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I was 2 days in the high vibe of Devoted.. a live event with Eelco de Boer and Dolly Heuveling, two online gurus here in Netherlands. Freedom, impact, allowing yourself to make money…

I love action taking and going full out, and it was extra inspiring being here with my two new team members who will bring Unleash & Attract to single successful men.

Entrepreneurs are a special “race’, and here’s what I realized:

#1 Entrepreneurs are fast and dynamic

Entrepreneurs want to see results. Old school dating is way too slow for entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs need a new dating where they can see how they are getting closer to their goal, adjust rapidly if needed and reach the outcome of happy committed love quickly.

#2 Entrepreneurs know they are their business

Entrepreneurs understand deep down they are theis business, and it’s no surprise to them that in dating too, everything depends on how they show up. They WANT dating to be a mirror and a teacher that lets them grow into the best version of themselves!

#3 Entrepeneurs tend to set their bizz first and themselves and their private life on the tenth place

Yep, it was so apparent among these 600 people… there was also a lot of awareness on this issue, and an openness to get support to help them tackle this, for what is the freedom of having your own bizz worth if you keep denying yourself the things your soul craves?

#4 Entrepeneurs are at home on internet

Entrepreneurs get it that internet opens incredible opportunities for thier bizz… making it easy to follow that opportunities in dating are better than ever, and also that it’s way more profitable to have someone show this to you then to find it out yourself.

#5 An entrepreneur will never let anything put her bizz at risk

Yes, I am raising my hand here too… We ARE our business, and we will never go in a situation that could jeopardize that. We need a vision where bizz and relationship create a Win Win situation, or we will be self- sabotaging our own longing to find love.

#6 Entrepreneurs love freedom

The main reason we go into the crazy life of being an entrepreneur is that we desire freedom… we need a new vision for relationships too, one where commitment leads to MORE freedom, not less.

#7 We understand investments and mentoring

We have experienced again and again that everytime we invest in mentoring, profits raise – even, the bizz gets taken to the next level. We want that level of mentorship in dating too with a good ROI, seeing our investment come back first in happiness and presence, then in impact and euros, then in freedom and fulfillment.

#8 An entrepreneur knows that we need to take risks to get to our goal

Being an entrepreneur means making many mistakes – and being willing to pay for them too. After all, we know it’s gathering data and experience. If we had wanted guarantees, we would never have become an enrepreneur – and ultimately, we are our own guarantee: how we show up means the difference between failure and success

#9 Entrepeneurs know the mind alone will never get you there

It’s the heart, not the mind, that makes marketing effective and makes people buy from us. We get it that in dating too we need to learn how to surrender leadership to the heart, and we’re eager and excited for a great mentor to show the way.

#10 Connection is everything

Marketing is creating meaningful connections, and it’s only a small step to see that building a lifelong relationship with someone asks high level, authentic connection. No more tricks or shortcuts, no more controlling, but let’s meet from the heart and put all our cards on the table.

#11 The power of intention and vision

Clarity on intention is everything in your bizz… your impact goes as far as your vision allows… so yes, we get it that in dating, we do our mindset work and need someone to hold up a mirror and a guiding light.

# 12 We suffer when we’re stuck

An entrepreneur will stay up late, try a new campaign, do anything to get out of a slump. Being stuck in dating is excruciatingly painful, and many have given up on dating altogether simply to avoid the stuckness – and are keeping their nose in the wind for a new opportunity where they can take wise action and reach the goal of love, commitment and family along with their exciting bizz.

#13 We’re energy workers

Prospects become clients not because of your product, not because of your pitch, but because of the energy you radiate. How easy and fun will it be to have an approach to dating that is all about energy.

#14 We’re more in our masculine than our feminine

We’re strong, badass, fast… and sometimes, this is at the cost of our feminine more vulnerable side. We feel unfulfilled and there comes a point when bizz and success can no longer fill that gap. We’re looking to find ways to be more feminine, more vulnerable and aware we need some support here and can’t expect a partner to fill that gap for us.

#15 We know when we’re committed and get the right support, we can do anything

This is how my mom raised me, and I love working with women like this, and am on fire to mentor other entrepreneurs to bring this rockstar attitude to dating too! Opportunities are better than ever and again and again, I showed you van be with a soulmate in 8 dates or less.

Coming Thursday July4th 10 – 12.15 am Amsterdam time (9 am London, 4am Eastern) I will be giving a live webinar “Devoted Dating For Successful Single Entrepreneurs” especially for single successful entrepreneurs, welcome, here’s the joining link: 

I’m super excited to be bringing together my feminine and my entrepreneur here, and give you access to what you need as successful entrepreneur to make dating and relationships work in your life and lifestyle.

CU there,