Klara Adalena


Dear You,

Dance awakens, rhythms connect, cocreation happens. Let go and let come as love shows the way. I welcome you in my live and online retreats and sessions as I hold a place for you to go beyond ego and manifest your emerging future.

In the edition of Morning Dance Meditation that I guided this Saturday, I consciously refrained from the typical: ‘choose a partner’. Instead, I said: ‘you are welcome to move in and out of connection as fits for you. Be sensitive when you meet someone whether she or he is open to connection. Respect the signs.’ I myself was amazed at the effect: the connections were that much deeper! People moved into deep respectful connections, holding each other sitting on the ground, or sharing in playful dance, or connecting to the divine in moments of meditative solitude. The space seemed to come alive with love and energy.

Our awareness has raised to such a level that the issue is no longer to teach people to raise awareness. As guide and facilitator, I am so aware of how present you are. It is my joy to hold the space for that presence to dance, connect, heal, and shine.

Something in each of us knows this is how life is meant to be. In these moments the emerging future is right here, we resonate with each other, parts of a whole and immersed in the knowing that life has meaning. 

Check my weekly virtual ceremonies to align with the stars, watch an online video and get inspired on what has been missing so far to move beyond ego,  or jump in and book the Vision Quest. The future is emerging, and it is up to us whether we join or hold back .

Bless you, and thank you for being here,


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  1. Dear Klara I changed my emailadress it was; that adress does not work any more. Hope to see you again in summertime!

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My mission is to empower others to free the life energy and find depth and fulfillment in life, love, spirituality and work. I work with the sacred arts like holding space, fire keeping, conscious dance, enquiry and ceremony