Sacred Connection Training

Be the connection to the sacred. Hold space for life. Tend the fire at the heart of creation. Bless the waters. Clear the air and sing, dance, love the world into the new time! The word genie or genius originally meant the guiding spirit or tutelary deity of a person, family (gens), or place (genius loci).  In this training you learn to tap into this resource, to become the connection to the sacred, and guide your projects and circle of loved ones into the new time.

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. ~Albert Einstein

This Sacred Connection Training is a new form of the Moon Priestess training, updated to the shifts and emergences happening around and in us. This prepares women ánd men for your role in our rapidly changing time. The concept is that during a period of 3 months you dive into one element- fire, water, air, earth or ether- and that aspect of this work. It will be deep and intense training, and then you become certified to start working in that area right away. As you work and share you go beyond your focus on ‘me and myself’ and your path accelerates. When you are ready, you can choose to widen your skills and development and start training with one of the other elements.

Fire: FireKeeper Training March 2015. Learn MORE>>

Ether: Sacred Space Training Sept 2015. Learn MORE>>

You are the fire of the Gods, the breath of the Wind,
the hope of our children. The time is now, gift the world the greatest gift you can give: You

Morgaine le Fay on Priestessing

In the Mists of Avalon, author Marion Bradley has Morgaine le Fay say the following on what priestessing really is about:

” Without her, destruction and chaos would prevail. And so began my initiation into the secrets of Avalon, a path that would lead me to become a priestess of the ancient religion. Gradually, I began to look upon the Great Mother as my own mother, and the mother of the earth itself.

“But there was more to becoming a priestess than acquiring knowledge; there was also the task of acquiring power over every element, one by one. ”

A genius reminds us of the mystery at the core of creation- for she or he brings something original, of great value to the community, yet it clearly does not come from power, intelligence, physical wealth or another visible source.

And so it is for your training too! In this path you journey with the paradoxical, nondual essence of life  within the holding of the sacred feminine. A path for women and men. For your heart. For your soul. For your community.


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What you will learn:


The sacred firekeeper is holding the space for the fire at the core of creation.  Free passion, enthusiasm and surrender

Become a firekeeper at sweatlodges and other ceremonies

Start 26 March 2015. Details  and Booking HERE>>

Water: WellKeeper

The sacred wellkeeper is holding the space for the waters that are the blood of life. Free emotions, feelings, and raw life energy, bringing heart, intimacy, juice, joy, wellness and meaning

Become a facilitator of red tents, men’s groups, peer bonding groups etc.

Air: StoryKeeper

The sacred storykeeper is holding the space for the wind to whisper of dreams and truths. Create magic and connection and clarify mission, vision and path

Become a storyteller, visionary and guide for guided visualizations and trance journeys


The sacred earthkeeper is holding the space for the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Align with earth and moon energies, seasons, and communicate with trees, totems etc.

Become a guide for earth and tree meditations, festivals of the year ceremonies and inspirator for sustainable production

Ether: SpaceKeeper

The sacred spacekeeper is holding the space for the invisible that separates, connects and surrounds. Create sacred spaces for transformation to higher levels of consciousness

Become a space holder


The sacred moonkeeper is holding the space for the original sound that reverberates through all of life. Call back the soul, give her voice and translate her messages

Become a healer/ musician/drummer/dancer and guide full and new moon ceremonies

Sun: SourceKeeper

The sacred sourcekeeper holds the space for the light that illuminates essence. Call in the divine, open up new sources of energy, own your sacred sexuality, and explore the mystical principles

Become an initiator


The sacred starkeeper becomes not different from that what is being held. Free the self through knowing and being the paradoxical nature of existence

Become a mystic, healer and opener of gateways


The sacred wavekeeper holds the space for the tides that spiral all of creation to higher awareness . Raise energy, tune in to the wave, and facilitate the group to ride it. Weave all the Keeper roles together

Become a ceremonial guide, a guide at rites of passage and other magical ceremonies, and facilitator of group processes that include the spiritual


A mystic experience in the mountains to complete your initiation into nonduality and the mysteries of the sacred feminine

The 7 Basics

Throughout each module run the 7 basics:
nonduality * sacred feminine * new center * new  roots * new relationships * new wings * new flame



A message from Morgaine le Fay

…And listen to Jeff Brown, voice of the emerging integral spirituality

Whether or not non-duality is the ultimate goal, what is clear is that we are all dualists at this stage of human development. We may step into a unified field for a period of time, but sustainable transformation demands that we come back down into the dualities to both celebrate them and work them through. The problem does not lie in the dualities themselves- for we are surely in them for a reason- but in our inability to learn the lessons at their heart. Pretending we are not fragmented does not make us whole. It is only through a growing interface with our real-life experiences and challenges- the School of Heart Knocks- that we can evolve towards a deeper spiritual life. I want to taste from the unity tree with my mind, body and spirit, not by floating away from my selfhood and calling that spirituality. Lets show up for all of it, and call THAT spirituality.

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How it works:

The new form is a totally new concept of learning and teaching, rooted in both ancient traditions and the emerging integral approach to spirituality, life and work. It’s all about the heart and waking up INTO the world. Enter a world where we support each other and ourselves with unprecendented, unconditional commitment.

After ten years of teaching Moon Priestess Training Program, I was able to break the skills and functions apart that together form  the intricate, subtle yet powerful art of priestessing. I saw how they are connected to the powers that teach you. Now you learn each aspect of priestessing/ priesting separately, and you can start practicing right from the start. As you work with an element it teaches you further and your path unfolds.

~Klara Adalena

Keeper of the Elements

Your path starts with becoming a Keeper of one or several of the Elements. Each element has it’s own training – see above. The trainings can be taken as stand-alone or as part of an extended path. Each training certifies you to start working as a Keeper of that Element.  Prerequisite: Klara’s online 7 week course Radiant Power, where you are introduced to the 7 basics that lift you to a new level of life.

Keeper of the Sacred

An in-depth path where you become Keeper of Moon, Sun, Stars and the Wave. You become a fully trained priestess or priest in the integral tradition of nonduality and the sacred feminine. Prerequisite: at least 3 Keeper of an Element trainings, and sustained experience and mentored enquiry into this work.


An in-depth and life changing experience alone in the mountains to complete your initiation into nonduality and the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine. Prerequisite: Keeper of the Sacred training, sustained experience and mentored enquiry into this work, having created your own unique style, and inner commitment.


“Klara Adalena is  working where it counts the most … at the cutting edge of our evolution … where a new approach to spirituality is emerging that embraces the paradox of life through transcendence and embodiment … non-duality and sensuality … seeing the extraordinary at the heart of the ordinary.”

~Tim Freke, Author of: The Mystery Experience, Jesus and the Lost Goddess.

Your Teachers

Besides the elements themselves, I, Klara Adalena, will be your main teacher, guide and coach. My intention is to have at each leg of the training a different team of specialized, experienced and professional men and women to work with me, and  together we will hold the space for your journey. I am excited at finding in this renewed program a way to pass on my skills, knowledge, magic and radiant power to you and all committed women and men feeling the call.


The question that sets you on your path is is not: ‘what does my genius look like’ Rather, it is: ‘how do I start holding space for the fire, the well, the stories, the earth and the space itself?’ This will slowly dissolve the blindfold we have created for ourselves and your genius will be able to show itself.

This Training Program is certified by CPION as a tax free professional training program. I am planning to get the renewed training also accredited by alternative therapy and healing associations, so those of you registered there will be able to take the trainings as part of your required ongoing training. There have also been many people working at banks, NGO’s, in management and education who got (part of) this training funded by the organisation they worked for. We provide a detailed course description inc. specification of contact hours to this end.

Work in Progress

The genius seems to have resource to a different realm, allowing her or him to come with highly orginal, creative and meanignful insights or solutions that actually make a difference

I am in the planning phase for the rest of the training. The intention is that in the Fall you can join the second Keeper of the Elements training. Leave your thoughts on this program in a comment, sign up for my newsletter and stay in the loop!

You can start now!

You can start in March 2015 with the Fire Keeper training, so this summer you can start working as a Fire Keeper.  Details HERE>>

You can start with the prerequisite online training 7- Week Course in Radiant Power on 5 November 2014. Details HERE>>


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