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The Doors of the Mysteries Open Once Again

Documentary on 8 Women travelling into the rough mountains of Crete to be Initiated into the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine.

Price:  $ 15 in USA, E 12 plus VAT in Europe.
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Responses to Initiation:

“Just finished watching ~Initiation~ and I am speechless. Wow! Just Wow! Such beauty. Such Power. Such Numinosity.
“This is the story of what women everywhere seek and desire. In my opinion, ~Initiation~ is one of the most beautiful and equally important works of our time.”
Ffiona Wolf, North Carolina, Herbal Healer and Teacher at Stonewylde Herbs

“It is rare to meet someone like Klara, who keeps the doors to the Sacred Space so widely open.”
Regine Sessler, Germany, Holistic Life Coach

” I became part of this journey. A privilige. Touching and encouraging.”
Nienke Woudstra, Nederland

“Beautifully filmed. Intense. Loved it!”
Stephanie Oskarssons, Nederland, Psychologist at ‘Zorgeloos Leven’

“This is so powerful, so beautiful, and exactly what, I, myself have experienced during my initiation into the realm of Goddess on my vision quest many, many moons ago. If you are able to purchase it, I encourage you to do so, as it’s lovely beyond words.”
Leesa Wilson, Colorado, Editor and Founder at The Gypsy Priestess

The Journey of 8 Women being Initiated Into the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine

Documentary with Unique Footage of Sacred Rituals

In this intimate and inspiring documentary you see unique footage of Krista and her 7 sisters during two life-changing weeks in nature. You taste the powerful blend of nature and inner work used by the ancient priestesses and brought back to life by Klara. You share in the mystical experiences of Krista and her sisters, and you get impressions of this highly sacred Initiation ritual .You witness Krista move from doubt, fear, and self denial into joy, gratitude and power.  For you too, this journey may open a new phase in your life.

Klara Adalena offers a 2-year Spiritual Path. It starts with the Firekeeper Training, which trains you to become a firewoman or fireman at sweatlodges and other fire ceremonies. Highlight is the 16-Day Initiation Journey in Crete. Klara has done amazing work to retrieve wisdom of the ancient Priestesses on the Initiation Ritual, turning this journey with Klara into an unforgettable experience . These priestesses lived in Crete up till 1600 BCE in a harmonious culture honouring the Earth and the Goddess in her many forms. The Initiation Ritual was key to maintaining the love and harmony in the culture. It centers around the mystery of Death and Life. In this documentary you see the Doors of the Mystery open once again.


Initiation Ritual, Priestesses of Crete, Sacred Feminine, Vision Quest, Klara Adalena, Wilderness Rituals, Near Death Experience, Priestess Training, Mystery Ritual, Gaia

You Receive:           1 downloadable wmv video file (playable on mac, pc, and video player).
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Duration:                  44 min
Genre:                     Documentary
Language:                Dutch spoken with English Voice Over
Price:                      $ 15 in USA,  12 plus VAT in Europe
Delivery Time            start downloading within seconds


Please be aware that much love, dedication, passion, money and time went into the production of this video- I had to buy a whole new pc and software package to be able to do video editing for one, and filming this while also guiding the group was an intense, passionate and challenging experience for me as well as the group. I am offering it here at a low price to make it accessible for all, as i so deeply feel this work is meant to flow into the world. I hope that you fully enjoy these sacred images and give back to us by sharing this page with friends and supporting me and this work in any way that feels right to you. Thank you.


Q: How does buying work?

A:   You can securely pay with credit card, paypal, and even in Netherlands with IDeal. Upon completing your payment you will see the download link on your webpage and you can start downloading immediately. You will also receive an email with invoice and a second email containing -again- the download link.

Q: In case anything goes wrong or I do not understand the procedure, is there help?

A:   Yes, I know how daunting the web can be! I arranged for the professional support desk at Fastspring to support you.  They host the whole payment and download procedure  for my site so they know what they are talking about. In case you need help, send them an email at order@ Support is free!


Q: I live outside of USA or Europe, can I buy and what is my price?

A:   Yes, you can buy from around the globe. Click on the ‘buy’ button and the price will be shown in your local currency.


Q: Can I play this file on any mac, pc, or video player?

A:   Yes, and there is a but here: you do need a more or less recent video player or updated mac or pc. If your mac or pc is old, there is still a way for you to see it:  install the VLC mediaplayer (free), watch and enjoy!


Q: I am intrigued by this Initiation work, how can I join?

A:   In October 2015 I will offer a Vision Quest in Crete again. Booking is open.


Q: I am thinking of doing myself this Initiation with you, Klara. Won't watching the documentary spoil my own journey?

A:   No worries, I have walked that balance to show enough yet not too much. Also, this work is alive like you and me, and every journey follows the same matrix yet is different. Watching will open your horizon of what is possible, and very likely it will arouse your longing  🙂


Q: what is the difference between a Vision Quest and an Initiation?

A: a Vision Quest is a choice, an initiation is a grace. You can book your Vision Quest, and prepare yourself on many levels, and it will be an extremely meaningful experience. It will be life-changing, whatever happens. Whether an Initiation in the traditional sense will happen, is not in your or my hands. The women in the DVD had prepared themselves for a year under my guidance intending to ask for the Initiation. In 2014 I do not offer that kind of intense preparation guidance, as it feels the time has shifted so much and you can choose yourself how you prepare. I can tell you that the more you prepare, the more you will get out of it. Contact me if you want more info on this.

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