Full Moon Blessings♥

♥ 23 June ♥ Full Strawberry Moon ♥

♥  The New Time is birthing itself. Be a part of it ♥ Join this Worldwide Circle of Sisters in 4 Day Webinar Series ♥  Recordings available afterwards to tap into these blessings, stories, teachings and the power of the circle anytime

♥  Book today 20 June at Give-Away price! Only E 15  ♥  Until Full Moon still less than half price: E 20

Eventbrite - Full Strawberry  Moon Journey: Awakening


Journey for 4 days around Full Moon, 20- 24 June ♥ Choose your own convenient times

Gratitudes are still pouring in for the Full Flower Moon webinar series. I found the chord to help women fully experience the blessing of the Full Flower Moon. A blessing of the Sacred Feminine.

Every Full Moon will be a perfect chance to  (again)  receive this blessing. You will be offered 4 sessions of 75 minutes where you will be guided to come into Circle with 250 women worldwide, listen to stories, make magical journeys, and gradually the container will grow to hold you as you open up to the Sacred Energies. Journey alone or invite your own Full Moon Circle. Joining fee includes access to facebook group, where you can read and share ♥

Eventbrite - Full Strawberry  Moon Journey: Awakening



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The most important prerequisite for creating sacred space is clear intention. When we gather with a sincere intention to relate to ourselves and others with love, reverence, and soulful listening, we naturally enter into sacred space. Sacred space is not lofty or pompous. It doesn’t require a temple or special clothing. In fact it has nothing to do with outer space at all, but with inner space. 
The Hunger for Ecstasy, Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D.



Annemiek van Helsdingen: Still in quiet awe over what this journey together has been. For me, it gave healing, connecting with sisters and sisterhood, and a beginning sense of how things can be different for me in life. And it feels important to pace myself, staying connected to my newly awakened sense of the Sacred Feminine. It was so amazing to share this journey with you!

Krista Steenbergen: I just wanted to share “the days after”. There is a lot shifting in my life, it feels like ‘everything is coming together’.

Regine Sessler:  I want to thank you all from the heart. I bow to our courage for this journey together.

Harma Muschenga:  I want to thank you all from the heart. I bow to our courage for this journey together.

Rita de Boer: My symbol for the Sacred Feminine has gained much power through these last days and I will cherish that from now on.

Annemiek van Hesldingen: When we were healing our wombs with our flower, a deep healing happened. During my pregnancy of my daughter, I was so scared I would loose her, because of what happened in my past. And I could never connect with her while I was carrying her, without that fear being present too. I’ve felt bad about that all this time, but wasn’t able to change it. Yesterday, finally that fear was healed, en my womb, who was entranced by that fear, was able to relax and find back her natural role as creator and cheriser. Such a blessing ♥

a rock face

Giuliana Serena: Gratitude to Klara Adalena and all the other women who make this circle whole. It’s been an honor to sit with you throughout this time and space…

Elizabeth Baart: Listened this morning to the last replay of the four webinars. It was an amazing deep and profound journey. My ‘mouse’ grew stronger during these days and transformed this morning in the sacred fire into a buffalo. Thank you Klara, thank you sisters from  all over the world.


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