Success, Awakening and the Journey of the Heart

Here it is.. An Effective 7 + 1 Step Process to Success that Fosters the Journey of the Heart

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As an awakening woman or man, you know that your business only thrives when it reflects and promotes your inner Goddess. Do you ever get that sense that you have to choose between the two sides of you, the journey of the heart and a successful life? And do you also sense how it is time to go beyond and fully live all the magic, power and love that is inside?

If so, you likely recognize that we are at a turning point, and that you could be opening a pathway for many- and so it is!

However, like many awakening women and men, you may feel daunted by the magnitude of finding that razor’s edge where the tension between work and awakening dissolves, and you long for clear steps that can guide you through.

Like many, you feel it is time to do something about the gap between all the magic, power and love you freed inside and what you are able to bring forth in your work and life.

For example, perhaps you:

  • sense you are not as inspired anymore, even though you are practicing the spiritual teachings and doing the work you love
  • find yourself coping at work in ways that don’t fully mirror your spiritual and personal development
  • catch yourself feeling limited at work, and seeing work time as time taken out of your life
  • feel yourself caught between the joy of using your talents at work and the joy of becoming a more full expression of the divine, and not seeing how to have both
  • find that even when you start your own classes and sessions, that doesn’t mean you are freed from dealing with deadlines, regulations and office work
  • sense an urgency because it feels like there is something else you should be doing
  • feel your heart is not as open as it can be
  • Are sometimes dreaming of quitting and withdrawing with your partner and kids into the wilderness, while you know that you wouldn’t be happy there either

If you’re having any of these, the good news is you are not alone. Most awakening beings encounter this at some stage; I see it in many of my students and friends, and it was certainly my experience before I decided it was enough and developed this 7 + 1 Step process.

Find that razor’s edge where the path to success and the path to awakening become one

Most of us have been investing in our personal and spiritual development out of a sense of discomfort with our lives, and though many trainings and retreats have enriched our lives vastly, the painful truth is that something of the original discomfort is still there!

Why is it that, in spite of all our talents, achievements and investments,  we still haven’t healed the split and are not yet fully whole and complete?

Most of us think that somehow it is our own fault, or else we think it is a lack of community, or the responsibility to bring in an income, or the kids, or partner, parents, society.. And though this may all have some truth to it, there is a deeper truth:

The split between daily life and spiritual development has never been really addressed.

The fact that you are still struggling to bring the two sides of life together, is not a personal issue, it is a cultural one. Our Western spiritual traditions has placed itself outside of our lives. That what should bring healing has become part of the problem. We have been looking at spiritual traditions from all over the world to solve this, but we haven’t realized fully enough that these were developed for a much more simple and slow-paced life and community. Beautiful and inspiring as many of these traditions are, they have not evolved with us to address the demanding lives and high level of separation that we carry.

One of Klara’s greatest powers is her ability to open new vista’s for you, from where life becomes a quantum leap more exciting, juicy and spacious.

It is an odd paradox that though in our time we invest so much in our personal and spiritual development, actually our connection to soul and spirit in our daily lives is less than in the generations before us. The urgency you are feeling to connect the two sides of you is a deep calling running through the veins of many, to heal again  what belongs together: the sacred and the humane, being and doing.

“There has been a dream of a land where life should be better and richer and fuller for every man and woman, with opportunity for each according to his or her ability and achievement.”
~James Truslow Adams

Our capacity to separate ourselves and rationalize has brought us more freedom and wealth than ever before. But the sacrifice of the inner separations we feel and the abuse of the earth and environment  is still growing, and starting to become intolerable for many.

This split has become so deep, it even runs through the personal and spiritual work we do to heal it. The teachers, fellow students, all of us find ourselves in this same blind spot. And so we heal much, but the restlessness and sense of urgency are not addressed.

When I realized this shocking situation, I had already been a spiritual teacher for twenty years. I knew that on the one hand yes, me too I had stepped into the trap. I realized: ‘What I need now, is a spiritual approach bringing me the tools to awaken to this blind spot.’  In that moment, the answer started to unfold.  I gradually realized I had been doing exactly the fore work that was needed to make that quantum leap now.  Resting on this,  and now that I understood what it was about, it was actually  not that hard to start cleaning the full depth of the wound, and quickly a renewed sense of spaciousness and purpose came. I could finally bring together the two sides of my life on the most fundamental level, and I felt right on track again, lit up, open, confident in my magic and connected to the whole.

How do you source this level of wholeness, magic, power and love?

I felt the urgency to share what I had found and developed this  7 + 1 Step process Success and Awakening just for that. It is rooted in the ancient Buddhist path, yet has a ‘bridge’ which will update the most challenging part of the road to the specific skills and challenges of our time. It contains very specific principles, practices and tools that support you to heal the deepest split of all and to join again the two sides of life and self, bringing wholeness, magic, power and love.

Join me in this exciting course and as you fast-track through these 7 + 1 Steps, you too will find that your are becoming complete and whole, living your magic on a day to day basis, and seeing yourself fully routed again to the top, lit up, heart-filled, and awake, transforming the world, a veritable expression of the divine and realizing your souls mission.

September is coming, the new season starts, make it YOUR time to fast-track with me, climbing out of a too small life and claiming the life that is yours. The course starts on September 1st.

About Klara Adalena

One of Klara’s greatest powers is her ability to open new vista’s for you, from where life becomes a quantum leap more exciting, juicy and spacious.

Klara has prioritized spiritual awakening for the past twenty years and has been running a successful spiritual training program on feminine power and magic. Klara feels now ready to share new insights on how to integrate the spiritual into a successful life. Klara taps from her wide experience both in psychotherapy and as a spiritual guide, supported by both spiritual wisdom and western research.  Klara’s background as Dr. in theoretical physics gives a clear and crisp structure contrasting beautifuly with her more intuitive style. Travel with Klara’s brilliant mind, be inspired by her warm presence, and receive wisdom through her keen eye. Here is a storehouse of insights and keys that will solve the split between success and awakening for good and expand your horizon both on your path to awakening and to success.

Klara: ‘In our eroded life, we have come to think awakening is meant to take you out of an active life. On the contrary, it was- and is- meant to bring being into a life of doing, and doing into a life of being.’


The Roots of Neshima School

Neshima is Hebrew
for breathing.
Neshama is Hebrew
for soul.

Neshima School is rooted in Klara’s deep honoring for soul and body, and her longing to balance this with the clarity of mind and spirit. It came forth out of over twenty years of teaching a spiritual program on feminine power and magic. In Neshima School you find online and live trainings that have one thing in common: it is about non-duality and tapping into the vast potential that opens up when we go beyond the ego tendencies of grasping, rejecting and desensitizing,

The beauty, love and creativity that are unleashed are amazing- just as well as the power to deal more effectively with the challenges of life.



An Invitation to You

There is a land beyond right doing or wrong doing. I will meet you there

There is immense power waiting in you, and it is the journey to go beyond your ego and to connect what has been separated that will unleash this power.  I am excited about stepping up to make myself available to support you on this journey. I know there is in this training such a collection of ancient wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, psychological insights, therapeutical experience, clear thinking, and soul waiting for you. The live interaction and practices will offer unique chances to do your work, a chance that would be hard to find elsewhere. And, in choosing to join you will contribute to the planting of trees, as 1% of the proceedings wil go to planting trees. Trees are the breath, the Neshima of our planet ♥

Are you ready to embark on this journey?


Buddha said: You ask me what meditation has given me? My answer is:  nothing. But ask me what it has taken from me: the fear of old age, anger, jealousy, feeling inferior, being judgmental, …’

Imagine joining in a cutting-edge 3 1/2 weeks immersion in journeying from ego to soul and beyond, and applying non-dual mystery teachings to break through confusions.  Over these 3 1/2 weeks, we will gather together online 8 times  followed by live Q and A to push the edges of our individual and collective potential. Additionally, there will be guided meditations and practices for you to build up or strengthen your meditation process, there will be inspirations and sharing and questions to move your practice, a virtual platform where you can meet the circle of people on this journey, a virtual meeting plaza where you can find someone to pratices the exercises for two,  and more.

Scroll down and discover what you will learn, find answers to frequently asked questions,  details, and how to book.

If you still have questions at the end, please do not hesitate to post your question. I hope from the depth of my heart that this course may be of service to you on your journey to go beyond ego and manifest success and awakening.


The impact of Neshima School
3- Week Immersion: ‘Going Beyond Ego’…

annette“Klara your personal feedback is spot on, and it has brought me to a key insight about my partner relationship. The door is now open to a new exciting phase in our relationship.”

~Annette Kalbfleisch, Psychotherapist, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Today’s time together was extraordinary! It was Wow, I mean just Wow! I have so much now to process, a big thank you Klara to all you brought and shared.”

~Ffiona Wolf, Coach and Herbalist, Asheboro, North Carolina, USA

“This circle has been a sanctuary to me. I have been able to witness two complexes of mine that I had been denying. Now I understand them, I know what has caused them and what they cause in turn. This leads me to understand myself and my life better.”

~Dora Derado, Painter & Student of Art History and English Language and Literature, Split, Croatia


“During this course I was able to totally break free from the loop with my mother and now, as she is in her nineties and going to an elderly home, the love between us can flow in abundance.”

~Bep Ruting, Project and Change Management and Trainer, Amsterdam, Netherlands


“In the Neshima School I felt held in sacred space. An incredibly powerful experience and it enabled me to face some deeper issues that have been with me for a long time. I feel myself thoroughly nourished, wide open to life, and ready to fly!”

~Regine Sessler, Coach and PhytoKinesiologist, Kieselbronn, Germany


“For me Neshima School has been an opportunity to look afresh at my marriage of forty years. I found new openings to get out of the thoughts, convictions, judgments, irritations and expectations and to be fresh with an open heart. We are  immersed again in each other’s love.”

~Anneke Verel, Teacher Chineng Qi Gong, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands


“Thanks to Klara and this training I went beyond cravings to be seen or confirmed. I cleared the muddy waters inside and can now be happy and fulfilled with the love flowing from within.  I honour Klara’s wisdom and how she shares it with me and others.”

~Gabriele, Germany

“I am incredibly grateful for this Neshima School and I feel really held by you Klara and the circle. I had never expected that an online training could give me this experience of being held, but it really does!!!!”

~Larisa Snieder, Textile Artist, Alblasserdam, Netherlands

“I see the change the Neshima School Immersion brings me every day: my ego becomes stronger, my connection to my soul becomes stronger, and there is more balance between the two. It brings me a great sense of happiness and aliveness.”

~Jessica Jetten,  Painter and Trainer at Liberation through Arts, Nuenen, Netherlands


“Wow, it’s been such a beautiful, full and intense journey. It is supporting me to actually stop my mind chatter and I am having these precious moments with my partner now, in nature and totally present. Fulfilled. I feel very grateful for this journey. Thank you very much, Klara, for your wisdom, patience and loving attention.”

~Marloes Verboom, Trainer and Coach, Andalusia, Spain


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What You’ll Learn…


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Module 1: Recognizing the Call

Awakening to a More Full Expression to What it Means to be Human, on Inner and Outer Levels

  • Honoring your call, and the power that it holds to break through glass ceilings and separations
  • Why going for the impossible is a gift to self, community and world and furthers our evolution as a species
  • Facing and naming why joining success and awakening has been so hard up till now
  • A radical new view on what success is, and what awakening is, which brings understanding to the double role of ego as both pillar and obstruction, and how to move beyond that duality
  • How in this new view the journey to success is in harmony with your body, soul and earth
  • Facing and naming the collective wound, and how your calling to join success and awakening is part of a wider call for healing and wholeness
  • Why Buddhist teachings take us further and the bridge that is needed to apply it to our time
  • Connecting to the life that is waiting for you: lit up, receiving recognition, being wealthy and sharing your love
  • The threshold to a more expanded life and calling in all your capacities


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Module 2: Awakening into the World

  Awakening without Escaping

  • Why awakening now is different from 200 years ago, and what this means for the path to awakening
  • Getting to know the hidden layers of reality, and how spaciousness contributes both to success and awakening
  • Why staying ignorant of a large part of your potential is such a stubborn feature, and how to go beyond
  • How to create intermediate ground and how to use it to deal with inner resistances
  • A new vision on ego and soul enabling you to not be hindered by the double role of ego, and how it opens the doorway to heal the basic split
  • Expanding to a new type of communication that includes everything you know but couldn’t say before
  • How to become more spacious with life, and why that is key to both success and awakening
  • How to walk that razor’s edge of taking without grasping, saying no without rejecting, and letting pass by without desensitizing, and how this lifts you to a new level of awakening, success, energy and life


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Module 3: New Light on the Paradoxical Ego

An Integrated Approach to Ego and Success and Why Going Beyond Ego Doesn’t Mean What You Think

  • The 5 levels on which the ego tendencies of grasping, rejecting and desensitizing work, and why these obstruct both success and awakening
  • Why it is so hard to break through these 5 layers and how knowledge helps to make meditation more effective for that
  • Why the dream of success is more than a dream, how it became accessible to all, and facing the shadow
  • Recognizing how desensitized distraction acts in you, and how to free yourself so you can respond with agility and grace to whatever life brings
  • Recognizing how egocentric self-absorption acts in you, and how to free yourself to make more fully use of your leadership skills and your ability to make life hum
  • Recognizing how spiritual bypassing is active in you, and finding how that frees your ability to create miracles and to cocreate with life
  • Why to expect backlash from the ego, and how to go on without rejecting the ego
  • Why the sphere you could imagine for yourself ten years ago is still holding you, and how to go beyond


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Module 4: The Infinite Space at Your Core

Meditation Practices that Change How You Live

  • Ego, soul and infinite, the 3 dimensions of self, and how to find space in our tightly packed world
  • Why your ego would fill the space even when you were on a mountain top, and how meditation can bring real freedom
  • The nondual nature of reality, what it tells you about how to meditate and why that is a lesson for life
  • How you ego builds its own cage over and over,  how to  leave the cage, and holding the resulting thrill and energy
  • How to move beyond the dilemma of discipline and resistance
  • The 2 essential keys to sitting meditations
  • 3 Commonly held confusions about meditation, and how going beyond makes meditation juicy and exciting
  • Why meditation alone is not enough, and how movement meditation helps to bridge meditation to real life
  • The 2 sets of awakened skills, how they follow from meditation, and how they are both means and effect on the dual path to success and awakening


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Module 5: Divine, Worldly and Humane Self-Realization

Lifting Yourself and Your Life to Another Energy Level, and How this Triples Your Income

  • The emerging perspective that we work to awaken, why the old motivations hinder now, and how to release them
  • The 3 dimensions of our goal in life, how you are not meant to choose but align, and the super plus bonus that follows
  • How the divine becomes worldly, the worldly humane, and the humane becomes divine
  • Through grasping too quick we aim too small, and how success follows when you grow beyond
  • Vision Quest, how to find and evolve your unique magic, and celebrating the deep fulfillment and joy as you work with it
  • The gift of a unique place life is holding for you, how to find it, and how to surrender without losing freedom
  • Opening the heart, why it is meant to break, and how to hold the pain and find the greater juice
  • Holding space for the divine, worldly and humane to connect, and finding that place of gratitude to receive the abundance and income readying to flow your way


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Module 6: Awakened Successful Leadership

The Ego, Soul and Infinite of Business

  • Why you are a leader, and how you can co-create the future through any position within a company
  • What existing models on leadership miss, opening your eyes to the hidden dimensions of business, and how to include them
  • How to lead from the emerging future, and how to learn from the past without being tied to it
  • 3 Keys to turn you into an awakened successful leader, and how to use them
  • How to hold space to tap into the hidden potential of a company, and how this gives lightning fast response to changing situations
  • How to use the keys to deal with resistances, and to create a culture around you of success and awakening
  • Where and how to start introducing awakened successful leadership
  • New ways of reducing your environmental impact, and why they will take you further
  • Why and how ceremonies can support your company to be more successful, and how to introduce them
  • Celebrating that you and the company you are on your way to more success, in alignment with your highest ideals


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Module 7: Relationships, Power, Money and Passion

How to Deal with Some of the Most Provoking Issues in the Realm of Success

  • How to stay true to your high ideals when given access to money, power, passion, challenging relationships and other triggers
  • Why the stakes get higher all the time, and how to walk the razor’s edge between losing all and winning all
  • Navigating the traps and how to create relationships that support awakening and success
  • How you can hold authentic power in a way that empowers everyone around you
  •  Why money means expansion, and how to ensure that inner expansion balances outer
  • Understanding passion, how to find that razor’s edge where it doesn’t consume you but lits you up, and how to balance passion with a fulfilling private life
  • Celebrating that you now have expanded your ground and your horizon, removed barricades, received the keys, and are ready to step onto the dual path of success and awakening


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Module 7 + 1: Becoming Visible and Calling In Synchronicities and Magic

 Begin it Now

  • Why 7 + 1, how to find that first action that sets it all into motion- and that you will actually go and do
  • Calling in all the synchroncities and magic that are waiting to support you
  • Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it and activates synchronicities even further
  • Why small actions make you grow exponentially, and will always win from big actions
  • Make it specific, visible, and tangible, and set a timeframe of maximum a week
  • How to recognize the last minute saboteurs, and how not to be sidetracked
  • Why success and awakening are a path,  what that means in terms of nourishing yourself, and how to create a supportive peer group
  • Where to find ongoing support from Klara and the Neshima School that will evolve with you as you evolve
  • Celebrate the threshold, then begin and go your path


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Guest Faculty Workshop:

3 Pitfalls when Joining Awakening with Success- and How to Go Beyond
with  Tim Freke

tim freke

How do you move from knowing what awakening is to having it be a lived reality?  Tim Freke, well known author of 30 books on many of the worlds leading religions and especially well known for his bestseller Jesus and the Lost Goddess, shows thousands of people the way through his inspiring books and workshops, and we are excited to offer you here his light in the question of joining awakening and success.

Tim is the standup philosopher – a concept he developed from the ancient idea of a philosopher as a travelling ‘spiritual entertainer’ who transformed people’s consciousness. He is pioneering an accessible new way to experience a profound spiritual awakening, which fully embraces our tender, vulnerable, flawed humanity. He has spent his life exploring the awakened state he often simply calls the ‘mystery experience’ and is able to guide others directly to it. Tim is well known for his bestsellers  Jesus and the Lost Goddess and The Jesus Mysteries.




world circleQ: What is an online or virtual course?

A: Online or virtual courses are courses in which we meet through internet and telephone. In this course, people gather from all over the world in a virtual learning community facilitated, sparked and guided by Klara Adalena. In virtual courses the opportunties and forms for learning are very similar to other courses: there are lectures, Q and A sessions, personal and content oriented exchanges, and there is a community that is holding you. In this course with Klara there will also be daily moments of inspiration, suggestions for practice as well as holding the space for some of the core practices, and guided meditations. The power of an online course is similar to any other course, and people are often surprised that the sense of connection and community are so strong. A very beautiful thing of online courses is that you get a community that spans the globe, inspiring!

Q: When does the course begin?

A: On Monday September 1st 2014 there will be the Kick-Off, including the Course Orientation and the first Course Session. For more details scroll down to the section: ‘What You’ll Receive’.

Q: What if I miss a class or are unable to attend a course session live?

A: All of the course sessions and meditations are available from within hours after the live session and during the full time of the course. You will get access to downloading the sessions and meditations, so you can check back with this rich resource as your live evolves. If you can’t make it to the live Q and A, you can post your question to Klara beforehand. All the details will be sent to you beforehand, and we will run through them again live during the Course Orientation. One of Klara’s assets is how she holds the circle, and you can count on feeling strongly held and part of the community.

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: Basically, all you need is a computer with internet connection. If you also have phone or skype, that’s great, that will enable you to ask your questions while we are live. If not, you can still partake in the Q and A sessions and send in your questions written. All the details on how it works will be sent to you and we will run them through again during Course Orientation. Millions have opened up to virtual courses before you, so welcome to the crowd ♥

Q: I prefer to read this information in another language, is that possible?
A: Yes, instant translation is possible: for pc, right click on this page, and choose the option: translate into …. (your own language will appear here). Click and done!


About Klara Adalena

klara mrt 09 1 web

Klara Adalena is a pioneer in the emerging field of the integration of spirituality, psychology and science and a leading voice in the movement for spiritual sustainable and social living. Klara offers spiritual teachings and connection to the soul and divine to a growing community that started out in Netherlands and now spans over 15 countries around the world.

Klara offers introductory and advanced courses, and is much loved for her spiritual journeys to Sacred Places like Avalon, Greece and Egypt. Klara has worked with thousands of people who all attest to the transforming power of her work. Klara has that ‘something’ that touches you deep even when nothing is said. With Klara you will dive in deeper and come through transformed and enriched. People come to Klara who are authentic, willing to step out of their comfortzone and eager to take all their learnings into the world to create spiritual, social and sustainable living. The Sacred Feminine is a great inspiration for Klara, and that subtle yet radical energy can be felt throughout her work.

Klara’s heart is very much with the Earth, and in starting the Neshima School Klara has stepped up to support each of us involved in conscious living to become even more available to the work that needs to be done. Klara has a doctorate in theoretical physics and is trained and highly experienced in psychotherapy, shamanism and conscious freeform dance. Yet Klara combines this with an intuitive approach, making complex ideas easily accessible. Klara has a humble spirit, ever feeling a student of life open to what wants to emerge . Klara brings her pioneering spirit, a clear scientific mind, a warm heart and inspiring soul to the field of spirituality and conscious living and working.

Klara is acknowledged in Netherlands as a leading spiritual teacher and is enjoying the process of opening up to the rest of the world.


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What You’ll Receive:


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klara zon kreta 13 A breed web

Eight 60-minute Live Audio Course Sessions with Klara Adalena

In the virtual seminars with Klara, you’ll discover the inspiring principles and practices of going beyond ego and walking that unique path where success and awakening become one. Your connection to soul will deepen through Klara’s presence. Each session will open up new horizons of what the world and your life can be, supporting you in making the next step in your process to move beyond ego and towards soulful and successful life and work. Each session will contain a miniature ceremony to allow your system to align to your new potential.

Course Sessions are at Mondays Sept. 1, 8, 15 and 22,  and on Thursdays Sept. 4, 11, 18 and 25.

The starting times are always 5.30 pm Amsterdam (CEST) , that is 11.30 am New York (EDT), and 8.30 am San Francisco. For other time zones, click here. The sessions last 60 minutes.

All Course Session will be recorded and as the course unfolds you will have unlimited access to them online, during all the remaining days of the course.  You can also download the Course Sessions to your computer, tablet or phone, meaning they become yours to use at any time you want, so you can get back to them as your life evolves. The Course Sessions are packed and deep, so expect on later hearings to hear many new revelations.


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Seven 25-minutes Live Q&A Sessions with Klara Adalena

In live Q&A Sessions, Klara will answer your questions about the course material and how to apply it to your life. This is a unique chance to directly put your question to Klara and enjoy her clear and original thinking, and to open up in her warm inspiring presence. In addition to that, you can listen and experience the exchange between Klara and others, and often others ask the question that for you was just starting to emerge. Altogether these Q&A Sessions will deepen your understanding of the ego and how to move beyond, and of how to apply this to your life to attain creative, soulful and successful living and work.

Live Q&A Sessions will take place after the first seven Course Sessions with Klara. After the Course Session ends, there will be a 5-minute break allowing you to get a drink, allow the teachings to sink in, and questions to surface. Then there will be the 25 minute Q&A Session.

The Q&A Sessions are also recorded, and as the Course evolves, you will have unlimited access to these at your convenience, for the remaining duration of the Course. The recordings of these sessions will also be yours to download and keep, so you can get back to Klara’s answers whenever a similar question arises in your life. You can play them on computer, tablet or phone.


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med nature

Five Guided Meditations, Conscious Movement Explorations, Enquiries and Practices with Klara Adalena in a Virtual Meditation and Practice Circle

In addition to the Live Course Session and the Live Q&A Sessions, Klara will offer 5 guided Meditations, Conscious Movement Explorations, Enquiries and Practices, all created specifically to support you as you Fast-Track through this 31/2 Week Course on Success and Awakening. Together with the teachings in the Course Session these will be the basic building blocks of your own practice foundation on which you can build your life beyond ego, with creative soulful relationships and work.

During the Course, there will be designated practice times, which will create a strong field holding you as you journey in your meditation, movement, and enquiry practice. There will be five designated time slots, thereby accommodating time zones across the world. Of course, if it need be or if you prefer, you can also practice at other times. The recordings will be ma de available one by one, and wil then be accessible all the time during the Course, and you can download them during the course so they will be yours to use forever and whenever.


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Access to our Exclusive Online Community Circle

Engage online with other course participants in this inspiring soulful learning community. As you are on this journey, you will be meeting and connecting with kindred spirits, and you are invited to share your insights and breakthroughs and challenges, thereby giving a tremendous boost to your process towards going beyond ego and living a creative soulful life. Our collective engagement in this deep transformative work with Klara creates momentum, and you will feel it building during the Course. The deeper you engage, the more you may expect to get out of this shared journey.

Our Community Circle will be held by a closed Facebook group, moderated by a team led by Klara. After each session Klara will offer calling questions and enquiries through this medium, guaranteeing a lively and fruitful exchange.


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Two 4-2

Meeting Place to find Partners to Practice the Enquiries

There will be a virtual Meeting Place, where you can go to find a partner to practice the enquiries that you will be given during the Course Sessions. The enquiries are powerful tools opening you up to new levels of functioning. Having a supportive witness as you enquire greatly enhances what you get out of it. Questions that come up during the practice you can then put to Klara in the Q&A Sessions.

This Virtual Meeting Place will be facilitated through Facebook.


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FREE BONUS: Livestream Video Flashes with Klara

Together the Live Course Session, Live Q&A Sessions, Guided Meditations, Community Circle and Meeting Place will give you a thorough holding to move forward on your journey going beyond ego. As a Free Bonus, Klara will connect with you through live video streaming in 1 to 10 minute Flashes. The content and time of these will be a surprise. If possible, you will receive notice of them a few hours ahead. Of course being present live at these surprises is fun and inspiring, but if you cannot make the time, or miss the announcement, you can still enjoy them at any time during the course. These Video Flashes will not be made available for download.


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Optional Add-On: Private Session with Klara

What would be a bigger boost to your journey to go beyond ego then to reflect with Klara on how you and your ego are functioning, and within the space Klara holds to bring awareness to the more elusive twitches and tricks of your ego?

As an add-on to the Course, there are a limited amount of private sessions with Klara available. You will need skype and a webcam for these. To book this add-on, book your course, and if it still is available, in the booking procedure you will be given the option to also book a session with Klara of 60 minutes for the price of E 80. These are available on a limited scale, so be sure to book quick.



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7 + 1 Steps
to set you off on
the Dual Path of
Success & Awakening

begins  Sept 1st

Two options to book your course:

Full access inc. downloads: € 250
Full access inc. downloads plus private session: € 330

1% of all proceedings go to planting trees in Rainforest and Netherlands

Eventbrite - Success and Awakening



Note: Price in dollars: Approximately $ 340 resp. $ 450

Terms and Conditions


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