Awaken your Energy | Deepen your Presence



Awaken your Energy | Deepen your Presence


I am Klara Adalena and I welcome you to join my passion for awakening the life- energy while also deepening presence. I weave meditation, dance, nature, flow and enquiry together to create a living ceremony. My gift is to create the space for the potential of the group and the individual to unfold. Ceremony becomes art, and we experience the mystery of life.

Experience the unfolding of your potential in a workshop, retreat or individual coaching session. Train to become a teacher on this path yourself. You will find all the details below. You are a living mystery, a source of love and light. Are you ready to surrender your presence to life?


Awaken your Energy | Deepen your Presence

The Path of Teaching

Integrate awakening and presence into your life and share the path

Accredited by CRKBO as continued education, and we are working to get these also accredited by SKB. For Unleash this has already been done!

FireKeeper Training

Tend the fire at the heart of creation. Become a professional firewoman or fireman at sweatlodges and other ceremonial fires. Still a few places available.

Sacred Space Training

In sacred space life can unfold. I will teach you to integrate the Art of Holding Sacred Space in your work as healer, trainer, leader or similar.

Dance Ceremony Training

Dance is body surrendering to the beat. Move to awaken. Move to become present. Train to awaken the life energy through dance

Weekend Training: Unleash

Get access to all you need to know to give your trainings the depth, impact and energy you know are possible

Klara Adalena works where it counts most: at the cutting edge of evolution, where the big truths meet our humane heart. Recommended!

Tim Freke, Author of The Mystery Experience

Klara your personal feedback is spot on, and it has brought me key insights  that opened a new exciting phase in my partner relationship

Annette Kalbfleisch, Psychotherapist


Receive Inspiration, Tips & In-Depth Exploration of the new We-Consciousness right into your Mailbox!



The Path of Fire

As we allow the life energy to move us, our inner power kindles and radiates into the space


In Depth Training: Priestess of Avalon

Sisters! Unleash your Feminine Radiance

Online Course: Radiant Power

Move beyond limiting patterns to shine and attract

Celebrate the Solstices and Equinoxes

Journey into the womb of Mother Earth. Return with New Light.

The Path of Presence

As we deepen our presence to all that is, we create a sacred space around us where magic and healing happen

In Depth Training: Vision Quest

3 Days and nights in sacred connection with Mother Nature. Learn to love beyond fear

Celebrate the Wheel of the Year

Open yourself to nature. Mini Vision Quest and Fire Ceremony. FREE!

Online Course: Neshima School

Guidance to go beyond ego and be more present in your life, work and relationships

Weekly Online Event: Starry Self

The web of Moon and Stars is the perfect support to become more present to your inner life. FREE

The Path of Dance

As we shift from dominating over to dancing with, we start sensing and shaping a future in which all life can flourish

Weekly Workshop: Dance with Klara

We create a beautiful temple for your dance journey. Awaken your energy, deepen your presence, and let the beat move you!

In Depth Training: Priestess of Avalon

Sisters! Unleash your Feminine Radiance


Every dance workshop with Klara is a journey within, transforming and inspiring.


Catherine Ghering

Coaching with Klara

Offer yourself this chance to move through patterns and become a source of light and love

Many of us are feeling underactualized. We know there is so much more potential in us, and the call is strong to bring it out and become the change we want to see. It is time to step out of the grip of what keeps you small. How about asking for help?

My trainings are organized through my institute Wilde Wijze Vrouw (Wild Wise Woman). Wilde Wijze Vrouw is accredited by CRKBO. The training Unleash has also been accredited by SKB. I intend to get my other trainings accredited there also, starting with the FireKeeper Training.

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