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The Hour of Power Meditation: For Embodied Leaders

The Hour of Power Meditation is a new, yummy meditation for intentional, embodied leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, CEOs and high performers.


The secret to my success is having a daily practice to tap into Source (Goddess, Divine) and into my guiding mechanism. I call this my "Hour of Power". Being tapped in, I feel feminine, divine and unstoppable. I see the exact steps from where I am to where I want to be. All I need to do is follow the guidance and enjoy the journey!


I have founded a Priestess Training, made over 4 million and impacted thousands of lives - all thanks to my Hour of Power. Best of all, this feels so good in my body.


After many years, I have been able to develop a meditation that lets you have your "Hour of Power": you feel sensual and sacred. You tap into your Source and guiding mechanism. You quantumleap to where you want to be.


Get it now, feel amazing, be tapped in, and your next level life and success is unavoidable.


Note: this meditation is unlike anything you know. It's fire, ask yourself if you're ready to hold this level of energy.


TODAY only €17

Normal Price €67

You save 75%


Start listening and manifesting within 2 minutes for only €17.


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Live In Magic And Abundance

🔥 Klara Adalena

✨ Priestess Coach

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Today marks the 6 year and 11 months anniversary of me starting my high ticket, online dating program for high achieving professionals that has grossed over 2.5 million euros.


I'm sitting at my desk looking around me at the abundance I manifested - home with a view, office in nature, new tantric friends, surftrips, renting a catamaran in the Caribbean - as well as the confidence, leadership, and impact. I manifested  nearly 3 million euro in the last 7 years alone but most importantly, the magic moments, and having just enrolled the first two women in my dream program: The Priestess Coach, with an Initiation Retreat in Crete.


All of this has happened, even though I am a scientist and priestess who 7 years ago knew everything about quantum mechanics and the sacred feminine but nothing about entrepreneurship, high performance, money nor success.


And when I think about it, it's all because the choices I made. Choosing to go into high ticket before the market got saturated. Choosing a top business coach. Choosing a business model that no one was using yet. Choosing to skip organic and go right into ads - against all advice. Choosing my Goddess oriented tagline and branding. Choosing when to rest and when to work long hours. Choosing the images for my ads - my first image alone made me over €150k. Choosing to get a team. Choosing to let go of the team.

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My very first image for my dating ads that went against all strategies - but made me over €150k

My choices have always been unusual. But why I trusted them 100%, was because of my


Hour of Power


The truth is, I had something special each day that tapped me right into the mystery, expanded my naturally good intuition, and gave me the exact next steps to take for my life and business.


I call it my Hour of Power.


It allowed me to make choices no one else was making, like founding one of the world's first Priestess Training programs back in 2004 and making it a success for 10 years straight - without ANY knowledge of  running a business (still a miracle how I did it).


Back in 2004, no one was doing Priestess stuff. Everyone said I was crazy. They said no one would come. They said I would make no money.


Instead, it became a big success, guaranteed my income for 10 years straight, started a movement and to this day is one of the best known spiritual training programs in Netherlands.


Without my Hour of Power, it wouldn't have happened .


Without my Hour of Power, I would have been cut short by my limiting beliefs.


Without my Hour of Power, I would have made the wrong choices and nibbed it in the bud.


As leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, high performers we walk a fine edge between success and failure.


Having my Hour of Power was an absolute lifesaver, making the impossible possible.


I'm not sharing this to brag.


I'm sharing this because I believe spiritual coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and high performers - YOU - are the future and I want you too to make the best possible decisions, opening new pathways no one would ever have thought of.


I didn't find my Hour of Power practice somewhere on internet. Nobody taught it to me. This was a deep, innate, wordless practice and it had to wait until the birth of polyvagal science until I could find words for it - and I'm so glad I have now turned my practice into a meditation I can share with you!


But I have a "warning" ⚠️


I'm not promising you any results of any kind.


This meditation is for coaches, trainers, leaders, CEOs and other high performers who are familar with their limiting beliefs, have worked on their trauma, and are not afraid of their feelings. For high achievers who are ready to go quantumleaping.


This meditation can help you FEEL the support, SEE the possibilities and GET the steps on a radical new level... but YOU will have to take the steps.


Your mind will protest, your ego will want to stay in control...


Following through to your greatness will bring up your biggest fears and deepest patterns.


You've got to accept this as normal.


There WILL be challenges, and there are no guarantees.




What I CAN guarantee...


is an epic opportunity to get a NEW meditation that lets you have a deep intimate experience with the divine, opens up untapped potential within you and gives you crystal clear, specific next steps to live and work on a whole new level of abundance and magic.


Which means you're literally going to...


Get the practice that allowed me to lead an extraordinary life, manifest the impossible, build 3 successful businesses, grow into a leader - all while following my calling.


Read on and I'll explain EVERYTHING.


And the good news is...


It's just 17 minutes per day!




Just seventeen minutes a day for even as little as 1 moon can create extraordinary results.


In less than 28 days you could create a shift in your life and business...


... that will then expand into the life and business of your deepest calling in the next 28 years.

What the Hour of Power has given me


🌹 When I have a great idea, never having to worry about the "How?!"

🌹 Founding one of the world's first Priestess Training programs when everyone else was still dreaming about it - positioning me as the goto leader

🌹 Going into high ticket back in 2017 when no one else was doing it yet - and the market was still easy to get into and facebook ads cheap

🌹 Overcoming deep seated insecurity and nervous system dysregulation created by trauma as a small girl

🌹 Working with one of the top online business coaches in the world in his high end mastermind - even as I was still starting out in online coaching

🌹 A house with view over the tulip fields, huge garden, waterside terrace and 5 minutes from the sea - because I trusted my guiding mechanism that told me the permanent living permit would come (and it did)

🌹 Attracting amazing soulmate clients who love me, support me and keep coming back for more

🌹 A deep, intimate relationship with Goddess

🌹 Gratefulness every day for the abundance and magic in my life and business


And it's all because at any moment I need it, I have this unique meditation which gets me tapped in to spurce and my guiding mechanism, melts my traumas and limitations and tells me the exact steps to my goals.


If right now you...

❌ feel you are plateauing - and expansion has stopped

❌  know a new direction is needed but not seeing the how

❌ are seeing a gap between where you are and where you want to be

❌ feel there's opportunities - but can't grasp them

❌ feel the old is dying - but don't see the new yet

❌ feel less inspired - as you are losing your connection to the divine


and you...


✅ desire to feel all inspired and tapped in

✅ can't wait to take all these opportunities and make them a success

✅ want to melt away your limitations

✅ want infallible guidance

✅ claim breakthroughs, next level success, and a life filled with magic and abundance


It will only take you 17 minutes per day, and all you need is a quiet space and a journal to write down your insights.

Get Tapped In, Melt Your Limitations & Live In Magic And Abundance


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

start listening and manifesting within 2 minutes
Normally this is €67, now it's €17


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

When you set an intention, the Hour of Power Meditation gives the how

Client Experience

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pure power

What Is the Hour Of Power Meditation?


The Hour of Power Meditation in a NEW meditation in 5 phases geared at successful, impactful women leaders that gets you tapped in, melts limitations, and brings you a life of abundance and magic.


When you set an intention, the Hour of Power Meditation gives the how.


It guides you in every choice you have to make.


I like to set an intention before I go to sleep, and then first thing in the morning is my Hour of Power. It's a yummy 17 minutes: mindchatter falls away, I feel held and met, my feminine energy awakens, and I connect with Goddess.


I have my journal next to me, and in the final phase my guiding mechanism is full on, I am fully tapped in, and the steps to my biggest goals simply show themselves and all I need to do is write them down.


I get into my day with focus and confidence, and also feeling gorgeously feminine and held. I perform the tasks I have written down, I take action upon the choices I made, and from there synchronicities and magic come to help me and manifest my dreams at an even higher level than I could have imagined.


The Hour of Power Meditation consists of 5 phases, that take you into higher states of awareness in an intimate, embodied and feminine way. Women are always surprised it feels so good.


A lot of experience, neurological science (especially polyvagal), as well as ancient healing wisdom went into bringing each of the 5 phases back to their essence.


This creates an easy to follow, natural experience where you enter higher states of awareness from a truly feminine, held and embodied place.


Women report being moved by the sacredness. They have deeper experiences with the divine than ever before, and come home to the earth and their body on a new level.


They are blown away by the clarity of the steps that come through, and rest in having a guiding mechanism that shows them the way.


They feel gorgeous and  life takes on new levels of magic and abundance.

What Makes This Different?


What makes this meditation radically different from anything you have done, is the simplicity behind it and my Priestess gift to open sacred dimensions.


Deep down, spirituality is simple. It's the mind that likes to make it complicated. But more complications, means more opportunities to hide.


The Hour of Power Meditation is so powerful because there is nothing to hide behind.


It brings you face to face with the essence - and activates your natural healing capacities, innate wisdom and connection to the divine.


Behind the scenes is a lot of experience, polyvagal science, and ancient wisdom. And my priestess gift to bring the sacred. You feel the depth of this meditation the moment you start to listen and drop in.

An Example


the catamaran I rented in the Caribbean


I had a dream of sailing the Atlantic for many years, but had kind of given up on it. Until I started asking amyself why I kept watching sailing channels on youtube. And then one day an impulse came, and my mind translated it as: "I want to buy a catamaran and sail the world!"


Now this created some huge "how" questions, because the kind of catamaran I want costs close to a million euros, I know boats mean a crazy amount of maintenance and I don't enjoy them, and I am happily living in my beautiful home with my cats and don't want to give that up... so how was I going to do this?


Yet, I trusted the steps would be shown - and they did.


First, rent a catamaran for a day in Hendaye, France, where I will be this summer.


Then, I knew what catamaran I wanted, the Excess 11.


Then, to rent an Excess 11 for 3 weeks in the Caribbean before buying.


Then, I saw the adjustment needed: there's no need to buy, I can simply rent a few weeks every year, in the Caribbean, Mediteranean, wherever I want!


From the dream being forgotten and giving up on, to seeming totally impossible, I actually found the way to have it exactly the way I wanted and it was totally within reach.


But that's not all. I am also enjoying more time on the water, picking up forgotten skills, making new sailing friends, and being lit up with the vibration of manifestation.


Which in turn inspires my clients and attracts new clients, giving my whole business an uplevel.


Which then flows into the businesses of my clients - the ripple just grows and grows.


This has happened in my life over and over - and just imagine a moment what it will mean for you and the ripples you can create to have this Hour of Power Meditation.

Why Me

The power of the Hour of Power Meditation lies in its simplicity and my talent as a priestess, and to get to that level in myself and in the form I had to go a long journey, melt my own limitations and access forgotten wisdom and new science.


Developing the Hour of Power Meditation took me 30 years of searching, studying, meditating, training, healing, transforming, expanding and developing.


I am trained in body oriented psychotherapy, a relationship coach, a Movement Medicine Dance facilitator, and a Vision Quest Guide.


I am also a Sat Nam Rasayan teacher (an ancient healing tradition from India) and spiritually connected to the priestesses of ancient Crete. You feel the depth of these lineages in this meditation.


The final missing piece though came recently,  with polyvagal theory and neuroscience. Understanding ventral states, vagal brake and HRV allowed me to share with others my deepest, most intimate and most powerful process: the Hour of Power.


Free Bonus Trainings


I have added to the meditation 5 trainings, one for each of the 5 phases. 15 Minute long, you get a glimpse of the science, wisdom and experience behind each phase.


If you're ready to invest this bit of extra time to listen, the meditation will be even more effective.


Plus, the trainings are incredibly uplifting and inspiring!


These trainings are gold in themselves and uplevel your thinking, life and business.


Valued at €250, I am adding them now for FREE.


Get tapped in, melt your limitations and start living in abundance and magic


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

start listening and manifesting within 2 minutes
Normally this is €67, now it's €17


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

What If Your Next Breakthrough Is Just 17 Minutes Away?

"Love It, Or 7-Day Money Back" Guarantee


I want you to feel really confident making this purchase. As high performers we are used to invest thousands of euros in ourselves, or even tens or hundreds of thousands. 7 Euro, or even 47 euro, is not much but still I want you to feel secure you are making a good decision.


If I were in your feet, I would be aware of the fact that I haven't yet heard the meditation, and it might not be my style. So I would want the opportunity to ask my money back without it creating any fuss.


That's why I am adding a no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee.

Meaning, if you decide within 7 days this is not your thing, you just need to send one simple email to me and I'll personally make sure you get your money back without any further ado.


Sounds fair?


You really have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!


It’s time to get clarity on the specific steps you need to make now and allow yourself the breakthrough that's been around the corner too long.


Start the Hour of Power Meditation today!


Who Is Klara Adalena?



Klara Adalena is a coach, mentor, entrepreneur, bestselling author, surfer and the founder of Priestess Coach - an international movement of soul led coaches, purposeful leaders, and bold mystics who feel called to serve, stand out, and bring extraordinary transformations - creating an ever growing ripple.


Klara has helped high achieving women come out of stuck in dating and their lives - to find their soulmate and life partner and take their life to a new level.


Klara's first book "Living In Bliss, the Path of The Priestess" published in Netherlands became a bestseller changing tens of thousands of lives. Her Priestess Training Program that ran from 2004- 2014 in Netherlands is still the benchmark for all things priestess.


Klara has made 3 businesses successful and generated over 4 million in revenue as a priestess and coach - which is totally unheard of. All her success was based on her blissful connection with the divine, her unusual choices and her daring confidence - which all came from the Hour of Power practice.

Get Tapped In, Soar Beyond Your Limitations & Live In Magic And Abundance

Still Have Questions? Check Out My FAQ...

I am already successful, is this also for me?


Yes! The Hour of Power Meditation is NEW and for spiritual coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs, high performers to prevent you from plateauing and tak you quantumleaping to a whole new level - whatever level you are at now.

What if I already have a meditation practice?


Congrats on already gifting yourself daily time for your practice. Most meditation are great at bringing you to a state of calm, but don't give you the answers to what are the next steps you can take today for growth and expansion. This meditation is NEW, specifically aimed at successful entrepreneurs, coaches , CEOs and other high performers and meant to take you beyond where you got stuck before.

If you have a desire for like a personal guru who you can ask anything, and getting crystal clear on the exact steps you need to take today to bigger impact, growth and expansion, you want to add this to your practice.

Can I do this meditation on the go?


I encourage you to make time for this, and find a quiet place where you can lie or sit down. As this is a new process, I encourage you the first times to do it in the quiet and safety of your own home.

But one you are used to this process, it can be done anywhere - women have done my meditations at home, in the doctor's waiting room, before holding their TED-talk, and waiting for their date! All you need is internet and your journal.

How long do I have access?


For one whole year, and when the meditation gets tweaked and updated, you will receive the most recent version. This is a meditation to make part of your daily practice for sustained, continued growth and expansion.

Is there a money-back guarantee?


Absolutely! You get a 7-day no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee. You can simply try this out, and if you're not happy for any reason at all, I'll give you 100% of your money back. Just simply email us at customer service.

PS and you will even get to keep the meditations, no fuss, that's how confident I am you will love this.

What is the investment?


Just a one-time payment of €67 (VAT may apply). And, do check this page if there's an even better price available now!

Are there any other costs?


VAT is the ONLY extra cost - and whether VAT is added depends on your location. This will be shown clearly on the payment page, after you hit the button. Apart from that: No small letters, no extra costs.

Get Tapped In, Soar Beyond Your Limitations & Live In Magic And Abundance


Get my NEW Hour of Power Meditation

Start listening and manifesting within 2 minutes for only €17


(before it goes up to €67)


Protected by my no-fuss-100%-money-back guarantee

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