hour of Power Meditation is NEW and for spiritual coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs, high performers to prevent you from plateauing and tak you quantumleaping to a whole new level - whatever level you are at now.

What if I already have a meditation practice?


Congrats on already gifting yourself daily time for your practice. Most meditation are great at bringing you to a state of calm, but don't give you the answers to what are the next steps you can take today for growth and expansion. This meditation is NEW, specifically aimed at successful entrepreneurs, coaches , CEOs and other high performers and meant to take you beyond where you got stuck before.

If you have a desire for like a personal guru who you can ask anything, and getting crystal clear on the exact steps you need to take today to bigger impact, growth and expansion, you want to add this to your practice.

Does this fit with my spiritual beliefs?


Absolutely, the Hour of Power is for all women, from all spiritual beliefs, by whatever name you know the divine. For me personally I experience the divine as feminine, so you might hear me saying that - if that doesn't offend you, you're good and this Hour of Power meditation will deepen your connection with the divine as well as giving you practical guidance.

Can I do this meditation on the go?


I encourage you to make time for this, and find a quiet place where you can lie or sit down. As this is a new process, I encourage you the first times to do it in the quiet and safety of your own home.

But one you are used to this process, it can be done anywhere - women have done my meditations at home, in the doctor's waiting room, before holding their TED-talk, and waiting for their date! All you need is internet and your journal.

How long do I have access?


For one whole year, and when the meditation gets tweaked and updated, you will receive the most recent version. This is a meditation to make part of your daily practice for sustained, continued growth and expansion.

Is there a money-back guarantee?


Absolutely! You get a 7-day no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee. You can simply try this out, and if you're not happy for any reason at all, I'll give you 100% of your money back. Just simply email us at customer service.

PS and you will even get to keep the meditations, no fuss, that's how confident I am you will love this.

What is the investment?


Just a one-time payment of €237 (VAT may apply). And, do check this page if there's an even better price available now!

Are there any other costs?


VAT is the ONLY extra cost - and whether VAT is added depends on your location. This will be shown clearly on the payment page, after you hit the button. Apart from that: No small letters, no extra costs.

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Scale Your Business - Your Way


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and get clarity on your next steps within 2 minutes


valued at €237 + €550 in bonuses, total €787 - now only €37


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

Still Here?


As you got here all the way to the bottom of this page, I know you are called to scale bigger but you are not meant to blend into a mastermind. You are intrigued with people defining their own truth, their own path - because that's what you are called to do too.


I just want to give you a warm look into the eye and a welcome. Know this meditation will give you way more than you can even imagine now.


You are daunted, not because you doubt this will work, but because you're afraid of your own power.


You needn't be afraid. When you follow your call, you don't lose your home, you find your home.


Many tears might flow as the Hour of Power Meditation lets you get tapped in and find the guidance that no person could ever give you. You will feel held, cared for, like you belong.


I want you to know that is true. You are held, cared for, and you belong. I deeply hope you gift yourself this meditation and homecoming. It is time.


Much love, aloha,


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