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Who are you when everything falls away? What is this life we are given?

How would your life and work change if you knew? Here is your call to find out.

To survive, we all made choices against our soul that we would make differently if we had known then what we know now. This Rite of Passage is your chance to free your soul and live your life from a wider place. It reaches down into the reptile brain, where the blueprint of your life is stored and can be freed.

The core of our Vision Quest is three days and nights in the wild mountains of Crete under the bare sun and sparkling stars, fasting and praying, allowing yourself to be guided by the wind and spirit helpers to states of revelation and deep healing. Join us for the upcoming Vision Quest 7 – 20 October 2017 and come home to mother earth, yourself, meaning, love, truth and sacredness.

When in need of healing, a wounded animal withdraws into a still place in nature. To shed skin and free the new self a snake withdraws, and so does the caterpillar. The ancient shamans and priestesses understood this magic of nature and translated it into the Vision Quest.

The Vision Quest is a 3- step process where the soul is made free, wanders and grows, and is gently received back – the preliminal, liminal and postliminal phase. In this 14- Day program you receive both the time, tools and guidance to fly high and far, and to land gently and safely. Your pre- and postliminal days (before and after the time on the mountain) are essential parts of the experience, defining how high you fly and how far the effects will reach. Expect altered states of awareness where the soul reconnects to the ocean of life, and a thorough and safe holding of your journey. The landing determines the difference between a beautiful experience and a life change. Does the soul panick and the old self snap back? Or can the soul trust and allow the new self to be born? Questers unanimously agree that Klara holds space for soaring heights and real change.

What you will leave behind

  • your old self
  • fear and control
  • being run by circumstances
  • self-doubt and alienation

What you will experience

  • states of oneness and revelation
  • return to Mother Earth
  • initiation into the mysteries of life and death
  • knowing yourself and life

What you will return with

  • a more expansive place to live your life from
  • embodied knowledge of nature’s wisdom and the wisdom of your heart
  • inspiration, direction and empowerment
  • meaning, love, truth, and sacredness

In shamanic language, we say that you return with your totem guides at your side.
You become the medicine woman or man that you are meant to be, and whether you are a CEO, scientist, artist, healer or caretaker, you bring healing, alignment and empowerment where you go.
The depth of your sacrifice determines the wealth of your harvest.

The real question is not whether there is life after death. The real question is whether your are alive before death.   ~ Osho

This training consists of ancient tribal wisdom combined with state of the art psychological guidance. With 20 years of experience in shamanism, guiding Vision Quests and other rituals, and a practice in body oriented therapy, I am well equipped to bring you to the gateways into the unknown, ensure an experience informing your work and life choices, and ensure a safe return.


In shamanism we understand that we are all related. The change of wind, the whisper of a cricket or the call of an eagle, all are mirrors of your inner world and pointing you towards neglected parts of self. In one of my first quests many fears came up, and in my despair the trees reached out and I was given the key to tap into the support network of the trees. Science is now finding back that trees indeed are social beings supporting others. In your quest, you are sure to recover exactly that piece of lost knowledge that you will need for the next stage of your life and the evolution of your tribe.

Will you sing over your bones, drum on your heart, and chew on your illusions untill the juice comes out? Your life will never be the same.


For detailed information click HERE>>, or on the digital brochure (click on the photo with text to the right, or on tablet or phone beneath). Read on for a summary and details around registration and cancellation.

This Vision Quest is for you who is somehow feeling caught in the life you lead or the function you hold and is ready to move on to a life with more meaning, love, truth and sacredness. The mystery is that these can be found where we seek least: in ourselves and nature.


This exceptional training and ritual is for you who is somehow feeling caught in the life you lead or the function you hold and is ready to move on to more meaning, love, truth and sacredness. True change begins in nature.

Traditionally the Rite of Passage was done to mark and enable the journey into adulthood, into a new role in the community or into a new phase of your life. Also to mark the return to community life after being seriously ill, in war or other crisis situations. In general, any moment that you move into a new phase and need a new relation to your soul.

This could be moments like: finishing college, taking on a new job, marriage, becoming a mother/ father, knowing your old job doesn’t satisfy you anymore, receiving healing capacities, recovering from cancer, healing from rape, taking on a position of leadership, becoming an elder, emigrating, menopause, losing your inspiration, quitting a stressful function, retiring from being a policeman or other adrenaline raising job, etc. etc.

In our days, facing the ecological crisis, alienation from self and nature, social imbalance and fast changes, a Vision Quest has almost become a prerequisite to a sane and healthy life. Indeed, some would say that the level of insanity around us comes from the lack of Rites of Passage. Doing a Quest is taking full responsibility for what you can do to heal the world.

Whatever your situation is, the Vision Quest will mean that you can live your life from a place with more wild wisdom. Your life will start to mirror that inner abundance.


You book by clicking the green button. The system will guide you to transfer the fee through IDeal, Bancontant or credit card. You can choose to pay at once or in two installments. After booking you receive further information and you plan your intake session with Klara. At the end of the intake you decide together with Klara whether you both can support your participation in this ritual. When it is a no, all payment is refunded, so there is no risk. Available places are handed out in sequence of registration.


This full 3 day and night Vision Quest is embedded in a 14 day Program in October 2017, which is embedded in the Vision Quest Holding Program that runs from a month before until a month after, and can be extended to a maximum of a year before and after.

You receive shamanic teachings, soul shifts, psychological and existential insights, and initiations into the mysteries of life and mother earth. You shift to living your life and doing your work from a new place, with more meaning, love, truth and sacredness.


~  On the second day of the 14 Day program we enter sacred space, and we will hold the sacred space until halfway through the last day.

~  In the preliminal phase of the 14 -Day Program (before your time on the mountain)  you will be prepared on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to be able to surrender to the ritual space fully and safely. There will be teachings on using shamanic tools like Medicine Wheel, sacred space, voice, rattle and drum, trance, altered states of awareness, speaking with animals, connecting to spirits and totems, raising energy, fasting, and on safety and survival in the mountains. There will be basic knowledge of orienting yourself in the wilderness through understanding of geology, climate and astronomy, There will be a meeting-the-spirit-of-Crete ritual, 2 mini quests, 2 mirroring sessions, 3 wisdom circles and daily sunrise meditations. Throughout, Klara will hold space for your inner process.

~   For the liminal phase, you will be taken up with our jeeps to a high place of stunning beauty and power. You will be supported to find your own place of power on the mountain, and there will be a heart touching threshold ritual at sunrise opening you to the ritual space and the spirits of Crete. During your liminal alone time you will fast and be under the open sky. In basecamp we will be your living connection to the daily world. We will pray for you, hold rituals and stand guard. The return will be marked by a series of beautiful threshold rituals, starting at sunrise of your 4th quest day. The whole day of return will be spent in silence.

~  The postliminal phase is to ensure a soft landing for your soul and the germination of the seeds of change. It starts with the drive down the mountain, which we approach as a ritual  to give your soul time to travel with you. There will be a cleansing ritual in the sea, sharing your magic rituals, mirroring sessions, a shine your light ritual, a temple of the Goddess gratitude ritual, more wisdom circles, and daily sunrise rituals, The mirroring sessions will be recorded for you to listen back later. Throughout, Klara will hold space for your inner process.


~  The Basic Holding Program consists of an intake and Farewell Ceremony before the 14 Day Program, and an integration coaching session and Welcome Ceremony after. The Farewell and Welcome Ceremony are open to your relations and friends of the vision quest. You will be surprised and touched at the amount of love, support and generosity you receive as you step into your inner hero or heroine.

~  The Extended Holding Program is optional and flexible, and the fee is not included. You can adapt it to your needs. It reflects the traditional understanding that a quest takes a year to integrate into your life. It is to awaken respectively keep alive the inner sacred space, and to offer support and holding for the shifts that want to happen in your life. In it’s complete form it runs from a year before until a year after the Quest. You can choose from Sweatlodges, Open Vision Quest Events, coaching sessions and one Love is Space 2- Day Training. Together we make a plan that fits you during the intake.


~  The dates and times are: Farewell Ceremony ….., start 14- Day program on Saturday October 7th 2017 at 14.30 hr, ending Friday October 20th 20.00 hr, Welcoming Ceremony …… For the dates of the Sweatlodges and Open Vision Quest Events see the brochure or the calendar.

~  The location of the 14- Day Program is the south east side of beautiful Crete, still warm and dry in this season with average day temperature of 26 degree Celsius, night 20 degree, on average 1 rainy day in the whole of October and a sea temperature of 23 degrees (Source: Crete-Today). The south east side is relatively rural and you will be far from the tourist industry. When we go into the mountains for your quest you will see no people except an occasional shepherd.

~  Apart from the actual quest days and nights we stay in a small and quiet complex with seaview apartments for 1 or 2 persons. At night you hear the crickets and the waves. It is a 5 min hike down the cliffs to our private swimming beach with emerald blue water. Each apartment has a bathroom with shower, fridge, basic cooking facilities and a private terrace. Two local shops and 4 restaurants are a 5 min. drive or 30 min. walk, and beautiful nature hikes into the mountains start at our doorway.

~  All of the program is in nature. The sessions and rituals around the actual quest will be in various secluded and stunningly beautiful nature spots that we either reach through hiking or driving.

~  For the quest itself we drive high into pristine mountains, to about 1000 m height, the land of eagle and mountain goat where no paved roads and hardly any tourists come. I keep finding new quest areas so there will be a virgin spot waiting for you. We will spend one night together in basecamp, where you sleep under the stars or in a tent and we cook a last meal before your fasting starts. From there you will find your own place for your quest. There you will spend 3 times 24 hours alone, no tent, no food, only water, mattress, sleeping bag, a few clothes, your rattle or drum and mother nature.

~  The Farewell and Welcome Ceremonies are in Netherlands, the intake and integration session in Noordwijkerhout. If you live far away both the ceremonies and the sessions can be done online.

Living and sleeping on a hilltop under millions of stars or a fiery sun, the sky sometimes seems so close you could touch her. Eagles hover, bees hum, the wind whispers, and all guide you in mysterious ways.


~  Conditions for joining are that you are physically reasonably fit and can walk 1,5 hours on rough mountain tracks at slow pace with small daypack without difficulty. The mountains of Crete are steep and you can make challenging climbs if you wish, but this is not needed. Psychologically we ask that you are in a stable position in your life and do not use recreational drugs, nor smoke. During this program we ask you to refrain from alcohol.

~ The risk for participating in this solo nature ritual with fasting is completely your own. In the booking procedure you will sign a waiver to affirm you are aware of the risk and are taking full responsibility.


~  You book your own flight to Heraklion. From there you take a taxi or bus to our apartments. On the deadline for booking of July 22 we will know with certainty whether this training can happen, then we will give you a sign so you can book your travel.

~  Local transport is with rental cars, and you can choose to share in the driving. This has been arranged for you and you pay upon arrival. When we go high into the mountains for our quest the luggage will be brought up separately by a local farmer.

~  At the end of the intake session you receive information for the transfer and the pack list. This will include a shamanic rattle and optionally a drum.


~  When you consider booking, please schedule a phone call with Klara to chat about what you want in your life and whether this will fit for you. Book HERE>>


~  Please consider spending some extra time on Crete to connect to the soul and history of the island as well as offer yourself time to rest and prepare or integrate. Crete is a very beautiful island with lots to see and experience and still a much more relaxed pace of life. There are still many signs of the ancient Goddess cultures that ruled all over the earth between 8000 and 5000 years ago, In Crete they remained for some 1000 years longer, leaving a strong footprint and making this the ideal place to connect to your feminine lineage. We strongly recommend a visit to Knossos and the Archeological Museum, and can tip you some lesser known temple ruins giving you a taste of the sacred feminine cultures that lived here 4000 years ago. My experience is that people are eager to have a day or two extra before and after the program to relax, enjoy, explore, and prepare or integrate. If you wish to stay longer in the apartment, let us know upon booking and we can arrange that for you and give you addresses to rent a car.


You book asap, latest 22 July. Available places are handed out in sequence of booking. There is a 14 day cooling period. When you book after 22 July we cannot guarantee a place for you, and you let go of the 14 day cooling period.

Cancellation is free until the end of the intake session, meaning all that has been paid is refunded. Except when the intake is after 22 July, then the total sum minus E 200 is refunded, this is for the intake session and administration costs. Cancellation after the intake session and until 22 July implies a refund of the total sum minus E 200. After 22 July no refunds are possible, whatever the reason for cancellation. We strongly suggest that you book yourself both a travel and cancellation insurance. On most cancellation insurances you can also receive returns on your participation fee when the need for cancellation meets their criteria (tip: check their policy upon booking). The insurances can be booked along with your flight.


For detailed information click on the digital brochure near the top of this page, COMING SOON>>

Crete is waiting for you.  A warm welcome from my heart,

Klara Adalena

trainer and shamanic priestess

In a Vision Quest you allow Mother Nature to take you back into her arms. You learn to understand her language and surrender to her wisdom. You experience you were never separated. You start living from a place of renewed trust.


Look deep into nature and find yourself

Ik kwam uit bij mijn hart. Ik ontdekte vele diepere lagen… wauw! Ik zag nieuwe vormen van partnership professioneel en privé; ben mijn bedrijf zeer grondig aan het reorganiseren door alle inzichten én… kort na de quest wandelde de liefde binnen in mijn leven! Katrin van der Water

Trainer Coach, Passion for Work

Het was een onvergetelijke, innerlijke reis. Diep naar binnen. Ik vond de verbinding met Moeder Aarde die ik zocht. Een nieuwe laag van leven heeft zich geopend. Ik weet nu wat ik te doen heb en voel me gesteund. Klara, dank je wel voor al jouw aanreikingen en wijsheid. Marloes Verboom

Coach, Puur Jezelf Stilte Retraites

As you step through the gateway into the Quest your awareness shifts and widens. You sit under the bare sun and sleep under sparkling stars, you talk with the wind and drum with the moon. Gently yet pervasively silence sets upon you. Space abounds. You are guided by spirit helpers, animals and the wind. Your soul wakes up and chooses her path. Life follows.

Why Quest?


Choosing a Vision Quest means finding your compass in life. This takes you out of your ego and elevates you to that viewpoint found near death: everything about your life becomes clear and simple. You understand what it’s all about. And, this time, you can come back and go live it.

A Vision Quest brings you to the still place within. It cleanses your karma and connects you to Earth.

What is a Vision Quest?


A Vision Quest is a shamanic ritual where the quester withdraws into nature to reconnect to Earth and find wisdom and courage to live her or his destiny. It begins with preparation. You let go of layer after layer, opening yourself to connect to what is. Held within the field of the group you allow hidden parts of yourself to surface. This happens in meditations, day hikes and ceremonies in nature. During this part we stay in apartments next to the sea.


Then we drive up the mountain to make basecamp. You find your own spot on the mountain where you will be for 3 days and nights, on your own, no food, no company, no shelter. Just nature and you.  In a breathtaking threshold ritual at sunrise you enter the sacred world. Then you walk to your place and are on your own. Expect to be taken deeply into the mystery of life.


At the 4th sunrise you come back and are honored and welcomed in a profound threshold ceremony. We drive down to the sea and apartments. The remaining days are spent in sharings, mirrorings, meditations and more nature ceremonies. The nourishing waters from your experience start to flow. You bring awareness to the shifts, new horizons, and life messages you received. These sink in and become part of the very fabric of your soul.

Expect that the wealth of this experience will inform you for the rest of your life. A quest is your ultimate compass.

Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows.

~ Native American proverb

This is for you when


  • you want to unleash your full potential
  • you want to mark and empower the transition to a new life phase
  • you want to connect deeper to Mother Nature and all her beings
  • you are a leader and want to prepare for turbulent times
  • you want to find the compass of the sacred still space within
  • you knew straight away you had to do this one day


Is that you?

I pray for the gift of silence

of emptiness and solitude

where everything I touch

is turned into prayer

Andrew Harvey

3 Reasons to Quest with Me


  • Trust. Be inspired by my complete trust in Nature as our Teacher
  • Depth. Find depth in your life through the depth of the space I hold
  • Beauty. Be inspired and drench your thirst for beauty as I hold the Quest  in the utmost beauty, love and understanding


I’m committed to giving you an awesome experience on the quest. I have given a lot to deepen my skills and presence over the years, and the Quest itself has been esssential in my own development. I’m excited to be sharing that with you.


Not yet convinced? Click to read 10 more powerful things to expect


10 More Reasons

  • Rooted. Discover what being rooted really means as I am totally rooted in the land and history of Crete
  • Mutuality. Experience the new paradigm of mutual awakening and partnerhsip- I am steeped in it
  • Awakening. Move out of limiting patterns and awaken to the greater self supported by my psychotherapeutical and shamanic experience of twenty years
  • Dedication. Experience the beauty and power of dedication through my complete dedication to the quest and nature
  • Safety. Journey safely thanks to my thorough attention to safety and detail
  • Shamanic. Enter the world of nature spirits guided by my shamanic experience of over twenty years
  • Magic. Experience pure magic as you experience how I work with natural power places and temple ruins, using my in-depth knowledge of the land and of the time of power of each place
  • Flow. Bring flow in your life, thanks to my talent to unleash your life energy and deepen your presence
  • Insight. Discover the full wealth of your experience and soul through my unparallelled ‘mirrorings’
  • Warm& Fun.Enjoy the sense of clarity, warmth and fun which surrounds my work

In short, I feel you can count on all being in place for this amazing journey. Now it’s up to you. But do feel free to take an opportunity to get to know me better through one of my dance spaces, a skype session, or contact me through the contact from and check on what you still need to know.

Read about my background, experience and training

Embrace your Freedom.



Why Crete?


In Crete the  sacred is so present it comes to meet you more than half-way, making it easy to journey out of your mind into a wider space and connection. A quest is for most a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Nature in the foreground, and Crete offers you all you could wish with her raw primal beauty of secret gorges, lush orchards, wild forests, rough mountain tops, and of course the delightful Mediteranean.

Crete is the origin of the Eleusinian Mysteries, and this ancient mystery ritual will hold your Vision Quest, giving depth and a wider perspective.  The many temple ruins and sacred artifacts inspire our ceremonies and awaken your soul. These signs from the famous and inspiring Goddess culture, filled with beauty, balance and partnership, will be woven into the tapestry of your new life.

7 Reasons Why Crete is Perfect for your Quest


  • Dependable sunny and warm weather
  • The incredible raw yet sweet beauty of Crete
  • Having all the 4 elements present: Mountain, Sea, Wind and Sun
  • A safe country for a woman or man alone
  • A mixture of simple comfort and pristine nature
  • A stunningly beautiful private beach at 5 minutes from your apartment
  • The sacred almost tangibly present in gorges, valleys and mountain tops

Choose Your Life.

Go Ahead. Enjoy the Beauty.


Flip through these pictures and get to know the land where we quest, our beach, our apartments, our meditations, our fun, and witness women returning from their Quest.

More questions? Feel free to ask.

12 + 8 =

We sit together, the mountain and me

until only the mountain



Li Bai

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