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Dear You,

I want to speak to you about the path that opens when you activate your life energy. With more energy, you start to shine, and that’s what we all love. But there’s more. You also start bumping into people and situations. Your weak spots stare you in the face. That’s why your life energy is a teacher, who unfailingly holds up the mirror. And when you look deep inside, you have always known that, and that’s why you’d rather keep your energy low.

For when we are very, very honest with ourselves, we know that the life energy is always there. We work all day to keep it away!

Maybe when you allow your life energy to rise, you will dis-cover that you have a pattern that brings you into confrontations which you never learned how to handle. Or maybe you will start being overwhelmed by all the feelings and emotions that start moving through you, and that you didn’t yet find a way to express yet.

Everything is energy

Everything is energy, and when your energy rises, you start attracting what’s similar to you.. and many of us discover then we haven’t find out yet how to like ourselves.

Sometimes I feel the life energy is Goddess. Certainly this energy is sacred. When my energy flows fully from my vulva through my chakra’s , opens my heart and my lips and springs up like a fountain through my crown chakra, it fills me with rapture, I become one with Goddess, in sacred ecstacy. This is what in the East is called the kundalini energy, and there is a respectful knowing that that awakening the coiled snake of the kundalini energy is spiritual awakening. With activated life energy, you become a realized being.

What we call ‘little things’, like a partner who never listens, can no longer be put aside as ‘little’

It asks that each and all of your chakra’s open, and this life energy once it starts rising will push and pull at your heart, making it ache and yearn until it splits. What we call ‘little things’, like a partner who never listens, can no longer be put aside as ‘little’. Neither can you still hold that he or she is causing this. Rising life energy will push you on the path of conscious relationships, and sometimes you will be pushed gently, sometimes with brute force.

Magicians and healers all know that the source of their power is the life energy

Magicians and healers all know that the source of their power is the life energy. The life energy connects, brings to life, allows the illusion of separation to melt away, inspires, creates, fulfills. It tears apart, breaks open, exposes, slaps in the face and burns.

As firekeeper, I have an intimate relationship with the fire. I know fire does all these same things. I learn my role is to keep the space for the fire, and then the fire is wholesome and sacred. When the fire is bigger than the space I can hold for it, it will cause destruction.  When I become sloppy, the fire becomes dangerous. when I am not aligned, I cannot even come near the fire, but when I am one with what needs to be done, the fire will let me come close without scorching my skin.

As a firewalker, I know that when I have a full yes, I can walk the fire

As a firewalker, I know that when I have a full yes, I can walk the fire. Even as I write about it now, I feel the energy shooting into my feet. That same energy I can evoke when I am in danger, want a job, am passioante about my lover. It gives spark and glow to the dance of my life.

I have tried using the fire to camouflage my insecurities

In my life, the sacred life energy has been my teacher that was already with me when I was still so scared of people – read: scared of all those feelings and patterns in me- that I trusted no one. I hid behind my desk as a scientist, only to discover that even there I had to deal with people, like finding a way to tell the secretaries who were 15 years older to type my manuscripts. I had somehow to share my brilliant ideas with my professor. I came a long way. I know all the pain of hiding too long, and seeing everyone around me flourish and wondering why I wasn’t. I know the pain of coming out too early, and my feelings being so raw and tender that even the slightest bruch would create inner chaos and despair. I know the addiction to the fire, and hoping that when I am always with it I will not have to face disputing with my neighbours about how their trees grow so big the afternoon sun doesn’t reach my garden anymore, or I will not notice that I am alone at Christmas. I have tried using the fire to camouflage my insecurities. And I know how totally embarassed I felt when I finally realized, and instantly knew that everyone around me had been seeing it all along!

Do I want to encourage you to free your energy? Though my mind says: think twice, my heart jumps up and gives a fullhearted YES!

This energy awakens the soul

The sacred life energy ahs initiated me into the mystery teachings, the gnostic texts, the Buddhist principles. There is now no text, spiritual or otherwise, that I do not understand from within, from experience. Some of my patterns are still with me, like an inkling to hide and when in a hurry rather doing it myself… it isn’t that these patterns have disappeaerd.. but WHOA, they no longer have the power to keep me in that tiny space. My life is just evolving and rocking and soaring. I am crafting the deep conscious relationships my soul so hungered for, and my friends and me are really talking about what agreements it is we make with each other. As a therapist, I work from my sacred life energy and I awaken the life energy in the other.. and even the toughest patterns cannot hide from that doubled life energy. As a teacher, I am a true ceremonial guide, and I keep the space like I do as firekeeper, and the sacred life energy can become free, creating intimacy, light, creativity, and freeing the joyous sexual energy too. This energy awakens the soul. Every session with me, whether in a board room or on the dancefloor, I approach like a ceremony where I honor and work with the life energy.

Free your energy, open your heart

Free your energy, open your heart. These same words can be heard on many levels. It can be a party slogan where you turn the volume up, have a few wild dances, and look each other into the eyes and hug. It can be a journey in sisterhood or brotherhood. It can be a true initiation path, taking you into deeply spiritual realms and uncompromising enquiries. It can be a management slogan. To me, it is all of those.

When we are able to live in integrated dynamic balance with this sacred energy running through our veins, we won’t be mining and abusing the earth for energy. As within, so without, as without, so within.

A few tips to move you forward on your journey with the life energy:

  • dance. energy lives where the physical and the etheral overlap. we tend to live only in our minds, as soon as you start moving your body to express what is within, the inner fire will kindle. find a conscious dance, ecstatic dance, or 5 rhythms class in your neighbourhood. I teach conscious dance in Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • eat healthy. too much fat and carbohydrates will ‘slow you down’ and leak your energy. google ‘raw food’ and you will find some lovely recipes. How about a strawberry chocolate slice?
  • choose a day where you live from your yoni/ lingam. don’t necessarily turn it into an orgy, it is more about allowing all these energies to move through you, to colour your cheeks, part your lips, cloud your left brain.. and allowing yourself to be seen in that and noticing the world doesn’t fall apart. I am planning on writing a blog on this with more tips, so stay tuned
  • meditate. I know you don’t like to be disciplined, but if you’re serious about this path, and your desire for a more interesting life with more impact- well, really. There are many trainings around nowaday that help you set up your meditation practice, also online, so you are sure to find something to support you. This one promises you it will make you more productive!
  • go in nature at full or new moons and make a fire. brings some friends, kids and drums. You can’t really go wrong here
  • learn about holding space. Not speaking is a great starter. It gets you out of the social mode, and our social mode is all about keeping us in patterns we know, which means it is almost set up to keep the fire at bay- for fire ALWAYS breaks through any patterns. I think I will need to write about this to give you more support, send me a line when you are getting impatient
  • look at what you don’t like about your mom and dad. find how those same behaviours act in you, and start finding a way to deal with that and not letting it interfere with loving yourself
  • regularly do breathing meditations
  • take my 7 week course radiant power. It creates the basic holding. Teaches you a lot of sound principles to be with 7 essential areas of your psyche and life- vision, energy patterns, emotions, relationships, ego, mystical principles and leadership. The perfect way to get the basics right before the patterns get to much burned in and become harder to change

More tips to lift the journey to another level

Once you are underway with these basics- and throw that perfectionist overboard, no need to be perfect here- you can continue with the following:

  • start becoming serious about being a firekeeper. the actual physcial fire will teach you so much about the greater fire! Honor the fire you would like a wise teacher, a special elder.  My firekeeper training that will start in March can really get you underway
  • read Rumi with a friend, and if you don’t know yet who Rumi is, google him quick and get some of the translations by Coleman Bark. I especially love his love poems
  • join some ecstatic dance classes or nights. it’s a new rave where consciousness, shared holding of the space, and great DJ’s and crowd come together to create an unforgettable mix! It started a few years ago in California with Ecstatic Dance Oakland, and is now all over the world
  • start bringing awareness to HOW you are doing all these things above… in the beginning, you maybe did them from willpower, from ego, by pushing something through. while some others will see themselves as powerless, and will be waiting all the time for the changes to happen by themselves, and will just ‘try to be good’. What is needed to go the next level, as that you do both and neither. This is what Buddhists call the middle way, but it is nothing like a dull grey in between white and black. It is more like dancing between the teeth of a shark! Always knowing that the beak could snap close any moment, always flexible, ready to hop to the other side… Yes, you can trust life to supprt you, and yes, life is a bitch and let’s you take care of yourself. Not an easy one this, but my 7 week online course Radiant Power offers precisely this. It starts 5 November
  • At this level, it is all about dealing with paradox, and letting go of any foothold, any rules, any tricks. while at the same time having great integrity and clarity. Again,m not an easy one, and the 7 week course radiant power is really designed because I know how crucial this is
  • yogic breathing practices, for instance kundalini yoga. here’s a link to the one who inspired me over ten years ago to take it up. she now has many streaming videoos
  • invite stronger life energies, like in tantric practices, or ancient priestess ceremonies. It’s hard to help you out here, as at the moment I don’t teach the priestess training. Check out the tantric teachers around you and se who feels good.
  • enquire deeper into the feelings and felt senses beneath your emotions, and continue until you come to the raw primal energy of life itself. One of the people who turned this into an art was Gendlin, check the website of his institute.  A great starter is the bookJourney of the Heart by John Welwood, Also in my 7 week online course we cover the basics of this.
  • develop conscious relationships, see the excellent classic and still hot: the audio tapes Conscious relationships, by John Welwood
  • learn about the Buddhist concept of ego, and the 5 skandha’s it consists of, and start to recognize how these work in you (for with higher enery levels, the ‘noise’ gets amplified through these skandha’s until it is deafening, unless you know how to break the chain. I learned it through John Welwood, Towards a psychology of awakening was the title. My favorite book at the moment!
  • learn how you can quickly raise the energy through working with polarities (it is like throwing a match into the gas tank though, so be sure you’re ready for this one!). No, I am not giving any tips on this one here, I do teach it though in the Genius training
  • enjoy sacred sexuality ceremonies, either within the setting of sisterhood/ brotherhood or with a sexual partner. Again, you’ll have to find your own safe place for this, or come to the Genius training

And for you who is ever curious what comes next, or has already traveled far and deep with your life energy, there is a third level:

  • become the life energy
  • hold the space for groups who are exploring higher levels of energy (top DJ’s, rock stars and movie stars do this- and we all see how easily they burn themselves!). Yep, you probably guessed it, this is the kind of thing I teach in the Genius training
  • be willing to let go of the life energy, facing your ordeals without this help, thereby clearing out deeper rooted patterns. this is one you have to do on your own, and you will really be needing those conscious relationships that you have been developing
  • deeper yogic breathing practices, you can continue with the kundalini teachers but I don’t know if they’re streaming these. let me know when you find out! Of couse, in the Genius training you will be starting your day with this
  • run wilder and hotter energies, until life is continous orgasm (oops, now I scared you didn’t I? It won’t be the same though once you get to this level). No reference here, sorry ;-)
  • learn to harness the energy so you can heal and initiate others with it, and always remember that to do this safely, this goes hand in hand with deeper spiritual connection to the source. the place where I learned this is with Guru Dev, in my Sat Nam Rasayan teacher training
  • pray more often
  • start writing and sharing your own ecstatic love poems
  • join in dance ceremonies round the fire, it may not be easy to find, but when you have time Spirit Fire Festival is the most wonderful place I ever was. Four nights in a row of dancing and drumming round the fire from midnight till sunrise!
  • keep active as a firekeeper
  • take my other keeper of the element trainings and then move on to become a moon, source, star and gateway keeper. I call it the genius training- for it strengthens your ‘genius’, that is your inner guide

 The very, very first thing to do now

Maybe you feel a bit daunted by now. Let’s get back to the beginning. Breathe! In breathing, your energy moves and is activated. Also, I created a beautiful little ceremony for you to awaken your life energy within the holding of these deeper teachings. As a true beginning of your path with this amazing teacher and guide that the sacred life energy is. Just sign up somewhere near the top right, you’ll find the fields where you can enter your name and emailaddress, and it will come straight to your mailbox. It looks very simple, and maybe not even so thrilling. That’s right. I fully respect this fire, that’s why, and also youa re tasing soemthing of that second level approach. It seems a bit slow at first, but don’t be deceived,. It works on a much deeper level and has greater impact, and longer lasting. Just try, and monitor yourself a fw days afterwards, and I think you’ll understand quite soon what I mean.

Followup steps

Of course, I’d be honoured if you would choose to continue this path a bit further with me beyond reading this text. To put some of the options together for you: in conscious dance classes, retreats, or maybe even you feel you would love to do the firekeeper training, and all the followup genius trainings (your genius is your guiding spirit, and it will become very strong with a loud voice giving clear directions). Oh, then you do need the online 7-week radiant power course- it creates the basic holding for all we do. Teaches you very ‘second level’ ways to be with 7 essential areas of your psyche and life- vision, energy patterns, emotions, relationships, ego, mystical principles and leadership. The perfect way to get the basics right before the patterns get to much burned in and become harder to change.

Free your energy, open your heart. I hope you feel with me how these 6 words describe an epic life’s journey, that will connect our souls and has in it the power to lift us all into the new time. Let go and let come as love show the way. Don’t use more fire than you can handle.

Bless you, and I see you in the light and bow to you from my place in the light,



PS we didn’t talk about money and the life energy yet.. money is the manifestation of the life energy, and as you learn to allow your life energy to flow, money will flow in your life too… Yep, we WILL include this bit too in the Genius training!

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