The Missing Link to Moving Beyond Ego

Join Me for my Global Online FREE Seminar “The Missing Link to Moving Beyond Ego” .

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How to Move Beyond Ego

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Dear beautiful you, are you looking to move beyond ego and how to access that plane in your daily life?

I offer this FREE Global Online Seminar where you will move beyond ego and obtain vistas how you can access that plane in your daily life. People who work with me keep being surprised at the depth I offer, saying it surpasses anything they experienced before. Here is a chance to experience it for yourself for FREE!

* Become free of your triggers
* See through illusions and myths of our time
* Develop your own living connection to source
* Live in alignment with the new global awakenings

Join me in my FREE Global Online Seminar as I share why you didn’t reach this level of awakening yet- and how you can now. I am sharing this for FREE and online to make it accessible to as many as possible- because I believe in this work ♥

The Missing Link

Do you sense there has to be a more direct way towards spiritual awakening? I will share in my upcoming global event about the radical shift that becomes possible when we learn about the missing link to spiritual freedom  that I call “the Meeting Ground”.

The unique process I’ll be sharing in this seminar has grown out of more than twenty years of deep enquiry and has already helped thousands of people move to previously inaccessible depth of spiritual awakening.

The missing key to going beyond ego and fully becoming the one you can be is that besides your ego and your divine self there is something else that I started to call: “the Meeting Ground”. I have been working with this for many years now, and again and again people tell me how effective it is for them to truly be who they can be, acting effectively, lovingly, and in connection.


Feedback on Klara’s work


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“I thought I knew all about my ego and its tricks. Yet, the way Klara built up the program, together with her free spirit and confronting yet loving enquiry, I came to new doors. Now I truly went beyond ego and took up my authority.”

~Bep Ruting, Project and Change Management and Trainer, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Join Us on May 13th

This FREE global livestream event will be held Tuesday 13 May 17.30 hr Amsterdam time (Middle Europe). Duration 75 min.

That’s 8.30am Pacific and 11.30am  Eastern US. To find your local time at other locations, use our super easy Time Zone Converter.

If you can’t make the time, don’t worry, book and you can watch later.

Make sure to book this FREE seminar, in which I’ll share with you a simple step-by-step process that will enable you to step beyond the confines of the ego and into the proactive expansiveness of “a mutual interactive relationship to life”.

Tip: upon booking you receive your promo code worth $ 50 for my upcoming Global  Online 3 Week Immersion. Valid up until the day of this Seminar. Read more about this exciting Immersion Course here.


Why I offer this for free

I offer this for free because I want to give you access to this. One of the trees in my garden this year cannot get it’s leaves out anymore.  What are we without trees? For me this was the push to take another step beyond my too small self. For I know my offer will mean a radical shift in your life towards becoming an agent for change love and joy. I am reaching out to let you know this opportunity is here and it will make a difference.

Out of love for the trees and yourself, join me on this journey on May 13th.

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What you’ll learn

The missing link gives access to a previously invisible set of extra capacities, enabling us to begin to create the extraordinary life and world we all sense is possible.

For example, you’ll learn to :

  • Become free of your triggers
  • See through illusions and myths of our time
  • Develop your own living connection to source
  • Live in alignment with the new global awakenings

And much more!

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